June 5, 2017

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Spilled Baby Powder

Uses for Baby PowderOne popular use for baby powder is freshening your carpet. It is less expensive than products made for that purpose. Use according to directions to minimize inhalation. This is a page about uses for baby powder.


Canning Jars in Pantry

Restock Your Pantry Like Stores Restock Their ShelvesA well organized pantry not only makes it easy to find a specific item, but can also help save money since you won't buy more of a food item that you already have. This is a page about restock your pantry like stores restock their shelves.


Candles With Lavender

Homemade Candle ScentsYou can use essential oils to add your favorite scents to homemade candles. This is a page about homemade candle scents.


Flamingo costume.

Homemade Bird Costumes for KidsCreate a cute, original bird costume for your child to wear for Halloween or a school function. This is a page about homemade bird costumes for kids.


Silver Tray

Determining the Value of a Silver TraySilver trays, if well made and the smith is identifiable, can be quite valuable. This is a page about determining the value of a silver tray.


Glass Jar Candles

What Can I Use for Candle Molds?You can use a wide variety of containers as candle molds. It is also fun to make candles in items such as tea cups, shells, etc. This is a page about, "What can I use for candle molds?".


Using Flower Pot Saucers for Stepping Stones - Finished stepping stone with small toys around the hand and foot print.

Using Flower Pot Saucers for Stepping StonesThe clear plastic flower pot saucers are perfect to use as a mold for making stepping stones. Their flexibility makes it easy to remove your finished stone. This is a page about using flower pot saucers for stepping stones.


Rooster motif throw pillow.

How to Make a Pillow from Tote BagTote bags are available in many cute patterns. If you see one that you particularly like consider making it into a pillow. This is a page about how to make a pillow from a tote bag.


Hair dye in the bottom of a bathtub

Preventing Hair Dye Stains in a BathtubDyeing your hair at home can result in stains in your tub or sink, especially if it is older and has cracks in the finish. This is a page about preventing hair dye stains in a bathtub.


Harry and David Factory Tour (Medford, OR)

Harry and David Factory Tour (Medford, OR)Harry and David is a well known online store where you can buy delicious fruit and yummy snacks. This is a page about taking a Harry and David factory tour (Medford, OR).



Logo for ThriftyFun Tips

Washing Flip FlopsI love shoes. Especially comfortable flip flops. I am always watching other people's feet to see what kind of shoes they have. But I am often appalled when I see someone with cute shoes that are so nasty. Living in Florida I have lots of flip flops and sandals.


A phone inserted into a recycled food container.

Keep Your Valuables Safe at the BeachInstead of leaving your valuables out in the open, you can use household recyclables or items to create a little safe for your essentials . I used a cylinder container with a tin cap as my safe. This works perfectly because it could fit my essentials and there is only one opening.


Crocheted Turtle - turtle on balcony railing

Crocheted TurtleWith some scrap yarn and about 1 hour of time you can make this turtle. It's super cute and really easy.


Save Receipts When Purchasing Plants - small basil plant

Save Receipts When Purchasing PlantsSave receipts when you buy plants at Home Depot. My basil plant died a couple of weeks after I purchased it. Because I saved the receipt, I got a new one. I'm sure other places do this as well.


A pair of shoes bracing a door open.

Shoes for Bracing a Door OpenI have a magnetic screen on the door and I like to open the sliding door for a nice cross breeze. Today I was trying to brace the door open and had a pair of shoes close and it hit me. Put one on the outside and one on the inside. Perfect solution and I didn't have to spend a dime!


Cauliflower - developing cauliflower head

CauliflowerThis plant was on sale, because warm weather is coming. Cauliflower likes cooler weather. I am hoping that this will get big enough to eat before the hot weather comes in. Fortunately, we have had a cool May and June in NY. This plant likes about 6 hours of full sun and moist soil.


Caramelized Yellow Tail and Baby Back Ribs with red pepper slices

Caramelized Yellow Tail and Baby Back RibsThis is a unique combination of fish and meat, but pairs deliciously together. This is a entree that is often requested in our household, and goes well with rice.


Rubbing sandpaper across a metal food grater.

How to Sharpen a Food GraterRegular usage can sometimes make your food grater dull over time. I use a piece of sandpaper to sharpen my grater. Simply cut a small piece of fine grit sandpaper and wipe the grater from the bottom to the top.


Love U Dad Card - sports Dad card

Love U Dad CardIs your dad a sports fan? Then this card is ideal to show him how much you love him on Father's Day! The card is easy enough for an older child to make on his/her own, and a younger child can make it with some assistance from Mom.


Bagels with cream cheese and smoked salmon.

Make Smoked Salmon Bagels at HomeA few times a week, I stop by a bagel shop and grab breakfast. $3 bucks for bagel and spread is adding up for convenience. Today, I put a stop to overspending and bought bagels, cream cheese by the pack at my local grocery store.


A dress on a hanger in a doorway.

Fashion is Where You Find ItI have posted before about scoring fabulous finds at my local thrift shop. This dress was $5 and looked like it was made for me. If I had a dollar for each compliment I got when I wore it yesterday, I would have made several times the purchase price.


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If Your Riding Mower Will Not StartIf your riding mower will not start (most of these tips are applicable to push mowers also).


A fruit drink in a plastic bottle.

Bee Diverter for PicnicsI always put a saucer full of something sweet far away from our picnic site, especially up on Roan Mountain, TN. Roan Mountain State Park is just so lovely, we can't resist going there with a nice picnic.



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Stretching the Ankle of Tight SneakersHow do I stretch these new sneakers that come all the way up to the ankle and are causing me a friction burn on my ankle? These are Easy Spirit sneakers - which fit well, but I don't know how to stretch only at the ankle area.


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Donating FabricI have a lot of flannel fabric scraps I would like to donate. I live in Alsip Illinois.


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Cleaning Urine and Fecal Odor Out of Hardwood FloorWhat is the cheapest and most effective way to get human urine and fecal smell out of my hardwood floor?


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Discouraging Birds from Nesting in Hanging PlantersI left for the weekend and came home to two mocking birds making nests (I think) in two of my hanging ferns. Can I put fake snakes on top of the nests? And if so, am I able to remove the nests once the birds permanently leave?


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Riding Mower Won't Start After Hitting SomethingI hit something while using my Craftsman riding lawnmower. Now it won't start. It sounds like it tries to start. Is there something I should check before calling the repair guy?


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Replacement Cord for Hoover Carpet ShampooerMy puppy chewed up the cord on my Hoover carpet shampooer. Can you help me with how to get a replacement?


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Daycare Slogan IdeasThe name of the daycare is Bright Minds Center.


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Value of Murphy Arm Chair 656sI have a nice pink upholstered arm chair, that is like new, from an estate. There is a minor scratch on a rear lower portion of one back leg only. How can I find the approximate value?


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Using Retinol A to Lighten Dark Spots on SkinI've been asked to use Retinol A to lighten some dark spots on my skin. Can anyone or does anyone know if it's like a skin bleaching cream? And when or if I use the cream if my skin gets light will it stay permanent?


Tiny Biting Black Bugs  - finger pointing to tiny bug

Tiny Biting Black BugsHelp! We are experiencing pinpoint black bugs. They bite and get on us and our puppy. There are no trails; we just see them in groups. We found them on our mantel, our clothes, our hair, and our toilet. We were recommended to use bed bug spray, but they keep coming back.


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Power Went Out Breaker Not TrippedThe power suddenly went out on us last night for our kitchen and entry lights. I checked the breaker and it did not trip. We do not have a GFCI receptacle on this run.


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13th Birthday Party IdeasI'm turning 13 this July 2017. I do not know what to do. I want to go shopping, have a sleepover, go to a restaurant, and I want a party, but I think it is too much money. What shall I do?


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Weight Watchers Plan for 1990sI have a magnetic board from a Weight Watchers plan from about 1990 where you have so many carbs, milk, proteins, fat, bread, etc. per day, but I haven't kept the details of how much a bread weight is for instance and protein and milk, etc.


Value of Porcelain Doll - doll wearing pink dress in box

Value of Porcelain DollI have had this doll since I was a kid. I don't need it. I want to sell it, but I can't find any type on the market that looks like her. Does anybody know?


Female Zebra Finches Attempting to Breed - birds in cage

Female Zebra Finches Attempting to BreedI purchased what I thought was a pair of zebra finches last month, one is a standard looking zebra finch the other is a white zebra finch. After a bit of research I thought I had ended up with 2 females. They seem bonded, they snuggle and clean each other and sleep together in the nesting boxes.


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Applying for Survivors BenefitsMy 16 year old son's father passed away. I plan on applying for survivors benefits for him. However there's an overpayment to both me and him that I am paying back to SSDI. Will this prevent him from receiving survivors benefits?


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Instructions for Easy to Make Stepping StonesIs there any easy way to make stepping stones? I am looking for a easy craft to do with the older grandchildren. What supplies would I need, what type of concrete, would I need a finishing spray and also how thick should the form be for the stones?


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Microwave Won't WorkNo buttons work on our microwave except the temp control and power button. We have replaced 2 main control panels and the touch panel. The light comes on in the microwave and goes off when the door shuts. This is a built in microwave that has hardly been used, but is out of warranty. Any suggestions?


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Bleaching and Re-dyeing HairI just recently dyed my hair burgundy, but my hair is black. It doesn't really show. Would I be able to bleach it and then dye it?


What Breed Is My Dog? - black puppy

What Breed Is My Dog?When I got her they said the dad was a black Lab. They weren't sure what the mom was. I had people tell me maybe Shepherd mix or Husky mix. But I am not sure. She's fluffy, has a curly tail and when the sun hits her she looks like she has a reddish/brown tint. Any thoughts?


Value of Porcelain Dolls - doll with very curly hair wearing an ecru dress

Value of Porcelain DollsMy husband and I have a number of these dolls which were given to us. We don't know who the manufacturer is or how much they are worth. Most of them are stamped 1995-1996. Does anyone recognize the manufacturer and know what these sell for?


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