April 14, 2017

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A front door with two tall vertical windows.

Inexpensive Window Covering for Small Vertical Windows?Window coverings can be quite expensive, especially for odd shaped windows. This is a page about inexpensive window covering for small vertical windows.


white leather purse

Removing Dye Stains on a Leather PurseDye from clothing can sometimes transfer to your leather purse. Removing these stains can be tricky. This is a page about removing dye stains on a leather purse.


PVC Pipes

Removing a PVC Purple Primer Stain on a FloorDepending on the type of flooring you have this stain can be difficult to remove. This is a page about removing a PVC purple primer stain on a floor.


French doors with sheer window curtains.

Window Coverings for French Doors?Finding just the right window coverings for you french doors will help to create the look you are trying to achieve on these rather formal doors. This is a page about window coverings for french doors.


Black billed magpie

How Can I Get Rid of the Magpies but Keep the Rest of the Birds?Magpies can be real bullies at a backyard feeder. This is a page about, "How can I get rid of the magpies, but keep the rest of the birds?".


painted blue concrete

Driveway Paint Is Peeling OffThe initial step in dealing with a driveway with peeling paint it to remove the paint and then refinish as you like. This is a page about driveway paint is peeling off.


White PVC pipes.

Use PVC Pipe to Raise Couch's HeightIf you need to raise the height of your couch to make it easier to get up, try using lengths of PVC pipe fitted over the legs. This is a page about use PVC pipe to raise couch's height.


Back of a tan colored faux leather chair.

Removing Ink on Faux LeatherCare will need to be taken when trying to remove ink stains on faux leather items so as not to damage the material. This is a page about removing ink on faux leather.


Reading Glasses

Should I Buy Prescription Reading Glasses or Drugstore Reading Glasses?Depending on your vision needs, you may be able to save some money, at least for a while, by purchasing reading glasses from a drugstore. This is a page about, "Should I buy prescription reading glasses or drugstore reading glasses?".


Northern Cardinal bird in a snow storm.

The Northern CardinalThe northern cardinal, also know as a redbird or common cardinal is easily recognizable. The male sports a distinctive crest along with its brilliant red plumage. This is a page about the northern cardinal.


A woman holding her nose.

Getting Rid of Dead Rodent Odors in a Wall?When a rodent dies inside your wall there are only a few solutions. One is to open the wall and remove it. Otherwise, you will be waiting for the odor to dissipate and using products to help absorb or mask it in the meantime. This is a page about getting rid of dead rodent odor in a wall.


Curtain hanging over wooden blinds.

Hanging Curtains Over Wooden Blinds?If your new blinds are not mounted in the window casing it can make installing curtains a bit more of a project. This is a page about hanging curtains over wooden blinds.


stamps on envelopes

Freeze an Envelope to Remove a StampThere are several ways to remove a stamp from an envelope. This is a page about freeze an envelope to remove a stamp.


White towel folded into an Easter bunny with plastic egg in pouch.

How to Make a Towel Easter BunnyBy folding a towel or washcloth in certain ways you can create a cute bunny to help decorate this Easter. This is a page about how to make a towel Easter bunny.


Pulling sheets out of a washing machine.

Drying Sheets?Adding a tennis ball to your dryer can help keep your sheets and other large items from balling up. This is a page about drying sheets.


office chair

Inexpensive Chair Mat IdeasBuying a mat to use underneath an office chair can be expensive. If you can't find one for a good price you might be able to make one. This is a page about inexpensive chair mat ideas.


A beagle puppy sitting on the grass.

When Can a Puppy Safely Be Outside?Leaving a puppy outside alone, will depend on your yard and how secure and hazard free it is. The age of the pup also is also a factor. This is a page about, "When can a puppy safely be outside?".


A glass of club soda.

What is the UK Equivalent to Club Soda?Club soda is bottled carbonated water. Products may have different names in varying countries or even be unavailable making it confusing or difficult to replicate recipes. This is a page about, "What is the UK equivalent to club soda?".



A serving of Good Friday Porridge

Good Friday PorridgeAs we celebrate Holy Week, Roman Catholics are not allowed to eat pork, chicken and any other red meat every Good Friday. It is part of our beliefs and tradition. Here's one recipe I would like to share that most of us prepare in every home.


glass of iced tea

Pressure Cooker TeaA strong tea that can be made for a crowd. Serve hot or cold, sweetened or unsweetened. Recipe is for 1 gallon, and can easily be reduced. I'm going to experiment with all different flavors of tea for the summer!



A pair of sunglasses used as a cellphone holder.

Sunglasses as Cell Phone EaselThis is a hands free way you can watch cell phone videos using your sunglasses, and still do other things. Simply lay your sunglasses upside down and place your cell phone on it.


A plastic zipper bag with a seedling inside.

Use Plastic Zipper Bags as Mini GreenhouseMy husband got some thermal shirts that came in these zippered plastic bags and he decided to use them as mini greenhouses for his seedlings! I gave him additional ones that I had from some linens I had bought previously and couldn't bear recycling. I knew they could be up-cycled as something else!


Highlighter to Remove Pen From Skin

Highlighter to Remove Pen From SkinSometimes we don't notice that a part of our hands, face or arms has been marked with pen. Since I am a secretary, this happens often; labelling on a folder or writing schedules or appointment with my boss. So, I keep getting messed up with these pens.


Handbag stuffed with clothes.

Stuff Handbags for StorageWhen you purchase a new purse, usually the first thing you do is toss out the tissue paper and filling. Don't toss it out! It is very useful to keep your purse structured when it comes time to storing it. It will look a lot nicer without all the wrinkles and keeps your bag in good shape!


Robin's Nest Craft - finished nest

Robin's Nest CraftWhen I think of spring, I think of new growth and new life. Both of these are so fun to incorporate into the classroom. Many times, kids can explore outside first and then create replicas inside. For this robin's nest craft, it is always exciting to go on a nature walk in search of real life examples.


In Memory of Horace

In Memory of Horace (Cat)Here is a picture of Horace. She (yes it's a girl, with a boy's name) went to the Rainbow Bridge recently so I wanted to share her memory.


Decorating Door Poster with Ribbons - finished poster with additional ribbon decorations

Decorating Door Poster with RibbonsI have a poster calendar in my door with an image of Jesus Christ. It was posted there way back in 2004 and has been stuck on that door until now. This Holy Week, I came up with an idea of fixing it by putting on a little decoration and removing the extra unnecessary images.


Birthday Card Envelope with Masking Tape Bow - closeup of finished envelope

Birthday Card Envelope with Masking Tape BowHere is a way to make a unique and custom birthday card envelope using masking tape.



Logo for ThriftyFun Questions

Changing Hair Color for a Balayage Look?I've colored my hair to a deep dark burgundy (box color) 6 months ago. I'm wanting to get a light brown/blonde balayage style to my hair. My hair base color is my natural color, ash dark blonde. But mid way it's more of a mid light auburn color. Will the toner or bleach get through to my hair within 1 session?


Cat Is Scratching Herself Raw - calico cat lying in a cardboard box

Cat Is Scratching Herself Raw?My cat is about 9 years old and we have had her since she was a baby. She is an indoor/outdoor cat. We give her meds to make sure she doesn't get fleas or any kind of parasites. She started getting what we call "boo boos" when she was 2 1/2 to 3 years of age. Recently that we found out she was doing it to herself.


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Planning a Baby Shower for a Co-worker?I was asked to take lead over planning a baby shower at work for a fellow co-worker. What is an appropriate way of asking via email for help from my fellow team members when it comes to planning, pitching in for food, decorations, etc.?


Raymond Waites Wallpaper Pattern  #31131330

Raymond Waites Wallpaper Pattern #31131330?I am looking for as many rolls as I can find of a Raymond Waites pattern called Ancient King. Pattern #31131330 from the Raymond Waites Chinoiserie Book, page #40. The color is "green" though you can see (see picture below) it is actually more yellow than green.


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Cleaning Area Rugs?What do I use to clean the rug with?


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Lining an Oven Rack with a Silicone Baking Sheet?I just bought a silicone baking sheet and I was thinking about just putting it under my metal cupcake pans to line my over rack. Can I do that without putting a cookie sheet under it, or will it ruin it?


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Craftsman Riding Mower Will Not Start?I have a Craftsman 27hp lawn tractor model 917288740. It will not start. I have replaced the solenoid, ignition switch, battery, and all fuses. The fuse coming out of the solenoid blows as soon as key is turned. I can not find any defective wiring.


Information on Porcelain Doll - doll in box, wearing a red and purple period outfit

Information on Porcelain Doll?I can't fine her anywhere. She's in great condition, but I think she's come in the wrong box. I have had her for years. Any information would be great.


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Knead Blade on Westpoint Breadmaker Not Turning?The left hand knead blade does not turn. Is this right? If not, how do I fix it?


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Eligibility for SSI?My son gets SSI and my husband has a daughter who is here 50% of the time in the summer. I was wondering if I can claim her in our home for those summer months with my son's SSI. We do not get the full amount and it would be helpful as we do still pay child support.


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Getting Hair Back to Natural Colour?I recently got my hair dyed. I was trying to go light brown from my natural colour of dark brown. I would like to get it back to my natural colour without dyeing it again. How could I do this?


Is My Dog a Pure Bred Pit Bull? - white dog

Is My Dog a Pure Bred Pit Bull?Can someone tell me if he is a full Pit Bull?


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Removing Permanent Marker on Metal?I have permanent marker on metal bathroom stalls. How do I get it off?


What Is This Houseplant? palm looking plant

What Is This Houseplant?What type of houseplant is this? It's about 2 feet tall with skinny stems and duplicate leaves on each side.


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