January 11, 2017

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Shabby Chic Gift Tag

Making a Shabby Chic Gift TagThis is a page about making a shabby chic gift tag. This fun to make and easily alterable gift tag will make the recipient smile before they even open your gift.


Upcycled McCoy Pottery as a wall pocket.

Uses for Chipped PotteryThis is a page about uses for chipped pottery. Chipped pottery does not have to end up in the dumpster. There are a variety of ways to use these otherwise lovely pieces to enhance your home's decor or to use in even more practical ways.


Flower attached to gift bag.

Recycled Tube Valentine Flower Gift TopperInstead of the traditional bow, make this pretty paper flower to attach to a Valentine's Day gift. This is a page about recycled tube Valentine flower gift topper.


child's ladybug costume

Making a Child's Lady Bug CostumeThis is a page about making a child's lady bug costume. Dress your little one in this cute lady bug costume for Halloween or other occasion.


Paper Strip Turtle - green strip turtle with googly eyes

Making a Paper Strip TurtleThis is a page about making a paper strip turtle. There are days when you need a couple of simple, but fun crafts for the kids.


Recycled Cardboard Tube Bunnies

Making Recycled Cardboard Tube BunniesHave your children make cute decorative cardboard bunnies for Easter starting with toilet paper tubes. This is a page about making recycled cardboard tube bunnies.


Cleaning glasses with a  microfiber cloth and cleaner.

Homemade DVD and Eyeglass CleanerThis is a page about homemade DVD and eyeglass cleanser. 3 parts isopropyl alcohol mixed with 1 part water can work great for cleaning DVDs and uncoated eye glass lenses.


No-Sew Fleece Scarf - Finished scarf being worn.

Making a No-Sew Fleece ScarfThis is a page about making a no-sew fleece scarf. Because you don't really need to hem fleece fabric it is a good choice for making quick and easy scarves.


3D Paper Ball Ornaments

Making 3D Paper Ball OrnamentsThis is a page about 3D paper ball ornaments. Easy hanging decorations for Christmas can be fashioned with colorful paper and ribbon.


A jar of bath salts for Mother's Day.

Making Mother's Day Bath SaltsThis is a page about making Mother's Day bath salts. A container of Homemade bath salts is an easy project for an older child to make as a gift for their mom.


'Sharky' Goldfish Paper Lantern Decoration - finished lantern hanging

Making 'Sharky' Goldfish Paper Lantern DecorationThis is a page about making 'Sharky' goldfish paper lantern decoration. For a really unique child's birthday theme try a 'Sharky' goldfish ensemble. As your main decoration make this paper fish lantern.


Fiberglass Shower Pan

Cleaning a Fiberglass Shower PanFiberglass is a common material used to make shower stalls. Using the right cleaners and methods will help you keep them clean and looking good. This is a page about cleaning a fiberglass shower pan.


Rolls of wallpaper.

Using Wallpaper for Wrapping PresentsThis is a page about using wallpaper for wrapping presents. Wallpaper is sturdy and comes in many colors and motifs, making it a nice alternative to ordinary wrapping paper. Use leftovers from your last project or remnants found at thrift stores or yard sales.


Baby Buggy Favor

Making Egg Carton Baby BuggiesThis is a page about making egg carton baby buggies. These sweet little buggies are perfect to make as baby shower favors.


Hanging Flower

Hanging Flower Basket PhotosThis is a page about hanging flower basket photos. Hanging flower baskets add a splash of color all about your garden, patio, deck, or porch.


A huge wrapped gift with pink wrapping paper and a bow on top.

Putting a Small Gift Inside a Big Box?This is a page about putting a small gift inside a big box. One fun way to keep a small gift a surprise until it is opened is to place it in a much larger box or container.


Completed doll.

Making Clothespin PteranodonsThis is a page about making clothespin pteranodons. A small, simple craft to make dolls to look like the prehistoric flying reptiles.


Hanger after cutting out a rectangular slot and design burned in

Making a Wooden Tie and Belt HolderThis is a page about making a wooden tie and belt holder. If you can run a jigsaw you can make this useful tie holder for Father's Day or any occasion.



Colorful Puto Cheese in bowl

Puto CheesePuto looks more like a muffin. It is a Filipino snack that is traditionally made of rice. It is fluffy, soft and sweet.


Gluten-Free Meatballs meatballs on plate with rice and broccoli

Gluten-Free MeatballsI don't have a gluten allergy, but these meatballs sounded so good, I decided to try them. They were delicious! If you have someone on a gluten-free diet, this one is for you.



Use the Heat from Electronics

Use the Heat from ElectronicsThe top of the refrigerator and TVs generate heat. I use this heat in several ways. This picture shows me putting a dish towel that was still slightly damp after drying (because it got stuck in a sheet) on top of my old-school TV. I also use this TV to help germinate seedlings.


Sorting Construction Paper by Color - file box filled with labeled folders

Sorting Construction Paper by ColorI go through hundreds of sheets of construction paper. I use it frequently for scrapbooking, homemade labels, and cards. It is very annoying and time consuming to continuously dig through a pile of paper to find one color.


How to Wash a Cashmere Sweater - folding up dried sweater

How to Wash a Cashmere SweaterFor years I dry-cleaned my wool and cashmere sweaters, paying $3.50 each time. I saw a TV segment that convinced me to try it at home. Not only is it cheaper, but there are no chemicals in your sweater, and it comes out so much softer. This will work for merino, cashmere, and all fine sweaters.


Flower Gardening in a Small Space - painted hanging pots on chain link fence with terra cotta pots inside

Flower Gardening in a Small SpaceIf you have a fence and no yard space, these hanging pots are the answer! I bought mine from the Lillian Vernon catalogue, but I imagine places like eBay and Amazon have them too. These pots were all yellow when I got them and I spray painted them. They all have drain holes, but I choose to just put pots into them.


Stunning Orange Orchid - red, orange, and yellow orchid flower

Stunning Orange OrchidI bought this orchid, near dead, from the nursery's trash items. This was its first bloom!


Homemade Static Guard - dryer sheet being placed in spray bottle

Homemade Static GuardAt our local store, a can of Static Guard costs $4. I make my own for pennies. It is so simple to make. All you need is a clean empty spray bottle, warm water, and 2 to 3 unused dryer sheets.


Adventure Funds Jar - finished money jar with cash inside

'Adventure Funds' JarMy friend was looking for a gift idea for her son who recently got married. She decided that she wanted to collect money for them to be able to do some fun things together, that maybe they couldn't afford otherwise. So I made her this 'Adventure Funds' jar.


Bead and Fabric Necklace - finished necklace with ends tied

Bead and Fabric NecklaceI wanted to make a fun necklace with scrap fabric, a bunch of beads I had laying around, alongside with some beads I made out of cornstarch awhile back.


A 3 year old playing with clear balloons.

Balloon Bubbles as Party DecorationsMy son recently had a 'shark' goldfish themed third birthday party. One of the decorations we did was balloon bubbles. We used clear balloons in numerous sizes, blew them up, and scattered them all over the room. Not only were they great decorations, they were also a lot of fun to kick and throw around for the kids.


Making a Mini Fairy Garden

Making a Mini Fairy GardenA clay pot, a few plants, a 25 cent fairy from Goodwill, some potting soil, Popsicle sticks for a fence and some fairy garden items from a craft store and the result is a cute little fairy garden which was fun and easy to make! I plan on doing it again this spring. Some people like to make gnome gardens.


Cleaning Silver with MSG - silver

Cleaning Silver with MSGI once heard that monosodium glutamate (MSG) can be used to clean and shine any pure stainless metal, like gold and silver.


A bottle of Island Cotton hand soap, next to the similar fragrance at Bath and Body Works.

Product Review: Island Cotton Hand SoapI love the Sea Island Cotton fragrance and I found a match in hand soap. The hand soap is made by Studio 35 Beauty, and is called Island Cotton Hand Soap.


Oscar (Domestic Shorthair Cat) - cat in a box on the floor

Oscar (Domestic Shorthair Cat)I got him from the RSPCA when he was about 18 months old. I brought home some fruit from the market in this cardboard box a week ago and it's been cluttering up the floor of my kitchen since, because it's become Oscar's favourite day (and night) bed since it arrived. I just have to wait for him to get sick of it.



Logo for ThriftyFun Questions

Sealing Paper Design on Wood?What is the best sealer to use on a piece of paper glued to a piece of wood. I don't want to ruin the pictures I am putting on the wood.


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Substitution for Brown Sugar?My recipe calls for light brown sugar. I have white sugar and molasses. Can I substitute these for the brown sugar? If so how much of each for 1 cup?


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Fixing a Bad Dye Job?I colored my hair and the outcome is dark roots with light ends.


Value of Rustie Dolls  - closeup of doll in ornate white dress with floral decorations and wings

Value of Rustie Dolls?I have three beautiful Rustie dolls. Each one has #1 written on the neck under Rustie's signature. One is from 1996, the year I recently discovered that she won a prestigious award. I was wondering the value of these and I really would like to know their names as I discovered that they all have names.


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Home Repair Assistance for Low Income Families?I am a single mother with an adult daughter living with me. My only income is Social Security Disability. I was just told that many of the tiles and underlying sheetrock in my shower need to be ripped out and replaced.


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Repairing an H2O Mop?I have an H2O mop, Model 808.092; Ref#H2OM-1149-5 date code 0803. The PVC piping (tubing?) at the junction of the base inside the white body between the reservoir and the mophead has cracked under pressure/in use. I want to revive this product. How can I repair it? Where can I get replacement parts?


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Airfryer Reviews?I'm tempted by airfryers, but I wonder whether I could do much that I couldn't do with my conventional oven. For those of you who have an airfryer, what's your experience?


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Responsibilities of a Power of Attorney?As POA for my mother-in-law, she is in a nursing home, will I be responsible for her funeral when she passes? I am on SS and it is the only income I have. I live in Indiana, she has a son in Nevada who has nothing to do with her. I am all she has here in Indiana.


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Thank You Speech Ideas?I am trying to write a thank you speech to my coaches, family, friends, and teammates for my signing and I just need somewhere to start. Anyone have any ideas?


What Breed Is My Dog? - dog on

What Breed Is My Dog?So 'Lexi' is an American Bulldog X Rhodesian Ridgeback X Bullmastiff. People refer to her as a Pit Bull and that really doesn't bother me because she's the most loving placid dog you'll find, but out of curiosity could you class her as a Pit Bull?


What Is This Houseplant? trailing plant with small dark green leaves with noticeable spacing

What Is This Houseplant?I received this houseplant as a gift and searched everywhere online and can't seem to find what it is. It's a vine like hanging plant with 2 small dark green leaves spaced an inch apart down the whole length of the vine. I'm wondering what the name of it is and how to care for it?


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