April 18, 2017

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A garden trellis made from a baby gate.

Using a Baby Gate as a Garden TrellisReuse an old baby gate as a trellis. If you don't have one in storage they can often be found at garage sales and thrift stores. This is a page about using a baby gate for as a garden trellis.


A white calla lily growing outside.

Transplanting Calla LiliesYou may wish to plant a potted calla lily in your garden or perhaps divide and replant some that are growing in your garden. This is a page about transplanting calla lilies.


A grove of calla lilies in the woods.

Do Calla Lilies Spread?If planted in a suitable place in your garden your calla lilies will produce more bulbs. They can become overwhelming if not controlled or thinned out. This is a page about, "Do calla lilies spread?".


A calla lily in a garden outside.

Planting a Calla Lily Outside?Depending on your planting zone you can grow calla lilies outside in the ground or in pots, which help prevent spread. This is a page about planting a calla lily outside.


A browned spiral sliced ham in a baking dish.

Heating a Fully Cooked Ham?The ham you purchase at the market is typically fully cooked. It can be served cold or easily heated up in your oven, following the instructions for temperature and time. This is a page about heating a fully cooked ham.


An amaryllis in bloom.

Amaryllis PhotosThese beautiful blooms can brighten up the indoors on a late fall day. This page contains amaryllis photos.


A row of old glass bottles.

Cleaning Dirty Glass Bottles?Cleaning the inside of a glass bottle can be problematic, especially if the neck is narrow or the bottle quite small. This is a page about cleaning dirty glass bottles.


A pile of silver soda can tabs.

Preparing Soda Can Tabs for Crafts?There are many craft uses for soda can tabs. This is a page about preparing soda can tabs for crafts.


house fire

Charities To Help Someone Whose House Burned Down?After the stress and lost resulting from a house fire can come the need for temporary assistance with clothing, housing, and more. This is a page about charities to help someone whose house burned down.


A white calla lily.

Growing Calla Lilies from PodsThe pods that develop as your calla lily blooms fade are in fact seed pods. Callas multiply by reseeding and new bulb development. This is a page about growing calla lilies from pods.


Lilac blossoms on an overgrown bush.

Pruning and Rejuvenating Overgrown LilacsCareful pruning can, not only keep your lilac well shaped and of a size that fits your space, but it can also encourage new growth and blooming. This is a page about pruning and rejuvenating overgrown lilacs.



Uses for MouthwashIn addition to being used in your mouth to cleanse and fight germs, mouthwash is often enlisted for a variety of other tasks. This page offers some ideas for other uses for mouthwash.


A garden trellis with flowers growing in it.

Choosing the Right TrellisWhen choosing a trellis, select one that complements your garden and is also made of appropriate materials and designed to provide the best support for the plant that it will support. This is a page about choosing the right trellis.



Grilled Chicken and Macaroni

Grilled Chicken and MacaroniThis is a healthy alternative if you love regular pasta, red and white quinoa macaroni!


Brownie on plate

Best Ever BrowniesThese are so rich and chocolatey! The recipe calls for cocoa powder, which lasts longer and is a little less expensive than baking chocolate. Use Dutch-processed cocoa powder when possible. Great for any time, any season!



Keep Pets out of Flower Garden - edging fence on ground to keep pets out of flower garden

Keep Pets out of Flower GardenI've tried many methods to keep my cats from digging up my flower garden in early spring, from cayenne pepper sprinkled in the soil (doesn't work) to adding broken sea shells (also doesn't work).


Craft Project Tickler Box - completed box

Craft Project Tickler BoxI used to have my craft projects in a binder. It was nice, but not easy to see and get inspired by. Today I made a sort of a tickler box that I can see when I want to, is custom made, and only cost me about 1.00.


A floor being dried out from water damage.

Minimize Water Damage with FanA few months back, I posted about always being home and awake when you use appliances. A valve in my dishwasher malfunctioned, causing damage to the subfloor in the kitchen. I have removable tiles, so it will be easier to dry out the subfloor, but it can still be done if you don't.


Building a Frame for Dragon Fruit Tree - simple wooden support frame

Building a Frame for Dragon Fruit TreeThere are many different methods and materials you can use to build a frame for dragon fruit trees.


A large can being used to fill a freezer bag.

Filling Ziploc Freezer BagsWith the summer months around the corner, we will be filling our freezers with garden vegetables. I want to remind my ThriftyFun friends about using a large can for easily filling Ziploc freezer bags. I use a large tomato can.


A pink rosebud growing outside.

Roses to Honor Your Mother on Mother's DayAs a child on Mother's Day morning, my mother would pick red roses from her rose bush, tie a pretty ribbon on it and pin one on my dress and the dress of my sister as a corsage. She told us that wearing a red rose signified that your Mother was living and it is an honor to wear it.


Two children's puzzles in plastic bags.

How to Store Puzzles Without BoxesPuzzles are a big part of any preschool classroom but boxed puzzles never last an entire school year. The boxes would tear up and puzzle pieces would be lost. Instead, I cut the picture from the lid and taped it to the front of a ziploc bag. I then placed the puzzle pieces in the bag.


Fabric Chicken Doorstop - being used as a doorstop

Fabric Chicken DoorstopI made this adorable chicken to use as a doorstop, but she would also be a great decoration for a chicken lover!


A USB Laptop Cooling Pad and Fan

Use a Laptop Cooling Pad/FanIf you use your laptop a lot, like me, you can find your laptop getting hot. To prevent overheating, you should invest in a cooler pad/fan for your laptop. There are tons to choose from and reasonably priced, averaging $10-15.


Recycled Yarn Afghan - side view of day bed with afghan

Recycled Yarn AfghanI have made so many afghans for others I decided it was time to make one for me. With a linen stitch, it took me about 60 hours so I just worked on it when I was watching TV.


Blonde hair after using ketchup to remove green tones.

Ketchup to Remove Green Tones From HairYou can indeed remove green tones from your hair by squirting ketchup onto your clean and dry strands. Leave it in for about 20 minutes then wash out. The tomatoes and vinegar in ketchup contain acids that even out the green colour in hair. If your hair is ultra green, do this process twice. It works!


Bee 1:1 Correspondence Math Game - playing the game

Bee 1:1 Correspondence Math GameKids love to learn about insects, even the ones who are afraid of them! It is a very popular pre-k theme that tends to stick around longer than other themes. And bees are the most fascinating to study. A simple, yet educational game, is this bee 1:1 game.



Value of Danna Seizan Fine Japanese China

Value of Danna Seizan Fine Japanese China?I have a 90 piece set of fine Japanese china from Seizan. It is a serving for 12. All dishes are mint, never used, perfect condition. I have tried some of the suggested places to find the value, but replacements LTD. only seems to have one cup by this manufacturer, and so far eBay and Google have turned up nothing.


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Cutting Material for a Rag Rug?Does it matter if you cut the material on the bias or not? Which way will keep it from fraying?


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Low Cost Xrays for Dogs?I have a 2 and a half year old French Bulldog. In the last few months she's been having a few issues. The vet they said it was a urinary tract infection so I paid to have that looked at and paid for the medication. Now there's blood in her urine again.


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Fixed Tom Cat Still Marking Territory?I had my tom cat fixed, but he keeps marking his territory. How can I stop this?


Identifying Reel Mower and Its Value

Identifying Reel Mower and Its Value?I have a Special. No.55 Ballbearing reel mower. I am trying to determine the value and maker's identification?


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Receiving Social Security Survivors Benefits?My spouse died on April 4, 2017. Will I get a benefit check for him for the month of March?


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Getting Natural Hair Color Back After Dyeing?I dyed my hair a dark brown and it turned out dark brown with a bit of ginger. So I tried to dye it again to get rid of the ginger and it just turned darker. I used some highlighter to lighten it. The highlights turned ginger, but did lighten my hair to a light ginger. How can I get my natural light brown hair back?


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13th Birthday Party Ideas?I'm am turning 13 in two months and want to have a party with around 15-20 people. I want to invite boys and girls, but I don't know what to do to that both genders will have fun with. I need a fun party for both boys and girls that isn't expensive. Any ideas?


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Making Lasagna for a Crowd?I am making lasagna for 150 people. I need to know how much ground beef, tomato sauce, and cheeses to buy.


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Removing Dye Transfer from Cotton Dress?I washed a gray dress with a red duppatta (scarf); the red ran onto the gray dress. I took the dress for dry cleaning, but he said using chemicals will lose the gray colour of the dress. The dress is cotton.


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12th Birthday Party Ideas?My daughter is turning 12 in 2 weeks and we can't find something to do. She wants to go somewhere with 9 friends and she doesn't want it at the house. We need to be under $100 and we live in Mentor, Ohio. Can someone help us find a party idea?


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Survivors Benefit for Graduating High School Student?My son receives Beneficiary Social Security from my husband's and my work record. He is 18, but graduates on May 26th. My question is will he receive a check in June for May or will his check in May for the month of April be his last one?


What Is This Houseplant? - plant cutting with 8 dark green leaves spiraling from main stem

What Is This Houseplant?I was able to get a cutting because this tree is so beautiful! I incorrectly thought it was a fiddle leaf fig tree from far off, but after a closer look I wonder if it's from a rubber tree. The mother tree is about 5 feet tall and was in the shady part of an atrium and thriving!


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