August 9, 2016

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Envelopes containing cash labelled Fun Gas, Insurance, and Food.

Create a Budget With the Envelope SystemThis is a page about create a budget with the envelope system. Before credit and debit cards most of people made purchases and paid bills either with cash or by check. The envelope budget system allows you to set aside money for certain expenses without the risk of running short.


Teacher with child learning about money

Saving Money on Teaching SuppliesThis is a page about saving money on teaching supplies. Teaching supplies can be very expensive but there are ways to cut costs.


Brightly colored plates being sprayed by water in dishwasher

Homemade Jet Dry RecipesThis is a page about homemade Jet Dry recipes. Rather than buying a specific product to prevent spotting in your dishwasher, try a home solution.


Woman looking thoughtful surrounded by Christmas decorations and gifts

Giving Thoughtful GiftsThis is a page about giving thoughtful gifts. A carefully considered gift is more likely to be appreciated and remembered for a long time.


Woman's feet in sneakers near a curb holding a while cane with red marking.

Questions You Always Wanted to Ask a Blind...This is a page about questions you always wanted to ask a blind person. Many of us are too shy to ask questions about a person's disability, even if we have a true interest or concern.


May holding large hamburger looking at it suspiciously from the side

Helping My Husband Change His Eating...This is a page about helping my husband change his eating habits. Changing your or a family member's eating habits can be a real challenge.


Rose of Sharon plant in bloom

Getting Rid of a Rose of Sharon?Removing certain plants and shrubs from your garden can require specific followup measures to deal with suckers and seedlings. This is a page about getting rid of a Rose of Sharon.


Rose of Sharon bloom against the side of a house

Planting a Rose of Sharon Near HouseThis is a page about planting a rose of Sharon near house. When choosing to plant your new shrub near the house there are a number of things to consider, such as mature height and width.


Black women's heeled suede booties

Cleaning Suede Boots With Hydrogen PeroxideThis is a page about cleaning suede boots with hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide can be used as an inexpensive suede cleaner.


Grandfather sitting in chair and helping Granddaughter water the lawn

Chemical Free Lawn CareThis is a page about chemical free lawn care. Children and pets play on our lawns, making it important to many homeowners to use safe lawn care products on their lawn.


Woman paying for fast food

Saving Money on Fast FoodThis is a page about saving money on fast food. The cost of fast food can add up, but there are a few simple ways to save money when eating at fast food restaurants.


Dog laying in the back of an old open bed  truck

Cleaning Diesel Smell on a Dog?This is a page about removing diesel smell on a dog. If you dog accidentally gets diesel fuel on their fur or paws, finding a safe way to remove it and any lingering odor is important.


Close up of lawn that is mostly dead with few green patches

Re-Establishing a LawnThis is a page about re-establishing a lawn. Insect damage and weed infestation can require that you re-establish a healthy lawn.


Grass with large dead patches

Fertilized Lawn Turned Brown?This is a page about fertilized lawn turned brown. Fertilizing your lawn is supposed to help it grow better and green up. It is confusing when a newly fertilized lawn turns brown.


Teenage boys and girls playing in a pool

Boy-Girl Birthday Party Advice for ParentsThis is a page about boy-girl birthday party. Planning a birthday party for both boys and girls presents its own set of considerations.


White kitchen with right green painted backsplash

Adding Color to My Kitchen WallsThis is a page about adding color to my kitchen walls. A new paint job can modernize and brighten up your kitchen.


Mobile Home surrounded by green grass

Redecorating a Mobile Home?This a page about redecorating a mobile home. Redecorating an older mobile home may present some unique challenges, but it is still a very doable project.


Purple plastic zipper in yellow fabric

Plastic Zipper Won't WorkThis is a page about plastic zipper won't work. Plastic zippers can stop working if there are broken or missing teeth, or a damaged pull.


Woman looking at cell phone with confused expression

Troubleshooting Problems With Sprint...This is a page about troubleshooting problems with Sprint cellphone service. Any cellphone service provider can sometimes cause you headaches trying to correct problems either with billing or service.


Bugs and beetles on Rose of Sharon bloom

Bug Eating My Rose of Sharon?This is a page about bug eating my rose of Sharon. Identifying the garden pests attacking your plants is the first step in getting rid of them.


Fresh green lawn with diffused sunlight though leaves

Spring Lawn CareThis is a page about spring lawn care. After a long winter your lawn could probably use some loving care to spruce it up in the spring.



Pinto Bean Stew with Cornbread Dumplings

Pinto Bean Stew with Cornbread DumplingsThe cornbread cooks right in the rich and hearty pinto bean stew. Learn how to make it in this short video.


Duct Tape Bow

Duct Tape BowMake this pretty and durable bow out of colored duct tape. Learn how to make it in this short video.


Plastic Bottle Top Container

Plastic Bottle Top ContainerMake handy containers for pills or other small items with recycled plastic bottles. Learn how to make them in this short video.



Simple Broccoli and Ham Dinner

Simple Broccoli and Ham DinnerBroccoli (from the garden) and two items from the deli counter (ham and provolone cheese) make a fast and simple, but delicious dinner!


Splatter-free Cooked Bacon

Splatter-free Cooked BaconThis is a foolproof way to cook a lot of bacon without splattering it all over cooking surfaces.


Zucchini Pie

Zucchini PieA great way to use up the bounty of zucchini.



Pringles can and package of crackers

Store Round Crackers in Pringles CansI bought these crackers today at Grocery Outlet. When I was done with my Pringles can, I realized that they fit in it. I mean it's tight, but pressing on the rim just a hair to let them slide in helps.


hand holding a beefsteak tomato

Beefsteak TomatoThese tomatoes are better than candy! There is nothing like a fresh-picked tomato.


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Using Vinegar for CleaningHere are a few suggestions for when cleaning or deodorizing with vinegar. Make sure you're using white vinegar not apple cider. Use vinegar in the rinse cycle of your washing machine because many detergents leave a residue that we don't realize.


green bell pepper

Plant Matchsticks with PeppersIf you put a couple of matchsticks in the hole before you put your pepper plant in, you will be providing the plant with phosphorus, and you will get a more robust plant.


dark pink roses

Miracle Gro for Beautiful RosesI like to use Miracle Gro for roses. It is the best product on on the market as I found out with these rosebushes. My cats are able to get up onto them and get some shade.


paper stuffed envelope

Use Envelopes for Recycling PaperRecycling is really easy since everything is commingled together into one container at the convenient site. However, I don't put loose paper in the recycling bin.


unplugged paper shredder

Unplug Your Paper Shredder After UsingPlease remember you unplug your shredder after each use. There have been reports of curious children and animals injuring their fingers (paws) and tongues because they inadvertently turned on the shredder. Even adults who forgot to unplug have been injured. Be safe!



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Finding Fabric for Charity Project?I live in Louisville, Kentucky and am getting ready to start a project with my church to make pillowcase dresses for the little girls in Haiti. If anyone knows where I can get fabric donated for my project - it would be very much appreciated.


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Dark Spots in Vinyl Flooring?I live by myself. One morning I got up and noticed that there are black spots in different areas of my vinyl floor. I don't know how they got there. Nothing was dropped on it and it seems to be under the first layer of the vinyl floor. I don't understand. It is not cleanable.


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Getting Rid of Fire Ants?I live in Texas and I have fire ants around my Meyers lemon tree. I need a natural recipe to get rid of them.


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Riding Lawn Mower Won't Start?I have a riding lawn mower that acts like it wants to start, but doesn't. It has a new carb, new spark plug, new battery, new starter, and a new starter solenoid. What's wrong with it?


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Value of World Book Encyclopedia?How much would a 1929 World Book Encyclopedia set be worth? It is a 10 book set in excellent condition.


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Dog Pooping and Peeing Inside?My Pit Bull is 3 years old. He has the back door open all night, but lately he's been going in the kitchen more than once a night. What do I do?


Highlighting Hair with Lemon and Peroxide

Highlighting Hair with Lemon and Peroxide?I have med/dark blonde hair with a few bright blonde pieces. I want to go back lighter in a more natural way than actual hair dye. The past two days I've been spraying my hair with equal parts lemon juice/peroxide/water and now my hair has a slight slight tint of red/orange and is still darker blonde.


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Chirping Fire Alarms?I just put new batteries in all my alarms, but they continue to beep. They are also hard wired. What should I do next to stop the beeping?


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Homemade Lawn Fertilizer Recipes?The recipes tell you what to use and the amount, but not how much it will make. How do I find out the coverage?


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House Trained Dog Pooping Inside?Our 3 year old Westie has been potty trained for quite sometime. Lately he will go in my son's room and poop. He does this when we are not home and when we are home. My son can leave his room for 5 minutes and come back and find poop.


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