September 25, 2016

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Close up of woman's teeth being flossed

Substitutes for Dental FlossThis is a page about substitutes for dental floss. When food is stuck between your teeth, you want a handy solution.


Remedies for Yellow Fingernails

Remedies for Yellow Finger NailsThis is a page about nails yellowing on tips. Frequent nail coloring and sometimes health issues can make your nails look yellow.


Close up of wood deck with holes

Something is Burrowing Holes in My Deck?This is a page about something is burrowing holes in my deck. Out door building wood can be exposed to all kinds of pests. It can be a challenge to determine who is causing the damage.


Boy taking a cutting from a large tomato plant

Growing Tomatoes from CuttingsThis is a page about growing tomatoes from cuttings. An inexpensive way to multiply your tomato plants can be by rooting tomato plant cuttings.


Pineapple and top of pineapple against green background

Growing Pineapples in PotsThis is a page about growing pineapples in pots. The top of a pineapple can become a potted plant, and if you have two you may grow your own pineapple.


4th of July Fruit Tray

4th of July Party Food IdeasThe 4th is a great holiday to make some fun and colorful food items in addition to the typical summer fare. This is a page about 4th of July party food ideas.


Basset Hound with first aid kit and stethoscope

Can I Give Milk of Magnesia to My Dog?Some over the counter medications can be administered to pets. Check with your vet. This is a page about, "Can I give milk of magnesia to my dog?".


Inside view of dishwasher during wash cycle

Frigidaire Dishwasher ReviewsThis is a page about Frigidaire dishwasher reviews. Choosing your next dishwasher can be confusing. Deciding on the best brand is a good first step.


Coffee on a Table

Removing Drink Rings from FurnitureThis is a page about removing drink rings from furniture. Drink glasses or cups can leave marks on your furniture.


Man and woman carrying a large couch

Moving a Large Couch Into Your House?This is a page about moving a large couch into your house. Moving large, often heavy pieces of furniture can present you with a variety of challenges.


suncatchers outside 2

Making Melted Bead SuncatchersThis is a page about melted bead suncatchers. A creative project you can especially enjoy when the sun shines, is a glass or plastic bead suncatcher.


Three slices of red apple

Prevent Apples Slices from Turning BrownWhen you need to store cut apples for later use, there are a few ways to keep them looking fresh. This is a page about prevent apples slices from turning brown.


Small white dog seated, surrounded by apple cider vinegar, lemongrass, lemons, etc.

Mosquitoes Biting My DogThis is a page about mosquitoes biting my dog. Mosquitoes can aggravate your outdoor pets. Deterring them can make your dog more comfortable.


Birthday Candy Poster

Making a Birthday Candy PosterThis is a page about making a birthday candy poster. A fun birthday present can be personalize poster using packages of candy to help you express your good wishes.


Plum Pudding (or Christmas Pudding) isolated on a white background

Plum Pudding RecipesThis page contains plum pudding recipes. Whether using fresh, frozen or canned plums, you can make a delicious, holiday plum pudding.


Couple moving heavy cabinet

Moving Heavy FurnitureThis is a page about moving heavy furniture. Moving heavy furniture can be a challenge and can cause damage to you or your home if not done wisely.


Close up of shopping receipt being looked at in store

Checking Shopping ReceiptsThis is a page about checking shopping receipts. It is important to make sure you were charged correctly for your purchases before you leave the store. Mistakes can happen.


Wooden floor being mopped

Cleaning and Preventing Streaks on Hardwood FloorsThis is a page about cleaning and preventing streaks on hardwood floors. Many cleaners and methods of cleaning can leave streaks on your hardwood floors.


Dog brush, scissors, razor, and dog fur

Dog's Hair Isn't Growing Back?This is a page about dog's hair isn't growing back. Some pet owners shave their pets either for health reasons or during hot weather. Fur growth following its removal may be unpredictable and slow.


Microsuede footstool

Cleaning Microsuede FurnitureThis is a page about cleaning microsuede furniture. While possibly easier to clean than its leather inspiration, the nap on micro suede does require some care when cleaning.


Tomato plant and stalk with black spots from Early Blight.

Black Spots on Tomato Plant LeavesThis is a page about black spots on tomato plant leaves. Several plant diseases can cause spots on your tomato plant's leaves. Determining the cause can help you begin treatment.


Several vanilla cupcakes with white frosting

White Frosting RecipesThis page contains white frosting recipes. There are a variety of ways to make a white topping for your cake or cupcakes.


Infant with thermometer in mouth and cloth across the forhead

Treating an Infant's ColdThis is a page about treating an infant's cold. Treating your infant's cold is quite different than caring for yourself or an older child. Many medications can not be given to infants.



Minimizing Damage from Hot Glue Burns While Crafting

Minimizing Damage from Hot Glue Burns While CraftingIf you craft a lot, then you most likely own a hot-glue gun. If so, you are surely familiar with the nasty burns that inevitably come with using one! Hot glue is very painful and continues to burn your skin for several minutes after contact. I always keep a bowl of ice-water within easy reach on my work surface.


Lucy black poodle

Lucy (Poodle)I purchased her in February 2013 in Georgia. She likes to play, "I'll show you my toy, but you can't play with it".


display with potted plants inside the pumpkins and other decorations

Giving Plastic Pumpkins A Stone LookI wanted Halloween planters. My budget was small, but I had an idea to create this look with paints. I found these very inexpensive pumpkin buckets at Walmart for $1. I also had a large pumpkin bucket that was purchased at a thrift store, also for $1.


dark brindle dog

Catfish (Hound Mix)Catfish was rescued at 6 weeks from the road. All of my dogs are adopted; I live in the country and many cruel and/or ignorant people dump unwanted dogs here. We fatten them up because they're usually starved, take them to our vet for wellness exams and shots, and then foster them until we can find them good homes.



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Riding Lawn Mower Won't Start?I have a Yardman YTD and it had been running then died. My uncle cleaned the carburetor, it worked again then died about 15 minutes later. Any ideas?


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Value of Encyclopedia of Games?I have the encyclopedia World Book of games. It is a first edition, May 1945, limited edition c643. I has never been used.


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Reusing Coffee Grounds for Gardening?Can you use flavored coffee grounds on plants? Is there some way to treat them so they can be used? I have a lot of flavored coffee from my daughter, and want to use it on my herbs.


Identifying a Houseplant

Identifying a Houseplant?What kind of houseplant is this?


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Birds Nesting in Fireplace Vent?Birds are picking away at a outside metal cage for an inside gas fireplace. Last year a fire started when we started to use the fireplace and now they are picking away the cage my husband put there. What to do?


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Home Organizing Business Name Ideas?I am in need of a name for my professional organization business. My specialty is in the home. I have a long name (it has four syllables) and don't know if I should include it.


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Ice Maker Won't Fill With Water?My ice maker, model 106.9738612, will not fill with water. I have replaced both ice maker and valve, but it still will not fill up with water. I used a jumper on the ice maker and the water filled up. There is good water pressure and the rest of the ice maker works.


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Printer Carriage Sticking?My printer carriage gets stuck.


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