May 16, 2017

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Fishing Boxes as Craft Organizers

Storing Craft Supplies in Tackle BoxesFishing tackle boxes are perfect for storing small craft and sewing supplies. This is a page about storing craft supplies in tackle boxes.


An empty mason glass jar.

Father's Day Jar CraftsMason jars can be used to make a thoughtful Father's Day gift. Have the kids make Dad a personalized jar to store his valuables or other items in. Or share a jar of goodies with the father figures in your life.


Basic Tools and Findings for Beading

Basic Tools and Findings for BeadingWhen beginning a new craft, such as beading, it is a good idea to identify and purchase at least the basic tools and supplies so that you can get started creating. This is a page about basic tools and findings for beading.


Beach Reminder Jars - Closeup of lid.

Beach Vacation Reminder JarsMake a painted or decorated jar to remind your of your trip to the beach. You can even store shells inside. This is a page about beach vacation reminder jars.


Fatsia japonica leaves in the sun.

Fatsia Japonica with Burn Marks on the Leaves?Fungal infections on plants can often result in spots on the leaves. Removing infected leaves is one way to halt the damage. This is a page about fatsia japonica with burn marks on the leaves.


Ziploc bag of ribbon spools handing on a closet rod.

Use Pants Hangers for Hanging Craft SuppliesWhen space is short, try clipping your craft supplies that are stored in plastic bags onto closet pants hangers. This is a page about using pants hangers for hanging craft supplies.


A pegboard with tools hanging on it.

Using a Peg Board to Organize a WorkshopInstalling a piece of pegboard in your shop is a good way to help organize your tools. This is a page about using a peg board to organize a workshop.


Paint stirrer ruler.

Dad, You Rule Ruler CraftKids can make this simple Father's Day gift using a paint stick, ruler, and a marker. This is a page about, "Dad, you rule" ruler craft.


A woman caulking around a kitchen sink.

Caulking Around a SinkAfter installing your new sink you will want to finish the job by caulking around the sink to prevent water from getting between the sink and the wall or countertop. This is a page about caulking around the sink.


A woman rubbing oil on a wood table.

Use Baby Oil To Treat Wood FurnitureThere are varying schools of thought on what type of products to use on wood furniture. For those people who like to use oil, this tip might appeal to you. This is a page about use baby oil to treat wood furniture.


Father's Day Gift Idea

"I'm Nuts About You" Recycled Jar CraftThis cute jar filled with peanuts is a nice inexpensive gift the kids can make for Father's Day. This is a page about, "I'm nuts about you!" recycled jar craft.


sliced zucchini bread

Zucchini Nut BreadNot only is this quick bread delicious, it is also a good way to use up surplus produce and add some veggies to your diet. This page has a recipe for making zucchini nut bread.


Cleaning a Blue Pillow Top Mattress

Cleaning a Pillow Top MattressKeeping your mattress clean and odor free will make your sleep time more enjoyable. This is a page about cleaning a pillow top mattress.


Sheets coming off Mattress

Keeping Sheets on a MattressAs the pillow top mattress have become more popular, it may be difficult to keep your older linens in place. This is a page about keeping sheets on a mattress.


Father's Day Remote Holder

Father's Day Hand Print Remote HolderDad will treasure this gift for a long time while enjoying the practical usage as well. This is a page about Father's Day handprint remote holder.


Closeup of Larkspur flower

Growing LarkspurThese pretty annals are known for their variety of colors including spikes of red, pink, violet, and white flowers. They add interest in beds and borders. This is a page about growing larkspur.


Organizing Craft Supplies In A Small Space

Organizing Craft Supplies in a Small SpaceMany of us do not have the luxury of having a spacious crafting area with lots of storage. This is a page about organizing craft supplies in a small space.


Orange Blossom

Orange Trees Not Producing Pollen?There are a number of things to consider when trying to determine why your orange tree does not produce pollen. Factors such as variety, age, light, and fertilization need to be addressed. This is a page about orange trees not producing pollen.


A round pumice stone, to be used for cleaning.

Using a Pumice Stone on Porcelain Toilet BowlUsed properly a pumice stone is the perfect tool to remove toilet rings. This is a page about using a pumice stone on porcelain toilet bowl.



Easy No Knead Bread baked in bowl

Easy No Knead BreadLately, I have been baking this bread and making little innovations to it. There is no need to knead the dough in this recipe, eliminating the most exhausting and time consuming part of baking bread.


Easy Mayonnaise in bowl

Easy MayonnaiseCaught unexpectedly without mayonnaise I had to whip some up quickly. I was surprised how easy and delicious it was!



Disposable Litter Boxes for Training Kittens - litter box in grocery cart

Disposable Litter Boxes for Training KittensI have a large number of pet cats at our house. I have six adult cats and 14 kittens at the moment, and they are getting ready to be adopted. My adult cats use these huge plastic tubs filled with cedar shavings or pine shavings as litter boxes. However, when they are babies, I always use the normal kind of litter.


One Cold Wintry Night - very dark view of tree and night moon

One Cold Wintry NightWe have a big old tree in our backyard. I was busy doing some errands on the back porch. It was quite cold; it seems as if we skipped autumn and went straight to winter. I couldn't help but notice the moon framed through the tree branches. A great reminder that even during the winter nature can still surprise us!


Painted Lego Math - supplies

Painted Lego MathKids learn best through hands-on activities. Any new material that is introduced needs to be presented concretely, prior to any abstract learning. A fun way to teach math skills is with Legos and paint! I have included examples of counting, addition, and multiplication for beginners.


Refurbishing a Neon Drawer Unit for My Kitchen - yarn chain wrapped drawer unit

Refurbishing a Neon Drawer Unit for My Kitchen"Countryfying". Okay it's not a word but it should be! I got this drawer unit from a friend and while I love the room it provides me, I hate bright neon colors. So. I spent about 5 hours covering the drawers. I hope you like it as much as I do.


Check your Car's Lights Regularly

Check Your Car's Lights RegularlyIt is important to check all your headlights, blinkers, brake light and signals to see if they are working properly. I do this bi-weekly, just a few minutes out of your day.


Mini Drawer Unit to Organize Bedside

Mini Drawer Unit to Organize BedsideI sleep on a day bed in the living room of my tiny apartment. I don't have a night stand with drawers and such. I was tired of constantly getting up for things I needed when I just got comfortable. So I came up with this little 3 drawer unit.


Egg Yolks as Treats for Cats - egg yokes

Egg Yolks as Treats for CatsI was looking for a treat for my mother cats, who I have at the house. They need to have extra nutrients when they are nursing babies. I found some boiled eggs at the store, in a bag, and I just popped out the yolk and broke it into pieces. They enjoyed eating it and had more energy afterwards.


Healthy Chia Bubble Drink

Healthy Chia Bubble DrinkI add chia seeds into my green tea and other drinks. I soak the seeds for awhile in water until they have turned soft. It is a healthy addition for anyone, young and old!



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Selling Trees for Lumber?My mother has 21 acres in Dinwiddie County; how should she get for the trees on her property?


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Dyeing Hair After Using a Stripper?Yesterday I purchased a product from the shopping centre that was supposed to strip my hair. I washed it out and I ended up blonde which is odd because I have never been blonde in my life. I don't like the colour at all and want to change it back to brown how long should I wait to do so?


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Finding Free Tires?I am looking for free size 14 tires 4 lug. Any suggestions?


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Finding Yardley Lipstick?I am looking for a Yardley lipstick called Ace of Hearts.


Identifying Tiny Biting Bugs - closeup of bugs in alcohol

Identifying Tiny Biting Bugs?For the past week I've been getting bitten during the day by these tiny bugs. I can hardly make out what they look like because they're so small. I've come to the conclusion they may be some sort of 'mite' because I've rules out other possibilities. They're not bothering other members of my household, only me.


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Neighbor's Cat Left Alone in Garage?My neighbors went out of town. They will be gone a week. Their cat is locked up in the garage with tons of food and water. It will be around 85 outside everyday. I said won't she get over heated and the lady said no the garage stays around 60 unless it is like 100 outside for days. Will the cat be ok?


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Donating Fabric, Sewing Supplies, and Yarn?I am looking for a place to donate fabrics, sewing supplies, and yarn near me. I just moved to zip code 32837, so I'm not familiar with the area much. All of my fabrics are new and clean, stored in containers in a closet in a smoke free home. Churches, women's clubs, etc. would be considered.


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Living Room and Entry Paint Color Advice?I have a charcoal grey sectional for my condo. I am having light brown laminate floors put in. I don't know what color the walls should be from the entrance into the living room which will also include my dining area. The dining room furniture is dark brown with black specs as is the living room 3pc table set.


What Is My Lab Mixed With?

What Is My Lab Mixed With?Our Black Lab mix Sadie is wonderful. I only see Lab in her, but was told she was a mix. She does have white on her chest, chin, and paws.


Croton Leaves Dry at the Tips and Yellowish

Croton Leaves Dry at the Tips and Yellowish?I bought a croton few days ago which looked perfectly healthy. After awhile I began to notice it has a few leaves that are crispy at the tips and have begun to look yellowish.


Growing Canna Lilies

Growing Canna Lilies?I have a small garden in my backyard. I have canna lilies and half of them are growing to the fullest height and some aren't growing that tall, but are prematurely blooming. What could be causing this growth problem?


Value of Encyclopedia Britannica

Value of Encyclopedia Britannica?I have most of the Britannica encyclopedias and I wanted to know if they are worth keeping or if I should invest in newer ones with more up to date information in them.


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Khaki Campbell Duck Laid an Egg?I have a Khaki Campbell duck that made a nest and layed one egg. Before she layed this egg, she was laying about an egg a day. Will she continue to lay more eggs in the nest or will she wait until this one hatches?


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House Training a 4 Year Old Pit Bull?My Pit Bull is 4 years old and is sometimes still going pee and poop in the house. If I don't lock her in the bedroom at night she goes potty in the living room. If we're out of the house for more then 10 hours she goes. We've tried three cages, but none of them have held up to her strength.


Identifying a Porcelain Doll - doll wearing a white dress with pink trim

Identifying a Porcelain Doll?I've had this doll for as long as I can remember, and as far as I know it's in the original clothing with the original stand. However the serial number is really hard to read it. I think it says either 018B or 818B and my google searches aren't showing much.


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