September 4, 2016

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little girl holding a kitten

Kitty (Tabby Marked Native Cat)She was an unwanted cat, adopted by my parents. Last month she just appeared at my parents' doorstep. And she's so welcome to be part of the family.


upturned petal hibiscus flower

Chandelier Like Hibiscus FlowerCommonly known to us as "gumamela", this kind of hibiscus is beautiful because of its chandelier like bloom. The petals are curved upward, but unlike the petals of other varieties of hibiscus, this one is forming like that beautiful chandelier design in your living room.


shaking into litter box

Diatomaceous Earth in Shaker for CatsI keep my food grade diatomaceous earth in a shaker bottle. I often shake it on the the litterbox. This does two things, it gets the cats to lick it off their paws, and also it kills any bugs that try to get in the litter box.


brown and brindle dog with large standup ears

Princess Leia (Mixed Breed)She is a rescue. She's very hyper, she loves to play catch by herself, she will run up the steps, drop her ball down them, then run down the steps to catch it. She loves her chew toys and harassing the cats. She is very loving and does not let anyone but the kids in my room.



Rambutan Tree and FruitA rambutan is a tree from southeast Asia. The fruit that grows on the tree is also called rambutan. It is related to the lychee. The name rambutan is an Indonesian word that means "hairy", but it is also known here in the Philippines as Rambutan.


Ribbon Brooch

Ribbon BroochThis brooch is an interesting cross between a butterfly and a flower and rather reminds me of a quote I saw on someone's scrap book creation recently which says "A butterfly is a flying flower and a flower a tethered butterfly". It is simple, pretty, and easy to make.




Feed Dogs Dropping Mid-SeamI have a Bernette 715, and I have been having an issue with the feed dogs lately. When I am in the middle of a seam, the feed dogs will drop. I can pop them back up and continue, but it will do the same thing again just a couple of stitches later.


Value of Josephina Collection Porcelain Doll

Value of Josephina Collection Porcelain DollI bought a 26 inch tall porcelain doll named Amanda from the Josephina collection made by Makaiyan. It has the number 80225 on her neck and a number on the box 760206. I can't seem to find out how much it's worth and what type of doll it is.


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Repairing Support Bar on Pop Up CamperI have a 2006 Jayco pop up camper. While camping, a kid decided it would be fun to hang on the center support bar that holds up the tent on one of the beds. The hoop that you put the pole through on the roof broke off of the center space bar on the ceiling. Does anyone know if that is repairable?


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Sweet Sixteen IdeasSo my birthday is in late October and for my party I'm taking around 8 friends to lunch or dinner and then 3 of my closest friends are sleeping over after, but I need ideas on what to do in between with all 8 of my friends attending.


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Removing Rotten Meat Smell in CarMy car was impounded for 15 days before I got it out and I left $50 worth of meat in the car. The smell was unbearable, maggots were everywhere, and flies also. I took out the carpet, scrubbed it with bleach cleaners and the smell is still there.


Filing a Floor Repair Complaint

Filing a Floor Repair ComplaintI had a "professional company" fix my floors. Well they detroyed them instead. They refuse to fix them. I have contacted so many people. I know there has to be help somewhere. Does anyone know where I can get help? Here are a few pictures of when it started. It has gotten a lot worse since then.


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White Heat Circle on TableCan anything remove a heat stain if it has been there a long time?


What Breed Is My Dog?

What Breed Is My Dog?I'm trying to figure out what breed my dog is. I've had a lot off people guess many different breeds. She's about 35 pounds, small to medium height, hyper, smart, loving, protective, great with kids and other animals.


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Partial Tongue Pain from DenturesI recently had to remove a bottom tooth due to an accident. My partial was a bit painful so I had my perio cut it down some and filed. However this caused it to become loose on one side and the floor ("gum" part) is causing soreness from the constant rubbing and thickness.


Why did I loss hot water

Troubleshooting a Breaker BoxI have 3 220 double pole breakers a 50 40 30 I wanted to use the 40 for my dryer and 30 for my air conditioner. I just moved into a new place and these breakers came with the home so I disconnected the wires and made changes. I did not touch the 50 amp to water heater. Why did I lose my hot water?


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Chihuahua Anxious After AdoptionMy husband and I just adopted a 4 year old Chihuahua from a lady who was no longer able to care for him. He seems very anxious and tries to escape. What we do to make him feel secure.


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Removing Mold in a CarI was wondering where I can purchase an item called "What Odor" that is listed under removal of the mold smell from your car?


What Is This Plant?

What Is This Plant?This plant or tree sat dormant for eight years in a basement and low light room with no leaves. My mother threw it outside to get rid of it. For two weeks straight it sat outside with maybe a little rain water. Then we saw leaves starting to bud. I don't know what it is and if it is house or garden plant.


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Allowing Other Pets in Parvo Infection AreaRecently my puppy died from parvo. I have already cleaned out the area with bleach. How long before I let my pets around that area? We have two other dogs in quarantine away from that area.


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Perming Hair After ColoringI have partially colored hair. Is it safe to do a home perm? If so, which one do you recommend?


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Maytag Washer Error CodesMy Maytag front load washer will not start. It flashes the letter "F" then the number "11".


purse with broken strap

Fixing a Fabric Bag StrapI absolutely love this bag and I don't care how beat up it is except for the fact the strap is broken and I'm scared to try and sew it and make it even worse. I'm not too worried about fixing the side.


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Name Ideas for Real Estate BusinessMy wife and I are splitting from our broker as we will be licensed broker soon. We are starting a real estate business that will provide services to home buyers, sellers, and investors. We will also provide property management and build new investment properties for rental purpose.


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Smoke Alarm Light Not FlashingThe LED light on my smoke alarm does not flash, yet the test button sounds when pressed. A new battery was installed this past April. Is it time for a new alarm?


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