August 25, 2016

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Jar of homemade barbecue sauce

Canning Homemade Barbecue Sauce?This is a page about canning homemade barbecue sauce. Having perfected your own special barbecue sauce, canning it would be a great way to have some on hand all of the time.


Cat eating from a bowl outside

Keeping Flies Out of Your Cat's Food?This is a page about keeping flies out of your cat's food. Pet owners who feed their cats outside generally have trouble, in the warmer months, with flies getting into they cat's food.


Child sniffing and hugging large stuffed bear

Cleaning Cigarette Smoke Odors on...This is a page about cleaning cigarette smoke odors on stuffed animals. Cigarette smoke is so pervasive. It clings to everything including a child's stuffies.


Close up of cinnamon and orange potpouri

Making a Cinnamon and Orange Potpourri BagThis is a page about making a cinnamon and orange potpourri bag. The spicy scent of cinnamon and the sweet citrusy aroma of orange combine very well to make an amazing potpourri bag.


Close up of a Floribunda Rose

Floribunda Rose PhotosThis is a page about floribunda rose photos. This rose is apply named because of the abundance of blooms on the bush.



Stuffed Green Peppers

Stuffed Green PeppersStuffed green peppers have always been a family favorite in my house. It is a very frugal dinner, too!


Two Ingredient Ice Cream Fudge

Two Ingredient Ice Cream FudgeThis is a super easy way to make the perfect fudge. The best part about it is if you like a certain ice cream flavour, you can make your fudge taste like it. Mint chocolate ice cream? Mint chocolate fudge. Adding mix-ins result in a flawless fudge, as well. In this example I added walnuts and sea salt, but the base of the plain fudge is just two ingredients: chocolate and ice cream!



Trash Bag Tab for Hanging

Hang Trash Bag from TabThis is a way to put a tab on a trash bag so it hangs securely without tearing. I simply take a piece of duct tape and fold it over the edge of the bag. After that is done, I poke a hole through the duct tape and hang it where ever I am cleaning up. This keeps the bag from tearing.


begonia bed

Free Bed Full Of Begonias from CuttingsWhen posting a tip on indoor gardening, I take into consideration that few of us have much space we can devote to cultivating plants, indoors. I overwinter most of my small cuttings on a four foot section of a kitchen counter top with three, four foot, 2 lamp fluorescent fixtures mounted above.


Store Small
Valuables in

Store Small Valuables in Recycled ContainerHeaded to the beach? Clean out an old chapstick, sunscreen bottle, or other container! Then you can store valuables in it like phones, money, without making it obvious that there is a valuable in it! Bam!


Lightweight Hanging Pots for House Plants

Lightweight Hanging Pots for House PlantsThis is a great tip for lightweight hanging pots for indoor plants! Pots can get really heavy when using pebbles or stones for drainage, which can be very taxing on the hooks hanging from your ceiling. Next time, try this instead, bath scrubbies.


painted chopstick trivet

Upcycled Chopstick TrivetI have a rather large collection of disposable wooden chopsticks from decades of restaurants and takeouts. After I use them, I wash them and keep them either in my utensil drawer for reuse or in a canister for future crafts. This trivet is one of my favourite chopstick crafts.



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Low Cost Pet X-ray Clinic in the Bay Area?I have a 6 month old German Shephard puppy I got off Craigs list. Her back leg is bothering her. I need it x-rayed, but I am on a fixed budget and money is very tight. I live in the San Jose area. I am a senior also. Is there anywhere I can go?


damaged dyed hair

Getting Bleached Hair Back to Natural Color?Okay, so I have about elbow high hair. Earlier this year and in some insane idea I decided to bleach my hair. The natural color was black. My cousin did the whole process. It looked good for a while, but after a week my hair was awful! It was dry, frizzy, and damaged. Needless to say it was a nightmare!


Hard Bumps on Puppy's Leg

Hard Bumps on Puppy's Leg?Any advice would be appreciated. My Pit Bull/Mastiff pup had what looked like a couple of bumps on his leg and body. It's been a week now and the bumps on his legs have become hard and clustered.


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Donating Trophies?Where can trophies and plaques be recycled, refurbished, or donated in Richmond VA?


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Janome Sewing Machine Not Feeding Fabric?I have not used my Janome 419S sewing machine for quite some time. I tried to use the machine today and the fabric does not feed through. I checked through the troubleshooting guide, went through all ideas, and it is still not working. Anyone any ideas of the problem?


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Female Cat Started Peeing on My Chair?I have a 6 year old cat that I've had since she was a little kitten. We live on a farm and brought in 2 kittens to tame and socialize and eventually give away to families. While this is going on, the mature cat is peeing on my chair or other furniture while we are at work or even right in front of my wife.


What Breed Is My Dog?

What Breed Is My Dog?I just got a 5 month old puppy from a shelter last week and I don't know breed she is. She is a mix, but I don't know with what. The shelter said she is a German Shepherd white Lab mix, but I have never seen a German Lab mix in a lighter brindle.


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Puppy Is Not Eating or Drinking?I have a 3 months old Indian Spitz puppy. Yesterday, she was very playful and eating fine. We changed her food from Drools (S) to Drools (M). This morning she refused to eat or drink anything. She vomited 3 times. The vet said it must be because of the sudden change in her food or because she hasn't been dewormed.


light snake with dark markings

Snake Identification?We live in Kansas City, Lenexa to be exact and have seen multiple rattlesnakes this summer. We just got rid of 2 mating. But my husband saw this one today and we don't know if it's a rattler or not?


four old cylinder mowers

Value of Old Cylinder Mowers?I have had 4 old cylinder mowers in my shed (6yrs) and they aren't going. I want to sell them, but am unsure how much I would get. I'd rather it going to someone to restore, as I will not send them to the scrap yard. Can you let me know or provide advice?


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Home Repairs for Elderly Homeowner?The man whose house burnt is 65 years old and handicapped. He couldn't afford homeowner's insurance. Is there someone he can call to get help gutting the inside of the home and help repairing it?


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Dog Not Eating?I have one year old cross breed terrier, Lucky. She is not eating well, only one or two bites. She is drinking OK. Most of the time she looks active, but some times she is sleeping. She also seems to be licking quite a bit. I don't like seeing her so skinny and bony. Any suggestions?


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13th Birthday Ideas?My birthday is in just about a week and my parents and I haven't had time to organize anything. We would like to know if anyone has any good ideas? I would like to have a really big sleepover, but I don't have anywhere to do it and I don't want a huge party.


dark brown puppy with a streak of white on nose and splotch on upper chest

What Breed Is My Dog?Does my dog look like a Pit or a Walker hound/Boxer cross?


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Getting Rid of Hornets on Hummingbird Feeders?I have hummers every year, I can get ants and bees away from the feeders, but I have the black and white bald face hornets, they are really nasty! I have tried smaller holes and moving the feeders, but I just can't get rid of them and the hummers are afraid of them big time, any suggestions?


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Amish Remedy for Leg Cramps?I am looking for the recipe using apple cider vinegar, ginger juice, and garlic juice.


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