February 7, 2017

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Balloon Fruit Bowl CenterpieceYou can make a fruit bowl with balloons for a cute party centerpiece. Learn how to make a balloon fruit bowl centerpiece in this page.


A senior with a cane.

Name Ideas for Senior Home Care Business?Providing in home services to seniors and other housebound individuals is a popular small business. This is a page about name ideas for senior home care business.


Kitchen Curtains

Kitchen Curtain Color Advice?Choosing the right color for your kitchen curtains can help brighten it up and complete your room's color scheme. This is a page about kitchen curtain color advice.


All Natural Coffee Creamer

All Natural Coffee CreamerThis recipe is a good substitute for store bought creamers, especially if you have leftover cream. This is a page about all natural coffee creamer.


A hornworm pest to tomatoes.

Preventing Grubs From Eating Tomatoes?Grubs can attack tomatoes as the result of two situations. They may be the larvae of moths or could be entering fruit that has split from excess moisture. Differing solutions exist for each cause. This is a page about preventing grubs from eating tomatoes.


A broken eggshell on a white background.

Eggshells for BirdsThe calcium in crushed egg shells can be beneficial to your indoor pet birds and even the chickens themselves. This is a page about eggshells for birds.



How to Make Elastic Tops for Sundresses?Many sundresses particularly children's have an elasticized top that can be purchased at the fabric store. However, it is possible to make a similar version at home. This is a page about how to make elastic tops for sundresses.


Puppy and kitten.

5 Tips for Organic Flea ControlDo you want to get rid of fleas without all the chemicals? This page has 5 tips for organic flea control. Learn how to get rid of fleas naturally.


Recycled Mosaic Mirror

Recycled Mosaic MirrorThis clever mosaic mirror frame is created using cut up plastic cards, such as gift cards. This is a page about recycled mosaic mirror.


Stitches and a scar on a leg.

Remedies for Scars on LegsRemoving scars from legs can be frustrating. There are different treatments for different kinds of scars. Find remedies for scars on legs in this page.


The Australian flag waving outside.

Paying Utility Bills in AustraliaUtility companies in different areas bill on various schedules, making it useful to plan ahead and perhaps set up autopay plans for some of them. This is a page about paying utility bills in Australia.


Name Heart Caterpillar - finished caterpillar hanging on the wall

How to Make a Name Heart CaterpillarYour children or students will love making this cute paper caterpillar and adding their name or a message. This is a page about how to make a name heart caterpillar.


Super Glue

Removing a Rear View Mirror Attached With Super Glue?Super glue can be used to reattach a car's rear view mirror, but if it needs to be removed you will need to use a solvent to remove it. This is a page about removing a rear view mirror attached with super glue.


CD Valentine - Inside with message and photo on CD.

DVD Case Valentine's Day CardDecorating a discarded DVD and its case is a fun way to make a unique card for Valentine's Day. This is a page about DVD case Valentine's Day card.


An empty ziptop plastic bag

Use Ziplock Bags With Your Handi-VacDon't get rid of your Handi-Vac just because Reynolds has discontinued the bags. You can use Ziplock brand vacuum bags with your Handi-Vac, learn more in this page.


A woman wearing a blue turban.

Free Turban Sewing Patterns?Some sewing projects can be done using free patterns found at stores or on the internet. This is a page about free turban sewing patterns.


A plate of creamy chicken pasta.

Slow Cooker Creamy Chicken PastaPreparing the sauce for this dish in your slow cooker leaves only the pasta to cook before serving. This is a page about slow cooker creamy chicken pasta.


A line of ants on a kitchen floor.

Using Cinnamon to Deter AntsSome homeowners have success in deterring ants from coming into their house using a line of ground cinnamon at the entry point. This is a page about using cinnamon to deter ants.


Fabric Coffee Sleeve

Fabric Coffee SleeveMaking a colorful coffee sleeve is a fun sewing project and you then have a decorative protective sleeve to keep you from burning your fingers. This is a page about fabric coffee sleeve.


A carpet cleaner picking up soapy water from the carpet.

Using Shampoo as a Carpet Stain RemoverEven inexpensive shampoo works well to remove carpet stains. This is a page about using shampoo as a carpet stain remover.


A faux rock wall behind a Tiffany lamp.

Making a Faux Rock WallCreating a faux rock wall can give any room a rustic charm. This is a page about making a faux rock wall.


A mother holding a smelly diaper while her baby is on a changing table.

Homemade Diaper Disposal SystemBuying a diaper disposal system and the special bags that work with it can be expensive. This is a page about homemade diaper disposal systems.


Two different types of yeast on a cutting board.

How Much Yeast is in a Packet?If you have a recipe that calls for 1 package of yeast and you only have bulk dry yeast, this page will tell you how many teaspoons of yeast is in a packet.


A squirrel on grass outside.

Homemade Squirrel RepellentTrying to keep squirrels from eating the seed you put out for birds or discourage inappropriate chewing can be a chore. This is a page about homemade squirrel repellent.


A bottle of hairspray with a fine stream coming out of the nozzle.

Killing Spiders With HairsprayThis is a page about killing spiders with hairspray. Any kind of this common household beauty product is toxic to spiders.


A pile of cut lemons an a dish of lemon juice.

How Do I Lighten My Hair Without the Sun?There are a few methods for lightening your hair that do not require you to use commercial dyes or sun triggered products. This is a page about, "How do I lighten my hair without the sun?".


Beige Couch

Curtain Color Advice to Coordinate with a Beige Couch?Neutral colored furniture can be difficult to find coordinating curtains for, depending on whether you want them to match or pop. This is a page about curtain color advice to coordinate with a beige couch.


Homemade Spice Cabinet

Homemade Spice CabinetFinding a good place to store the many small spice bottles in your kitchen can sometimes be solved by a DIY project, such as a spice rack. This is a page about homemade spice cabinet.


Pallet Door Spice Rack

Pallet Door Spice RackWooden pallets, which can still sometimes be gotten for free, can be dismantled and reconstructed into an attractive and useful spice rack. This is a page about pallet door spice rack.


Bathroom Mirror

Removing Stains From Cleaner on a Bathroom MirrorSome cleaning products are not intended for use on a mirror and can actually leave stains. This is a page about removing stains from cleaner on a bathroom mirror.


Beige walls and green curtains.

Curtain Color Advice to Complement Beige Walls?Beige walls allow for a wide variety of curtain color choices that will complement it. This is a page about curtain color advice to complement beige walls.


A dish of orange chicken on a table.

Slow Cooker Orange Chicken RecipesMaking orange chicken in your slow cooker is easy and convenient. This page contains slow cooker orange chicken recipes.


Purple curtains in a bedroom.

Bedroom Curtain Color Advice?Choosing a complementary or even contrasting color for your bedroom curtains can help achieve the overall color scheme you are seeking. This is a page about bedroom curtain color advice.


Testing Your Soil

Do-It-Yourself Soil TestingIf you're starting a new garden or your plants and flowers just aren't growing well despite your best efforts, then having your soil tested probably makes sense. This page shows you how to test your own soil.



A fleece scarf with a penguin pattern on it.

No-Sew Fleece ScarfFleece is easy to work with and comes in many colorful patterns. This no sew scarf is a great first project. Learn how to make it in this short video.


A plate of breakfast cookies made with healthy ingredients.

Healthy Breakfast CookiesTreat your children at breakfast time with these tasty treats. Learn how to make them in this short video.


A Valentine's day craft with colorful fabric hearts in a container.

Bucket of HeartsThis container of cheerful fabric hearts is sure to bring a smile to your valentine. Learn how to make it in this short video.



A fast food receipt from Subway

Double Check Restaurant ReceiptsDouble check all your receipts when you eat out. First check them to make sure they are correct. Second, check them for coupons and surveys and internet addresses to sign up for more coupons. In the past 2 months, I have had part of my meal free because of checking my receipts.


A frog outside on a glass window or door.

The FrogThere's a little frog that adheres itself to the storm door anytime it rains. I had tried numerous times to take pictures of it, with absolutely no luck.


Royal Relief Center for Camp Counselors

Royal Relief Center for Camp CounselorsEach night the big campers get a relief for approximately 1 1/2 hour. The big campers are relieved by staff members that stay in cabins with the children. The big campers enjoy their own snacks and beverages and unwind from the day's rewarding events. My husband and I assume the role of grandparents at the camp and we treat everyone as royalty. Our travel trailer is set up for the relief center and these young adults love the atmosphere.


Cleaning a couch cushion with a dryer sheet.

Uses for Dryer SheetsI use fresh dryer sheets and used ones to freshen up and dust with. I go over the upholstery and cushions with a spray of Lysol disinfectant and then air fluff the throw pillows and give them a rub with a dryer sheet. I use a dryer sheet to go over the upholstery. It picks up dust and leaves behind a nice soft scent.


A spoonful of salt being placed inside a glass.

Gargle with Salt Water to Minimize GingivitisDo this first thing in the morning before brushing your teeth and in the evening after brushing your teeth. Use this as a gargle: a half glass of lukewarm water and 1 teaspoon of rock salt. Mix together until the rock salt dissolves. Gargle it three times. It is a safe home aid for everyone in the family.


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Storing Blankets in a Small ApartmentI have moved from a huge apartment into a very small one in exchange for an awesome location. Storage space is at a premium so I've had to get inventive.



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15th Birthday Party Ideas?I am turning 15 on March 2nd and I do not know what do for a birthday party that is not expensive. I want to have it sometime around my birthday on the weekend, but it needs to be a flexible schedule because my sister works from 4-11 on Saturday and Sunday, as well as Friday.


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Curtain and Rug Color Advice?We just painted our dining room walls a sage green and are finishing putting down a medium brown wood floor. We need to get curtains and an area rug for under the dining room table. What color curtains and rug would look good in this room?


Adding Blue Hair to Previously Dyed Hair - girl with green hair

Adding Blue Hair Dye to Previously Dyed Hair?I've recently dyed my hair fully green and I want to add blue as well to give it that mermaid look. I've let the green set in for a week. And I want to know will I get that right greenish blue shade or will it turn into a nasty colour?


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Singer Curvy Sewing Machine Won't Sew?I have a Singer Curvy and it won't sew. All the lights light up and blink, it makes a beep, and will not do anything. This happened not long after I had a professional fix the timing and clean it. I brought it back to him, but he said he didn't know what was wrong with it and to contact Singer.


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Identifying Tiny Biting Bugs?My husband was bitten in bed and thought it was a flea, but I saw a bug that I assume was the one that bit him and it wasn't a flea. It was small about a pin head maybe bigger and it smushed when I killed it. It left a bite that looked like a mosquito bite. Any ideas? It is black and oval shaped?


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Dog Weeing and Pooing Inside?My 1 year old Staffie cross Shar Pei has recently started weeing and pooing on our rug. I think it may be because she has had less walks, but I took her on a really long walk today and we came back and she peed and pooed on the rug. What shall I do to stop this?


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Top Thread on Embroidery Machine Not Sewing?I am new to machine embroidery. I am using a Brother Innovis 955. My first test pieces were fine. I am now trying to sew a satin stitch name using the same thread, material, and stabiliser as the test piece, but the stitched letters are coming out white (bobbin thread) not pink like the thread on the top of machine.


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Mower Not Running After Adding Oil to Gas Tank?I accentently poured fuel oil into the gas tank thinking it was gas, I used the mower for about 15 minutes after that and now it won't start. What can I do?


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Apple Muffin Recipe?I am looking for an apple muffin recipe that was made with nonfat powdered milk, sliced bread, and apples. Anyone know the recipe or where to find it?


What Type of Pit Bull Is My Dog?

What Type of Pit Bull Is My Dog?She is 6 months old and she's very tall and slender. I am wondering what breed?


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Dividing Easter Lilies?I picked up three Easter lilies last year. I didn't do much but take off the bloom. I put it outside in the yard. It's the second week in February and I now have 16 plants coming up. Can or should I separate them? They are growing on top of each other.


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Home Decor Business Name Ideas?I am soon going to start a small home decor business in Dubai (UAE). I am confused regarding what name to give it. Can you please put in your suggestions? A shorter name is preferable. I want a catchy name and prefer something inspired from Buddha or that has an Eastern Asia feel to it.


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