May 1, 2017

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A cup of fresh coffee beans.

Keeping Coffee Fresh?Fresh grounds make a better cup. Coffee lovers have their own ideas about the best way to keep their coffee fresh. This is a page about keeping coffee fresh.


Several colorful silk scarves in a divided box.

Uses for Silk ScarvesMany of us have a collection of silk scarves that we inherited or some of our own that we no longer wear. They can be used in craft and home decorating projects. This is a page about uses for silk scarves.


A batch of corn muffins in a bowl.

Making Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix More Cake Like?If you find packaged corn muffin mix too dry or crumbly try adding oil, sour cream, or creamed corn for a moist, more cake like muffin. This is a page about making Jiffy corn muffin mix more cake like.


A Pomeranian in a grassy yard.

Housebreaking Problems with a Pomeranian?This is a page about housebreaking problems with a Pomeranian. Not all dogs understand that they need to relieve themselves outside, and need some creative encouragement.


A row of canned goods at the supermarket

Buying Food for Two Years With $5 a WeekSetting aside a small amount of food for long term storage every week can add up to a lot extra food over the course of a year. This is a page about buying food for two years with $5 a week.


Honey being stored in a syrup dispenser.

Use a Syrup Dispenser for HoneyA syrup dispenser is a great way to store honey for use that helps reduce the sticky mess. This is a page about use a syrup dispenser for honey.


A homemade chicken pot pie.

Sunday Dinner Chicken PieMake this delicious chicken pot pie for your family or Sunday dinner guests. This is a page about Sunday dinner chicken pie.


A riding lawnmower in the grass.

Bolens Riding Mower Won't Start?This page is about why Bolens mower won't start. Determining the reason why your mower is not starting can be a challenge.


Upholstered cream leather sofa.

Fixing Scratch Marks on a Cream Colored Leather SofaScratches on leather furniture can go through the dye leaving light marks. There are a number of products you can use to mask the damage. This is a page about fixing scratch marks on a cream colored leather sofa.


A person using a laptop computer.

Keeping Your Laptop CoolIf your laptop gets too warm you can buy a special cooling pad or get creative and make something yourself to help dissipate the heat. This is a page about keeping your laptop cool.



A bowl filled with food next to another empty bowl.

Second Bowl to Insulate Hot FoodI have two bowls that are metal and the same size and shape. The metal keeps my cereal hot but protects my hands from getting hurt. I just stack them inside each other. The top one conducts the heat from the cereal and the bottom one keeps the heat from my fingers.


A pants hanger being used to display a cookbook in the kitchen.

Makeshift Cookbook HolderUse a clothes hanger with clips to hold a cookbook open while you follow your recipe. Simply hang it up in front of you from a cupboard door handle.


Easy DIY Plant Holder - cactus and succulents in pots sitting in plant holder

Easy DIY Plant HolderYou can easily make a plant holder from scrap wood you have laying around from other projects! This holder was made from a piece of scrap of 2x4. You simply cut the piece to your desired length, use a hole saw to create the hole for your plants, and you're done!


Dark Desire Rose - dark red rose

Dark Desire RoseMy favorite rose is Kordes Perfecta. I've grown it for several years. I've showcased it here on ThriftyFun. The breeder, Kordes, rightly gave the rose the name Perfecta, and I'm sure, proudly attached his own name, as well.


A looped computer cord being held together with a hair clip.

Keep Wires Tidy With Hair ClipsUse claw hair clips to keep wires and leads tidy when not in use. The handy thing about these clips is that they come in different sizes, which suit different thicknesses of wire.


Cookie Pan as Indoor Dog Relief Station - pan with newspaper inside

Cookie Pan as Indoor Dog Relief StationHere is a way to train your dog to relieve themselves if necessary indoors. My 14 yr. old Chihuahua named Pickles learned right away. He would use it when he could not walk far anymore. Simply get a large cookie pan that has a high enough edge to hold urine, etc. This one is 21 inches x 15 inches.


A spice rack being used to organize seeds.

Spice Rack OrganizerNormally, you would have one of these in your kitchen filled with some spices. For me, I have seeds from various plants that I either harvest or buy in larger quantities. For some other people, you might have beads, stickers, string, or even glitter. Some people might have them in offices to hold thumbtacks, paper clips, rubber bands, or eraser tips.


Soda Bottle Bird Feeder - finished bottle with more decorative painting and ready to hang

Soda Bottle Bird FeederHere is a way to make a cute bird feeder from a soda bottle.


Winter Sowing Part 2 - seedlings in plastic bag

Winter Sowing Part 2If you are lucky, your seeds have germinated in the bag. All you have to do now is to plant in your garden at the appropriate time (take out of the bag, of course). This is a Million Dollar tomato plant. I use the Square Foot Gardening method, which allots one square per plant.


A white car's back tire.

Tire Rotation Maintenance for Longer Lasting TiresIf you rotate your tires every 3,000 - 8,000 miles, you will have even wear on all four of your tires. This will ultimately allow your tires to last much longer! On average, a set of brand new tires last me at least 4 years!


Sweet and Sour Catfish Soup with garnish

Sweet and Sour Catfish SoupThis is a very delicious and healthy soup!


A cutting board placed on top of an open drawer in the kitchen.

Place Cutting Board on Drawer for Extra SpaceI was about to lose it before a dinner party when I ran out of counter space. I opened my utensil drawer and laid my cutting board on top and it was the perfect fit. I use this method in the kitchen every day, now, not just for when I cook for a party!


Coupons and samples from writing companies.

Compliment Companies to Receive Coupons and PerksI saw this tip on a thrifty-type reality show. The woman said "if you write to companies of food that you habitually shop with just to compliment them on their product, they will send coupons."


Bottles of coconut oil at a supermarket.

Oil Pulling for Dental HealthThis is a very old Ayurvedic tradition that is very helpful. What you basically do is take a tablespoonful or two of oil, swish it around in your mouth for 10 minutes, then spit it out and then rinse your mouth with warm water afterwards.


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Beefed-up Korean Spicy RamenFirst I make up a mug of instant Asian Laksa or Spicy Asian noodle soup from packet using boiling water from the electric pot. Put the cooked ramen in a bowl, and top it up with the soup from the mug. Then add canned mushrooms, peas or beans.



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Craftsman Riding Mower Won't Start?My Craftsman riding mower model #536.270111 won't start. I replaced the carburetor, added fresh fuel, a new spark plug, and an air filter. The engine will crank and I can smell the engine getting gas, but the engine will not start.


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Name Ideas for Kitchen Accessories Business?I want to launch a kitchen accessories business. Please suggest any brand name.


Is My Pit Bull Full Blooded? light brown dog with white on chest na feet

Is My Pit Bull Full Blooded?These are my Pit Bulls, are they full blooded?


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Removing the Rear Wheel on a Troy-Bilt Mower?I need to remove the rear wheel on my TroyBilt Pony riding lawn mower. I have removed dust boot, and center bolt. I thought this would allow me to slide the rim off, but it did not. I have "muscled" it, still no luck. Is there something I am missing that I need to do, or another alternative?


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Removing Scratches from Fiber Glass Bathtub?I have a new tub and surround and have a few scratches from my puppy. How can I get these scratches out?


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Rooting a Lilac Cutting?A piece of my lilac bush broke off in a storm. Can I replant this, if so how? It's about 5 ft. tall. It is soaking in a bucket of water for now.


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Getting Rid of a Mole Infestation?I live in Graham Washington. We have run out of ideas on how to keep the moles away. We've used the poison bait, and even bought the ever full proof, money back guaranteed black hole mole trap and haven't caught a single one.


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Dyed Hair Came Out Bright Orange?I recently used an auburn hair dye on my bleach blond hair and it came out a bright orange colour. I want a more brown-orange colour, but I'm afraid that I will completely lose the orange if I use a brunette colour on top of it. What can I do to achieve the medium auburn colour I desire without going to the salon?


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Wiring the Foot Pedal on a Morse Sewing Machine?I have a 1943 Morse sewing machine that has a motor/light type wiring. I want to change the mechanical foot pedal to an electric control pedal. How can this be done? Please help, my husband tried and went to plug it in and machine runs without the pedal.


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John Deere 17.5 Lawn Tractor Will Not Turn Over?My John Deere 17.5 riding mower does not turn starter when under compression. It turns over fast when spark plug is out. Could this be faulty starter?


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Value of Handmade Porcelain Dolls?My grandmother has a large collection of porcelain dolls that she made herself. Is there any way of determining their value? She wishes to begin selling them, but I have no idea how much to sell them for!


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Finding a Free Dresser?My grandson needs a dresser. They are a low income family of 4. It needs to be free or low price. Any suggestions?


Catchy Phrase for Carpet Cleaning Business - side of cleaning van

Catchy Phrase for Carpet Cleaning Business?I am looking for a catchy phrase for my cleaning company. It's called Top Carpet Cleaning. Any ideas?


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20 Year Old Cat Peeing on Leather Couch?My 20 year old cat is peeing on the furniture lately and I can't figure out why.


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Mallard Duck Trying to Move Her Eggs?On Easter we noticed a duck in the bushes by our front yard and 3 eggs under some leaves. We have not seen the duck since then, but today she tried to move her eggs and one is in the grass on the side of the driveway and the other 2 are still in the bushes. What should we do?


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Attaching Storage Containers to Roof of Tent Camper?I was wanting to hang some storage ideas from the roof of my tent trailer, but I am unsure about using screws in fear of leaking. So how are all those storage ideas possible?


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Growing Pineapple?I live in SW Florida and have had a dozen or so pineapple plants for 4-5 yrs. This year, one of the plants has a solid chute growing out of the core, which is about 16" long now. I have never seen this before. Does anyone have an answer what this is, and what, if anything causes it, or what to do about it?


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Name and Value of Seymour Mann Doll?I have a Seymour Mann Victorian doll that has no name tag. Would you be able to tell me her name? Also, what is her approximate value and if she is rare? The number on the outside of the box is HH-1100A/D and registration # is 8086567.


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Removing Plastic Handle Stain on Vinyl Car Upholstery?I placed an umbrella in my car. We live in Florida where it gets really hot. The blue on the plastic handle of the umbrella faded into the beige vinyl of the console of my brand new car! I tried Magic Eraser, Goo Gone, blue Dawn detergent, and ink stain remover.


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Skin Peeling on Face from Sunburn?It's been a week since I swam and got sunburned. My face has peeled. The only problem is both sides of my face, where my cheeks meet my jaws still hasn't peeled! It has a different color there. I don't know if it's going to peel like the rest. Will it?


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