May 7, 2017

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A cloud of gnats over a grassy field near sunset.

Fruit Flies and Summer GnatsThis is a page about fruit flies and summer gnats. There are a number of ways to reduce the invasion of gnats and fruit flies.


An orange cosmos flower growing in a garden.

Growing Cosmos (Mexican Aster)This is a page about growing cosmos (Mexican aster). Plant in the full sun when all danger of frost is past. It blooms mid summer until fall, with a variety of daisy-like colored flowers.


A bamboo cutting board with a sharp knife.

Treat Bamboo Cutting Boards with Olive OilThis page is about treat bamboo cutting boards with olive oil. Bamboo is durable and safe for a cutting board. Clean and oil it before putting it away.


clawfoot bathtub pond

Making a Bathtub Water PondThis is an interesting way to reuse an old tub and make a large water feature and bird bath for your yard. This is a page about making a bathtub water pond.


A pan of tomato sauce for spaghetti.

Should I Saute Onions for Spaghetti Sauce?Many think that sauteing the onion, will bring out more flavor in your sauce. This is a page about should I saute onions for spaghetti sauce?


A bowl of epsom salts, spilling onto a wooden surface.

Epsom Salts for RosesThis page is about epsom salts for roses. Roses like magnesium. If you already feed you roses a balanced fertilizer containing magnesium, you probably don't need to add any extra to your soil.



Crispy Fried Tofu with Scallions

Crispy Fried Tofu with ScallionsVery delicious tofu with green onions! I especially love eating the entree with rice!


Tips For Keeping Kitty and Your Home Cleaner - closeup of tabby cat

Tips For Keeping Kitty and Your Home CleanerWhen I moved into my new apartment with my kitty cat Mya, I was determined to get my deposit back. The tips in this article are some of the things I've done to help keep my apartment and cat cleaner.



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11th Birthday Party Ideas?My daughter is turning 11 and I have no idea what birthday party she could have? It's hard to think of a great birthday party because she is a almost a teenager and very picky on what party she wants?


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Toyota 9600 Not Winding Bobbin?We have a Toyota 9600 sewing machine we have recently purchased. We have an issue with the winding the bobbin. When the bobbin switch is to the left position machine is clearly working. When the bobbin switch is in the right position so it winds the thread, the machine goes maybe half a turn and then jams.


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Removing Pet Odors from Couch?How can I get the doggie odor out of my sofa? My dog took up residence on the couch.


Identifying a Houseplant - closeup of leaves

Identifying a Houseplant?I got this plant today at a farmer's market. It is an indoor vine (and I was told that it will flower). The leaves are always in threes (reminds me of poison ivy). Any idea what this could be?


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Error Code on Jack 9100b Sewing Machine?I have a Jack 9100b sewing machine which is showing an error E1 on the speed adjustment screen and the needle is not moving with wheel, as well as, pedal. How can I solve this problem?


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Feeding a Pet Lady Bug?How many times a day does a ladybug need to be fed?


Graham and Brown Rhea Green Wallpaper

Graham and Brown Rhea Green Wallpaper?We are moving into our first home and had our heart set on this rhea green wallpaper by Graham and Brown. However I went to order it the other day and it's been discontinued. Anybody have an idea as to where I could get this?


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Old English Furniture Scratch Cover Stain on Carpet?I got Old English furniture scratch cover for dark woods on the carpet. How do I get it out?


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Trouble Cranking John Deere Riding Mower?When cranking my John Deere 445, it will click maybe 3 or sometimes 12 times before it will crank. Any idea what it may be? I replaced the solenoid and cleaned the battery cables and still clicks.


Wallpaper Color Advice

Wallpaper Color Advice?I am hoping to wallpaper the wall with the TV on it, but am not sure what colour. I was thinking of a light brown floral. I have grey curtains and a brown sofa. Do you think brown floral would go with grey curtains?


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Squirrel Is Licking Painted Wall?Any idea why a squirrel would lick a painted wall?


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Treating Parvo at Home?So I couldn't afford the vet and I looked up the ingredients in the Paxxin Parvaid and some other medicine used for parvo and I got the ingredients and made my own version of this.


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13th Birthday Party Ideas?I am 12 turning 13 years old in June which is winter. It's always raining here in Australia. I don't own a pool. I want to have a big party, but not too big, with boys and girls. It needs to be nothing too expensive tho 100-200$.


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Huskee Riding Mower Won't Start?I have a Huskee riding lawn mower. I have put a new solenoid, a key switch, and a new battery in it and it still won't start. Is there anything else I could check? I am thinking of replacing the clutch safety switch with a new one, will this make a difference?


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Duck Seems to Have Deserted Nest?We have a duck nest in our backyard and it seemed like the mama duck started incubating because she was sitting on the nest all day for two days. Unfortunately on the morning of the third day she was no where to be found. It has been almost two full. What do we do? Can we save the ducklings?


Treating a Dog's Weepy Eye - white dog with weeping eye

Treating a Dog's Weepy Eye?Can I wipe my dog's eye with a Walgreens eyelid wipe? There is a dark moon under her right eye she gets every spring.


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13th Birthday Ideas?I'm turning 13 on June first and I am having a party with 15-20 kids in my backyard or at a hotel. There will be boys and girls. I don't know what to do for the party. I need food ideas, activity ideas, and theme ideas.


Identifying Scabies Bites

Identifying Scabies Bites?How do you know for sure these bites are scabies? There are little black specks all over. This started out like a sunburn then has progressed into bites on legs, arm, and back, and then started on my feet. I have bombed and it is still happening.


Information About Belknap BlueGrass Riding Mower

Information About Belknap BlueGrass Riding Mower?Does anyone know anything about Belknap BlueGrass riding mowers? I have one in great condition. It's a 7hp with a 26 inch deck. I Googled it, but didn't find anything. I'm curious about the year it was made and if it's a collectible like other Belknap tools.


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Looking for Brown Brick Wallpaper?I am looking for a discounted wallpaper. It is found in a book called Design by Color Brown, #BC1581946.


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