September 22, 2016

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Bottle of men's cologne and cufflinks on a white surface

Men's Cologne ReviewsThis is a page about men's cologne reviews. Choosing the right cologne to use or give as a gift can be confusing.


Toothbrush, jar labelled "baking soda" and a cup of water

Does Baking Soda Damage Tooth Enamel?This is a page about "Does baking soda damage tooth enamel?". Baking soda is often used separately or in a variety of commercial toothpastes to help whiten teeth.


Veggie balls on a large lettuce leaf

Veggie Balls RecipeA delicious way to prepare vegetables that the whole family will enjoy. This is a page about veggie balls recipe.


Pile of wood, screws, nails, and a saw

Finding Free Building MaterialsThis is a page about finding free building materials. One way to cut home repair or remodel costs is to find a source for free building materials.


Overhead view of a woman setting up a birthday party table with bright colors candy, treats, and cake

Candyland Birthday Party IdeasThis is a page about Candyland birthday party ideas. A fun and colorful theme for a child's birthday party can be based on the popular children's game Candyland.


Use Lids to Cover Burners

Alternatives to Stove Burner CoversThis is a page about alternatives to stove burner covers. Many of us use burner covers on our electric stovetops. If you don't want to buy them there are alternative that might better meet your needs.


Preventing a Bedbug Infestation

Preventing a Bedbug InfestationThis is a page about preventing a bedbug infestation. These human parasites can be found in both new and used clothing, bedding, and beds.


Puddles of liquid foundation makeup on a white background.  One is shaped like a heart.

Cleaning Foundation Makeup Stains on ClothingThis is a page about cleaning foundation makeup stains on clothing. Foundation makeup stains can be a challenge to remove from clothing.


Use Body Splash as Air Freshener

Use Body Splash as Air FreshenerThis is a page about use body splash as air freshener. You can save money on aerosol air fresheners by using old body sprays to scent the air.


A pile of Anzac biscuits.

Anzac Biscuit RecipesAn inexpensive, sweet, oatmeal biscuit to make that is very popular in Australia. This page contains Anzac biscuit recipes.


Gold coins, veil, and Arabian style hat

Arabian Nights Themed Birthday Party IdeasThis is a page about Arabian Nights themed birthday party ideas. The timeless tales told in the Arabian Nights series of stories, provide many ideas for planning a birthday party with this theme.


Mop cleaning floor

Knitting a Swiffer Pad?This is a page about knitting a Swiffer pad. You can knit or crochet a reusable cleaning pad for your stiffer style mop.


Plumber holding a plunger peeking out from inside a toilet

Keeping a Toilet from OverflowingThis is a page about keeping a toilet from overflowing. A few simple steps can help you prevent the disastrous toilet overflow event.


Liquid eggs in a bowl

Using an Egg SubstituteSome recipes call for using an egg substitute rather than whole eggs. This is a page about using an egg substitute.


My Dog is Infested With Fleas

My Dog is Infested With FleasThis is a page about my dog is infested with fleas. Fleas left untreated can infest your pet and then your home.


smiling clown paper plate craft

Making a Paper Plate Clown FaceThis is a page about making a paper plate clown face. Young children love making all sorts of paper plate crafts. This is a page about making a paper plate clown face.


Substitute for Heavy Whipping Cream

Substitute for Heavy Whipping CreamSince many of us don't typically have or use heavy whipping cream, we may need to identify a substitute rather than run to the store. This is a page about substitute for heavy whipping cream.


baked cookies 3

Strawberry Chocolate Chip CookiesThese simple cake mix based cookies are delicious and easy enough for your junior bakers to tackle. This is a page about strawberry chocolate chip cookies.


Basil Chicken Salad

Basil Chicken Salad RecipesThe slightly peppery sweet flavor of basil lends itself to pairing with chicken for a tasty salad. This is a page about basil chicken salad recipes.


Remedies for Brittle Fingernails

Remedies for Brittle FingernailsThis is a page about remedies for brittle fingernails. Nutrition and health can effect the condition of your fingernails.


vet giving a kitten liquid meds

Giving Kittens Liquid MedicationThis is a page about giving kittens liquid medication. Giving a kitten liquid medications can be a struggle.


finished quilt

Harry Potter Paper Pieced QuiltThis is a page about Harry Potter paper pieced quilt. Make an exciting Harry Potter quilt including many of your favorite characters or objects such as the Sorting Hat, using the paper piecing technique.


Woman looking at nails through a magnifying glass with distaste

Life After Acrylic NailsThis is a page about life after acrylic nails. Finger nails can be weak and rough after using fake nails and need some TLC.


Keeping a Ball of Twine from Unwinding

Keeping a Ball of Twine from UnwindingThis is a page about keeping a ball of twine from unwinding. Don't let that stored ball of twine become an unwound nightmare in the kitchen drawer, tool box, or craft supply storage.


bridesmaids in green dresses standing next to bride

Crafts Using Bridesmaid DressesThis is a page about crafts using bridesmaid dresses. Bridesmaid dresses are often not re-worn and are relegated to the back of the closet. Consider using them in a lovely craft.


Black Eyed Peas with Ham

Black Eyed Peas with HamIn parts of the southern United States, black eyed peas and ham or other cut of pork are included in the traditional New Year's meal. This is a page about black eyed peas with ham.


Cast iron pan with chicken and pasta dish

One Pot Chicken and PastaThis is a page about one pot chicken and pasta. A nutritious chicken main dish that can be prepared on the stove or in the crockpot.



Hunter closeup

Hunter (Domestic Short Hair)Hunter loves to watch TV. He watches the TV whenever it's on; he likes to watch videos for cats. He's an indoor cat. He has one favorite toy that he loves to play with. It is the one with the balls inside a ring and it makes a noise likes the birdies sing.


Chicken in brown sauce.

Chicken with Chinese Brown SauceThis is a delicious chicken dish with ample sauce for the rice I serve with it. You can choose to add vegetables if you like.


two pumpkin pots

Recycle Hanging Baskets for HalloweenMy flowers that I purchased in white hanging baskets were at the end of their season. Now I have these hanging baskets that need a new use and upgrade. With Halloween/fall approaching, this is an upgrade for all those left over pots.


Wrapped Pictures as a Holiday Decoration

Wrapped Pictures as a Holiday DecorationI saw these wrapped frames at a local restaurant and thought it was a simple way to make a wall look festive. These are for Christmas, but you could do this to celebrate a birthday or any other holiday.


Life Lessons From Your Garden

Life Lessons From Your GardenYes, those are Portulaca umbraticola. Mine grow so thickly, I find myself thinning them every year. Here are some thinnings I haven't yet picked up and taken to the compost pile.


bee balm

Gardening with Native PlantsGardening with plants native to your area has so many benefits. They attract local birds and butterflies. Native plants are resistant to pests and diseases, therefore require little care. They also need less water. Some of my natives are orange coneflower, bee balm, and daylilies.



What Breed Is My Dog?

What Breed Is My Dog?I'm asking for help to recognise what breed/breeds my dog may be? I bought him as an Old Tyme Bulldog, but I'm not sure this is true as the papers are vague.


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Repair Assistance for Low Income Homeowners?I am a low income, single dad. I bought a fixer upper home, but then ran out of money before I could complete the bathrooms and kitchen. How and where can I get help?


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Smoke Detector Sounding Every Night?My smoke detectors (hardwired) have decided to start chirping at around 1:45 am every night. Then they go into full alarm mode. I have figured out which one of the 4 is the 'master' one so I can push the reset button to stop the alarm. However, it goes through the same cycle repeatedly.


air freshener stain in sink

Removing an Air Freshener Stain from Sink?I had a plug-in air freshener over my bathroom sink and it leaked into the face bowl. There is an ugly yellow stain that I have tried everything to remove. Please offer a solution to remove it without replacing the whole counter top.


Is My Pit Bull Full Blooded?

Is My Pit Bull Full Blooded?Does my dog look like a full blooded Pit?


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Paint Color Advice?I am painting a room that is 26 feet by 15 feet. I have green and brown plaid furniture, dark floors, and cream walls now. I want something warmer. What color would be best?


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Punch Needle Technique on an Embroidery Machine?Can you use the punch needle technique on a embroidery sewing machine?


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