February 22, 2017

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Kenmore Refrigerator and Freezer Not CoolingWhen your fridge and freezer stop cooling it can quickly become an expensive fix. Not only is there the cost of repairs, but there may be food spoilage as well. This page looks at some causes and solutions for a Kenmore refrigerator and freezer not cooling.


Recycle Plastic
Lemons as a Vase

Recycle Plastic Lemons as a VaseEver wonder what you can do with those little squeeze bottles shaped like a lemon? Here is one solution; make a recycled plastic lemon vase.


Planting Bulbs

Tips and Techniques for Planting BulbsBulbs are a wonderful addition to your landscape, they will multiply and provide beautiful colors, shapes, and fragrances in your garden for years to come. Planting dozens of bulbs can seem a bit overwhelming at first. Read the following article for tips on buying and planting bulbs.


A cute chick made from fabric yo-yos.

Yo Yo Chicks and BunniesThese sweet yoyo chicks and bunnies are the perfect non sugary addition to your child's basket. They are also fun and easy to make. This page contains instructions for making yo yo chicks and bunnies.


Pot O' Treats - St. Patrick's day gift idea with a pot gull of treats.

Making a Pot O' TreatsCollect up all of the green treats you can and make this cute St. Patrick's day gift. This is a page about making a pot o'treats.


A girl holding a gift from her grandmother.

Unique Gift Ideas for Grandkids?Grandparents often look to give their grandchildren gifts other than the typical clothes and toys. Think about more personal items that may cause them to think of you for years to come. This is a page about unique gift ideas for grandkids.


An adult tick on a leaf.

Getting Rid of Ticks in Your YardDepending on where you live and the time of year ticks can be a parasite on dogs and humans. Food grade diatomaceous earth may be helpful in reducing ticks. This is a page about getting rid of ticks in your yard.


Stain Remover

Stain Remover for Set-In StainsSet-in stains can be very difficult to remove. This page contains suggestions for removing these tough stains.



Finding the Title of an Old Horror MovieOur brain goes into overtime when trying to bring up trivia such as old movie titles. Luckily, there are online search possibilities to help. This is a page about finding the title of an old horror movie.


Baby Powder

Using Baby Powder on Grease StainsThe crushed mineral talc in your baby powder may be effective in absorbing grease stains. This is a page about using baby powder on grease stains.


A black and white cat sitting on a car's hood.

Keeping Cats Off of Cars?Neighborhood cats or even your own may enjoy sleeping or just lazing on your car. This is often true in cold weather when the hood is warm. Trying to keep them off can be a challenge. This is a page about keeping cats off of cars.



Growing Amsonia hubrichtii (Arkansas Blue Star)This drought tolerant and disease resistant perennial, native to Arkansas and Oklahoma, is grown for its feathery foliage and pretty blue flowers. Birds and insects like the flower nectar and deer are repelled by the milky sap. This is a page about growing Amsonia hubrichtii (Arkansas blue star).


Roof with damaged shingles.

Roof Repair for Low Income Homeowners?Low income homeowners often can not afford the cost of roof repairs. Searching for agencies or organizations that might help with the costs may be their only solution. This is a page about roof repair for low income homeowners.


Controls on dash.

Dodge Dakota Heater Not WorkingIt is maddening to get into your car or truck on a cold day to find that the heater is not working. Check out this page for some troubleshooting ideas when your Dodge Dakota heater isn't working.


Wood Table

Removing Permanent Marker on a Wood TableTrying to remove permanent marker from furniture should be undertaken with care. There are products that will remove the marker but damage the finish. This is a page about removing permanent marker on a wood table.


Volumes of encyclopedias.

Finding the Value of Funk & Wagnalls EncyclopediasMany homes had these reference books because they were readily available at the supermarket in the 1950s. Although dated, encyclopedias can sometimes be sold in niche markets to crafters and some collectors. This is a page about finding the value of Funk and Wagnalls encyclopedias.


Pencil Lead Containers

Uses for Pencil Lead ContainersA lot of small items will easily fit into those empty pencil lead containers, such as pins, needles, bobby pins, and more. This is a page about uses for pencil lead containers.



plate with cut tamagoyaki and asparagus

Japanese TamagoyakiTamagoyaki is a traditional egg dish from Japan. It's basically a slightly sweet rolled up omelette. You can eat it with rice or on its own. The lovely part about it is the layers it creates in the rolling process. You will love this soft and scrumptious comforting treat!


Sweet and Sour Meatballs in pot

Easy Sweet and Sour MeatballsYou can make your own meatballs or use frozen. Make little meatballs for appetizers, or larger ones for dinner. I make these in the crockpot for 4-5 hours. You can also simmer on the stovetop for 2 hours.


Beef Stew in bowl

Beef StewCooking beef in a healthy way with more veggies. This is one of favorite recipes from my papa. It's yummy, and you can have a happy tummy. Try it!



Sachets made from magazine perfume samples.

Sachets from Perfume Sample in MagazinesI love the magazines with perfume samples. I make little sachets out of them by transferring the lovely scent onto small squares of tissue. I then put those scented squares into a crocheted bag. After scrunching the sachet, it smells so nice. I like keeping the samples of perfumes for as long as possible ;)


A sunset at the beach.

Perfect Sunset Spot (Laguna Beach, CA)Welcome to Heisler Park in Laguna Beach, California virtually. This park is breathtaking, you get a beautiful view at any angle and at any time of the day. My favorite time visiting this park is catching the sunset! Just look at all the colors!


Pleated Paper Butterfly - four completed butterflies

Pleated Paper ButterflyIt won't take you more than a few minutes to make a paper butterfly and you can make it any size you like. The result is spectacularly pretty considering how simple they are to make and would make a great addition for a craft fair stall or charity sale.


Using a hacksaw to remove a broken key in a lock.

How to Remove a Broken Key from a LockHere's a tip to save time and money to remove a broken key from a door knob or other lock, without having to call an expensive locksmith to do the job.


An open mailbox next to a front door.

Be Safe With Your MailMany people find it convenient to leave their outgoing mail in their mailbox. This is not a good idea if you have any identifying information on the papers inside, or if you are mailing checks. People have been known to take your mail, open it, and get into your checking account or other identifying information to steal your identity.


A pink colored milkshake in a cup.

Quick Morning MilkshakeI have found that mixing one scoop of vanilla flavored Slimfast and one half scoop of Super Greens mix in water or milk and then adding a handful of frozen blueberries makes an excellent shake. When it is all mixed in a hand shaker, it tastes like a strawberry milkshake, only with much more nutrition.


Tea bags next to a cup of tea.

Used Tea Bags to Relieve Tired EyesNot only can you drink your green tea but, if you have puffy eyes, dark circles, or tired eyes, the tea bags can help reduce them.


Dr. Seuss Matching Game - game board with matches made

Dr. Seuss Matching GameDr. Seuss books can be incorporated all school year long into numerous teaching themes. I came up with a simple matching game that uses several characters from different books. It doesn't take long to make and will last for years.


Two yellow-orange tomatoes on a blue background.

Determining Organic from Commercially Grown TomatoesThese are tomatoes freshly picked from the garden. Sometimes when vegetables and fruits are grown commercially, the products come out to the market in larger sizes, improved color and with smooth, shiny skin which indicates that they are being sprayed with chemicals to improve the physical appearance.


A bunch of Valentine's day themed balloons from the Dollar Tree.

Mylar Balloons at Dollar TreeDon't spend your money on overpriced balloons when you can get the same quality at Dollar Tree for a buck each!


Sewing a stop into the zipper fly of jeans.

Putting A Stop On Jean ZippersWith the modern day type zipper having been around for over one hundred years, one would think the garment manufacturers would know by now how to set a zipper so it doesn't get stuck in the bottom of the track. Not so. With every pair of jeans I buy, there's the same dilemma.


A vase with yellow daffodils next to some figurines.

Sunny DaffodilsThese February sunny daffodils filled my home with a breath of springtime, flanked by a ceramic couch filled with sleepy little girls in a church pew at the end of a sermon and a young lad awaiting his turn to serenade the young girls with a violin concerto.


Homemade Watercolor Paint Recipe

Homemade Watercolor Paint RecipeI volunteer at an daycare center for mentally handicapped adults and wanted them to experience painting.


A pair of grey leggings.

Wear Leggings to Protect Your LegsLeggings or stockings are very useful, not just as ordinary comfortable clothes that fit to our thighs and legs, but it also protect our skin. It is also a prevention for developing varicose veins.



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Bobbin Case for Sewland Kids' Sewing Machine?I bought a 2nd hand Sewland kids sewing machine at the op shop. It didn't come with a bobbin case. Should it have one? I can't seem to pick up the bobbin thread without one.


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Feces Caught in Dog's Fur?I have a 17 year old Collie cross and when he has a poo it sticks to the fur around his bum. When we try to bathe him, wash him, or trim him he has started snapping at us, so we are unable to do it and he really stinks. The house is starting to smell as well. I am at a loss as to what to do.


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Keeping Roaches Out of Moving Boxes?When packing boxes, if I taped the top and bottom flaps down as well as around the top and bottom, do you think that would keep the roaches out of the boxes until I move?


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Locating a Lost Parent?The man who raised me is in fact not my biological father. I desperately want to find out any information on my biological father, but the only information I have for him is his first and last name, approximate age and that he worked at a restaurant called the Hi Spot in Corona, California in 1963.


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Who Makes Kroger Pizza?Who makes Kroger self rising pizza?


Use For Inflated Plastic Packing Material

Use For Inflated Plastic Packing Material?I recently bought another computer. It shipped in a very strong inflated plastic 'pouch' about the size of a standard pillow. It is so strong, I can sit on it without it bursting.


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Converting Weight Watcher's Points to Selection Plan?Does anyone know if there is a way to use the WW frozen entrees as foods on the Selection Plan? They used to have the breakdown on the boxes, but that's been years ago. They only show points now.


Identifying a Calla Lily Variety - white calla lily with green on tip and speckled leaves

Identifying a Calla Lily Variety?I have tried to find out the name of this particular calla lily. I have seen some that are close but, not like it. I would appreciate it if someone could tell me.


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Removing a Stuck Light Bulb?I have a stuck light bulb that I need to remove. However, all of the solutions I've found seem unlikely to help; whenever I attempt to unscrew the bulb, the ceramic socket starts to unscrew instead. The ceramic is covered, so I can't hold onto it to keep it from moving.


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Selling Trees for Lumber?I need bids on trees on my land for sale. We are located in Duncanville, Texas.


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Treating a Dog's Cataracts?Has anyone used the drops they have on internet for canine cataracts? They are 39.99. They say the first month takes a whole bottle and after that it should last 2 months or so.


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Male Cat Peeing on Kitchen Counter?I got a 2 year male cat around a week ago. He was spraying everywhere so I got him neutered. He's seems to have stop spraying, but is peeing on my kitchen counter. I have got the Feliway diffuser and spray and I have used vinager on my kitchen bunkers to prevent him peeing, but he still is.


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Dog Pooping on Owner's Bed?My adult Chihuahua keeps pooping on my bed. What do I do?


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Growing a Plant in a Milk Jug?For a project in school, I need to know how much soil I should use to grow a plant in a milk jug. If anyone can help me out, that would be great. Please answer quickly because I need to know fast.


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Bleaching Hair on Arms?I want to bleach the hair on my arms very blonde. I asked this question a while back but got no answers or advice. I'm a 35 yr. female. My head hair is med brown, my pubes are med brown. My body is not that hairy at all. My arm hairs are mixed blonde, light brown, med brown, and some gross black.


Kitchen Paint Color Advice - cabinet color

Kitchen Paint Color Advice?My cabinets are a light taupe and the countertop is granite Hidden Treasure. I am trying to decide between 2 floors see 2 pics. One is more of a beige/grey/black and the other is more of a natural yellowy orange for warmth. What Benjamin Moore paint color for each floor and what floor do you suggest?


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