October 19, 2016

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Battered chicken right out of the fryer

Helping Batter Stick When Frying Food?This is a page about helping batter stick when frying food. What you choose to bread your food with, and the type and temperature of the oil can make a difference in getting the coating to stick.


Child dressed as a ghost holding a bag labelled Trick-Or-Treat!

Trick or Treat Bag IdeasThis page contains trick or treat bag ideas. Rather than buy a plastic bag at the store why not make really unique trick or treat bags this Halloween.


Baked rice pudding with fruit.

Baked Rice Pudding RecipesA warm, sweet rice based pudding is a delicious side to a formal meal or anytime. This page contains baked rice pudding recipes.


Woman with several fish on a cutting board pushing them away because they smell

Removing Seafood Odors From HandsThis is a page about removing seafood odors from hands. Certain foods, such as seafood, can leave a very strong odor on your hands after eating it.


Santa holding a red ornament.

Making a Santa OrnamentThis is a page about making a Santa ornament. There are so many ways to make cute Santa ornaments to decorate your tree and home.


up close spiderweb

Making a Glitter Glue SpiderwebThis is a page about making a glitter glue spiderweb. A bottle of glitter glue and waxed paper are all you need for this simple Halloween craft.


A woman looking at her face in a mirror.

Home Remedies for Face WrinklesThis is a page about home remedies for face wrinkles. There are both genetic and environmental reasons we develop wrinkles on our face. There are both genetic and environmental reasons we develop wrinkles on our face. Certain home remedies will help soften them.


A spoon containing MSG for use in cooking.

Substitutes for MSGMSG is a flavor enhancer that is found in some processed foods and Chinese cuisine. If you are trying to avoid this sodium product there are some potential substitutes you can consider. This is a page about substitutes for MSG.


finished bottle

Making a Jack-O'-Lantern Soda BottleThis is a page about making a jack-o'-lantern soda bottle. Decorate a large bottle of orange soda to serve at your Halloween party.


Woman with stacks of clean dishes squeezing soapy water from sponge with an overwhelmed expression

Hand Washing Dishes vs. Using a Dishwasher?This is a page about hand washing dishes vs. using a dishwasher. There are valid reasons for either option, when it comes to washing dirty dishes.


Photo of a pumpkin pie with small cracks in it and one slice being taken out.

Keeping Pumpkin Pies From Splitting?Baking pies that contain a lot of moisture can be a challenge to cook without any cracks. This is a page about keeping pumpkin pies from splitting.


Chef chopping red onion

Removing Onion and Garlic Smell From HandsThis is a page about removing onion and garlic smell from hands. Onions and garlic both can leave your hands pretty smelly.


A stack of baseball caps.

Cleaning Baseball CapsThis is a page about cleaning baseball caps. Baseball caps can take a beating and really dirty.


A walkway with moss growing between the bricks.

Removing Moss Growing on BricksMoss can make brick paths and driveways very slippery. They need to be cleaned for safety. This is a page about removing moss growing on bricks.


A sick woman with honey cold treatments.

Cold Remedies Using HoneyThe soothing, antibacterial properties of honey make it a good choice for making your own cold remedies. This is a page about cold remedies using honey.


red painted sled with cross member and ribbon pull tied on

Making a Popsicle Stick Wooden Sled OrnamentThis is a page about making a Popsicle stick wooden sled ornament. Popsicle sticks are excellent craft supplies to have on hand for you and the kids to use for making cute ornaments.


A person rubbing lotion on their hands.

Solutions for Dry HandsThis is a page about solutions for dry hands. Weather and cleaning products are two things that can cause your hands to get really dry.


A bunch of green purslane.

Recipes Using PurslaneThis page contains recipes using purslane. Found as a weed in many gardens, purslane is cultivated in many parts of the world as an edible plant.


Woman holding a fish at arms length while holding her nose with the other hand

Preventing Fish Odors on HandsThis is a page about preventing fish odors on hands. You can either wash your hands really well after handling raw fish or try to prevent the odor from clinging in the first place.



burlap fall banner

Making A Fabric BannerWith fabric scrapes you can make a fun banner for any season, party, etc. With my burlap samples and twine, this was easy and fast to put together. Here is my seasonal banner!


Use Water to Vacuum Seal Foods

Use Water to Vacuum Seal FoodsTo freeze and vacuum seal foods, try this no cost vacuum sealer. Zip package partway closed, leaving a small opening. Push out air. Slip baggy into a bowl of water until the opening is just above the surface of water.


Sugar and Salt as Substitute for MSG

Substitute for MSGUse 1:1 ratio mixture of sugar and salt as a substitute ingredient to your recipe instead of MSG. This is safer to use, especially if you have children at home.


Nicky on the bed with another dog

Nicky (Husky/German Shepherd Mix)I got him from a friend/Dec '15. He likes to run and play with his 4 month old sister.


Miss Fiona (Italian Mastiff)

Miss Fiona (Italian Mastiff)She was rescued - 7 years ago. She likes to snuggle and laugh, her whole body wiggles when she laughs :)


Using a Basket to Raise Keyboard

Using a Basket to Raise KeyboardI have issues with sitting, as many of us do. Today it occurred to me I wanted to raise my keyboard so I had the option of standing to do my computer work. But what to use that I already had? I found a basket that now has all my computer paper and card stock in it, and a side basket for the mouse that has rocks in it so it won't tip over.


Making Thin Sugar Cookies

Making Thin Sugar CookiesThis is a quick and easy way to make thin, crispy, sugar cookies. Instead of rolling them out and cutting them, I use a fork dipped in powdered sugar. I pat them down on a warm cookie sheet that has been sprayed with Butter Pam.


single pink rose

Consider Growing Single RosesI'm taking lots of pictures. The growing season for 2016 is just about over. Vegetable wise, I won't have much to contribute to my 2016 gardening folder. It has though, been my best year for growing and propagating flowers.


spinach stalks

Eating Spinach StalksIf your spinach, chard, spinach beet or other similar leafy vegetables have been ruined by slugs and bugs, don't altogether despair. Snip off the ragged leaves and put them in the compost (or feed them to your guinea pig or chickens if you have any).


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