September 12, 2016

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Corkscrew Vine flower

Growing Cochliasanthus caracalla (Corkscrew...This is a page about growing Cochliasanthus caracalla (corkscrew vine). This beautiful flowering vine originates from Central and South America. The distinctive flowers have a fragrance similar to a hyacinth.


Saving Petunia Seeds

Saving Petunia Seeds?This is a page about saving petunia seeds. Collecting the dry flowers from your petunia plant allows you to save the seeds for planting next spring.


Grey drapes with light peeking up above them.  No light is getting through the drapes

Making Solar DrapesThis is a page about making solar drapes. While solar drapes can ultimately save you money on your energy bills, they may be expensive to buy.


pinkish purple bloom

Rose of Sharon PhotosThis is a page about rose of Sharon photos. Rose of Sharon is the common name used to refer to several flowering shrubs from varying parts of the world, frequently the Hibiscus syriacus.



Skillet Lasagne

Skillet LasagneFast and easy, thanks to no-cook lasagne noodles. This is made on the stove-top, not the oven, which saves energy.


Summer Vegetable Stir Fry

Summer Vegetable Stir FryI love harvest time. I go to the farm every Saturday morning and pick up all my produce before shopping. There is nothing comparable to farm grown veggies. They are the best! Lately I make some of my dinners with just vegetables. Here is one of my dinners I just made. Hope you enjoy it!


A plate of pizza dough empanadas

Pizza Dough EmpanadasCraving meat and cheese empanadas the other day, with no time or ingredients to make my own dough, I grabbed some ready made pizza dough. With leftover chicken, I made these in the toaster oven. So good!



VHS Tape Candy Bouquet

VHS Tape Candy BouquetThis cute candy bouquet has a nostalgic feel. It uses old recycled VHS tapes to make the base. Learn how to make it in this short video.


pink Japanese anemone flower

Japanese AnemoneThis flower is rather new to me. It was given to me a couple of years, ago. Just today, I learned it's name. It is a Japanese anemone. One of it's popular common names is 'wind flower'.


Feathered Halloween Wreath

Feathered Halloween WreathThis wreath can have a multi purpose if you choose. Because it is almost fall, the Dollar store has Halloween and fall items in stock. I found these great feather boas at the dollar store along with a black bird, colorful broom, hat, etc.


The Long Awaited Wisteria Bloom

The Long Awaited Wisteria BloomSome varieties of wisteria have a raceme, that can be as long as 30 inches and covered with over a hundred flowers. The variety I'm growing has a raceme averaging 12-18 inches and is covered with many fully developed flowers. So why would I post a picture of what appears to be a little, underdeveloped raceme?


clown paper plate face

Clown Paper PlateThis is a fun project for children to do on a rainy day as a decoration for their bedroom wall. If you choose child-safe glue, you will need patience and somewhere out of reach for it to dry undisturbed.


ironing with a press cloth

Use Vinegar When Lengthening GarmentsSometimes when you lengthen a garment the crease line from the previous hem remains. The way to get rid of that is to moisten the crease with vinegar, and iron on the hottest setting allowable for the fabric. I always use a press cloth to protect the fabric.


closeup of flowers

Flowering Spider PlantI've had this spider plant (Chlorophytum comosum) for years and this year it flowered for the very first time. The flowers are very small, but quite pretty and delicate.


A closeup of a wreath made from paper rosettes.

Wreath Made from a BookThis lovely little wreath lesson was offered at my local library and used discarded books for the project. Lovely I think and lots of fun to make with a friend/loved one!


brown prescription bottle

Store Ivomec Solution in Dark Prescription...The darker pill bottles with the screw on top keep Ivermectin solution ready to use. We have a lot of kittens this summer looking for homes. I found that it was easier to mix up the topical formula and keep it ready for use in a dark pill bottle.



Garden BountyThis is some of our tomato harvest. They are wonderful to eat on a sandwich and make a great sauce to eat fresh or preserved. Family and friends also eagerly wait to receive some of our bounty, as no tomato tastes as good as a home-grown one. It amazes me to think they began as a small blossom.



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Cleaning Hair Spray Off a Faux Leather Sofa?How do I clean a fake leather sofa with hair spray on it?


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12th Birthday Party Theme Ideas?My daughter is turning 12 and is having the party at our house. She is having 20-30 people, girls and boys. She wants a theme that's not babish, any ideas?


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Daytime Wetting by 7 Year Old Twins?I have twin girls that are almost 7 years old that still wet their pants during the day, but not at night. I have had them to the doctor and they have run all kinds of test on them. They all come back negative.


doll with long skirt and short flowered jacket

Identifying a Porcelain Doll?Can anyone help me identify this doll? It is approximately 38" tall. I think it has porcelain face, hands, and feet.


grey puppyBull?

Is My Puppy a Full Blooded Pit Bull?This puppy was found with no collar or anything. I am wondering if she full Pit or even how old she may be?


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Storing Hedge Apples?I know I read that hedge apples last 2 to 3 mo., how can you make them last all year?


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Best Cleaner for Tub Surround?I need to know what is the best cleaner for my tub surround.


closeup of four o'clock flower buds

Getting Rid of Aphids on Four O'Clock Flowers?I have aphids on my four o'clocks. I have tried soap mixed with water applied with a sprayer and have also used high-yield bug blaster Bifenthrin 2.4 mixed with soap. I cannot get rid of these aphids which are sucking the juice out of my plants which are producing seeds.


doll wearing purple dress with lace

Value of My Porcelain Doll?I have been cleaning out at my mum's house and I've found my porcelain doll. I wanted to sell her, she's too pretty to throw away. Any idea how much she is worth?


plant with medium green leaves radiating from center with ruffled edges

What Is This Houseplant?I can't identify this house plant.


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Cleaning Cat Urine Off Suede Bag?How do I clean cat urine off a leather and suede bag?


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Removing Wallpaper Prior to Painting?I have just purchased a manufactured home that has pre-printed drywall that was wallpapered over and is all wrinkled. I need to paint and remove wallpaper without destroying the drywall. The paper is glued on.


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Moving Zebra Finch Eggs?I have 2 zebra finches and they have laid 3 eggs in their seed tray. She is sitting on them all the time. If I get a nest box and put the eggs in there would she ignore the eggs?


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Cleaner Left Cherry Wood Tables Dull?Cry cleaning lady used something that has left my formerly shiny 50 year old 3 cherry end tables dull. How to restore myself?


tan puppy with head cocked

What Breed Is My Dog?Anybody know what mix this stray pup is? It still has baby teeth. Sometimes one ear flops more forward than the other. It is very pleasing and a quick learner. It loves playing with other dogs. There is a white tip on the tail, white on chin, and a white shirt.


leaves with pink on edges and tips

What Is This Houseplant?We got this new plant. I like the coloring of the leaves, but am not sure exactly what it is. I'm not going greatest with indoor plants, so I need to learn what it is so I know how to care for it.


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Repairing a Cracked Microwave Tray?My microwave oven plate is getting cracked. What type of glue can I use for glueing it or joining it together?


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Finding Free Car Tires?I am looking for free car tires even if it's just one. 195/65/15. I need it to last at least a week.


Identifying a Houseplant

Identifying a Houseplant?I just picked this odd-looking plant; the tag says snow white waffle plant. It doesn't look like the waffle plants on google images though. Is it really a waffle plant?


What Is This Houseplant?

What Is This Houseplant?I salvaged this off a dying plant. Is it a type of palm or maybe a yucca? Or something else?


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Finding Free Tree Cutting and Removal?I live in Valdosta, Georgia and I have about 25+ pine and about 5 or 6 oaks trees at the home that we just purchased. Is there somebody that I can call to cut these trees and haul them away for free?


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Painting Brown Paper Finished Walls?Can you paint over it? Will that seal it? I love the texture it gives the wall, but am not fond of the brown. I am wondering if I can paint it a color I want?


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Donating Craft Supplies?I am downsizing and have some craft supplies to purge - stuffed animal patterns, felt, fabric, pipecleaners, etc. I do not have large quantities of anything, but would love to donate what I have to anyone in the Minneapolis area who could put them to use.


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Value of Encyclopedia Britannica?What would the value of a 1891 set of encyclopedia Britannica be in mint condition?


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Re-dyeing Hair?My natural hair is medium brown with a lot of gray bleached by the sun and chlorine. I used Revlon medium ash blonde, but it's not the shade I want. How long do I need to wait before I can go a shade or two lighter?


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Powering Recycled DVD Player Motors?Can I do this, power a couple small motors from a DVD player using cord from rechargeable razor by connecting the wires directly without tripping the house breaker panel?


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Cleaning a Stove Top With Soft Scrub?Can I use Soft Scrub on my black enamel stove top? I can't get the burnt on stains from around the burners?


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