May 17, 2017

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Mini Raspberry Cheesecakes

Mini Raspberry CheesecakesThese delicious, single serving cheesecakes are sure to be a hit with your family or guests. This is a page about mini raspberry cheesecakes.


A bunch of ripe tomatoes growing outside.

Watering Tomatoes Underground With PVC PipeSome gardeners have good luck using buried PVC pipe with holes drilled in it to water their tomatoes. This is a page about watering tomatoes underground with PVC pipe.


Two jars with finished lids, motifs, and beads.

Upcycled Beaded Lid Gift JarsAdd pretty beads to the lid of a jar and create an lovely gift jar. This is a page about beaded lid upcycled gift jars.


A free couch on the side of the road.

How to Find Free or Inexpensive FurnitureFinancial circumstances often make it impossible to purchase new furniture. This is a page about how to find free or inexpensive furniture.


Green Chili Chicken - bowl of green chile chicken chili

Green Chili Chicken Chili RecipeBell peppers, onions, green chilies, salsa verde, chicken, and white pinto beans combine with spices to create this delicious chicken chili dish. Mix in some sour cream or plain yogurt before serving and sit down for a hearty meal. This page contains a green chili chicken chili recipe.


Best Dad I Ever 'Saw' magnet in the shape of a hand saw.

Best Dad I Ever 'Saw' MagnetThis fun to make Father's Day gift begins with a recycled Pringles can. This is a page about, best Dad I ever "saw" magnet.


A golden syrup in a clear glass.

Light Corn Syrup Substitute RecipeSometimes when getting ready to prepare a recipe you may find that your are missing a specific ingredient and need to find a substitute. This is a page about light corn syrup substitute recipe.


Fruit Fly

Small Flies Are Driving Us CrazyThis is a page about small flies are driving us crazy. Traps can be made to capture small flies, but determining where they are reproducing will also help decrease their numbers.


A person caulking around a bathtub.

Caulking Around a BathtubWhether installing a new tub or recaulking your existing one, this step is a common homeowner project. This is a page about caulking around a bathtub.


pressure washing concrete

Removing Sap from ConcreteTrees overhanging your driveway, sidewalk, or patio can drip sap on to the concrete surface leaving you with a sticky mess to clean up. This is a page about removing sap from concrete.


Veggies from small garden.

6 Ways to Get Big Yields From a Small GardenA small garden space does not mean you can't have a nice yield if you employ a few techniques to intensify your gardening. This is a page about six ways to get big yields from a small garden.


Canning Lids

Uses for Used Canning LidsOnce used for canning, lids can not be used again, but they have lots of alternative uses. This is a page about uses for used canning lids.


Tote bag with fuzzy strap.

No Sew Fabric Carry AllThis is a page about no sew carry all. Use your craft glue, surplus fabric and supplies to create a cute purse for a young friend.


finished soup 2

Crockpot Baked Potato Soup RecipeEnjoy the flavor of a baked potato with all the toppings when you make and serve this delicious soup. This page contains a crockpot baked potato soup recipe.


Soy Milk Carton

Recipes Using Soy Milk?Although milk made from soy doesn't taste just like cow's milk, it can be used as a thrifty substitute for dairy free recipes. This page contains recipes using soy milk.


Tea Kettle Boiling on Stove

Killing Weeds With Hot Water?This method of non herbicide weed control has become popular. Be aware that it can damage shallow rooted flowers near by and kill beneficial mico-organisms in the soil. It is also not effective on all weeds. This is a page about killing weeds with hot water.


Potted Rose Bush

Potted Rose Bush Losing It's LeavesPotted roses require the same type of care as their cousins out in the garden. A common cause of leaf drop is improper watering. This is a page about potted rose bush losing it's leaves.


Star Flower

Growing: Browallia (Amethyst Flower/Star Flower/Bush Violet)This pretty white, dark blue, or purple annual is used in beds, borders, as cut flowers, in pots, hanging baskets, or as short-lived house plants. This is a page about growing: browallia (amethyst flower/star flower/bush violet).


Peony Shoots

Peony Bushes Not Blooming?The reasons that your peonies are not blooming include, planting too deeply or dividing too late in the previous summer. This is a page about peony bushes not blooming.


Crockpot Pot Roast

Does Meat Need to Be Cooked Before Putting in a Crockpot?Your crockpot is the prefect appliance for cooking tender tasty meat of all types. While some meats are browned first, meat doesn't not need to be cooked before putting it in a crockpot.


Personalized CD or DVD for Father's Day

Personalized CD or DVD for Father's DayCreate a CD or DVD with photos, music, movies, or other memorabilia and then package it in a custom made case to give to Dad this Father's Day. This is a page personalized CD or DVD for Father's Day.



A silverware divider being used for clutter control.

Silverware Divider for Organizing ClutterI got tired of trying to find little things I need all over the hall closet and kitchen. So I found this today in my donation station and put it to good use.


cooked Homemade Soft Flatbread

Homemade Soft FlatbreadThis is a recipe on how to make a naan-like flatbread that will stay soft for days. The secret to the softness is using a bit of mashed banana. Don't worry, you won't taste the banana! There are only a handful of ingredients and you can make it in a pan. No yeast, no fuss. Enjoy!


Serving Dish With Salad

Serving Dish as Part of the GiftIt's bridal shower, graduation party, barbecue, and the season for many other celebrations. If you are asked to bring a dish, include the dish the food was made/served in as part of the gift. This need not be expensive. You can get great deals on new items, and thrift stores have plenty of choices.


Hiding Jewelry Behind Artwork

Hiding Jewelry Behind ArtworkIf you ever have a canvas picture and some jewelry items that you want hidden, you can hide your jewelry behind your canvas picture! Just use a few command hooks and your good to go!


A netted vegetable bag with summer essentials like sunglasses and sunscreen.

Netted Veggie Bags for Summer OutingsWe are making up little beach/park/vacation/school trip bags with recycled netted onion bags. The kids keep all their things together by throwing their sunglasses, comb, sunscreen, sanitizer, change purse and incidentals in their own individual bags.


DIY Bra Strap Hider - in place on black bra straps

DIY Bra Strap HiderBra strap hiders are fashion lifesavers! Slip them on to hide your bra straps when you're wearing a racer back (or front) garment. With a bit of plastic and a craft knife, you can make your own bra strap hider instead of buying one.


A beautiful bunch of flowers for Mother's Day.

Sprite to Preserve Mother's Day FlowersThree days before Mother's Day, my two little angels gave me flowers. Because I wanted them to last longer, I added Sprite. They will last for 10 days, and those petals will not pull off easily.


Cut apples soaking in water.

Use Salt to Prevent Apples From BrowningIf you don't want your apples from browning due to oxidation, cut your apples and wash in salt water. If you don't have salt, you can squeeze a lemon into the water. Your apples will stay crispy, fresh and not brown!


Folded Paper Stars in a Jar - stars spilling from jar

Folded Paper Stars in a JarCrafting is really fun especially when you make amazing things using simple materials and can just be found around the house.


A screen from a Windows computer showing instructions for making a shortcut.

Turn Computer Off With Desktop ShortcutThis tip is written for PC (Windows) users. Here is the quick and easy way to create a shortcut on your desktop to turn off your computer.


A mason jar used to store colored pencils.

Mason Jar for Colored PencilsIf you want a cute way to store your colored pencils, use a mason jar. They can be easily purchased at Walmart or your local store and they are really cute! They are also easy to paint and customize.



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Coloring Hair Again After Dyeing?I bleached and colored my hair about 2 weeks ago. My natural hair color is light brown and I went dark red. I've decided I don't like it. I want to bleach and color my hair again. This time I want to go a purplish red. My question is; should I wait and how long should I wait if so?


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Rescued Dog Started Peeing Inside?I have a rescued Pit Bull who is about 1 yr old. At first she would poo in the house. Fine, we got her on a better food and got that all situated. I've never had issue with her peeing on anything in the house. Now she pees on beds that are on the floor, including her own, never when we are awake or home.


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Outlet Stopped Working?The outlet just stopped working. I am not sure why, but here is the confusing part. The breaker is not flipping off, but when you turn the breaker off then back on it works for a second and stops again. I'm kinda worried there may be an exposed wire or something shorting it out.


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Finches Won't Use New Nest Boxes?My partner bought my zebra finches new nest boxes as we have had babies before, but they have gotten to a certain age where they have managed to come out of the nest. A couple of times then they end up dying, so he has bought better ones. Now the zebra finches won't go in them. What do I do?


Training a Pit Bull - gray and white Pit

Training a Pit Bull?I adopted a Pit Bull, she is two. Since I brought her home I have had to work on basic things - potty training, sit, leave it, and drop it. Introducing her to others has gotten better, but isn't perfect. I've tried to get training, but every place has refused me because my dog is a Pit Bull.


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Cleaning Business Slogan Ideas?My cleaning company's name is Sunshine Elite Cleaning. This is a housekeeping business. I need least 5 or more ideas. One was - "We'll guarantee our shine or we do it again!"


Will Duck Return to Nest If Some Eggs Destroyed?

Will Duck Return to Nest If Some Eggs Destroyed?Mama Duck has been sitting on her nest for at least two weeks. This morning we found parts of an egg in the birdbath, another a few feet away, and one was a few feet from that in the vinca with the yolk inside. There are several more eggs in her nest that are unbroken, but at least one broken with the yolk inside.


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Roof Repair Assistance for Low Income Homeowners?Do you know any government programs that can assist me in repairing my roof? I am a single mother of 3 kids. I can not afford to repair my roof. I don't make a lot of money at my job and I pay all my bills by myself. I have no money left after I pay my bills and I really need a new roof on my home.


A vintage roller exercise machine.

Selling a Vintage Roller Exercise Machine?I have seen previous posts in the past about people wanting to purchase a vintage roller exercise machine. I have one for sale that still works and is in great shape, but I have no idea where to post it. I can't ship it so it would have to be picked up in North Carolina.


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Tag Line/Slogan for Mobile Car Detailing Business?I have a mobile detailing business named, Prime Time Car Spa. I am looking for a tag line or slogan.


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Recycling Trophies?Is there any place in Michigan where I can recycle about 8 trophies that are in very good condition?


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13th Birthday Party Ideas?I'm turning 13 in July. I want to have around 20 people (girls and boys) come and have like 7 (girls only) stay for a sleep over. But I'm not sure what to do. I want to have it at my house. I live in New Mexico so summers can get pretty hot. We have a bonfire pit and a pretty big back yard.


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