February 27, 2017

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air conditioner

Is A/C Condensation Water Safe for a Dog to Drink?The cool water condensing and dripping from your air conditioner unit may be enticing to your pets, but perhaps not a good source of water for drinking. This is a page about, "Is A/C condensation water safe for a dog to drink?".


scratched watch face

Fixing Scratches on a Watch Face?A scratched watch face can be quite annoying. Some scratches can be repaired though. This is a page about fixing scratches on watch face.


A row of different colored pencils.

How to Use Watercolor PencilsWatercolor pencils are an easy and effective way to add beautiful color gradations and shading to you artwork. This is a page about how to use watercolor pencils.


Fork Bears - white bear

How to Paint Fork BearsKids will love this fun painting activity using forks rather than a brush to create a variety of of cute bear paintings. This is a page about how to paint fork bears.


A clothing website advertising a sale.

Discount Clothing Websites?There are many websites that you can order discount clothes from online. This is a page about discount clothing websites.


A girl holding seeds in her hand.

Surfing for SeedsOnline seed exchanges can be a perfect way to get seeds for plants you would like while sharing your own abundance. This is a page about surfing for seeds.


Banana Raisin Cupcakes on plate

Banana Raisin Cupcake RecipeThese delicious banana raison cupcakes are sure to be a hit with anyone who tastes them. This is a page about banana raisin cupcakes.


A field of magenta bee balm flowers in bloom.

What is this Plant? Bee BalmIt is not uncommon for volunteer plants to come up in your garden, leaving you baffled as to what they are. Identifying them is sometimes difficult. This is a page about, "What is this plant?" (bee balm).


A hairy forearm.

Bleaching the Hair on Your Arms?If you want to reduce the appearance of hair on your arm, lightening them is one solution. This is a page about bleaching hair on arms.


A chair seat covered with a cheerful blue seat cover with fish.

Make Seat Covers from a Vinyl TableclothRecovering seating such as deck chairs or other furniture that needs a sturdy or spill proof seat cover can be done less expensively with a pretty vinyl tablecloth. This is a page about make seat covers from a vinyl tablecloth.


Jars of an orange homemade condiment.

Selling Homemade Condiments?Selling homemade food, like condiments or snacks, can be a great start-up business. However, your home kitchen will need to pass health inspection first. This is a page about selling homemade condiments.


mashed banana in baggie

Freezing Mashed BananasHere is the perfect thing to do with bananas that ripen too soon. Mash them up and freeze them for a future batch of banana bread or pancakes, or just to add to a morning smoothie.


Dawn and baking soda for cleaning a smooth top stove.

Use Dawn and Baking Soda to Clean a Smooth Top RangeA simple mix of Dawn dish soap and some baking soda can make an effective cleaner for many surfaces, even your smooth glass top range. This is a page about use dawn and baking soda to clean a smooth top range.


A frustrated dieter.

Not Losing Weight While DietingDieting can be frustrating when the hard work and sacrifice doesn't result in weight loss. Look here for tips to keep you on the losing track.


Grape Leaf Wine Bottle

Grape Leaf Wine Bottle DecorationReuse your emptied wine bottles with this adorable grape leaf craft. This is a page about grape leaf wine bottle decoration.


A swarm of black and red box elder bugs.

Identifying Small Black and Red Bugs (Box Elder)If you are being inundated with small black and red bugs, this page may help. They could be box elder bugs. They have distinctive red and black markings and are a common North American pest.


Uses for Non-Slip Utility Mats

Uses for Non-Slip Utility MatsUtility mats can be cut to fit just about any shape you need. This is a page about uses for non-slip utility mats.


waterers in coop

Homemade Sports Bottle Chicken WatererHere is an easy and inexpensive way to ensure your chickens have water when they need it. This is a page about sports bottle chicken waterer.


Someone scratching their hand due to bug bites.

Identifying Small White Biting Bugs?If you are being bitten by small bugs, identifying them is the first step to getting rid of them. This page is full of tips for getting rid of tiny biting bugs.


Seedlings in small pots, ready for planting.

Hardening-Off to Transition Seedlings OutdoorsYour young seedlings have had constant care and optimal moisture, light, and temperatures. Before setting them out in the garden they will need a period of time being slowing acclimated to the great outdoors. This is a page about hardening-off to transition seedlings outdoors.


A clipboard with reminders written on it.

Using a Clipboard for RemindersNeed help getting organized and remembering tasks? Use a clipboard to write down your reminders and hang it in a place that is easily seen throughout your day. This is a page about reminder clipboard.


Pop-Up Camper

Replacing the Ceiling of a Pop-Up CamperThe ceiling of a pop-up camper is a commonly needed repair. Save money by doing the work yourself. This page has suggestions how.


Mexican Style Chicken and Rice

Mexican Style Chicken and RiceYour family will love this Mexican inspired delicious dinner option. This is a page about Mexican style chicken and rice.


The pods of a locust tree.

What Is This Plant? (Locust Tree)If you have a plant growing in your yard that looks like this, it is probably a locust tree. This is a page about what is this plant? (locust tree).


A China Doll Ficus growing outside.

What Is This Plant? (China Doll)If you have a plant that looks like this, it may be a China Doll Ficus. This is a page about what is this plant?.


A large red maple tree.

Planting Red Maple Seeds in a Hot Climate?Attempting to grow seeds from trees or other plants not typically suited to your environment may prove to be disappointing. This is a page about planting red maple seeds in a hot climate.


Several white mobile homes in storage.

Storing a Mobile Home?If you don't have room to park your mobile home on your own property, it may be necessary to rent from a storage facility or other space rental location. This is a page about storing a mobile home.


An upright piano being used as a desk.

Turning a Piano Into a Desk?An old, unrepairable upright piano can be repurposed into a unique desk with some time and creativity. This is a page about turning a piano into a desk.


woman with groomed eyebrows

Using a DermaWand?Many people have used the DermaWand system to improve their skin appearance. This is a page about using a DermaWand.


deep fried bacon

Deep Frying BaconIf everything tastes better deep fried, imagine what it will do to bacon. If you have access to a deep fryer and love crispy bacon, try deep frying it.


5 different cuff bracelet pictures.

5 Handmade Cuff BraceletsThere many styles of cuff bracelets you can make yourself. This is a page about 5 handmade cuff bracelets.


Vehicle Headlights

Removing Oxidation From Vehicle Headlights?Oxidation can make your headlights look foggy and less bright. This is a page about removing oxidation from vehicle headlights.


A container of bath salts with a sunflower button and green ribbon.

Homemade Silky Scrub Bath SaltsThis homemade bath salt scrub is wonderful to use and makes a great gift. This is a page about silky scrub bath salts.


Baby doll in box.

Finding the Value of Betty Jane Carter Dolls?Many Betty Jane Cart dolls are highly collectible and have value amongst collectors. Rare dolls tend to be more valuable as they are desired by collectors of these porcelain dolls. This is a page about finding the value of Betty Jane Carter dolls.


cloth napkins

Do Paper or Fabric Napkins Save the Most Money?If you are trying to save money and be environmentally friendly this question is more complicated than you may assume. This is a page about, "Do paper or fabric napkins save the most money?".


Hickory Nuts

Roasting Hickory Nuts?Roasted hickory nuts are a healthy and delicious treat just about everyone will love. This is a page about roasting hickory nuts.


Flattening a Curled Rug - ironing over damp cloth

Flattening a Curled RugIf your rug has curled up on the corners, it can be a tripping hazard. This is a page about flattening a curled rug.


A closeup of a piano keyboard.

Keeping a Piano in TuneKeeping your piano in tune is the best way to ensure you can enjoying playing it whenever you like. This is a page about keeping a piano in tune.


A bowl of shrimp gumbo.

Soup is Too Spicy?Adding a dairy product like sour cream is a common way to cut an overly spicy soup. This is a page about soup is too spicy.


two large slugs

Using Ammonia for Slug ControlUsed in the proper proportion ammonia to water, many gardeners have had success in controlling slugs by spraying with this mixture. This is a page about using ammonia for slug control.


Bowl of Homeycrisp apple crisp.

Honeycrisp Apple Crisp RecipeHoneycrisp apples are great apple to use for crowd pleasing dessert recipes like an apple crisp. This is a page about honeycrisp apple crisp.


medium wood bookcase

Find the Value of a Roycroft Bookcase?Some Roycroft book cases are rare and, if they are in good condition, can be relatively valuable. This is a page about value of Roycroft bookcase.


Wear Gardening Gloves For The Unexpected - cut finger

Cutting Pampas GrassThe edge of pampas grass leaves can very easily give you a nasty cut on your hand and fingers when trying to prune this decorative plant. This is a page about wear gardening gloves when cutting pampas grass.


Two vanilla wafer cookies

Making a Vanilla Wafer Pie CrustVanilla wafers can make a tasty substitute for a regular graham cracker pie crust. This is a page about making a vanilla wafer pie crust.


A happy family out on an adventure.

Giving Experiences as GiftsDoing an activity with someone can be a memorable, and often inexpensive, gift for a loved one. This is a page about give experiences as gifts.


Grandkids' Coat Rack - four individual hooks on wall with child's name on a plaque over the hook

Homemade Coat Rack with NamesYour kids or grandkids will enjoy having a special place dedicated to them to hang their coats or backpacks. This is a page about homemade coat rack with names.


A hardwood floor with a mop, ready to clean.

Bellawood Floor Cleaner ReviewsAny wood floor will need good cleaning from time to time. Bellwood hardwood floor cleaner is an all natural floor cleaner that will get your wood floors sparkling clean. This is a page about Product Review: Bellawood floor cleaner.


A doorknob lock with a broken key.

Removing a Broken Key from a LockIf you have broken a key off in a lock, you don't have to get rid of it. You can get the broken key out of the lock it is stuck in. This is a page about how to remove a broken key from a lock.


Closeup of faux caramel apple.

Making a Faux Caramel AppleHere is a cute fall craft that will make a great decoration in your house. This is a page about making a faux caramel apple.


A pedestal server for a tea cup.

Tea Cup Pedestal ServerThis is the perfect project for one of those lovely thrifty store tea cup and saucer sets that you had to buy with no clear use in mind. This is a page about tea cup pedestal server.


A bowl of Moroccan Lentil Soup

Moroccan Lentil Soup RecipeLentil soup is a hearty and easy to prepare bean soup. This is a page about Moroccan lentil soup.


A bottle of oil and vinegar Italian dressing, surrounded by some ingredients.

Making Oil and Vinegar Italian DressingZest up your salad with this tasty oil and vinegar Italian dressings. This is a page about making oil and vinegar Italian dressing.


Making Watercolor Paints with Dried Up Markers

Making Watercolor Paints with Dried Up MarkersWhen your colored markers get dried up, there is still a great way to some more fun craft uses out of them. This is a page about making watercolor paints with dried up markers.


Window with contact paper on it.

Removing Old Contact Paper from Windows?Contact paper left for a long time on windows can be difficult to remove, as age and the sun can affect the adhesive. This is a page about removing old contact paper from windows.


giant slug

Using Sawdust to Deter SlugsSlugs can easily eat lots of you plant leaves. There are many types of slug deterrents, sawdust is one all natural option. This is a page about sawdust to deter slugs.



1st Birthday Hat and BadgeMake your child's first birthday a memorable one with this cute hat and badge. This is a page about 1st birthday hat and badge.


A lily of the valley plant in bloom, with small white bell shaped flowers.

What is This Plant? (Lily of the Valley)When moving into a previously owned home you inherit a garden often with plants that may be unfamiliar to you. Some of them such as this example are grown for their fragrant flowers, despite the entire plant being quite toxic. This is a page about, "What is this plant?" (lily of the valley).


A bowl of mashed potatoes garnished with a sprig of rosemary.

Rosemary Garlic Mashed Potatoes RecipesAdding rosemary and garlic to your mashed potatoes will turn this classic side dish into a delectable treat. This is a page about rosemary garlic mashed potatoes recipes.


Two yellow and blue fiberglass rowboats.

Repairing a Fiberglass Boat Hull?If your fiberglass boat has a damaged hull, you will need repair it before you set out on the water. This is a page about repairing a boat hull.


A pile of cinnamon toasted almonds with a scoop.

Spiced Almond RecipesSpiced almonds are a tasty and healthy treat for any time of year. This is a page about spiced almond recipes.


A man holding his achy neck.

Using Epsom Salts for Achy MusclesEven when dissolved in hot water, magnesium cannot be absorbed through the skin. However, a long hot bath can help relax stiff muscles and joints. This is a page about epsom salts for achy muscles.


Charming Lucky Horseshoe  - closeup of finished decorated horseshoe

Charming Lucky Horseshoe CraftHere is a horseshoe craft that is sure to bring good luck to your home. This is a page about charming lucky horseshoe.


Teens celebrating at a birthday party.

Planning a Boy/Girl Party for My 16 Year Old Daughter?Planning a party for teens that will be enjoyable for boys and girls alike can be a challenge. This is a page about planning a boy/girl party for my 16 year old daughter.


Rosemary growing in a silver bucket.

Uses for RosemaryRosemary can be used for many purposes, from cooking to crafts, and health and beauty aids. This is a page about uses for rosemary.



Blue Party Punch - glass dispenser with blue punch

Blue Party Punch (Ocean Water)This tasty punch is a quick drink to make for any party. You can even change the flavor (and color) by choosing a different Hawaiian punch. It is perfect for an ocean, shark, or even mermaid themed party!


bowlful of colorful filling

Fresh Veggie FillingLook at the vibrant colors of the filling. Perfect to eat in wraps, sandwiches, tacos, pita bread, bagels or just by itself! Very healthy and guaranteed to be delicious!



Bedroom Window Draft Blocker - purple stuff sack on bed

Bedroom Window Draft BlockerI have made two scrap quilt tops and I had a lot of yarn, fabric, plus old clothes remnants left. I sewed a cylinder shaped bag, stuffed it, then I sewed it closed. I found a handle from an old Food City grocery bag, so I attached it to to the draft blocker, for ease in moving it.


Colorful Birthday Card Coloring Page - colored page

Colorful Birthday Card Coloring PageHave a birthday coming up and need a card? Here is a mini adult coloring page that you can easily turn into a beautiful card. Use watercolor pencils and a Pilot gold marker extra fine point pen to add bright colors to the coloring page. A mini coloring project turned into a keepsake birthday card.


New Puppers (Mixed Breed) - black and white puppies in a cardboard box

New Puppers (Mixed Breed)My grandparents' dog gave birth to them. They like to run around! They're tiny and hyperactive. All they do is run around and play with each other. Also, anything small enough to fit in their tiny puppy mouth gets chewed by them.


DIY Bubble Art Invitation - message inside of card

DIY Bubble Art InvitationI never knew dish soap could be useful in arts and crafts. I have tried making a DIY invitation out of it and watercolors. The craft can also be used as decorations. This is a fun way to make simple bubble designs on your plain art paper.


Use a Candle as Floor Wax

Use a Candle as Floor WaxWe still have this kind of concrete floor. Every week, I apply floor wax and scrub the floor, but since the house was flooded weeks ago and it gets moist when the temperature drops, I just mop the floor. Now that the floor has totally dried up, I started to look for the floor wax; then I realized it's out of stock.


Bird Repellent CD for your Garden - CDs hanging in a tree

Bird Repellent CD for your GardenIf you have CDs or DVDs laying around that you no longer use, that are scratched or broken, or received free from somewhere, those discs could actually be useful in your garden to scare of birds!


An apostrophe and comma key on an old typewriter.

Use of the ApostropheThere is much confusion about the proper use of the apostrophe. There is even a movement to get rid of it in some countries. The apostrophe is correctly used to show possession, as part of a contraction to replace missing letters, and to pluralize in odd cases such as pluralizing a lower case letter.


Recycled Boxes as a Trash Can - plastic bag inside cardboard box being used as a trash can

Recycled Boxes as a Trash CanIf you are a frequent online shopper, you will receive tons of boxes each month. I do not toss my boxes because they could be used for many things!


A Tree To Behold (Magnolia × soulangeana) = pink flowering magnolia

A Tree To Behold (Magnolia × soulangeana)This tree is in my neighborhood as is one I recently photographed for submission to ThriftyFun. This one, however, would have gone unnoticed had a neighbor not pointed it out to me. I must be getting (more) senile.



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Disinfectant Spray Ruined Finish on Dresser?I sprayed a disinfectant on a burn on my finger. The spray went onto my new bedroom dresser which I noticed the next day. It seems as though the white spray spots almost burned into the wood. I have used Old English which helps for a day or so, but then they appear again. Any suggestions?


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Receiving Survivor Benefits?I filed for death benefits on August 02, 2016. They said that I should have my check by the beginning of September and I still have not received my money. I have been to my local Social Security board office and they say its in the payment center and they can't do anything! So what do I do to get my money?


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Taking Out Grape Juice Stains on Clothes?What is the best laundry detergent for taking out grape juice stains on clothes?


Identifying Porcelain Dolls - doll in brown plaid dress with hat

Identifying Porcelain Dolls?I found a ton of porcelain dolls that my great great aunt had given me in the 90s and I was wondering if anyone could help me identify them? Some look similar to each other, like maybe they are the same brand? They do not have any markings or indication of a maker anywhere. Any help is appreciated.


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Painting Gas Stove Burners?The burners or rings need repainting black because the original paint has washed off. How do I respray them without blocking the small holes? Please help they look awful.


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Repairing a Coleman Pop-up Lift Cable?We have popped one of our lift cables on our 2002 Coleman pop-up. We are somewhat handy; has anyone repaired this? If so, how complicated is it?


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Hair Dye Left Hair Too Dark?So I dyed my hair from a box to what was suppose to be a medium brown color and it turned out dark brown with a reddish tint. I bought that Oops stuff that strips hair dye. It stripped it to an orange medium brown color so I went and got a light medium brown hair color to cover it. My hair came out jet black.


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Locating a Lost Relative?I have an older brother that I know very little about. All I know is that his first name is Alex, he's only a couple of years older than me (I'm 20, but I don't know his exact age). My dad is his father, but he's not on the birth certificate. I really want to find him, but I don't know where to look.


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Singer Automatic Buttonhole Not Working Properly?I have a Singer 5500 and I'm trying to make buttonholes automatically. My machine won't do it correctly and I have watched so many videos on it (which were not good). It will sew to the top then just start sewing side to side in one place. Help!


What Breed Is My Dog? yellowish tan dog in the grass

What Breed Is My Dog?This is my new puppy Yui, we found her on the street and took her in. She was underweight, wearing no collar, and has no chip. I just loved her to death!


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Thank You Note Ideas for Award?I am winning an award for best playschool in the whole city. I want put it up on my Facebook page along with my pic with award. What should I write? I also want to thank parents, my teachers, and staff without whom this would not be possible. How do I thank them?


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