May 23, 2017

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Use Shower Curtain
Rings on Hangers

Use Shower Curtain Rings on HangersShower curtain rings can be used for many more things than just holding up a shower curtain. You can use them in your closet to hang ties or scarves. This is a page about use shower curtain rings as hangers.


Chicken Ala King in bowl

Chicken Ala King RecipeChicken ala King is a hearty dinner your whole family is sure to enjoy. This is a page about chicken ala king.


Carpenter Bee Trap

How to Make a Carpenter Bee TrapCarpenter bees can destroy the wood in your home. Use this simple trick to capture carpenter bees. This is a page about making a carpenter bee trap.


A small green plant growing out of a glass change jar.

Being Frugal and GreenOften, being frugal and taking good care of the environment can be accomplished simultaneously. This is a page about being frugal and green.


A Mother's Day card with a scrubbie as a flower.

Scrubbie Flower Mother's Day CardMake this cute card for Mom on Mother's Day or change the sentiment and it would be nice for other occasions. This is a page about scrubbie flower Mother's Day card.


Fabric Chicken Doorstop - being used as a doorstop

How to Make a Fabric Chicken DoorstopThis adorable chicken doorstop is easy to make and customize for your home decor. This is a page about how to make a fabric chicken doorstop.


Painting with Roller

Air Bubbles in Wall Paint?Using a roller with too rough of a nap is a common cause for having bubbles in paint after it has dried. This is a page about air bubbles in wall paint.


Black Leather Boots

How to Shrink Leather BootsIf your leather boots are too large, you may need to shrink them a bit to get a better fit. This is a page about shrinking leather boots.


A woman writing a check for a bill.

Being Frugal From NecessityFrugality is a way of life that isn't always a choice. This is a page about being frugal from necessity.


tissue rolling from the top forward

Flatten Roll to Use Less Toilet PaperToilet paper can get used too quickly sometimes. Trying flattening the roll a bit to help prevent too much from easily unrolling. This is a page about keeping the kids from unrolling toilet paper.


Muffin tin filled with grated zucchini.

Use Muffin Tins to Freeze Shredded ZucchiniIf you grow zucchini, you may have some extra that you would want to freeze. Use a muffin tin to freeze your shredded zucchini into small portions. This is a page about use muffin tins to freeze shredded zucchini.


Mother's Day Dress Cards Tacked on Cork Board

Handmade Mother's Day Dress CardThese cute little dress shaped cards can be personalized for your mom, using her favorite color and added bling. This page contains instructions for a handmade Mother's Day dress card.


Three heads of garlic on a wooden surface.

Using Garlic For Stronger NailsApplying garlic directly to your nails may help to strengthen them. This is a page about use garlic for stronger nails.


White Vinegar for Removing Sticker Residue from Clothing - before and after photo

White Vinegar for Removing Sticker Residue from ClothingWhite vinegar can be used for a multitude of cleaning purposes around the house, even removing sticker residue on clothing. This is a page about white vinegar for removing sticker residue from clothing.


tote on bedpost

DIY Remote Control ToteIf you are always losing your remote, having a pouch to place it in may be helpful. This remote control pouch can easily be customized to fit any decorating scheme. This is a page about DIY remote control tote.


Proper Way to Sharpen Scissors

How to Sharpen Scissors Using a Ceramic MugSharpen your own scissors at home with only a ceramic mug. This is a page about proper way to sharpen scissors.


Woman with Large Pores

Makeup Tips for Large Pores?If you have large pores applying makeup can be a challenge at times. This is a page about makeup for large pores.


Blueberry compote in an aluminum pot.

Cleaning Burnt Blueberries From an Aluminum Pot?Cleaning brunt fruit and other high sugar foods off of your aluminum cookware can be a chore. This is a page about cleaning burnt blueberries from an aluminum pot.


international doll

Value of Papa Tung Dolls?Many types of dolls are collectible and depending on their condition and rarity, may be valuable. This is a page about price range on papa tung doll.


chick feeder

Getting Ready to Raise ChicksPrior to bringing home your new chicks you will want to get all of your supplies and set out their brooder box. Then the fun begins. This is a page about getting ready to raise chicks.


ribbon in jar

Use a Sugar Dispenser for RibbonThe hole at the top of a sugar dispenser is just the right size for many types of small ribbon to fit through. This is a page about sugar dispenser for ribbon.


Recycled Milk Bottle Caps Palette - paint in bottle caps on lid palette

How to Make a Recycled Milk Bottle Cap PaletteThe caps off of milk bottles are just right for use in making an impromptu palette for your next craft painting project. This is a page about how to make a recycled milk bottle cap palette.


Woman Applying Witch Hazel to Her face

Witch Hazel as a Facial AstringentWitch hazel can be a very effective natural astringent and facial cleanser. This is a page about witch hazel and tea for facial astringent.


A close up of a silverfish on a black background.

Natural Remedies for SilverfishSilverfish can become an infestation very quickly if they are not dealt with as soon as they are found in your home. This is a page about natural remedies for silverfish.


A stack of buttermilk pancakes on a plate.

Buttermilk Pancake RecipesEveryone will enjoy these fluffy and delectable buttermilk pancakes for breakfast. This page contains buttermilk pancake recipes.


Installing Linoleum

Finding Inexpensive FlooringThe cost of flooring can vary quite a bit depending on the product you choose. There are many flooring products available that are on the less expensive end of the spectrum. This is a page about finding inexpensive flooring.


Organic Pesticides Being Sprayed on Rose

Organic Pesticide InformationYou don't have to use dangerous chemicals to control pests. There are many organic options to use as pesticides in your garden. This is a page about organic pesticide information.


A carpenter bee on an old stump.

Use WD40 to Get Rid of Carpenter BeesSolvents and oils can often be detrimental to the health of insects. WD40 when sprayed on most insects will kill them. This is a page about how to get rid of carpenter bees.


A dog sleeping, wearing a cone.

Preventing a Dog from Biting Their SkinAllergies or insect bites can start your dog down the path of constant biting and licking of their skin trying to get some relief. This is a page about preventing a dog from biting their skin.


A little dog in a rusty crate.

Cleaning Rust Off a Dog Crate?If it gets left outside, a dog crate can easily become rusty and should be cleaned before being used or sold. This is a page about cleaning rust off dog crate.


Woman Removing Makeup

Removing Makeup and Caring for Your SkinWearing makeup daily can be tough on your skin. To ensure good skin health, removing your makeup thoroughly and regularly is a best practice. This is a page about removing makeup and caring for your skin.


Spiral Felt Flower

Spiral Felt Flower CraftThis cute little felt flower is easy to make and can be used as an accessory or decoration. This page contains a spiral felt flower craft.


Dominique Chicken

Dominique Chicken Breed PhotosDominique chickens are a breed that was developed in the United States during the colonial period. The hens tend to be calm and quite personable a desirable trait in a layer. This page contains Dominique chicken breed photos.


A batch of corn muffins.

Jiffy Corn Muffins Are Too Crumbly?Jiffy corn muffins are often come out pretty consistently but sometimes they might be a bit crumbly. This is a page about jiffy corn muffins too crumbly.


Baked Smores

Baked S'mores RecipeYou don't have to go camping to enjoy some deliciously sweet s'mores. You can bake them up and enjoy them at home any time you want a special treat. This is a page about making baked s'mores.


Homemade Guacamole in bowl

Homemade Guacamole RecipeHomemade guacamole is a delicious addition to many dishes or even dipping with tortilla chips. This is a page about homemade guacamole.



cheese Tacos on plate

Cheddar Cheese Shell TacosYou won't need regular tortilla shells for these super low carb tacos. These shells are made of one ingredient: cheddar cheese. Fried until they are crispy then hung upside down to form a taco shell shape, they are the perfect treat for anyone on a low carb diet... or just loves cheese!


Vietnamese Caramelized Catfish and Pineapple in bowl

Vietnamese Caramelized Catfish and PineappleThis is a very popular Vietnamese braised dish commonly made in clay pots, but we cook it in a regular pot. There are many different methods to make this dish, but we like to eat this with fresh pineapple!



Black Kitten - kitten in crate

Black KittenThis sweet black kitten has no name yet but lots of personality! He or she is one of our fosters that we took in a couple of days ago, in a group of four kittens. This was a picture I snapped because he or she had such an adorable expression. I love kittens, they are so full of personality and love.


Contact Lens Case as Earbud Headphones Case

Contact Lens Case as Earbud Headphones CaseContact lens cases should be discarded every one to three months to keep from contaminating your lenses and hurting your eyes. Here is a way to upcycle your lens holders into a case to neatly hold your earbud headphones. This is a great way to protect your buds and keep the wires from tangling in your pocket or bag.


Separating an egg yolk, using a plastic bottle.

Separate Egg Yolk Using a Plastic BottleThere are many different ways to separate an egg yolk from the egg white. One fun trick is to use a plastic bottle. Press it close to the egg and it will vacuum the whole egg yolk in. Get your plate and press the bottle again to release the yolk.


A repaired shoelace being inserted into the eyelet of a pair of shoes.

Scotch Tape for ShoelacesSince I have an 8 year old boy, shoelaces are my problem. At this age, they are very active on playing, running, and activities at school. Sometimes, the tip of the shoelace will get split and it's hard to get it inserted into the holes of the shoes.


Handmade Maracas for Children - decorated plastic cup maraca

Handmade Maracas for ChildrenThese cute little maracas are perfect for a daycare or just to make on a rainy day to have some fun with your little ones. They can also be used to help the elderly have a little fun during a music program.


A plastic soda bottle being used as a funnel.

Multi Purpose FunnelHere is a way to make a funnel for several uses. One can be for pouring contents into a gallon jug using a cut soda bottle. Simply cut four inches or more as desired from top. It fits perfectly on top of a gallon water jug. You can either tape around the ring or just hold it.


How to Mod Podge Cardstock to Canvas - using sponge brush apply a coat of mod podge to print

How to Mod Podge Cardstock Prints to CanvasCanvas paintings are very popular right now! You can easily turn a printed image on cardstock (of your choice) into a canvas and display it nicely on your mantle or on your wall.


Fingernails with a natural manicure.

Natural NailsIf you ever want to make your nails look way nicer without having to go to the nail salon and spend a outrageous amount of money on your nails, then just add a single coat of a pearl pink polish to your nails.


An organized box with hanging file folders.

Sliding File BoxYou can turn a cardboard file box into a real efficient filing system, with drop in files that slide with ease. First assemble a cardboard file storage box. The one pictured here has manila folders laid in it highly inefficiently. We're going to fix that!


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Leaving Junk Mail OutsideI live in an apartment down 7 steps. I don't like bringing stuff inside that will end up outside unused and unread. I leave my junk mail in my locked mailbox. Then on recycling day, I empty the mailbox.


A collection of mismatched glasses on a countertop.

Matching Glassware is UnnecessaryWhen I first married, everything had to be a complete set. I found it was impossible to keep up with drinking glasses, as they broke more frequently than I expected. I found that I could pick up glasses for as little as a dime at garage sales and thrift shops.



What Is This Houseplant? -  medium green deeply cut leaves with splashes of cream and red on underside

What Is This Houseplant?I am not sure what this is, but would love to know so I can care for it properly.


Is My Pit Bull Pure Bred? - reddish brown dog with pink nose

Is My Pit Bull Pure Bred?She definitely is a rednose Pit Bull, but I also see something else in her. Anyone else have any ideas?


What Is This Houseplant? plant with somewhat large droopy leaves

What Is This Houseplant?I am trying to identify this plant. Any suggestions?


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Getting Rid of Beetles in Kitchen?How do I get rid of drug store beetles? They are referred to here as tiny brown bugs on kitchen countertops.


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Cleaning the Inside of a Glass Bottle?I bought a cobalt blue bottle a few years ago that had a hole drilled on the side and clear Christmas lights in it (also had a very small shade). Now, after a few years of having it, I just got it back out for the year, and noticed the inside of the bottle is cloudy and dusty. How do you clean this?


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17th Birthday Party Ideas?I am going to be 17 on July 27 and I'm inviting a lot of friends over. t will be a max of 25 people. I dont know what I should do for it. So what should I do?


Value of Mersman Tables - end table

Value of Mersman Tables?I have been trying to find a value for my Mersman end tables, but I have yet to find much on them. I have one 7637 and one 7634 (with heart cut out). If you have any information on them and an approximate value, it would be greatly appreciated!


What Breed Is My Dog?

What Breed Is My Dog?I was wondering if she is full blooded Chihuahua as I was told or if she is a Jackchi? She is 10 weeks old.


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Cleaning a Galloping Gourmet Oven?I have a Galloping Gourmet Perfection Aire convection oven. How much water should I put in to clean it?


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Roof Repair Assistance for Low Income Homeowners?Who helps people with low income to repair a leaking roof? My mom's roof is in bad shape. She's on a fixed income. She lives in Elbert County, Elberton Georgia.


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Dye Transferred in the Washer?My husband washed the clothes together without sorting and somehow one of the shirts bled onto only one item in the washer? It was my white shorts with black patterned print :( It now has random tie dyed reddish dye on it. He dried it in the dryer and we didn't know until we we were folding clothes.


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