June 2, 2017

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Making a Mini Banjo

Making a Mini BanjoYou may not win a picking contest with this cute little banjo, but the kids will surely have fun making it and playing with it. This is a page about making a mini banjo.


Tote Bag Handles

Making Tote Bag Handles?Once your tote bag is made the last step it to craft the handles. For some crafts this step can be more difficult. This is a page about making tote bag handles.


Completed card

Snowy Trees Homemade Christmas CardSummer is not too early to begin making your holiday greeting cards. This is a page about snowy trees Christmas card.



Korean-Style Noodle Soup with Chicken and Shrimp in bowl

Korean-Style Noodle Soup with Chicken and ShrimpThis recipe can make at least 8 bowls! Perfect for families or small parties. Very delicious and warming especially for the cold weather, plus all natural and healthy for you! This is one of my favorite soups to eat year round.


Avocado Hummus in bowl

Avocado HummusThis alternative to the usual hummus has quickly become my favourite version. It is mostly a swap out using avocados instead of tahini. It's great because I rarely have tahini in my house.



Placing a rubber band on a clothing hanger.

Use Rubber Bands to Keep Clothing on HangersI always had a problem with wire hangers, because every time I hung my shirt, or dress, it would slide off the sides and fall off! This time, I used rubber bands. I tie the rubber bands on both sides of the hangers to prevent the clothes from falling off.


A plant covered in aphids.

Sticky Tape for AphidsIf you need to get rid of aphids and, like me, don't like using pesticides on plants, your options are usually either to try spraying with soap or to squish them with your fingers. Neither of these options are very pleasant. Here is another solution which you might like better.


Using a Swiffer and Washrag to Clean Area Rugs

Using a Swiffer and Washrag to Clean Area RugsBy using a wet wash rag on a Swiffer broom, I am able to get all the hair off of my area rug. It is amazing how effective this is ;) I have a German Shepherd Husky mix, named Samson, who is blowing his under-coat due to the warmer weather, so there is a big bunch of fur that comes off of this area rug.


A coin in an ice cube tray inside a freezer.

Check for Spoiled Food Due to a Power OutageAlways keep a quarter on top of a frozen ice cube tray. If the quarter has sunk to the bottom, you know the things in the freezer thawed and refroze during a power outage and are not safe to eat. This tip is especially useful if you were away from home on vacation for a few days or more.


An Ace bandage wrapped around an arm for kittens to cling to.

Wear Ace Bandage on Wrist for KittensI used 5.5 foot long Ace bandage and wrapped and tucked it around my wrist. The kittens have something to grab onto when being given meds or other forms of care. This bandage calms them down during holding sessions and nail clipping for the wild ones.


A shopping list written on a piece of paper.

Save Time and Money with a Shopping ListWhen I write a shopping list, I know exactly what I need to purchase and get out of the store so I will not overspend or purchase unnecessary splurge items. I will also save time by having a list in-front of me when I shop.


A package of Umbrian Lentil Soup by the Fig Food Company.

Product Review: Umbrian Lentil SoupI tried this soup which is full of great ingredients. This soup cooks in its own package and can be eaten right out of the package. The company that makes this soup is known for excellent ingredients and their commitment to wholesome foods.


Ribbon and Cord Brooch - slightly off side view of brooch

Ribbon and Cord BroochThis pretty brooch is easy to make and involves no sewing. Brooch backs are available from most of the major online shopping sites and are cheap to buy. This should only take you an hour or so to make.


The Balloon Flower - closed flower

The Balloon FlowerPlatycodon is another member of the Campanulaceae Family (bell flower). It is a very winter hardy perennial. It can withstand 3 degree temperature. It is native to East Asia.


Make Up Brush for Cleaning - using brush to clean keyboard

Make Up Brush for CleaningUse makeup brushes for more than just makeup. They are also great for cleaning. I change out my make up brushes often. Because it is so hard to discard them, I make sure to use them in another way.


Two pairs of scissors stored inside a refrigerator.

Store Scissors Inside FridgeScissors have one of the most important roles in crafting and are also used in the kitchen and the garden. I have a special storage place for my craft and kitchen scissors to keep them sharp for a long period of time. Simply place the scissors inside the refrigerator. Keep them there when you are not using.


Rubber Foam Roses

Rubber Foam RosesThis week I'll be doing a lot of flower projects for a classroom decoration. I'll be decorating a kids' classroom so I can't risk putting paper flowers on areas where children can reach it. Instead of paper, this rubber foam is much durable on lower portions of the room.


Birds In The Sun - male house finch

Birds In The SunUsually, I have trouble photographing in full sun. I don't have filters, and without them, everything takes on a washed out effect.


A white-breasted nuthatch on a tree.

White-breasted NuthatchIt's so nice to watch this little fella. He is the acrobat of my back yard. He goes to the feeder, selects a sunflower seed, then proceeds to the nearest tree.



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Caring for a Wood Duck Egg?A wood duck laid 9 eggs in my planter. The ducklings hatched yesterday. This morning she had most of them headed toward the pond, but left 2 ducklings behind. I reunited them with their mom. When I got home from work, I realized there is one unhatched egg in my planter. Should I do anything with it?


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Looking for Nina Campbell Wallpaper?Any ideas where I can find Nina Campbell wallpaper, Clianthus REF # 2245-01?


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Value of Tickles Porcelain Doll?I have a Tickles porcelain doll from 1992 and was wondering what the value might be.


Value of Falcon Three Wheel Riding Mower - cute riding mower

Value of Falcon Three Wheel Riding Mower?Anyone know the value of this Falcon three wheel ride on mower? I can't find much.


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Blond Dye Left Hair with a Red Tint?I colored my hair this evening a "dark blond" by Clairol. I usually use Loreal champagne blond-(cool color). The Clairol dye has left a red tint. I need to get it out!


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Bleaching Dye Out of a 100% Viscose Romper?I have a 100% viscose romper that is an medium olive green color. I am wondering if it is possible to make it white with bleach?


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Dog Started Weaning Puppies at 2 Weeks?My puppies are now 4 weeks old. Mom started to wean them at two weeks old. They are eating soft and hard food. They took to the food and water right away. She only feeds them once at night if any at all. When she goes to clean them up they try to feed. They are cutting her with what I think are their claws.


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Finding an Electrician that Takes Payments?I need assistance with my electric box. Something keeps kicking it off. I need low payments.


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Affordable Pet Surgery for TPLO?Where can I get affordable surgery for my dog? She needs TPLO on her left rear knee and our vet wants almost $3,800, with x-rays, surgery, and medications. She is almost 3 years old, a Staffordshire Terrier mix, and weighs about 57 lbs. We can't afford that much.


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Identifying a Green Flying Bug?What is this tiny light green bug that has wings and jumps fast? They jump on me when I'm in my house or out on the porch. What is their purpose?


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Looking for a Manual for a Welbilt AMB 6800?I am looking for a PDF version of the instruction manual and recipe book if possible please.


Help After the Red Cross Helps House Fire Victims - burned out motor home

Help After the Red Cross Helps House Fire Victims?The Red Cross put my fiancee and me up for a week after we lost everything to a fire May 28th 2017. We have no transportation and nowhere to go after this. Who can help us out in our situation? We lived in Newport, Tennessee and don't know what to do next. We are in need of immediate help.


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Parvo Transmission Information?We are getting two puppies and one has parvo, but is improving. When we get both puppies together will the puppy that doesn't have parvo be at risk?


Recovery Time for Dog with Parvo - two Pit Bull terriers

Recovery Time for Dog with Parvo?My baby girl Sasha is about 2 and half years old and she got parvo, how she got it I don't know. She has not been in contact with other dogs or feces for that matter, but she got it. She has been with the vet for a week now and she is still the same. My question is what are her chances of surviving this.


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Determining House Cleaning Charges?What do I charge to clean bathrooms and baseboards? I am in Arizona.


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