April 11, 2017

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A girl at a thrift store.

7 Tips for Making Thrift Shopping a BreezeThrift store shopping can be a fun and very successful way to shop for clothing and many other items. This is a page about 7 tips for making thrift shopping a breeze.


Message in a Bottle Pendant - add jump ring to head pin

Making a Message in a Bottle PendantThis cute little pendant can be personalized to give as a gift or even to contain a message that makes you smile. This is a page about making a message in a bottle pendant.


Marker Cap Finger Puppets - with pipe cleaner antenna

Making Marker Cap Finger PuppetsTry out this recycled craft project. It is a good way to reuse all of the caps from those dried out markers you periodically throw away. This is a page about making marker cap finger puppets.


A snake on a wood deck.

Dealing With Snakes Under a Deck?Snakes may hibernate or simply congregate under a deck. There are a number of ideas on this page for discouraging them as well as removing them. This is a page about dealing with snakes under a deck.


Ft. Lauderdale Beach in Florida.

Florida Frugal Travel GuideFlorida is known around the world for being a wonderful vacation destination. However, you don't have to break the bank to have a great time when you travel to Florida. This is a page about Florida frugal travel guide.


Transplanted avocado tree.

Avocado Tree Leaves Turning Brown?Whether your tree is outdoors or being grown inside, browning leaves indicates a problem you will need to identify. This is a page about avocado tree leaves turning brown.


Hanging a Long Sleeve Knit Top

Hanging a Long Sleeve Knit TopTry this tip for hanging your long sleeve knit tops to prevent stretching. This is a page about hanging a long sleeve knit top.


frosting on cupcake

Pineapple Cream Cheese Frosting RecipeFreshen up your cream cheese frosting with some pineapple. This is a page about pineapple cream cheese frosting.


Crocheted Beanie Hat for American Girl Doll

Crocheted Beanie Hat for an American Girl DollMaking crochet doll clothing accessories is usually quick, fun, and easy. Even the doll's owner may be able to make some too. This is a page about crocheted beanie hat for an American Girl doll.


A person adjusting a car's windshield wiper.

Making Windshield Wipers Last LongerTry these ways to help extend the life of your wiper blades. This is a page about making windshield wipers last longer.


Plumeria (Frangipani)

What is This Plant? Plumeria (Frangipani)The plumeria is a flowering tropical tree like plant. The flowers are fragrant and open quite widely, displaying five petals. This is a page about, "What Is This Plant" Plumeria (Frangipani).


Cleaner Spray Bottle

Reusing Cleaner Spray BottlesCleaner spray bottles may be reused if they can be thoroughly cleaned and are appropriate for the new liquid you use them for. This is a page about reusing cleaner spray bottles.


finished sign framed and hanging

Making Painted Glass SignsMake your own easy to hang custom sign decoration to that shows off your personal style by painting it on glass. This is a page about making painted glass signs.


Leather Couch

Fixing a Faded Leather CouchRepairing faded spots on your leather couch may be difficult. Check out some possible solutions on this page. This is a page about fixing a faded leather couch.


Crochet Shell Flower - finished flower

Crochet Shell Flower PatternThis fun and easy to make crocheted shell flower makes a wonderful accessory for many outfits. This is a page about crochet shell flower pattern.


Soft Pumpkin Granola Bar

Soft Pumpkin Granola Bars RecipeThese oatmeal and spice based pumpkin bars are low in sugar and absolutely delicious. This page contains a soft pumpkin granola bars recipe.


A person cleaning a windshield with a blue cloth.

Cleaning Wax Buildup on a Windshield?If you take your car through a car wash and choose the wash and wax option, you may end up with wax residue on the windshield. This is a page about cleaning wax buildup on a windshield.


UGG Boot

Fixing Faded UGG BootsOver time the suede outers of your boots may fade. This page contains some suggestions for revitalizing faded UGGs. This is a page about fixing faded UGG boots.


Felt Carrot Money Pocket - hand holding the finished pocket

Making a Felt Carrot Money HolderThese easy to make money holders make an excellent gift for Easter rather than more candy. This is a page about making a felt carrot money holder.


Crocheted Wrist Corsage for American Girl Doll

Crocheted Wrist Corsage for an American Girl DollDress up your American Girl doll or any 18" doll with this pretty wrist corsage. This is a page about crocheted wrist corsage for an American Girl doll.


Dollar Store Decorated Headband - Finished headband

Decorating a Dollar Store HeadbandDecorate your head band from the dollar store with a cute butterfly. This is a page about decorating a dollar store headband.


An angel figurine with two dog figurines.

Selling Collectible Angel FigurinesChoosing the right place to advertise your collectibles will help ensure a more successful selling experience. This is a page about selling collectible angel figurines.


photo wreath hanging on wall

Recycled Cake Platter Photo WreathCut the amount to plastic trash you discard every year by looking for ways to reuse some of those items. Here is an idea for making a pretty photo frame using a plastic cake platter. This is a page about recycled cake platter photo wreath.


glasses of smoothies

Fresh Mango Shake RecipeBlend mango, sugar, milk, and some ice cubes to make a delicious fresh mango shake. This page contains a fresh mango shake recipe.


Sea-Life Sunglasses - kids decorated sunglasses

Making Kids' Sea-Life SunglassesMake these cute foam sunglasses decorated with your favorite type of sealife. This is a page about making kids' sea-life sunglasses.



Baked Easy Chicken Pot Pie

Easy Chicken Pot PieOne of my favorite low calorie recipes has always been chicken pot pie. The dish is perfect for large families or church dinners because a little goes a long way! And if you live alone like I do, you'll have leftovers for a few days.


Carrot Ginger Soup in jars

Carrot Ginger SoupJust in time for the Easter Bunny! This is a really yummy soup and not overpowering.


Steamed Cassava (Khoai Mi) on plate

Steamed Cassava (Khoai Mi)Cassava is very rich in minerals and fiber. It is a common dessert in Asian culture.



Revamp an Old Headband with Ribbon - top view of headband being worn

Revamp an Old Headband with RibbonThis is a quick and easy way to make an old worn headband look new and pretty with just a few lengths of ribbon and a tube of glue.


A frustrated passenger who missed his flight.

Request Check for Airline OverbookingIf you are ever in a situation where you are involuntarily bumped from a flight, be aware that it is U.S. federal law that the airline compensate you with a check instead of a voucher, if that is your wish.


A trash can with a top container for holding mailing supplies.

Mail and Recycling Container in OneI have a friend who throws away junk mail only after it is falling over on every surface of her house, or envelopes on the mail she keeps. I made her this and thought it might help others.


An old air mattress used as a cover for a grill.

Reusing an Air MattressMy husband and I purchased a Weber grill for 50% off. We didn't want to purchase the cover for $60 so I was thinking of making one. Then I remembered all five of those air mattresses with holes. I cut the bottom off on the side where the full hole is and cut baffles.


Mother's Day Rose Adult Coloring Page - single rose bud with squiggles in background

Mother's Day Rose Adult Coloring PageMother's Day is around the corner, the ideal time to show your mom just how much you love her. A rose is often a symbol of gratitude, a fitting message on this all important day. Once colored, give the page as is, or decoupage it to the bottom of a tray to surprise your mom with something special.


A sponge paintbrush with paint on the tip.

Use Plastic Wrap When PaintingIt's that time of the year when we will be pulling out the paint supplies and doing some painting. I had to do a little touch up painting with latex paint, using some ceiling paint and also some Kilz.


A purse attached to a shopping cart with the child straps.

Safe Purse While ShoppingIf you must take your purse in the store with you, pick a cart that has a safety belt for a child and hook it through your shoulder strap so that no one can snatch it. By all means, if you have a sweater or jacket, put it over your purse to hide it and keep it zipped shut.


Logo for ThriftyFun Tips

Preventing Stinky Feet from CrocsI love crocs and I have super stinky feet. I have learned that polyester socks don't breath as much as cotton, and make your feet sweat more. Mixed with shoes that don't breath makes for stinky feet in a matter of 30 minutes.


Felt Carrot Money Pocket - hand holding the finished pocket

Felt Carrot Money PocketI made one of these pockets for each of my kids. It's a cute way to give them each some spending money for Easter.



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Home Repair Assistance for Low Income Families?We are a family that is on disability. We bought a home on land contract and lived there from 2001 till last year (2016) when the A/C went out. For a week in the summer the house's average temperature was 95+. With my health it almost killed me. Our home needs a lot of repair work done.


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Alternate Uses for Puzzle Glue?I have almost 2 full bottles of Save-A Puzzle jigsaw puzzle glue and have no plans for gluing puzzles anytime soon. I would like to know if I can use this glue for other things. Can I use it just as I would Elmer's glue?


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Value of Library of American Literature?I have the above mentioned set minus 1. Volume 1 covers 1607-1674. It is very old, copyright 1887.


Getting Rid of Crawling Bugs That Also Fly - two ant looking bugs

Getting Rid of Crawling Bugs That Also Fly?Furniture was brought home from my husband's parents' house who live in the woods. They also may have a mold problem in the basement. Now we have these bugs that crawl and sometimes fly. They look like ants until they fly and they can be pretty big.


Value of a Porcelain Doll - doll wearing a red and blue pinafore dress and hat

Value of a Porcelain Doll?I would like to sell my porcelain doll, but I don't know how much she is worth. Can someone help me with this?


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Wax Will Not Stick to Old Tile Floor?I have tired several times to strip and wax this tile. The wax came off fairly easily, but when I waxed it, there is streaking in places and it looks very dull. I used all new materials for this. Will it not stick because of the age of the tile? The tile is 42 years old.


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Employee Award Thank You Speech Ideas?I am receiving an award from my employers for length of service and commitment. I want you to help me with a very short speech to thank my employers.


Choosing Curtain, Sheet, and Duvet Colors - very dark brown carpet

Choosing Curtain, Sheet, and Duvet Colors?My walls are a cream colour while my carpet is darkish brown. Please could you help decorate my guest bedroom by helping me choose colours for curtains and bedsheets that will go with my darkish brown and cream walls guest bedroom.


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Jewelry Business Name Ideas?I have just started a jewelry business that deals mostly with recovery (AA,NA) and just overall good karma. I would like some input on a name. I would like to incorporate the word karma somehow. Suggestions?


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Daycare Slogan Ideas?I've opened up a family daycare named God's Little People and I need a great slogan.


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Using Other Soaps in Place of Dawn?There are lots of hints referencing Blue Dawn. Will other liquid dish soap work just as well? Why or why not?


Varnished Damaged by Spilled Perfume  - finish damage on dresser

Varnish Damaged by Spilled Perfume?The dressing table has a gloss vanish finish. I noticed some alcohol from a perfume bottle has leaked. I've tried to clean with a paper towel and all purpose cleaner. The spill has removed the vanish finish and the stain and now I can see bare wood in a section.


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