February 15, 2017

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A windchime made from brass from Morocco.

Recycled Moroccan WindchimeThis windchime is made from a thriftstore brass teapot and plate. To that add beads or whatever else you wish to complete the Moroccan inspired chime. This is a page about recycled Moroccan windchime.


A large bag of pet food.

Sewing Pet Food Bags on Sewing Machine?There are many ideas circulating for using pet food bags to make a variety of recycled crafts. Sometimes trying to sew the bags on your machine may be difficult because of their slick surface. This is a page about sewing pet fo


Bleach Bottle Leprachaun

How to Make a Bleach Bottle LeprechaunTransform a plastic bleach bottle into a cute leprechaun decoration for St. Patrick's day. This is a page about how to make a bleach bottle leprechaun.


flowering vines on mailbox

Five Favorite Perennial VinesPerennial vines can often be just what you need for a specific space in your garden. They provide color, texture, height, and often fragrance. This is a page about five favorite perennial vines.


Two pairs of underwear on a clothesline.

Cleaning Soiled Underwear?Underwear stains are typically something you want to treat prior to washing. There are a few different methods you can use that should work on most such stains. This is a page about cleaning soiled underwear.


Crochet Button Showcase Bracelet

Making a Crochet Button Showcase BraceletShowcase a favorite button by incorporating it into a pretty crochet bracelet. This is a page about making a crochet button showcase bracelet.


An Easter basket made from a milk jug.

Recycled Milk Jug Easter BasketGallon milk jugs can easily be cut down to make inexpensive Easter baskets. Decorate them to make each one unique. This is a page about recycled milk jug Easter basket.


A man repairing a lawn mower.

Lawn Mower Not Running After Adding Oil to Gas Tank?Contaminated gas can cause problems with how or whether a lawn mower will run. This is a page about lawn mower not running after adding oil to gas tank.


Hoo-to-You Owl Collage Artwork

Dried Beans and Grains Owl MosaicAn inexpensive, fun collage to make with the kids using dried foods for color and texture. This is a page about dried beans and grains owl mosaic.


A rabbit near some tulips outside.

Keeping Rabbits Out of Tulips?Bunnies are extremely cute, except for when they are enjoying the flowers and plants in your garden for lunch. This is a page about keeping rabbits out of tulips.


Thrifty Lint Roller Brush - supplies

Thrifty Lint Roller BrushHere is a way to make a variation on the tape wrapped around your hand makeshift lint roller. This is a page about thrifty lint roller brush.


Crocheted Dress Towel Hanger

Crocheted Dress Towel HangerCrochet tops for kitchen towels are popular craft projects. This example explains how to make a really cute dress pattern towel topper. This is a page about crocheted dress towel hanger.


Scoop for pet food.

Making a Scoop from a Quart Milk JugA cut down milk jug makes the perfect scoop for dog food or other dry goods. This is a page about making a scoop from a quart milk jug.


Crock Pot Chicken Noodle Soup

Slow Cooker Chicken Noodle Soup RecipeThis easy slow cooker recipe tastes great on a cold winter's day and is easy to throw together. This is page has a recipe for making crock pot chicken noodle soup.


Orchid Leaves Turning Brown - orchid in pot

Orchid Leaves Turning Brown?When the leaves on your orchid begin to turn brown, you need to determine the cause so that you can correct it. This is a page about orchid leaves turning brown.


close of hinge

Repairing Hinges on Pop Up Camper?The hinges on pop up campers get a lot of use. Over time you may need to repair or replace them. This is a page about repairing hinges on pop up camper.


Gingham basket liner.

DIY Spring Basket LinerUsing colorful spring fabrics you can sew up a pretty liner for an old or plain basket. This is a page about spring basket liner.


Beautiful flowering Wisteria

Starting a Wisteria from a CuttingWisteria can actually be propagated from both soft and hard wood cuttings, depending on the time of year one works better than the other. This is a page about starting a wisteria from a cutting.


Coffee grounds before brewing.

Finding Walmart's Great Value French Roast Coffee?Large chain stores frequently offer products for a time and then it is difficult to impossible to find them again. This is a page about finding Walmart's Great Value french roast coffee.


What Is This Houseplant? - looks like Wandering Jew

What Is This Houseplant? Wandering Jew (Tradescantia zebrine)Tradescantia zebrine is a perennial, native to southern Mexico and other Central American countries. It is typically sold and grown as a trailing houseplant in cooler climates. This is a page about the houseplant Wandering Jew (Tradescantia Zebrine).


View of the underside of a toilet, including wax ring.

Replacing a Wax Toilet RingIf there is water accumulating around the base of your toilet, the wax ring may be damaged and need replacing. This is a page about replacing a wax toilet ring.


Wisteria Photos

Wisteria PhotosWisteria is a vining, flowering plant member of the legume family. The draping clusters of purple flowers are quite fragrant. It is typically grown as a woody vine, but can also be trained as a standard or small tree. This page contains wisteria photos.


Tapers and chocolate scented angels.

How to Make Recycled Taper CandlesThis is a page about how to make recycled taper candles. Use up your leftover wax that wasn't enough to burn, but was bound to have a use some day, to make new candles.


A bunch of antique looking hardcover books.

Making a Book Look Antique?Start with a hardcover book, some decoupage or gesso and begin creating a decorative antique looking book. This is a page about making a book look antique.


Toy Wheelbarrow as Flower Planter - barrow at base of tree

Toy Wheelbarrow as Flower PlanterA fun planter can easily be made from a child's wheelbarrow. This is a page about toy wheelbarrow as flower planter.


A happy dog with his tongue out.

Is Boric Acid Safe for Pets?Pet owners often search for less toxic solutions for pest control. Boric acid is often mentioned, while less toxic than some choices there can be problems if ingested or when it comes into contact with skin. This is a page about, "Is boric acid safe for pets?".


Stove Top Cornbread

Stove Top Cornbread RecipesWith no waiting for your oven to preheat, this cornbread is really quick to make. This is page shows you how to make stove top cornbread.


Lavender Essential Oil

Homemade Lavender Dryer SheetsBy purchasing unscented dryer sheets you can make your own lavender sheets, or any scent for that matter. You just need essential oils. This is a page about homemade lavender dryer sheets.


4 cute corner bookmarks

Making Cute Corner BookmarksSome paper, glue, scissors, and your endless imagination are the only supplies need to make an assortment of corner bookmarks. This is a page about making cute corner bookmarks.


Baby clothes hanging up.

Stain Remover for Tough Baby StainsStains on baby clothing can be really hard to remove without special treatment. This is a page about stain remover for tough baby stains.


A creepy old abandoned house.

Classic Horror Movie Trivia GameThis is a page about classic horror movie trivia game. Plan a Halloween party that will keep everyone entertained with fun games.


A black and white heard with flowers inside, ready for coloring.

True Love Heart Adult Coloring PageThis seasonal adult coloring page is the perfect Valentine's artwork with its heart and violet motif. This is a page about true love heart adult coloring page.


Shelf with metal supports.

Cleaning Antique Metal Shelf Supports?Over time metal can become rusty or corroded. However, using the proper tools and products it can often be cleaned. This is a page about cleaning antique metal shelf supports.


Two women setting up a tent.

Vinegar for Removing Mildew from a TentThere are several common household products that can be used to remove mildew. This is a page about vinegar for removing mildew from a tent.


A book that says family law.

Collecting Child Support Owed by a Deceased Parent?Even if a child's non-custodial parent has died there is still a possibility that you may be able to collect support. This is a page about collecting child support owed by a deceased parent.


A boy holding onto white curtains as he looks out the window.

Cleaning Sheer White Nylon Curtains?Overtime, as dust collects on white nylon curtains, they can become dingy. This is a page about cleaning sheer white nylon curtains.


Decorate Food Cans For Office/ or Craft Storage - can decorated with scrapbook paper and wide ribbon holding pencils and a note half on with a clip

Decorated Tin Cans for Office or Craft StorageRecycled cans make good containers for pens and pencils and other office and craft supplies. This is a page about decorated tin cans for office or craft storage.



A jar that has been painted to look like a pineapple.

Pineapple Gift JarPineapples are a symbol of hospitality and these cute jars would make a perfect hostess gift. Learn how to make it in this short video.


A pen decorated with colored duct tape to resemble a carrot.

Duct Tape Carrot PenThese cute carrot shaped pens decorated with duct tape would be perfect in Easter baskets or to celebrate spring. Learn how to make it in this short video.


Three plastic bags folded using a football fold.

Storing Plastic Bags Using Football FoldKeeping plastic bags for later use can look disorganized but these folded bags are neat and easy to store. Learn how to easily fold them in this short video.



heart shaped, red cookies on plate

Valentine Banoffee CookiesI have just learned a new recipe. And since happy hearts day is coming, I added a fancy idea for my banoffee cookies. It's a perfect treat for kids this Valentine's Day.


cooked muffins on tray

Banana Pineapple Spice MuffinsI always found banana muffins to be rather bland. I like them to be spiced up and moist, so I put crushed pineapple in them. They come out amazing, and everyone loves my banana muffins. They have become my signature muffin!


cooked soup mix taters on baking pan

Soup Mix TatersA simple fun recipe that only requiring 3 ingredients, a bag and an oven.


chicken Paprikas on plate with macaroni and mixed vegetables

Slow Cooker Chicken PaprikashLet your slow cooker do the cooking for you! I didn't have boneless chicken thighs, so I used bone-in thighs with the skin pulled off.



Romantic Wreath - wreath hanging on closet knob

Romantic WreathI won't get this on in time for crafters to make it for Valentine's Day, but it's pretty for a romantic room/wall hanging any time of the year!


A woman brushing her long brown hair.

Brush Hair Daily to Help it GrowOne of the easiest way to make your hair grow fast is by brushing 100 times a day. Yes, I say 100 times a day; from the scalp to the tip of your hair.


A television remote control covered in plastic wrap.

Protecting a Television Remote ControlOur television remote control circuit board was constantly building up oil from our hands and would not control our television. My husband cleaned the circuit board and I wrapped the remote control in Saran Wrap and secured it with scotch tape on the back. It has worked properly for weeks.


Removing the shell from a shrimp.

How to Clean ShrimpCleaning shrimp at home yourself can save you some bucks. Here's a simple way about it.


Logo for ThriftyFun Questions

Identifying a Houseplant?Sorry I can not add a photo. I have been given a plant as a gift. There was no name with it. I hope someone can help. The plant does not have flowers, but red feather type blooms that feel spongy when you touch them! It is very upright and stands approx 18 inches.


Love Bugs Kids' Craft - finished open wing love bug

Love Bugs Kids' CraftIf you are looking for an easy Valentine's craft for younger children, this is a great choice. You only need some basic items to make these adorable love bugs. And on top of a fun activity, kids will be practicing their fine motor skills by using scissors and pulling up small stickers.


Lulu - on top of the birdhouse

Lulu (Korat)We found her abandoned at curbside in a cat carrier. She is affectionate. And she loves to take rides around the house on my shoulders, she will actually climb up me if I do not pick her up, then she wants a "ride."


Kitchen Implements Organized - hanging from cup hooks on stove vent

Kitchen Implements OrganizedI was tired of digging through a drawer to find the kitchen tools I needed. Then I got the idea to buy those inexpensive magnetic cup hooks and attach them all around my hood vent. Now the tools are at my finger tips, it looks nice, and I freed up a drawer for something else. I used the drawer for all my spices.


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