January 9, 2017

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red, yellow, and pink crochet flowers

Making Crocheted Easter FlowersCrochet a collection of pretty flowers to make an Easter bouquet. This is a page about making crocheted Easter flowers.


Crochet beaded Easter bag in yellow with pastel beads and egg shapes on ends of drawstrings.

Making a Crochet Beaded Easter BagThis is a page about making a crochet beaded Easter bag. You will enjoy making and using this cute little crochet beaded Easter bag.


Glass bottle of Vinegar next to a jar of baking soda.

Cleaning Your Tub with Vinegar and Baking SodaThis is a page about cleaning your tub with vinegar and baking soda. Instead of using expensive and sometimes harsh chemicals try this method of cleaning your bathtub.


Pink bunny photo frame.

Bunny Frame with Moveable EarsThis craft foam bunny photo frame is too cute for words. It is perfect to give as a gift. This is a page about bunny frame with moveable ears.


Dachshund laying next to bowl not eating.

My Dachshund is Not Eating?This is a page about my Dachshund is not eating. When trips to the vet fail to determine why your pet has stopped eating it is time to take other measures.


Pekingese dog.

My Pekingese is Not Eating?This is a page about my Pekingese is not eating. Encouraging a picky dog to eat can be a challenge. Likewise getting a spoiled dog to eat pet food rather than your food is a process.


Soap Bottle Apron 1

Making a Dish Soap Bottle ApronThis is a page about making a dish soap bottle apron. This cute little apron makes a plain bottle of dish soap decorative. It makes a nice gift as well.


Creole Meat Loaf on a wooden cutting board.

Creole Meat LoafCreole food brings to mind the Deep South, especially Louisiana. The term is used very loosely and often includes foods made with tomato bases or sauces and certain spices.


Tomato Soup Meatloaf

Tomato Soup MeatloafCanned soups have long be used to make simple, but delicious recipes. This is a page about tomato soup meatloaf.


Straw hat with bunny ears, face, and a bow.

Making a Straw Hat BunnyTurn an inexpensive straw hat into a cute bunny decoration for your wall or door. Hang it this spring or for Easter. This is a page about making a straw hat bunny.


Mother and daughter blowing bubbles.

Frugal Fun With BubblesThis is a page about frugal fun with bubbles. Simple soap bubbles are inexpensive and can amuse all ages of children.


A cat laying on the floor.

Cat Has Stopped EatingThis is a page about cat has stopped eating. It is very disconcerting when your pet stops eating for seemingly no reason.


Mixing meatloaf ingreidents.

Meatloaf Recipes Without Ketchup?This is a page about meatloaf recipes without ketchup. Although many meatloaf recipes contain ketchup, there are many more that do not.


Cut meat and veggies in a dog food bowl.

Sodium Free Dog Food Recipes?This page contains sodium free dog food recipes. Salt is not good in large quantities for our pets either and sometimes must be eliminated from their food altogether.


Fudge squares piled on a wooden pizza spatula.

Preventing Crumbly Fudge?This is a page about preventing crumbly fudge. Fudge can turn out crumbly if it is cooked too long or gets too hot.


Marshmallows covered in chocolate and caramel.

Chocolate-Covered CaramallowsThese sweet candy treats combine caramel, chocolate and marshmallows. This is a page about making chocolate-covered caramallows.


A dog eating chicken and rice from a dog bowl.

Feeding a Dog Chicken and Rice?This is a page about feeding a dog chicken and rice. There are a couple of reasons you may feed your dog rice and chicken, one is when they have an upset stomach. However, in lieu of pet food you may want to supplement this diet with a few other foods.


A Valentine's day card with a heart, mesh, lace and flowers.

Making a Mock Mosaic Valentine's Day CardGive this heart shaped card to your favorite valentine. This is a page about making a mock mosaic Valentine's day card.


Finished bunny.

Making a Paper Plate BunnyHolidays are the perfect time to set your kids to making simple decorations. This paper plate bunny is a good example. This is a page about making a paper plate bunny.


Crochet Jellybean Duck - little yellow crochet duck

Making a Crochet Jellybean DuckCrochet this cute little duck and add some jellybeans or other small candies to her drawstring pouch. This is a page about making a crochet jellybean duck.


The Fill or Bust logo from the card game.

Rules for Playing the Card Game Fill or Bust?This is a page about rules for playing the card game fill or bust. It can be difficult when you lose the instructions from beloved games from the past.


A deliscous spiral ham.

Shopping for Meat By the SeasonsThis is a page about shopping for meat by the seasons. You can save money on the meat portion of your grocery budget by shopping holiday meat specials, such as ham around Easter.



Thrifty Leftover Pork Meal on baking sheet

Thrifty Leftover Pork MealWe had a lot of leftovers from the New Year's Eve celebration. I had small cuts of uncooked pork meat, half of a ball of cheese (queso de bola) and a burger. I also have a banana heart my father broiled for dinner. So I put them all together to create a heavy meal for my partner. Hubby and I always enjoy my leftover innovations, so here's the recipe.


Gluten Free Potato Cakes Browned potato cakes on plate.

Gluten Free Potato CakesWhen you have leftover creamed potatoes, there are many ways to prepare them for another meal and this is one of them. Hot potato cakes fried in bacon drippings. Delicious!



Organizing Home Instruction  Manuals - finished labeled binder with tabs

Organizing Home Instruction ManualsAlmost every item we purchase comes with an instruction manual or guide. And all of mine get thrown into my junk drawer until I need to refer to them. I finally found an easy way to declutter and organize those manuals that I think is going to work well. Follow these steps to make a binder like mine.


Fastening a Bracelet - using a paperclip to hold jump ring to fasten

Fastening a BraceletHow much time do you waste trying to fasten a bracelet. Everytime you pull the fastener around to meet the jump ring, as soon as you get it near, the jump ring falls away.


Post-it Note For Cleaning Keyboard - cleaning under keys on keyboard with Post-it Note

Post-it Note For Cleaning KeyboardBefore you throw out a Post-it Note, use the sticky side to clean around small hard to access places such as under the keys of your keyboard.


A pair of black dress shoes with flowers on the toes.

Customizing a Child's ShoesYou can customize any baby doll style shoes for your little ones.


'Sharky' Goldfish Birthday Cake - finished sharky goldfish cake

'Sharky' Goldfish Birthday CakeWe had a "sharky" goldfish themed birthday cake for our son's 3rd birthday. I made him this cake using fondant. He loved it!


Baby Bear Adult Coloring Tee Shirt - example of colored tee

Baby Bear Adult Coloring Tee ShirtDo you have a colorist in your family that is expecting a little bundle of joy? Then this project is the ideal baby shower gift! The project can be used for a baby boy or for a baby girl, and is a fun way of reminding the mother-to-be to allow herself some me-time once the baby arrives.


A pie plate being used as a makeshift pot lid.

Pie Plate for a Pot LidI made some soup the other day in an older pot that doesn't have a lid anymore. To simmer, I covered it with a glass pie tin. Then, I used it to keep the spoon on. I find the best inspirations in the funniest places!


Life In The Winter Garden - snow capped squirrel's nest

Life In The Winter GardenIt seems as though, when Mother Nature sticks a knife in, she twists it. She dumps a heavy layer of snow atop a little squirrel's nest. Poor squirrel. No central heat nor fireplace, no long johns, nor muffler. And as fit as he must be to survive, not an ounce of fat for insulation against the bitter elements.


Fairy Tale Moon - moon over rooftop with star to the left

Fairy Tale MoonIt is the early evening of January 1st 2017 and we are treated with a clear sky and fairy tale moon. You can almost imagine a child snuggle up on it in a blanket. Does anyone know what the bright star is "nearby" ?


Homemade Flubber - plastic storage bowl with pink flubber

Homemade FlubberHomemade flubber is easy to make and provides hours of fun for your little ones.


Donate Food Thoughtfully - Tuna Helper and other items

Donate Food ThoughtfullyI was a director of a crisis center. We were mainly a crisis center for pregnant women, but we also did food and clothing. Going to community meetings, I met with those who ran the food pantry, and discovered that we had many common issues. One was giving clients items that they needed and could actually use.


DIY Holiday Centerpieces - cedar and poinsettia decoration on hearth

DIY Holiday CenterpiecesA coworker was complaining at work that she spent $60 each for several holiday centerpieces. Later, she happened to come by my home and saw mine. She was asking where I bought mine and how much it was. She was shocked to learn I made it and did not have to buy a thing to do it. I just used what I had on hand.


Display Figurine Collection in Crystal Bowl

Display Figurine Collection in Crystal BowlAfter I take all my Christmas decorations down, everything looks so bare. I try to redecorate a little different and more exciting. Winter is boring, I need to get a spark going in me.


A frozen rock garden pond with a ceramic frog.

Frozen Frog Rock Garden PondMy rock garden pond was built with river rocks from my late sister's home in Arkansas. During the winter and the temperature drops below freezing, the pond freezes over, but the pumps that push water through the ceramic frog still flow water and the water will freeze in mid stream. It is a fascinating sight.


Make Gift Bags from Seasonal Throws - closeup of the drawstring for bag

Make Gift Bags from Seasonal ThrowsThis time of the year, after Christmas, the stores all have Christmas throws on sale. I got several from a dollar store for $2 each last year. This year I gave a few for gifts, and took 2 of them and sewed them together on 3 sides, making a large bag (like a large pillowcase).



Logo for ThriftyFun Questions

Accent Wall Paint Color Advice?I have brown furniture, 3 of my walls are a deep wine color. What would be the best color for the 4th wall? I was thinking a lighter tan. Also what accents would you recommend? I have a large window on the wall I want to paint a light color and a smaller window on one of the wine colored walls.


Logo for ThriftyFun Questions

Dog Has Smelly Skin?I have a 7 year old Pit Bull. He has a terrible odor coming from his skin. We bathe him often and have tried so many different soaps. He constantly is itching and biting until he bleeds. Do you recommend a special soap we could try or do you think this could possibly be allergies?


What Breed Is My Dog? montage photo of tan dog

What Breed Is My Dog?I am trying to identify the specific breeds that are in my new dog. I am just very curious. Any guesses or thoughts would be very appreciated! He is 26 pounds.


Logo for ThriftyFun Questions

Troubleshooting Light Fixture and GFCI Outlet Issues?In my garage are 2 fluorescent light fixtures that suddenly won't turn on when I hit the single rocker switch that controls both fixtures. I checked the circuit breaker, but it's on. There are 2 GFCI outlets in the garage, and they are both working (the red lights are lit). I tried changing the bulbs, but no luck.


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