December 21, 2016

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Two lovebirds with eggs in their cage.

Understand Lovebird Behavior?This is a page about understand lovebird behavior. Learning what is normal behavior for lovebirds and what may be a sign of problems will help you keep them healthy.


Child's Scrap Yarn Crochet Infinity Scarf

Child's Scrap Yarn Crochet Infinity ScarfThis is a page about making a child's scrap yarn crochet infinity scarf. An excellent way to use up your scrap yarn is to make a child's size infinity style scarf.


3 Ingredient Cookie Mug Cake

3 Ingredient Cookie Mug CakeThis is a page about 3 ingredient cookie mug cake. Start with your favorite sandwich cookies and make these delicious, quick, microwave mug cakes.


Cupcake Birthday Cake Card Step 5

Making a Cupcake Birthday CardThis is a page about making a cupcake birthday card. Any celebrant would love to receive this birthday card; it looks good enough to eat.


perennial asters

What is a Perennial?This is a page about, "What is a Perennial?". The plants in your garden can be divided into two main categories, annuals and perennials. Perennials are those plants that will come up or leaf out every spring for at least several years.


A tortilla sandwich wrap with lots of fresh veggies.

Freezing Veggie Wraps?This is a page about freezing veggie wraps. Wraps put together before you plan to eat them may get soggy. Most fresh vegetables loose their texture when frozen.


Potato, Cauliflower and Carrot Soup

Potato, Cauliflower, and Carrot SoupThis is a page about potato, cauliflower and carrot soup. Homemade soups are the best and this one is a delicious blend of three complementary veggies and ham.


A pile of sewing pins with bright heads.

Picking Up Pins and NeedlesThis is a page about picking up pins and needles. When sewing, pins and needles seem to always find their way to the floor. As they can be dangerous to small children and pets, in particular, they need to be completely picked up after your sewing session.


Braised Oven Baked Pork Chops

Braised Oven Baked Pork Chops RecipeThis page contains a braised oven baked pork chops recipe. An easy tasty pork chop and gravy main dish, where the oven does most of the flavor melding.


finished card

Making a Summer Love Birthday CardThis is a page about making a Summer Love birthday card. Brightly colored flowers or other images of summer convey a seasonal birthday message.


Pug in red dress

Pug/Chihuahua Mix PhotosThis page contains Pug/Chihuahua mix photos. Breeders are currently crossing dog breeds to produce designer mixes. Of course the mixes can also occur the traditional way.


Oven and baker costumes.

Making a 'Bun in the Oven' CostumeThis is a page about making a bun in the oven costume. This is a creative Halloween costume idea for a pregnant woman and her partner.


Crocheted Infinity Scarf

Making a Crocheted Infinity ScarfThis is a page about making a crocheted infinity scarf. The infinity style scarf is very poplar. If you can crochet, even at the beginner level, there are many lovely patterns to choose from.


Cozy Fan Stitch Crochet Infinity Scarf

Making a Fan Stitch Crochet Infinity ScarfThis is a page about making a fan stitch crochet infinity scarf. You can crochet an infinity scarf using any of a number of stitches.


old photo of a woman on the front of a birthday card

Making a Vintage Photo Birthday CardThis is a page about making a vintage photo birthday card. Incorporating a vintage photo, that has meaning to the recipient, into a handmade birthday card creates a special gift of its own.


Some sewing machine needles on a white background.

Discarding Used Sewing Machine NeedlesThis is a page about discarding used sewing machine needles. When discarding used sewing machine needles, crafters each have their own method to get rid of them safely.


shamrocks crocheted onto plastic bead necklace

Making a Crocheted Shamrock NecklaceThis is a page about making a crocheted shamrock necklace. Wear this cute shamrock necklace to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.


Felt Christmas trees.

Making Felt TreesThis is a page about making felt trees. Start with heavy felt material and you too can make your own version of these festive tree decorations for the holidays.


A girl opening a dishwasher at home.

Clip Art for Chore and Duty Charts?This is a page about clip art for chore and duty charts. Before children can read well, you can help them learn to complete daily tasks with pictures on a chart.


Two sandwich wraps using spinach tortillas.

Making Flavored Tortillas for WrapsThis is a page about making flavored tortillas for wraps. Homemade tortillas can be seasoned with vegetables and herbs to give them more flavor and color.


Handmade Sock Easter Bunny

Making a Sock Easter BunnyTurn a common sock into this cute Easter Bunny. This is a page about making a sock Easter bunny.


Chicken and Jeweled Rice

Chicken and Jeweled Rice RecipeThis page contains a chicken and jeweled rice recipe. A festive Persian dish that looks beautiful and tastes great commonly served at weddings and celebrations.


Decorating Houseplants With Toys

Decorating HouseplantsThis is a page about decorating houseplants. Even your houseplants can enjoy being tricked out with cute or sentimental decorations.


Finished card.

Making a Miniature Art Birthday CardThis is a page about making a miniature art birthday card. If you are an painter, sketch artist, or work in other mediums you can create a lovely card by incorporating a small art piece into the card.


My Fruit Prep for a week

Fruit Prep for a WeekThis is a page about fruit prep for a week. Cut up melons and refrigerate servings to have them ready to add to your lunch.


Dried Banana Leaves Candleholder

Making a Dried Banana Leaves CandleholderThis is a page about making a dried banana leaves candleholder. Dried banana leaves can be used in a number of craft projects.


Finished box.

Making a Popsicle Stick BoxThis is a page about making a Popsicle stick box. Many of us remember making these at camp or in school. They make good gift for parents and friends.


A serving of apple crisp on a plate.

Keeping Apple Crisp Topping Crispy?This is a page about keeping apple crisp topping crispy. The crispy topping on fruit crisps tends to become moist and slightly soggy as they cool and over time, if there are leftovers.


Bark covered picture frame with additional twigs added for interest.

Making a Bark Covered Picture FrameThis is a page about making a bark covered picture frame. For a rustic look, cover a purchased photo frame with pieces of bark.


Shell Crochet Infant Hat

Making a Shell Crochet Infant HatThis is a page about making a shell crochet infant hat. The shell stitch is a favorite to use when making infant hats and blankets.


Crocheted Newborn Hat

Making a Crochet Hat for an InfantThis is a page about making a crochet hat for an infant. A lovely and useful handmade gift to give new parents is a crochet hat for their infant.


dilled carrots

Dilled Carrot RecipesDill blends well with the flavor of carrots to make a delicious side dish or be bottled and marinated. This page contains dilled carrot recipes.


Raising a Cutting Board

Raising a Cutting BoardThis is a page about raising a cutting board. If you need to raise the height of your cutting board to help keep your counter clean, you can glue feet to the bottom.



Dishwasher cubes on a white background.

Dishwasher CubesInstead of buying expensive and caustic dishwasher detergent, make your own version with simple ingredients and an ice cube tray. It will save you money and peace of mind. Learn how to make them in this short video.


A pair of shoes that have been painted with gold glitter.

Making Glitter High Heel ShoesTake a favorite but worn pair of shoes and update them to fabulous. Learn how to make them with this short video.


A decorative flower made out of black tissue paper.

Tissue Paper FlowersUse tissue paper to make these decorative flowers, perfect for parties. Learn how to make them in this short video.



Popped corn in aluminum foil.

A Simple Trick For Better PopcornI learned something a couple of weeks ago and wanted to share with you. I bought a bag of popcorn at Dollar Tree. It was the stovetop type. Back home, I popped a pot full. Except for a couple kernels, every one popped. I thought, 'Gosh, this is nice'! And unusual, too.


Bailey and Emory on the porch watching the snow

Bailey and Emory (Siamese Mix)A lady from our church was trying to find a home for her friend's three little kittens. So I took them. Bailey, the lighter of the two, seeks me out to nurse on my neck, and Emory lays around, watching Bailey. The two are never far away from one another. They are very bonded.


two cats and a dog lying in their beds

Pets In Beds (Domestic Shorthair Cats and Rat Terrier)The cream colored cat my brother gave me, the tortie color cat I adopted, and the Rat Terrier was aquired when I married my husband. I thought it was a cute older picture of them all laying in their beds in their own room.


duct tape used to make a message board for sticky notes

Duct Tape Message Board for Sticky NotesThis is a darling little message board. Duct tape comes in so many cute colors now. This little message board is a series of strips of duct tape put into a square on the wall. This covers up an imperfection in our pine paneling.


finished snowman

Snowman Made of Plastic CupsI still have two more half spheres of plastic cups which I previously turned into a chandelier. One is small and the other one is big so I got the idea of making another decoration which is a snowman.


Easy Marble Maze - completed larger maze with marbles

Easy Marble MazeThese would make a fun addition to any Pre-K or Kindergarten classroom. You could incorporate it into the manipulative or quiet centers, as well as make it an art activity. Children can help make their own mazes. Let them choose how the pathways should be spread out and then they can test it after!


chocolate brown apron with blue dots in package

Product Review: Flirty ApronsI have a few of these aprons. They are full coverage, and come in so many pretty styles and colors. The quality is excellent. They can be as expensive as $34.95 plus shipping.


Pomegranate Deseeding- A bowl of pomegranate seeds, ready for eating.

Easy and Effective Pomegranate DeseedingI was at a friend's house and watched him open up a fresh pomegranate. Not only was it a complete mess, he wasted about 50% of the fruit by squishing it and cutting into it improperly. Pomegranates don't come cheap! Here's how to open them up quickly and not squish a single seed.


Christmas Santa sticker game cards

Christmas Sticker Memory GameChildren love to be a part of everything! And with this game, they can choose their own stickers and create their own cards to play with! It will be more exciting to play a game they made. It can be tailored for individual or small group play and for Pre-K and up.


A cheese pizza with toppings added

Add Toppings to Cheese PizzaA pizza with fancy toppings can be quite expensive, it's much more fun and probably cheaper to design your own. If you don't fancy going to the trouble of making one from scratch, just buy a cheap plain ready to cook cheese and tomato pizza and add your own toppings.


Logo for ThriftyFun Tips

Revive Leftover Christmas CookiesSimply place hardened leftover cookies in a large container with a lid and lay a fresh slice of bread on top. The cookies will become nice and soft again and the bread will be hard. You can do this several times to save all those good cookies.


A vase with a plastic bag used to support the flowers.

Perfectly Placed Flowers in a VaseHow many times have you had flowers that you just can't arrange to stay the way you want? To fix this problem, all you need to do is take a plastic paper sleeve. Put it in the top of the vase around the flowers, pushing it down just out of view. Adjust your flowers however you want and they're going to stay.



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Softening a Hard Bagel?I left a bagel in it's original bag since I bought it the other day; now it is as hard as a rock. How can I get it back to eating it as good as when I bought it. I hate when I do this, hopefully someone can help me out here.


plant with tall stalk and long drooping leaves at the top

Identifying a Houseplant?I've had 2 of these for almost 4 hears and one is flowering. It has a fantastic smell. For the life of me, I can't identify it!


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10th Birthday Party Ideas?My daughter's 10th birthday is coming up. It's only 2 weeks away! I'm planning to bring her to a photo booth, you know, the kind that gives you dresses, makeup, and awesome photos as a surprise.


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Burnt Sugar on Smoothtop Stove?I have tried everything and still have the problem. Now what?


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