March 28, 2017

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A bowl of well cooked chicken noodle soup.

Foods I Can Eat After Having My Teeth PulledAfter having your teeth pulled, you may have a very restricted diet until your gums heal. This is a page about foods I can eat after having my teeth pulled.


Asian Glazed Pork Chops

Asian Glazed Pork Chop RecipePork chops are a favorite dish in many households, add a little zest to your normal recipe by trying these Asian glazed pork chops. This page contains Asian glazed pork chop recipe.


Jar of oats, one of the ingredients in blonde no bake cookies.

Blondie No-Bake Cookies RecipeNo bake cookies are a fast easy way to make a sweet treat for you and your family. This page contains blondie no-bake cookies recipe.


A woman removing hair from her upper lip.

Removing Hair From My Upper LipIf you have hair on your upper lip and would like to have it removed there are some frugal solutions out there. This is a page about removing hair from my upper lip.


folded melt on plate with salsa

Flatbread Hummus and Cheese Melt RecipeA delicious flattered sandwich made with hummus and cheese makes a perfect accompaniment to a warm hearty soup. This page contains flatbread hummus and cheese melt recipe.


Easy Meatless Quiche

Easy Meatless Quiche RecipeQuiche can be an easy meal to make for any vegetarian. This is a page about easy meatless quiche.


An antique tea kettle with some rust showing.

Remove Rust From Inside Antique Tea Kettle?It can be challenging to clean sediments and rust inside an old metal tea kettle. This is a page about remove rust from inside antique tea kettle.


A boy playing an electric guitar.

Ideas for a "Rock Fantasy" Themed Party?A popular party theme for tweens and teens revolves around rock 'n roll music and its superstars. Costumes, karaoke or watching rock movies are a few possible activities. This is a page about ideas for a "rock fantasy" themed party.


A pair of white socks on a blue background.

No Nonsense: "Ahh, Said the Foot" Socks ReviewsBuying soft comfortable socks can be important to your foot health. This page contains No Nonsense: "Ahh, Said the Foot" socks reviews.


A pet's grave in the backyard.

Name Ideas for Cardboard Pet Coffin Business?Cardboard coffins are a popular eco-friendly way to bury your beloved pet. This page contains name ideas for cardboard pet coffin business.


cover page and opposing page with photo

Finding the Value of The New Educator Encyclopedias?Most Encyclopaedias are not worth much as they were mass produced and distributed. However, if you have a particularly old or rare set on Encyclopaedias, they may have some value for a collector. This is a page about value of the New Educator Encyclopaedia 1948.


Make Your Fruit Crumble Perfect

Fruit Crumble Tips and TricksFruit crumbles are a special treat you can enjoy anytime of year. This is a page about make your fruit crumble perfect.


Banana Peel Sleepy Tea

Banana Peel Sleepy TeaHaving trouble falling asleep at night? Save your banana peels and make a night time tea with them to help you settle in to a restful sleep. This is a page about banana peel sleepy tea.


A piece of pecan coffee cake.

Pecan Coffee Cake RecipeAdd some sweet nutty pecan flavor to your next homemade coffee cake. This page contains pecan coffee cake recipe.


A cardboard castle painted silver.

Making a Castle Model for School?A school project about medieval times might be a great time to make a model of a castle. This is a page about making a castle model for school.


Ice Maker

Ice from Kenmore Ice Maker Contains White Plastic Particles?If there are plastic bits mixed with the ice in a Kenmore refrigerator's ice maker, there is likely a gear or motor that needs to be adjusted or replaced. It should be easy to tell which with some general troubleshooting.


Chocolate Chip Granola Bars

Chocolate Chip Granola Bars RecipeGranola bars make a great snack at home or on the go. Add some chocolate chips to your homemade granola bars for some sweetness and instant energy. This page contains chocolate chip granola bars recipe.


A collection of cleaning products.

Name Ideas for a Cleaning Product Business?It's important to choose just the right name for your business, to highlight your products and services. This is a page about name ideas for a cleaning product business.


A slice of pumpkin pie with streusel topping.

Streusel-Topped Pumpkin Pie RecipeAdd a crumbly Streusel top to your next homemade pumpkin pie. This page contains streusel-topped pumpkin pie recipe.


Cheeseburger Soup

Cheeseburger Soup RecipeAdding some ground beef to a cheese soup can make a mouthwatering cheeseburger soup. This page contains cheeseburger soup recipe.


A pile of scrap lumber at a construction site.

How to Find Scrap Lumber for Wood CraftsWhen you find a business or person who regularly works with wood, you may find a source for crafting wood scraps. This is a page about find scrap lumber for wood crafts.



Zegerid OTC ReviewsThinking about trying Zegerid (over the counter) instead of prescription Nexium or another acid reflux medication? This page contains Zergerid OTC reviews.


Fruit Salad with Maple Lime Dressing - pouring dressing on fruit

Fruit Salad With Maple Lime Dressing RecipeAdd a fresh and unique sweet and sour flavor to your fruit salad with this maple lime dressing. This page contains fruit salad with maple lime dressing recipe.


An omelette with tomatoes and herbs.

Omelette in a Bag RecipesThese convenient individual omelettes are great for sleepovers, campouts or quick breakfasts for the whole family. Be sure to use bags that are intended for higher temperatures. This page contains omelette in a bag recipes.


An old metal tea kettle on a stove.

Cleaning Mineral Deposits from a Tea KettleVinegar can be a helpful natural cleaner to remove build up inside your water kettle. This page is about cleaning mineral deposits from a tea kettle.


Coffee Cake

Deep Butter Coffee Cake Recipe?Coffee cake can be a delectable treat any time of year. Add some deep buttery flavor to make your next coffee cake especially good. This page contains deep butter coffee cake recipe.


Remove Fishy Smells from Seafood

Removing Fishy Smells from SeafoodA fishy smell with seafood is common and can be masked before preparation. This is a page about remove fishy smells from seafood.


Helpful Hannah

Helpful Hannah Gift IdeaHere is a great idea on how to make a nice gift for your hostess. This is a page about helpful hannah gift idea.


A beautiful green lawn in the sunshine.

Homemade Recipe for a Green Lawn With No MosquitoesA well watered lawn can be a haven for mosquito larvae and make your yard practically unbearable during the Summer. This is a page about recipe for a green lawn with no mosquitoes.


Recycling materials arranged in a circle.

Recycling Metal, Paper, Plastics and GlassHaving a good system to clean, organize and store your recyclables will help keep them out of the landfill. This is a page about recycling metal, paper, plastics and glass.


A piece of coffeecake on a plate.

Jewish Coffeecake RecipeMake your own delicious kosher coffee cake at home. This page contains Jewish coffeecake recipe.


Christmas Coffee Cakes

Christmas Coffee Cake RecipeChristmas is a perfect time of year to enjoy a coffee cake. Add some holiday cheer by making your own Christmas coffee cake This page contains Christmas coffee cake recipe.


A buffet line at a large gathering.

Easy Food Ideas for 70 People?Some recipes are easier to adapt tomcod for large groups than others. This is a page about easy food ideas for 70 people.


A football locker room with blue lockers.

Decorating a Football Locker?Football lockers are usually for storing football gear but sometimes it may be necessary to decorate them for some reason. This is a page about decorating a football locker.


A pair of well worn work boots, on a white background.

Dealing With Foot Odor From Work Boots?Keeping feet dry, clean socks and the use of baking powder is how you can remove funky smells in your shoes. This is a page about dealing with foot odor from work boots.


Baked Chicken Chimichangas

Baked Chicken Chimichanga RecipeMake this delicious baked chicken chimichanga and time you crave a south of the border style meal. This page contains baked chicken chimichanga recipe.



Carbonara Tuna Pasta on plate

Tuna Carbonara PastaIt is a healthy pasta for the whole family. Made with carbonara sauce and tuna fish with tomatoes. You can enjoy this with friends and family for any occasion.


Chicken Curry in a bowl

Chicken CurryThis is a really delicious and easy to make chicken curry.


Bowl filled with Stir Fry Vegetables

Hearty Stir Fry VegetablesEasy to make hearty stir fried vegetables - lots of nutrients in one colorful dish!


A pan of French onion soup.

French Onion Soup from Leftover Corned Beef BrothOne more reason to love St. Patrick's Day! The leftover broth from boiling that giant corned beef. It has so much flavour from hours of stewing, you don't need to add too much to it to make it a flavourful second-hand meal. This is my recipe for turning the leftover broth to a delicious French onion soup.


3 Ingredient Fondant red flowers

3 Ingredient FondantToday I will share how I made my first 3 ingredient fondant. It does take some effort for the kneading, but it was another fun bonding time with the kids.



Who Is Watching Whom?

Who Is Watching Whom? (Moth)We had a severe drought in South Africa. During the drought, we hardly saw any insects. We also saw many birds in our garden that we don't normally expect to see in the city.


A mash made with pinto beans.

Tasty Protein MashI need to avoid potatoes due to my diabetes and my blood-type diet. So I've been searching for an alternative. I thought about this the other day when craving some comfort food. I didn't have a lot of food in but I did have some cans of pinto beans. Here's how I made this tasty mash.


Gumamela's (Hibiscus) Point of View

Gumamela's (Hibiscus) Point of ViewOur lives are like a flower. Some are colorful. Some are not. Some are fragrant. Some are not. Some are pretty. Some are not. But its appearance doesn't define its whole being, because each one of us have our own kind of beauty.


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Repurposing Plastic JugsI like to repurpose empty plastic jugs by cutting them in half and keeping the bottom portions. I'll then use them as little bins for all kinds of things, like storage and organizers.


Mas Moss - tiny moss with water droplets

Mas MossI was recently housesitting for my mom and as I was leaving I came across this lovely sight! These tiny tuffs of moss are no bigger than a dime and were covered in droplets of rain. I absolutely love the miniature landscapes tucked away all over the place where we live!


Get Rid of Bad Odor in Sneakers

Get Rid of Bad Odor in SneakersPut your smelly sneakers in the washing machine with a half a cup of vinegar and some laundry detergent. Fill the washer with water and allow sneakers to soak for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes wash as usual. The sneakers will come out odor free and smelling as good as new.


A noodle bowl being reused as a soap dish.

Reuse Plastic Noodle Bowl as Soap DishBowl noodles are a staple in our household, just in case there is nothing to eat. You can enjoy your noodles and have a sturdy plastic bowl left over. You can use the plastic bowl as a soap bowl, like we do in our household. We put soap and our sponge to hand wash our dishes.


Avoid Static in Your Clothes - safety pin on plaid fabric

Avoid Static in Your ClothesEspecially in winter, sometimes you want to wear leggings, yoga pants, or even pajama bottoms under long skirts or dresses. Yet the inevitable annoyance of static electricity rears its ugly head and ruins things for you.



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Reshaping a Misshapen Food Processor Bowl?Someone at my home used the heated dry on my dishwasher and the lip of my food processor bowl is now bowed out a bit and the lid will not fit properly for use. Has anyone experienced this? If so, did you attempt to reshape the lip of the bowl? How?


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Removing a Coke Stain from Canvas?Can a Coke stain be removed from canvas and if so, with what?


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14th Birthday Party Ideas?I'm turning 14 on the 14th of May, so it is not that far away and I need a birthday idea. It needs to be something non-expensive, but also super fun. My mum suggested horse riding, a great escape thing, bowling, or dinner and then a movie. She also said no sleepovers. So can anyone help me?


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Caring for Puppies Recovering from Parvo?My two puppies are already recovering from the parvovirus and show lots of improvements since their last medication. They are past the first 3 critical days. Can they be together in the same house already?


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DNA Test Ordered for Child Support?I have an ex who filed for child support. I know she can't get anything because I get SSI. But they made me take a DNA test for two kids. If one of the kids ain't mine are they going to make me pay for the DNA test for the kid that ain't mine and for the kids that is mine due to me getting SSI?


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Dog Runs Outside Whenever I Go Downstairs or to Garage?I adopted a rescue, 3yr old female Catahoula. I've had her for almost 2 yrs. She is awesome and a great dog. She gets along with my 6yr old male Rottweiler very well. For the last 6 months or so she will run outside everytime I go downstairs or to the garage. I'm sure it's separation anxiety, but to develop it now?


Trouble Starting Kawasaki
Ride-on Mower - mower

Trouble Starting Kawasaki Ride-on Mower?My Kawasaki compact lawn mower winds over, has spark, and fuel, but takes a long time to start with choke on/choke off, accelerator up or down it still takes a long time to start. I wound the battery flat trying to start and finally got it going. What could be a possible cause of this problem?


Zebra Finch Laid Eggs

Zebra Finch Laid Eggs?This is my first time owning zebra finches. About 20 days ago one started laying eggs and finished about 2 weeks ago. She laid 4 eggs in total. Today I noticed a 5th egg. Should I remove the other eggs? Also I'm not even sure that I don't have 2 females.


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Selling Large Old Trees?I live in Charleston, Tennessee and we bought property that has huge trees on it. Some have been aged at over 300 years and some are 11 ft around. Does anybody cut and buy these?


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Manual for a Welbilt Bread Maker Model ABM3900?I need a manual for Weltbilt Bread Maker Model ABM3900. Can anyone help me?


Preventing Dog from Attacking Other Dog - Sophi Grace, brown and tan, perhaps Chihuahua

Preventing Dog from Attacking Other Dog?I have 4 pets, ages ranging from 16 years old to 1 year old. My problem is with my 3 year old, Sophi Grace. She has started to attack my 2 year old. I have been bitten and bruised up breaking these fights up. Living on disability I can't afford a trainer to come here. They use to play together all the time.


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