August 17, 2016

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Grease Relief

Buying Grease Relief CleanerThis is a page about buying Grease Relief cleaner. It can be very frustrating when a cleaning product that you really like becomes difficult to find at the store.


Woman talking on wireless telephone

Vonage Phone Service ReviewsThis is a page about Vonage phone service reviews. Vonage is one of the VoIP providers you may consider when looking for the best price and plan for this type of phone service.


Bottle of Chlorine Bleach

Fixing Bleach Spots on Furniture?This is a page about fixing bleach spots on furniture. Bleach removes the color from fabric upholstery.


Toddler looking in open toilet

Plastic Ball Stuck in ToiletThis is a page about plastic ball stuck in toilet. Having a small round item such as a ball stuck in your toilet can be a repair headache.


Floor being mopped with a Swiffer WetJet type modern mop

Swiffer Wet Jet Refill RecipesThis is a page about Swiffer Wet Jet refill recipes. You can save time and money by making your own cleaning refill solution for your Wet Jet.


Dried pinto beans in a bowl

Recipes Using Dried Pinto BeansDried beans are a great staple food product. There are numerous recipes that you can prepare using your dried pintos. This is a page about recipes using dried pinto beans.


Cottonmouth Snake

Cottonmouth Snakes (Water Moccasin) in a...This is a page about cottonmouth snakes (water moccasin) in a bathtub. Finding a snake inside your home can be very disconcerting, particularly if it is a venomous variety.


Infant wearing knitted newsboy cap

Knitted Newsboy Cap PatternThis is a page about knitted newsboy cap pattern. This retro style cap is familiar to us from old movies and such. It is a cute style to reintroduce to your wardrobe.


Cooling Refreshing Summertime Drink

Blended Watermelon RecipeMake a delicious, refreshing summertime drink by blending up some watermelon. This is a page about blended watermelon recipe.


Steam cleaning a couch

Using a Steam Cleaner on Microfiber?This is a page about using a steam cleaner on microfiber. Steam cleaning is a great way to tackle many household cleaning jobs without the use of chemical cleaners.


Big Mac type burger in red burger carton

McDonald's Big Mac Special Sauce Recipes...This is a page about McDonald's Big Mac special sauce recipes (copycat). You can make this special burger sauce to enjoy at home.


Teens roasting marshmallows around a campfire.

Boy-Girl Sleepover AdviceThis is a page about boy-girl sleepover advice. Parents can find themselves struggling with the request by their child to host a co-ed sleepover.


Bowl of Stevia granules next to a sprig of stevia leaf

Using Stevia Instead of SugarStevia is a plant based natural sweetener that you can use in place of sugar. This is a page about using stevia instead of sugar.


Kitten laying on couch with a pen

Cleaning Ink on Microfiber FurnitureThis is a page about cleaning ink on microfiber furniture. Removing an ink stain on microfiber furniture is generally successful if you use the right product and method.


Close up of the front wheel of a pink toddler trike

Cleaning Outdoor Toys?This is a page about cleaning outside toys. Toys that are played with outdoors can get really dirty over time.


Microfiber couch with pillows

Reducing Static Electricity From...This is a page about reducing static electricity from microfiber furniture. Synthetic fibers can create a lot of static electricity. It is not fun to get a shock from your couch or chair.


Elastic Beaded Bracelet on a girls wrist near string of matching beads and small gold beads loose on counter

Repairing Elastic BraceletsThis is a page about repairing elastic bracelets. Elastic bracelets are a popular costume jewelry accessory. However, over time the elastic can stretch or break.


Adult using a dropper to insert liquid into ear

Using Hydrogen Peroxide For Ear WaxThis is a page about using hydrogen peroxide for ear wax. There are many products that if used properly can help loosen ear wax.


Box of Mule Team Brand Borax

Uses for BoraxBorax is often used for cleaning jobs, but it has a number of other uses around your home. This is a page about uses for borax.


Gas pump with fuel spill

Removing Diesel From Block Paved Driveway?This is a page about removing diesel from block paved driveway. Removing diesel fuel that has accidentally spilled or leaked onto your block driveway may require special treatment.


Slice of "30 Day Cake", a type of fruited bundt cake, on a plate

Starter for a "30 Day Cake"This is a page about starter for a "30 day cake". Once you make or receive the starter this is a fun, easy, and delicious cake that your family can enjoy, as well as the friends you share the batter with.


Interior of a refrigerator with a fish inside

Cleaning Fish Smell From a Refrigerator?This is a page about cleaning fish smell from a refrigerator. The smell of old or rotten fish in your refrigerator is not only unpleasant but also can be a challenge to remove.


Close up of microfiber chair with water spots

Cleaning Water Spots on a Microfiber CouchThis is a page about water spots on a micro fiber couch. Water marks on microfiber are either the result of previous cleaning attempts or a spill. It is easy to remove them and have your couch looking great again.


Woman's legs and Swiffer WetJet style electronic mop on wooden floor

Homemade Swiffer Wet Mop Replacement...This is a page about homemade Swiffer wet mop replacement cloths. The replacement cloths for your Swiffer wet mop can be costly to constantly replace. One solution may be to make your own.


Cake with candles that say 85 surrounded by balloons, ribbons, and confetti

85th Birthday Party Centerpiece IdeasThis is a page about 85th birthday party centerpiece ideas. An 85th birthday is a special occasion and making the perfect centerpiece will help make the table that much more festive.


Cake with fondant teddy bear decoration and a teddy bear stuffed toy in the background

Teddy Bear Themed PartyThis is a page about teddy bear themed party. The cute teddy bear lends itself easily to using it as the theme when planning a party.


Roll of paper secured with a rubber band

Saving Money on Contact PaperThis is a page about saving money on contact paper. You can save money when buying this versatile stick down paper, by shopping sales or buying a clone.


Repairing a Pearl Station Necklace

Repairing a Pearl Station NecklaceThis is a page about repairing a pearl station necklace. When the pearls and other beads on a station necklace come loose and move out of position the piece can look less attractive. Luckily, it can be fixed.


Oil spill on pavement

Cleaning Up Diesel FuelThis is a page about cleaning up diesel fuel. Cleaning up a diesel fuel spill can initially seem like a challenge.


Red bowl full of baking soda

The Difference Between Baking Soda and...Don't get these similar sounding products confused. While baking soda can be used for cleaning, don't add washing soda to your cookie recipe. This is a page about the difference between baking soda and washing soda.


Box of Mule Team Borax laying on it's side

Craft Uses for Borax?This is a page about craft uses for borax. Borax is typically used in cleaning, but it has other uses you may not have thought of.


Fig tree with Fruit

Fig Tree Not Producing Fruit?This is a page about fig tree not producing fruit. Having a fruit tree that does not produce fruit is very frustrating.


lazy Susan with photos

Decoupaging Photos on WoodThis is a page about decoupaging photos on wood. You can make a personal piece of home decor or a special gift by decoupaging photos onto wooden objects.


Bacon Strips straight from package on white background

Separating Bacon Strips Without TearingThis is a page about separating bacon strips without tearing. Separating bacon slices, especially thin ones can result in torn strips.


Pie topped with gooseberries and honey

Gooseberry Pie RecipesThis is a page about gooseberry pie recipes. The tart sweet flavor of a gooseberry pie may cause it to climb up the ranks on your list of favorite fruit pies.



Ring Pincushion

Ring PincushionThis cute and handy pincushion is conveniently attached to a loop to fit your finger. Learn how to make it with this short video.


Homemade Jelly (Puffy Paint) Accessories

Homemade Jelly (Puffy Paint) AccessoriesLook at this intricate jewelry created from puffy paint designs. Learn how to make it with this short video.



Who-hoo Goes There - Adult Coloring Page

Who-hoo Goes There - Adult Coloring PageThis free adult coloring page features one of the most beautiful birds found in nature. Most owls are nocturnal birds of prey. An owl's beautiful upright stance and the lovely colors of its feathers makes it an ideal subject for adult coloring pages.


dish of grapefruit potpourri with slices for hanging on the side

Grapefruit PotpourriHere is a way to dry grapefruit or other citrus to make potpourri decor.


Pill Keeper for Hair Elastics

Pill Keeper for Hair ElasticsI use a pill keeper to hold my hair elastics. I have a green one and the elastics fit perfectly into this little container. I have one for me, to hold mine in my purse, and one I keep in the house for others who might need them. It cuts down on a lot of frustration at losing them.


Save Money with a Costway Mini Washer

Save Money with a Costway Mini WasherHere you will see a Costway mini washer. It's great for anyone looking to save water, soap and the light bill. I run my washer all hours of the day and night. I save money because it's good on everything. You only use two buckets of water and about two tablespoons of soap gives you a machine full of bubbles.


Use Tack to Make Extra Hole in Sandals

Use Tack to Make Extra Hole in SandalsIf your sandals are just a little bit to big and won't stay on your feet, just simply use a cork board tack to make a new hole for the buckle to go though. Then they can comfortably stay on your feet.


How to make (and carry) the coldest, sweetest southern ice tea!

Make and Transport Sweet Southern Ice TeaAlways start with cold water and four family size Lipton tea bags. Bring tea to a simmer, add approximately 1 gallon cold water and 2 cups sugar. Use less water if desired, and adjust sugar to taste. Stir well and refrigerate.


A plate with stuffed eggplant, greens and a slice of bread with butter.

Healthy Stuffed EggplantThis is a great recipe, whether you have a garden or not. It's restaurant quality, and wonderful as a meatless meal.


Becoming More DIY

Becoming More DIYI have learned through my 60 years on this earth that not everything that is good is easy. Rewards come to those that wait or work hard for what they get. This holds true with food. I am single but now helping to raise my 16 year old granddaughter with my son, who is unemployed.


Save Your Loose Change

Save Your Loose ChangeThis has saved me a few times and I love it. I made a few shopping totes and had one left over. I found some spare change and tossed it in the purse. I went about my day and weeks, never remembering the money was there. I found some change laying around the house. I quickly thought of my purse and made a deposit.


steamed shirt

Ice Cube in Dryer for Wrinkle-Free ClothesI decided to try this on a super hot 103 F day when I just could not imagine getting the iron out to work on a load of clothes. Toss an ice cube or two with your wrinkly clothes into the dryer. Run it on the hot setting. It steams the wrinkles right out.



Pit looking dog with one ear standing up

Is My Dog Full Pit Bull?Does this dog look full Pit?


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Janome Sewing Wobbly Stitch?I have had my Janome sewing machine for about 40 years, sewing with no problems, but today it has started sewing a wiggly line of stitches no matter what stitch I choose to use. I have tried everything from changing the needle, the tension, the stitch length, type of stitch, etc., nothing works.


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Creating an Indoor Root Cellar?I have a pantry that I built inside my basement, it has 2 outer walls. How do I keep my potatoes and onions from sprouting? What kind of climate do I need to create?


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Pen Mark on Leather Car Upholstery?I was reaching for a file in my back seat and had a pen in my hand. I made a big black pen line on the leather passenger seat head rest. The car has tan leather in it. What would be the best product to get the pen mark off without damaging my leather?


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Blue Ice Pack Leaked Onto Sofa?I discovered that some time ago my blue ice pack had leaked that blue stuff between my sofa cushions - so it's dry. The tag on the sofa says to use water-based cleaners or water-based foams.


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Lightening Hair After Dyeing?Recently I wanted to dye my hair darker so I used a store bought box and the color turned out way too dark. Because of this I wanted to start over and go back to my normal color so I used a Color Oops and then used a box that was the color my normal hair was. It turned out being way too dark again.


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Cleaning Wax Off a Brass Candelabra?How do I clean wax from a 9 stemmed brass candelabra?


crenelated red flower on potted plant

What Is This Plant?How should I take care of it? How much light and water does it need?


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Sore Palate From Dentures?I got a full upper on 8/2. I've had adjustments made due to sore spots from rubbing, but now I'm experiencing a sore palate that interferes with my ability to eat. What can I do for the soreness? How long will it last? I'm thinking of having that part removed. Should I do that since it forms the suction?


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Fabric Dye Transferred to Bra?I wore a couple of new red t-shirts and didn't realize until later that my new white bra turned a light pink just while wearing them together.


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Discontinued Village Border PAT#5801943?I am looking for a Village wallpaper border PAT#5801943 RUN#004111 (12 inch) and the coordinating wallpaper. Mine is coming down and I still love it.


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