November 9, 2016

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Two protective Doberman Pinchers barking at each other.

Dealing With A Protective Dog at HomeThis is a page about dealing with a protective dog at home. Dogs can offer a sense of protection to their owners. However, some pets are overly protective and can be a challenge to handle in daily situations when someone comes by.


A clothes iron taking wrinkles out of orange fabric.

Using an Iron for Cleaning Up Candle WaxThis is a page about using an iron for cleaning up candle wax. Your iron is the perfect tool to use to clean up candle wax drips and spills.


Redwood trees in California.

Tree PhotosThis page contains tree photos. Trees are excellent subjects for photography.


A cat and a dog on a blue sofa.

Killing Fleas on FurnitureThis is a page about killing fleas on furniture. When your house becomes infested with fleas, they can take up residence in and on your furniture.


Dumpster Diver

What is Dumpster Diving?This is a page about "What is dumpster diving?". Collecting items to reuse or recycle can be done in many ways.


Leaf Puppets

Making Leaf Stick PuppetsThis is a page about making leaf stick puppets. This is a perfect craft for your children and can be made using collected leaves or silk ones.


A cute German Shepherd mixed breed puppy.

Is My Puppy a German Shepherd Mix?This is a page about, "Is my puppy a German Shepherd mix?". Trying to determine the breed of a mixed breed dog can often be difficult.


An orange cat being checked out by a vet.

Treating an Anemic Cat?This is a page about treating an anemic cat. Like humans, animals can also suffer from anemia and the effects of this blood condition.


A group of people commuting by walking.

Walking as TransportationThis is a page about walking for transportation. Abandoning your vehicle for the healthy, green alternative of walking is the perfect choice for some, if not all, of us.


Ingredients for lemon pepper seasoning.

Making Homemade Lemon-Pepper SeasoningThis is a page about making homemade lemon-pepper seasoning. Combining your own choice of herbs and spices can save you money and give you the flavor you desire.


A cat with a wound on his face.

Treating a Cat's Abscess?This is a page about treating a cat's abscess. Clearing up an abscess on your kitty and preventing infection requires careful attention.


A picture of the "Welcome to Montana" sign.

Montana Scenery PhotosThis page contains Montana scenery photos. Many breathtaking views can be found in this mountain state.


A riding lawn mower in a grassy field.

Putting a Larger Amp Battery in a Riding Mower?This is a page about putting a larger amp battery in a riding mower. Trying to repair a mower that is difficult to start may be approached using different remedies.


Removing Ink Stains from your Coach Purse

Cleaning Ink Stains from a Coach PurseThis is a page about cleaning ink stains from a Coach purse Cleaning stains on an expensive purse without damaging it further needs to be done with care. .


Pumpkin Spice Latte

Making a Pumpkin Spice LatteThis is a page about making a pumpkin spice latte. Adding pumpkin spice to your coffee makes for a special fall treat.


The welcome sign for entering Iowa

Iowa Scenery PhotosThis page contains Iowa scenery photos. This midwestern state offers many beautiful scenic areas to explore.


A will disposing of personal property of a deceased person.

Personal Property Dispute After Death in the Family?This is a page about personal property dispute after death in the family. The death of a family member is quite stressful. Unfortunately, it is also, at times, the occasion for bitter disputes over personal property belonging to the deceased.


Infant drinking water from a bottle

When To Start Feeding Water to a Baby?This is a page about when to start feeding water to a baby. Knowing when to introduce new foods and beverages to your baby is a part of caring for your child.


A woman checking the healthy recipe she is making.

Finding Healthy RecipesThis is a page about finding healthy recipes. There are many sources for healthy recipes that limit fats, salt, sugar, and other generally unhealthy ingredients.


A cookie tin filled with cookies.

Uses for Cookie TinsThis is a page about uses for cookie tins. These handy containers are often very decorative as they are, or can be dressed up and reused for a variety of things.


Tomato Juice

Feeding Dogs Tomato Juice?This is a page about feeding dogs tomato juice. Dog owners are often looking for ways to protect their lawn from damage by their pet's urine.


A sad older dog in a cage.

Helping an Abused DogThis is a page about helping an abused dog. Abused dogs can present a variety of challenges for their new owners, as they are helped to overcome their past traumas.


Kittens sleeping in a basket.

Teaching Kittens to Sleep in Their Own BedThis is a page about teaching kittens to sleep in their own bed. Cats or kittens may try to find sleeping accommodations in places that you are not OK with.



Pumpkin Ginger Bread

Pumpkin Ginger BreadI love this time of year. It got so very cold this weekend that I had to turn on my heat... reluctantly! I also turned on the oven and started baking. I thought about making something with pumpkin, but wanted something a bit different. I went looking through all my own recipes and found all my different pumpkin breads, cakes, and muffins. I started making my pumpkin bread recipe and came across a version that has ginger in it. I love ginger in anything, so here we go.


Spicy Sweet and Sour Chicken

Spicy Sweet and Sour ChickenYou're in for a sweet and tangy treat. Here you are going to prepare a pack of your favorite wings parts. In the supermarket you can find sweet and sour sauce to your liking and add it to the crock pot. You are going to need a bottle of your favorite hot sauce to spice up your serving.



Small Portions of Drink Mix

Small Portions of Drink MixI shop at the Dollar Tree like some people shop for food. It's the only way I can buy anything new on my fixed income.


Homespun Fabric Covered Bowl

Homespun Fabric Covered BowlI got this bowl for 2.00 at a local rummage sale. Not being much of a baker, I bought it for the "CF" or crafting factor! Being a rustic/country girl all the way, I dug out my homepun'ish fabric and went to work.


dark blue cleaning rag

Product Review: Rags in a makes them. They are $11.95 for 3, and they come in their own laundry bag to wash. They recently had a sale, and I got another bag free, so the cost was halved. They are wonderful for mirrors, windows, and to wipe down counters. They are large and lint-free.


Use Blue Ink When Studying

Use Blue Ink When StudyingWhen I was a student I used to write important details in blue. A week before exams and recorded weekly quizzes, I write an output of the weekly lessons on a piece of paper using blue ink. I write them in blue so that I can recall which words I wrote with such color.


Containers with pills inside.

Unique Pill Box HolderI recently found this wonderful little shelf unit at a thrift store, where else? I tried hanging it on the wall but nothing fit inside. Then I remembered that I take 5 meds every morning and decided to put it on the counter.


Make a Bottle of Fabric Softener Last for 8 Years

Make a Bottle of Fabric Softener Last for 8 YearsI got this tip from the Mary Hunt website. Get a spray bottle and fill 1/3 with fabric softener. Fill the rest of the bottle with water. Spray a few times on both sides of an old washcloth, and throw it in the dryer. Turn the bottle gently before each use to mix up the contents well. I don't shake the bottle.


A wooden frame with red glitter hearts.

Use Glitter Glue to Decorate Wooden FrameEveryone can use a frame. These wooden frames from Walmart come with a little dowel that goes in the back to stand the frame up. I had to be careful not to lose it, as the dowel is only a couple of inches long.


Homemade Shelves from Flooring Planks

Homemade Shelves from Flooring PlanksI just posted a tip about doing this in a window so I am just going to share this one. They are almost identical. I have an entry hallway and often put things in there that I want to put in the 'donation station' in our clubhouse.



puppy standing in crate

Is My Dog a Full Blooded Pit Bull?I wanna know if it's a real Pit?


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Replacing a Belt on New Home 7000?How do I get the machine open, even my sewing machine repair guy can't get the cover off?


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Remedies for Thinning Hair?Can anyone tell me anything I can use to stop my hair from thinning? It started all over my whole head. When I really paid attention I realized I had been losing long strands for a while. Now the top of my head looks like a new born baby's.


floral pattern on couch upholstery

Choosing a Valance Pattern and Color?I have a floral pattern sofa. The walls are light sage, the verticals on the windows are dark brown. I have included photos of my sofa. I need valances. Please give me suggestions: solid, pattern, checked, or plaid and the color(s).


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Removing Red Spots on Leather Jacket?Anyone knows how to solve this problem? My camel leather jacket has a beige color, was hanging in my closet for several months, and one day when I took it out I noticed little red spots on it. I don't know where they came from, but I dry washed it and the spots are not coming off.


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Preventing Streaks When Cleaning Tile Floor?Can any body help me? I seem to be going mad. I have white ceramic floor tiles and I can't seem to be able to have a clean floor. As soon as the tiles dry they show streaky marks and it's so frustrating that I don't know what to do any more.


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