March 27, 2017

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Completed diffuser.

Homemade Oil Diffuser/WarmerOil diffusers are a popular way to scent the air in your home or office, but the warmer and replacement oil can be expensive. This is a page about making a homemade oil diffuser/warmer.


asparagus salad with peanut dressing on plate

Asparagus Salad with Peanut DressingUse peanut butter and soy sauce as a basis for the dressing on this fresh asparagus salad. This page contains an asparagus salad with peanut dressing recipe.


Fourth of July Pie - baked pie

Fourth of July Berry PieIt's easy to make a flag pattern with stars and stripes of dough when making a berry pie. This cute design makes it perfect for Independence Day.


Drug Store Beetles

Tiny Hard Shelled Bugs on Kitchen Countertops (Drug Store Beetles)?Do you have problems with tiny hard shelled bugs on your kitchen countertops (drug store beetles)? Look for answers to getting rid of these pests in this page.


A one year old boy being baptized.

Combining a Boy's First Birthday and Baptism Party?A baptism and first birthday often happen about the same time so it can be easy to combine the two events. This is a page about combining a boy's first birthday and baptism party.


Bookshelves full of old encyclopedias.

Replacing a Missing Volume from an Old Encyclopedia Set?If you have an attack encyclopedia set and it is missing a volume, it will greatly help the value to locate the missing volume. This is a page about replacing a missing volume from an old encyclopedia set.


A plate of Italian pork chops and veggies.

Slow Cooker Italian Pork Chops RecipeUse your crockpot to make some tender and juicy Italian pork chops. This page contains slow cooker italian pork chops recipe.


A pie with the symbol for pi on it.

Celebrating Pi Day (March 14)Pi day only comes 'round once a year, so bake a delicious pie to celebrate this wonderfully abstract number. This is a page about celebrating Pi day (March 14).


Primitive Applique Flag Pillows - Finished flag pillow.

Making Primitive Applique Flag PillowsUse colored fabric in stars and stripes to make this adorable throw pillow. This is a page about making primitive applique flag pillows.


Great Beef Stew

Great Beef StewUse a food processor to easily add delicious vegetable flavors to your stewpot. This page contains a recipe for great beef stew.


Flag Painted Shutters - finished shutters in front of a natural twig wreath

Making Flag Painted ShuttersShow your patriotic spirit with these cute shutters painted with stars and stripes. This is a page about making flag painted shutters.


apple cinnamon oatmeal in bowl

Slow Cooker Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal RecipeYour crockpot can be used to make more than just dinner. Make apple cinnamon oatmeal in your crockpot for an easy healthy start to your day. This is a page about slow cooker apple cinnamon oatmeal recipe.



A sandbox with trucks and construction toys.

Indoor SandboxMake an indoor sandbox for your preschool age child that's fun to play in, rain or shine. Learn how to make it in this short video.


The Littlest Bird Is The Loudest - house wren

The Littlest Bird Is The LoudestI'll have to step back into the last century to get a quip that will adequately describe this little fella. I'm sure most of you have never heard it, maybe Litter Gitter and cybergrannie. As Little Jimmy Dickens said thousands of times, 'I'm little, but I'm loud'.


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How to Get the Last Drop of Spray CleanerWhen one of my spray cleaners is running low and barely able to spray out of the nozzle, I take about a handful of glass gems and/or marbles and place them in the spray bottle. This causes the cleaner to rise up, and therefore makes it easier to reach the spray tube/nozzle.


Orange Oily Stool from Eating Cashews

Orange Oily Stool from Eating CashewsThe "Great Cashew Caper of 2017" in our household involved mysterious orange oily poop in our toddler's potty chair. After some online research and logical deduction, we determined that it was not caused by a horrible disease but from eating an excessive amount of cashews!


Removing Roof Tar From Skin With Olive Oil - tar on hand

Removing Roof Tar from Skin with Olive OilAlthough my husband wore gloves while patching his brother's roof, some of the roof tar soaked through and got onto his skin. Soap and water didn't even come close to removing it from his hands. After doing a bit of research online, the best option seemed to be olive oil.


DIY Piñata - balloon wrapped with fringed paper - allow to dry

DIY PiñataI was assigned to host a simple parlor game at a kids' birthday party. Aside from the list of simple games I have written on my notebook, I was also thinking that it would be more fun with a piñata. But when I went to check canvas prices it didn't fit my budget. So, I just thought of making my own.


Mini Easter Basket with Candy - candy and basket

Mini Easter Basket with CandyThis is a small plastic bowl, with ribbon and crochet accents. It holds little candy Easter eggs. I used tape to hold the ribbon, but you can use hot glue if you like.


Cupcake (Domestic Shorthair)

Cupcake (Domestic Shorthair)We got Cupcake in 2005 as a rescue, she was a few years old at the time. She came straight up to my 1 year old daughter to get some love, so I knew she was the perfect cat for our family.


Magnolia Flower - open flower and bud

Magnolia FlowerI recently took my potted magnolia tree out of our garage, now that the cold weather has subsided. It was happily flowering away in the garage, so hopefully it keeps it up outside. :)


Vegan 'Ice Cream' Smoothie

Vegan 'Ice Cream' SmoothieThis is a great and tasty treat for whenever you are avoiding dairy or processed desserts.


Food Saver for Craft Storage - fiberfill in bags

Food Saver for Craft StorageI make dolls that require a lot of fake fur and it takes up a lot of space because when it is on sale I try to stock up. I usually put it in plastic totes or space saver bags. But I discovered if I cut it into the size pieces I know I will need, I can just use my Food Saver to suck all the air out.


Simple Paper Easter Egg Match - completed game

Simple Paper Easter Egg MatchHolidays are the perfect time to introduce new activities to this center, like this Easter egg match. It's very easy to make and perfect for preschool and pre-k classes, in that it allows students to practice recognizing similarities and differences.


Zero the Remote Stealer - cat with remote control

Zero the Remote StealerZero frequently sits like this and my husband couldn't help but put a remote control on him. :) He is a very large cat, weighing over 20 lbs, so we lovingly refer to him as the cow cat!


A photo magnet made with Modge-Podge.

Modge-Podge Photo MagnetI wanted to see what I could do with the little wooden star craft from Walmart. I pasted a picture onto it with Modge-Podge high gloss, then painted around it. I used a strong magnet. It will hold almost anything and it is a great reminder to me of a house that my father once built.


Blooming Cactus - pink blooming cactus

Blooming CactusThis is supposed to be a Christmas cactus, but it has bloomed only in the last week. My husband said it must be an Easter cactus. This is the first time it has had so many blooms at once.


wrapped small fish in tied  banana leaf

Cooking Small Fish in Banana LeavesUse a banana leaf or even mango leaf to wrap little fish, so they don't scatter when you cook them. As you can see on the picture, it has been arranged and wrapped properly. It also provides a delicious, natural aroma with the banana leaf.


Moss and Weeping Cherry Blossoms - blossoms hanging over mossy fence

Moss and Weeping Cherry BlossomsOn a recent visit to my parents' house, my daughter wanted me to take her photo by the weeping cherry tree in the backyard. While I was out there I noticed the little clumps of moss growing on the fence and thought it looked neat peeking out from between the blossoms.


Crochet Bunny Wreath - wreath hanging

Crochet Bunny WreathI have been kinda under the weather lately. Today I got my "juice" back and decided to make something fun.


Hats hanging from a skirt hanger.

Simple Homemade Hat RackNo need to spend $20+ for a hat rack. You can easily create your own rack with items you already have around your home.



Re-dyeing Hair - current

Re-dyeing Hair?My hair is naturally a dark dirty blonde. I've been dyeing it natural blonde for the past 6 months using Loreal Preference hair color. However, I decided I wanted to try something new and change my hair to brown.


Power of Attorney and Personal Property

Power of Attorney and Joint Ownership of Personal Property?I have looked after this 90 year old gentleman's cattle at my farm since 2004. He has paid board for these cattle. Our hand shake agreement was he doesn't go less than 12 head and when he passes away they are to be mine or if he shall not want them any more during his lifetime they are to be mine.


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Glider Makes a Thunking Noise?When I lean back in the chair while rocking it makes a thunking noise. It seems to be on my right on the bottom part back of the chair. If I sit up straight or lean ahead a bit it glides smoothly. I am just wondering if maybe it's the ball bearings. I tightened any parts that were loose.


Living Room Curtain Advice - lace curtains

Living Room Curtain Advice?Is the white lace curtain good for my formal dining room and living room? Most of the colors are taupe or ecru. I have got dark wood furniture and floor.


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Re-Dyeing Hair?So I bleached my hair and it's been four days. Is it okay if I dye it back to brown or do I have to wait a couple more days? If so, how long do I have to wait?


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Looking for Half Brother?I need help. I'm looking for my half brother. I never met him, but he is my dad's son from his first marriage. My dad died in 2013, but I found out I had a brother in 2015. I hired a PI to find him, but I feel like that's not the John I was looking for. Where do I start?


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Ironing Board Santa Pattern?Awhile back I saw a cute Santa Claus painted on an ironing board. I saved it, but can't find it now. Does anyone have a pattern you could share?


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Affinity Top Load Washer Won't Spin?My washer will not go into the spin cycle after draining. It will just agitate and the timer doesn't desend.


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Dog Proofing a Door with a Push Latch?How do I dog proof a glass storm door with a push latch on either side and still be able to use the door?


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Homemade Soap Recipes?I am looking for a basic recipe for soap that I can use my own different scents oils in. I would also like to find a honey and oatmeal soap.


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Using a Microwave Safely?My husband is convinced that using a microwave to heat and/or cook food destroys the nutrition. He says that you might as well eat cardboard. He also contends that there is radiation contamination all around the microwave when it is in use. Does anyone have concrete proof of either of these contentions?


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Braiding Fine Thin Hair?My daughter is 7 and her hair is too silky and also too thin. I use Johnson's baby shampoo for her. Now her classmates are tying plaits, so she also wants me to tie it for her. When I tried it, her plait was as thin as my small finger. I'm worried what to do.


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Conversion for Large Elbow Macaroni?I have a recipe that calls for 1 lb of large elbow macaroni. I could only find a 24 oz pkg. how many cups do I use for 1 lb? I measured the 24oz. and it's 7 cups.


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Freezing Eggs?Can you freeze fresh eggs?


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Dog Pees in House When Left Alone?I took my puppy from a dog foster home about a year ago. I love him to bits; he has a great personality, and I feel that he loves our family so much. But, whenever I leave him at home he pees in the house on the carpet, on the bed, on flowers, etc.


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Substitute for Wheat Bran in Recipes?I have a recipe that calls for 1 1/2 cups of whole wheat flour and 1/4 cup of wheat bran. Can I just use 1 3/4 cups of whole wheat flour and forget about the wheat bran?


What Breed Is My Dog?

What Breed Is My Dog?I've just bought a dog and it's meant to be a Pit. Does it look like one?


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ASPCA Van Schedule?When will the ASPCA van for vaccinations be in my area, 10029? Is the ASPCA mobile van only for spaying?


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Replacement Wingback Cushions for Glider?I am looking for replacement cushions for a swivel wingback glider rocker (ottomon too if possible). I can't seem to find them anywhere. Any suggestions?


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Locating Source of Foul Smell in Home?Would it be possible for the foul smell to be coming from plumbing not done properly?


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Mower Dies When Put in Gear?I have a John Deere zero turn lawn mower. I can start my mower, but when I put it in gear it dies. Why? What can I do?


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Free Packing Peanuts?I live in Fridley, Minnesota. I'm looking for a little help. I need some small package supplies like peanuts. I have looked everywhere. They very expensive to buy. I'm just looking for a cheaper way to get some. If anyone knows where, I would appreciate any advice.


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