April 25, 2017

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Several different containers being used as planters.

Recycled Container GardeningMany types of containers that you would typically recycle can be used for container gardening. This is a page about recycled container gardening.


Plants growing in an outdoor container.

Reasons Container Plants FailWhen a plant growing in a container begins to show signs of stress you will need to determine the cause if you are going to save it. Often its roots are somehow involved in the mystery. This is a page about reasons container plants fail.


A handmade wreath being assembled, with tools and materials.

Name Ideas for a Handmade Wreath Company?Choosing the right name for your handcrafted wreath company is an important part of your business startup process. This is a page about name ideas for a handmade wreath company.


Hang another on an existing hanger using a pop can tab.

Using Soda Can Tabs to Double Wardrobe SpaceThis is a page about using soda can tabs to double wardrobe space. To help organize your clothes closet you can add room for more hangers by using can opening tabs.


A calla lily in a pot, inside.

Overwintering Calla LiliesDepending on your zone your calla lilies can either be left in the ground over the winter or will need to be dug up, dried out, and kept indoors. This is a page about overwintering calla lilies.


A cheerleader's pom-pom.

Using Cheerleading Pompoms Instead of Easter GrassThis is a page about using cheerleading pompoms instead of Easter grass. To reduce the mess of cellophane grass, you can use a pompom in an Easter basket.


An amaryllis in bloom outdoors.

Getting an Amaryllis To Bloom Twice in One Season?This page is about getting an amaryllis to bloom twice in one season. Given the proper light, planting and temperature you may be able to see an amaryllis bloom again.


Several containers with plants growing in them.

Great Tips for Container GardeningWhen you decide to try container gardening there are several things you will need to be aware of and attend to in order to ensure success, such as type and size of container, soil, moisture, and more. This is a page about great tips for container gardening.



Caulitater Burger patties on plate and baking sheet

Caulitater Burgers (Vegan)This was a wonderful veggie burger recipe that I found. I have adapted it a bit to suit my needs. The great thing about this 'burger' is that not only is it animal-free, but it is also soy and legume free.


Toaster Oven Baked Salmon covered with green onions

Toaster Oven Baked SalmonVery fast and easy to make for a quick lunch or dinner. You can easily make this baked salmon in your toaster oven!



My Dollar General Butterfly - finished butterfly on fridge

My Dollar General ButterflyI went to the Dollar General and decided to paint a little butterfly. It comes in a kit with acrylic paints and a brush and the butterfly with a magnet on the back. If I would have bought each of the items alone, it would have cost more than the dollar it cost me to buy the kit. The brush and the paint impressed me with their quality.


Tulip in My Backyard - closeup of red tulip

Tulip in My BackyardThese are very beautiful flowers which grow on the border of our property. They are no longer a part of any garden yet these strong and colorful reminders of the past show up every spring to remind me of their everlasting beauty.


Gullible Bee on Faux Flowers - wasp on faux flowers

Gullible Bee on Faux FlowersThis is more for a chuckle than anything. We are all so worried about the bees I wonder if it's not that they are becoming a bit gullible.


Variegated Hosta - green and yellow edged hosta leaf

Variegated HostaNot much going on here except that I enjoy observing patterns, shapes, and textures in Nature. This variegated hosta leaf fits the bill in all three categories. I wouldn't turn it down as a wall hanging for a quieter room in the home. Classy!


Felt Carrot Scissor Holder

Felt Carrot Scissors HolderThis cute felt carrot pocket makes a great cover for scissors. When your scissors aren't in use, just slip them into the pocket and store them until needed.


Andy (Chihuahua) - tri-color Chihuahua

Andy (Chihuahua)Mom adopted him a long time ago from a friend. Andy likes to cuddle up under a blanket and look out at the world. He is a little joy.


Succulent Plants Make Wonderful Gifts - dish of succulents

Succulent Plants Make Wonderful GiftsDid you know it is very easy to propagate succulents? If you have succulents in your yard, or at your family or friend's home, pull off some leaves, or a leaf with your finger or cut carefully and get the entire leaf than allow the leaves to dry for a few days!


A plastic bag of crushed egg shells and a rolling pin.

Crush Egg Shells With a Rolling PinEgg shells are a great source of calcium for tomatoes and peppers. I put a handful in the hole with the plants when setting them out. It helps to prevent blossom rot.


Spring Flowers Fine Motor Coloring and Velcro Activity - activity in use

Spring Flowers Fine Motor Coloring and Velcro ActivityThis activity is very simple for younger children. They can help make it by coloring the picture and adding the Velcro. In the classroom, it is a perfect spring addition to the manipulative or quiet centers.


Online television streaming service on a laptop computer.

Rotate Through Streaming ServicesI cancelled my cable television subscription some years ago in favor of using streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. However, it is easy to spend just as much on streaming services as you pay on cable television!


Yellow Iris - brilliant yellow iris against wood fence

Yellow IrisI thought I might have lost this iris during a time when I was moving them to a location where the rhizomes would get more sun. I was happily surprised today to find I had not. I don't know it's name. I do know it is the most intense yellow iris I have ever seen.


A hand with press-on nails applied.

Product Review: Press-On NailsDo you want pretty nails for a date night or for a special occasion? You do not have to spend a fortune to have pretty nails, no need to waste time driving to, from the salon and waiting plus you will avoid all the harmful chemical smells!


A metal spoon inside a glass jar full of hot liquid.

Metal Utensil to Save Your GlassI often have to pour hot or boiling liquids into glass jars. Unless the glass is tempered, it will shatter. Someone told me that if you stick a metal utensil in the jar, somehow by magic it prevents the glass from breaking!


Volunteer Violas - closeup of yellow, white, and purple viola

Volunteer ViolasI was warned by a fellow member of the consequences of growing viola. She said they would multiply and take over. I haven't found that to be true in my case.


Features Of A Tree Honeysuckle - pink flowering

Features of a Tree HoneysuckleEarlier, I did an article on training and growing honeysuckle as a standard (or tree form). I thought I had pictures with the post; maybe not. Even if I did, they were not of a more mature specimen in full bloom. That is why I chose to submit this picture.


Clothes Hangers Wall Decoration - bright pink plastic hanger wall decoration

Clothes Hangers Wall DecorationHere is a way to make a cute and inexpensive decoration for your wall from plastic clothes hangers.


Popsicle Stick Wall Arrow - blue arrow on wall

Popsicle Stick Wall ArrowThis is a project for making an arrow wall hanging from Popsicle sticks, held together with hot glue. It is easy to make and fun to hang in a bedroom and paint the colors that complement your room.


A car at a race at the Riverside Speedway.

Days of Old (1950s)My late father was an avid stock car fan and a car salesman in the local area. He was well known for being a handsome man, well dressed, full of wit and humor and he "never met a stranger". He became the pace car driver for a local stock car driver Hooked Hood of West memphis, Arkansas.


Brush Pile Bunny - brown bunny

Brush Pile BunnyI was about to light the brush pile, when I noticed movement. This morning, she was hanging out in the brush pile that I was going to burn before I went into work. The rabbits are decedents of some 4H rabbit projects that got loose a few years ago.



Bath Bombs Are Hard and Flakey - mint green bath bomb balls

Bath Bombs Are Hard and Flakey?I'm fairly new at making bath bombs. My first batch turned out great, but since then I've had issues. Now my bombs are hard, but flakey. What is the issue? Do they need more liquid?


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Burner on Glass Top Stove Only Works on High?On my glass top stove, the big elements stays on high even after I lower the temperature. It won't even go on low. What can I do? My husband wants to buy a new stove.


What Is This Houseplant? appears to be a jade plant

What Is This Houseplant?I have no clue what this plant is. Could I please get tips on how to grow it?


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12th Birthday Party Ideas?My daughter is turning 12 soon and she cannot decide what to do. She would still like to have a sleepover after the party, but she can't decide on what to do for the party. She is open to anything, but would prefer it not to be too girly. She is not a tomboy, but is athletic.


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Donating Sewing Fabric?I have fabric that I would like to give to someone in the S.F. Bay area. I am sure someone or a group could use it.


What Is This Houseplant?

What Is This Houseplant?I bought a foliage house plant, but I'm not sure what type it is.


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Needle on Janome Machine Hitting Something?My Janome sewing machine has a problem with the needle hitting something under the bobbin. There seems to be a crack in the white disk under the bobbin.


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John Deere LX277 Running Slowly?I have a John Deere LX277. It cranks right up and runs great. After mowing a few minutes it starts running like the choke is partially on, kind of groggy.


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Moving a Duck's Nest?We have a duck's nest in a bucket on our balcony that is one story up from the ground. Should we move the bucket to ground level and when should we do that? If we move the bucket before they hatch will the mother duck find them?


Information on Old Toy Car - Matchbox truck

Information on Old Toy Car?Can anyone tell me anything about this toy car?


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Duck Abandoned Nest?My cat scared a duck nesting in a planter on my deck. She has been sitting on the eggs for over 2 weeks. Will she come back? What should I do if she doesn't? How long should I wait?


What Is This Garden Plant? drooping stem with purple bell shaped flowers

What Is This Garden Plant?This is a purple flower I found in my garden. It is bell shaped with a large stem and no visible leaves. Some stems droop at the top and others keep growing upwards. I think it's a bellflower, but want to be sure it isn't poisonous.


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Information on Aldi's Bamboo Laminate Spoons?What glue holds the laminates of Aldi's bamboo spoons and ladles together?


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Momma Duck Abandoned Nest?Our momma duck has been missing for at least 48 hours. We have a nest of 15 eggs. Will they still survive if we get them to a incubator?


Porcelain Dolls

Collectible Memories Porcelain Dolls?I have two porcelain dolls from Collectible Memories. Both appear to be somewhat vintage and have certificates of authenticity. They were designed by Norma. I cannot find information about them anywhere. If anyone has any information it would be greatly appreciated.


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Childcare Center Slogan Ideas?My childcare center name is Little Leaders. I need a slogan about Leaders?


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Substituting Condensed Milk for Milk and Sugar?Can I use sweetened condensed milk in place of the whole milk and sugar in a pudding recipe? The recipe calls for 3 cups whole milk and 1 cup of sugar.


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15th Birthday Ideas?What should I do for my birthday this year. I am turning 15 and it is on May 3rd. I am mature for my age and am not sure what would be appropriate.


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Riding Mower Won't Start After Hitting Gravel?I have a Yard Machine 48" cut. My father-in-law was using it and hit some gravel. Now it won't start, but putts and turns over.


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