December 12, 2016

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A pan of pizza meatloaf

Pizza Meatloaf RecipesPizza meatloaf is a simple and delicious meal the whole family will love. This page contains pizza meatloaf recipes.


An antique dresser with many drawers.

Cleaning a Musty Antique DresserThis is a page about cleaning a musty antique dresser. Although antique furniture can be beautiful, it can also be tricky to clean and deodorize.


A birthday cake celebrating a second birthday.

Planning Daughter's Second Birthday Party On A BudgetThis is a page about planning a daughter's second birthday party on a budget. Ideas for keeping the costs down for this important birthday.


A loaf of BBQ flavored meatloaf.

BBQ Meatloaf RecipesThis is a page about BBQ meatloaf recipes. Barbecue sauce and meatloaf go together just about perfectly.


Leaf Foxes

Making Leaf FoxesThis is a page about making leaf foxes. Here is a great fall forest craft for kids.


Receiving Blanket Candy 9

Making Receiving Blanket CandiesThis is a page about making receiving blanket candies. A sweet and useful baby shower present that resembles oversize wrapped candies.


Curry Chicken and Cabbage

Curry Chicken and Cabbage RecipeA mild curry flavors this simple weeknight meal. This page contains a recipe for curry chicken and cabbage.


A dish of mashed potatoes.

Make Ahead Mashed Potato RecipesMashed potatoes can easily be made ahead of time to make meal planning and dinner preparation easier. This page contains make ahead mashed potatoes recipes.


yellow paper tube and blue polka dot mushroom kid craft

Making a Paper ToadstoolThis is a page about making a paper toadstool. A very easy rainy day craft for young children, with materials on hand.


Homespun Fabric Covered Bowl

Making a Fabric Covered BowlThis is a page about making a fabric covered bowl. Strips of fabric in your favorite colors and designs take a plain bowl and help you create a decorative piece of home decor.


A woman with a pimple on her tongue.

"Pimple" on My TongueI get these painful red or white pimples on the tip of my tongue after I've had alcohol mixed with either soda or apple juice. I also get them after several beers. Drinking a lot of soda on its own causes these. They hurt. This is a page about having a "pimple" on your tongue.


Parmesan Chicken Bake

Parmesan Chicken Bake RecipeThis Parmesan chicken bake is simple to make and will certainly be a hit at the dinner table. This page contains a Parmesan chicken bake recipe.


Peachy Salsa

Peach Salsa RecipesSweet and juicy peaches work well with more traditional salsa flavors to make this delicious variation. This page contains peach salsa recipes.


Monster Clothespin Clips

Making Monster Clothespin ClipsThis is a page about making monster clothespin clips. These cute and easy to make monster clothespin clips can be used to secure snack bags or converted into refrigerator magnet clips. Gather the kids and craft on.


Book Page Art

Making Framed Book Page ArtworkThis is a page about making framed book page artwork. Embellish any printed page to make your own personalized creation.


Refrigerator Dill Pickles

Making Refrigerator Dill PicklesA great way to make some quick pickles. This is a page about making refrigerator dill pickles.


Pumpkin Golf

Making a Pumpkin Golf GameThis is a page about making a pumpkin golf game. Start with a foam pumpkin and you too can make this fun variation on miniature golf.


display of beach sand, sea glass, and tiny sea stars

Making a Small Sandy Beach DisplayThis is a page about making a small sandy beach display. Bring the beach home with a display of your sand and shells.


Recycled Plastic Container Jewelry Keeper

Making a Recycled Plastic Container Jewelry KeeperThis is a page about making a recycled plastic container jewelry keeper. Reuse those small pretty containers to keep your jewelry organized.


A woman at a computer with back pain.

Dealing With Pain When Working Long Hours?A member asks: I work long hours and have a lot of pain in my feet, legs and lower back. Basically, I hurt all over! This page has ideas for limiting pain from working long hours.


Crockpot Kalua Pork

Crockpot Kalua Pork RecipesGet a taste of Hawaii with this slow cooker kalua pork recipe. This page contains crockpot kalua pork recipes.


<img data-src="" />

Making a Paper Autumn Leaf GarlandThis is a page about making a paper autumn leaf garland. These autumn colored paper leaves join together to make a lovely decorative garland.


finished dish

Chicken Vegetable Fried Rice RecipeThis page contains recipes for chicken vegetable fried rice. Chicken vegetable fried rice is a fast easy and delicious meal for your hungry family.


Squirrel on top of birdfeeder

Making a Squirrel Proof Songbird FeederThis is a page about making a squirrel proof songbird feeder. Squirrels can raid your birdfeeders, keeping the birds away from your yard.


Finished holder.

Making a Fall Candle HolderThis is a page about making a fall candle holder. Decorate a glass vase or cylinder with vibrant fall colors to make a striking candle holder.


porcelain baby doll

Finding the Value of Crowne Porcelain Dolls?This is a page about finding the value of Crowne porcelain dolls. Porcelain dolls can have widely ranging values based on a number of variables.


Sherbert Swirl Friendship Bracelet

Sherbet Swirl Friendship BraceletThese pretty embroidery floss friendship bracelets are very easy to make and make wonderful gifts. Keep reading to learn how to make a Sherbert Swirl Friendship Bracelet.


Natural wood photo display

Making a Natural Wood Photo DisplayThis is a page about making a natural wood photo display.Use wood planks to show off your photos, great for gifts!


A plate with stuffed eggplant, greens and a slice of bread with butter.

Stuffed Eggplant RecipesThis page contains a healthy stuffed eggplant recipe. Here is a new use for eggplant in this meatless main dish.


large tire snowman in desert yard

Making a Tire SnowmanThis is a page about making a tire snowman. Old tires can be repurposed to make a fun snowman for an outdoor holiday decoration.


Dog portrait 1

Making a Puppy Dog Collage Baby GiftThis is a page about making a puppy dog collage baby gift. This simple paper craft looks very professional when it is all put together.


Curry Beef with Rice

Curry Beef with Rice RecipeThis page contains a curry beef with rice recipe. Curry beef is a delicious meal that goes well with rice and other side dishes.


Jewelry Tree

Making a Jewelry TreeThis is a page about making a jewelry tree. Hang your earrings and necklaces on this handy craft made from trimmed branches.


A dish of cheesy mashed potatoes.

Cheesy Mashed Potato RecipesAdding cheese to your mashed potatoes will make them even more delicious. This page contains cheesy mashed potatoes recipes.


A broken and thin thumbnail.

What Causes Thin Fingernails?This is a page about what causes thin fingernails?. If you have thin nails it can be frustrating to determine why.


Artwork made from crossed lines.

Checkerboard ArtThis abstract, often geometric, art form allows for lots of creativity and can be used as part of many types of craft projects. This is a page about checkerboard art.


Beef with Root Vegetables

Slow Cooker Beef with Root Vegetables RecipeStarchy root vegetables go great with beef and make for a hearty dinner. This page contains a recipe for slow cooker beef with root vegetables.


Fall Flower Accessory 2

Making a Fabric Floral Autumn AccessoryThis is a page about making a fabric floral autumn accessory. This pretty fabric accessory project, made up in fall colors, will complement any outfit.


A man in a wheelchair getting into a car.

Agencies That Help Disabled People Get a Car?This is a page about agencies that help disabled people get a car. Advice to help people with disabilities find assistance.


Co-joined Rudbeckia Flower

Photos of Flowers Exhibiting FasciationThis is a page about photos of flowers exhibiting fasciation. These unusual double flowers are rare and probably will grow normally the next year.


fall colored recycled gift wrap paper card

Making a Gift Wrap Patchwork Greeting CardThis is a page about making a gift wrap patchwork greeting card. This craft is a great way to reuse charming or memorable gift wrap from past presents.


A kit for testing the pool water's pH.

Homemade Pool ChemicalsThis is a page about homemade pool chemicals.Find affordable alternatives to maintaining your swimming pool.


A man cleaning a swimming pool.

Alternatives to Shock For Pools?This is a page about alternatives to shock for pools. Go green with these options for keeping your pool clean and safe.


Denim Hats

Making Children's Hats from Scrap DenimThis is a page about making children's hats from scrap denim. Leftover denim from jeans can be made into these cute kids' hats.


Mango "Ice Cream"

Making Mango Ice CreamThis is a page about making mango ice cream. This delicious ice cream contains mangos and coconut milk instead of dairy.


finished bars

No Bake Cookies and Cream Bars RecipeThis page contains a recipe for no bake cookies and cream bars. This is an easy dessert that you can whip up for any occasion.


"Meatball" Iced Buns

Making "Meatball" Iced BunsThis is a page about making "meatball" iced buns. These sweet buns look like savory meatballs, great for parties.


A chair with upholstery damage.

Hiding Furniture Imperfections and Upholstery DamageI have very badly damaged (due to cats scratching) upholstered couches. I also have a two year old so I would be interested in an inexpensive solution that could make them look better. This is a page about hiding furniture imperfections and upholstery damage.


Natural Rosemary Breath Fresheners

Natural Breath Fresheners from the GardenThis is a page about natural breath fresheners from the garden. Instead of expensive and sugary breath mints, try these common garden herbs.


Roses and a golden 80 to celebrate a milestone birthday.

Ideas for Mother's 80th BirthdayA member asks: I need some ideas for my mother's 80th birthday. This page has ideas for celebrating your Mother's 80th birthday.


Fixing Too Big Pants

Fixing Pants that are Too BigThis is a page about fixing pants that are too big. If your pants are too large, you can size them down yourself.


Rollups in baking dish.

Eggplant Roll-Up RecipesUse long eggplant slices to make these versatile roll-ups. This page contains eggplant roll-up recipes.


finished pumpkin

Making a Ring Pumpkin Using Plastic CanvasThis is a page about making a ring pumpkin using plastic canvas. Yarn wrapped plastic canvas strips make up this decorative pumpkin.


finished bow

Making a Fabric Bow Fridge MagnetThis is a page about making a fabric bow fridge magnet. Take scraps of fabric to make these pretty bow magnets for your own refrigerator or to give to a friend.


A wood table being wiped down with a cloth.

Fixing Streaky and Dull Furniture From Murphy's Oil Soap?This is a page about fixing streaky and dull furniture from Murphy's Oil Soap. Sometimes wood cleaners can leave a residue behind that can be difficult to remove.


Pumpkin pin

Making Felt Autumn PinsThis is a page about making felt autumn pins. Felt is so easy to work with you can create your own autumn pins to wear or gift.


Favors in cellophane bags.

Making Fall Themed Party FavorsThis is a page about making fall themed party favors. Make acorn shaped treats and seasonal magnets as gifts for your guests.


Plaited Bracelet

Making Plaited BraceletsThis is a page about making plaited bracelets.These cute bracelets can be made by anyone who knows how to do a simple braid.


Photo of Ritz Peanut Butter Cookies.

Making Ritz Peanut Butter CookiesRitz peanut butter cookies are simple and tasty treat that your family will love any time of year. This page is about making Ritz peanut butter cookies.


Flowering Mexican heather.

Growing Mexican Heather (Cuphea)This is a page about growing Mexican Heather (Cuphea). This sturdy plant often has purple flowers and can grow in many zones.


kitty animal planter

Making a Plastic Bottle Animal PlanterThis is a page about making a plastic bottle animal planter. Save your bottles to make this adorable planter for spring seedlings.


Controling And Dividing Liriope (Monkey Grass) - cut in half

Controlling and Dividing Liriope (Monkey Grass)This is a page about controlling and dividing liriope or monkey grass.Easy tips for growing this hearty plant in your garden.


Cheesy Smashed Potatoes

Cheesy Smashed Potatoes RecipeTry these yummy red potatoes baked and covered with cheese. This page contains cheesy smashed potatoes recipe.


Slice of Pumpkin Pie Craft

Slice of Pumpkin Pie Craft for KidsThis is a page about making a slice of pumpkin pie craft for kids. Here is a cute and easy Thanksgiving craft for young children.


A happy family eating Thanksgiving dinner.

Thanksgiving Etiquette?This is a page about having an ex-spouse over for Thanksgiving. A holiday dinner is nice to share with others as long as everyone wants to get along.


watermelon fruit bowl baby carriage

Making a Fruit Bowl Baby CarriageThis is a page about making a fruit bowl baby carriage. Use a watermelon and other fruits to make these clever baby shower centerpiece.


Gymnast Glass Block

Making a Gymnastics Themed Glass BlockThis is a page about making a gymnastics themed glass block. A easily personalized gift for your favorite gymnast.


decorative gift box

Making a Recycled Glamour Gift BoxThis is a page about making a recycled glamour gift box. Recycle a round cardboard box into a beautiful gift box to fill with small seasonal or special occasion gifts.


Fluffed and finished flower.

Making a Recycled Jean FlowerThis is a page about making a recycled jean flower. Save scraps of denim from mending or hemming jeans to make these pretty flowers.



calf sleeping in a pumpkin patch

Day Old Calf Finds the Pumpkin PatchThis day old Holstein calf managed to slip under the electric fence and into the pumpkin patch for a nap in the sun. I work at Ballinger Farm Crazy Maze here in east Tennessee in the fall, teaching the school children that come there on field trips all about dairy cows, milk, and milk products.


chicken with mushroom sauce on plate

Contest Winning Chicken with Mushroom SauceThis is the best chicken dish I have made in years. The leftovers were even better the next day. You won't need to go to a restaurant after you taste this. I had chicken purchased on sale, and my store had a terrific sale on mushrooms, so this dish was very inexpensive as well.


Giving an Old Watch a Facelift

Giving an Old Watch a FaceliftThis project shows how to recycle an old watch and give it a new face. I used to love this watch as a child and still wear it, but after a while it stopped working. So while putting in new batteries I thought why not give it a complete new facelift!


crows in pecan tree

The Crows Come To DinnerThere is an annual feast at my place. Sometimes, it continues for weeks. From inside my home, I know it has begun, yet again. I hear a cacophony of shrill shrieks and continuous 'caw caws'. I go outside to investigate the clamor.


tube of toothpaste cut into thirds

Using All of the Toothpaste in a TubeWhen I have used as much toothpaste, hand lotion, etc. as I can get out of the tube, I cut the tube into sections and keep it in a zip-lock baggie. I can get about two more weeks of use from what is still in the tube.


small size dab of toothpaste on brush

Use Less ToothpasteAll adverts for toothpaste show a large amount of toothpaste spread right along the length of the toothbrush. They do this so you will copy and use more of their product than you need to. Just a pea sized amount of toothpaste is all that is necessary to clean your teeth.


5 finished decorative Christmas  Plates

Decorative Decoupage Christmas PlatesIf you buy or have material of a particular pattern, photo, or even a special drawing of an adult or a child's (on material) that you would like to turn into a lovely dish, here's how!


putting bar soap pieces inside a loofah

Using Up Soap RemnantsYou can collect soap remnants and use various methods to make them into a new bar of soap. This can be a long, tedious and tricky process and the end result is not usually satisfactory.


clean drainer

Removing Mold from Dish DrainerMold happens to all of us. And it is a pain to clean out of holes, grooves, and crevices. The worst area it accumulates in my house is in my dish drainer. No matter how much cleaner I sprayed, I could not seem to remove all of the mold! I would simply replace it with a new one.



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Water to Icemaker Overflows Into Bin?I have replaced the icemaker and water control valve on my Whirlpool top freezer refrigerator. When the ice tray fills, water still runs into the bin.


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Childcare Business Name Ideas?I am starting up my childcare business and need a name. I wanted something to do with my name and fun. So, I am thinking maybe one including Jacqui or Jack, if not, then other ideas would be good.


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BCBS VS Medicare?I'm on Social Security. I have BCBS thru my wife's work. Is it necessary to carry Medicare?


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Container for Disposing of Kitchen Grease and Oil?Any ideas for a non-recyclable container larger than a butter dish to use for disposal of kitchen grease or oil? I cook roasts in a larger crock pot and need something larger.


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Information on Murphy 86 School Desk?I am looking for information on when the Murphy 86 school desk was manufactured and sold. I have one that was in an old schoolhouse.


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Removing Ink Stain on Clothes?How do I remove ink on clothes from an exploding ink pen in the dryer?


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Hitachi Bread Machine Mixing Blade?Where can I find a mixing blade for a Hitachi HB B101?


Removing Dye Stains on Leather Couch

Removing Dye Stains on Leather Couch?Gel decorations meant for glass were put on the arm of my leather couch. I now have multicolored fall leaves impreganated on the arm. I tried baby wipes, but the gel decorations seem to have left a hard film over the dye that the wipe cannot penetrate. Oh, and I also tried a dab of paint thinner to no avail.


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