June 9, 2017

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Saving Leftover Egg Yolks or Whites

Saving Leftover Egg Yolks or WhitesSometimes recipes call for egg whites and you are left with the yolk or vise versa. Saving the extra yolks or whites for use in another dish later is easy and a great way to reduce food waste. This is a page about saving leftover egg yolks or whites.


Snow Trillium

Growing Snow Trillium (Wake-Robin)Snow trillium can be a fragile plant to get started, but if you can give it a good foothold it will be a lovely flower to enjoy in your yard for years to come. This is a page about growing snow trillium (Wake-Robin).


Soy Milk and Beans

Storing Soy Milk Without RefrigerationSoy milk is a popular substitute for people who need to avoid dairy. This is a page about storing soy milk without refrigeration.


Indian Butter Chicken

Indian Butter Chicken RecipesYour whole family will love this delicious butter chicken with a spicy curry kick. This page contains Indian butter chicken recipe.


Upside down wine bottle in flower pot.

Using Wine Bottle to Water PlantsMany types of bottles can filled with water and inverted in a plant to give it a constant supply of water for a while. This can be a very helpful way to ensure your plants have water if you are away on vacation. This is a page about using wine bottle to water plants.


Computer screen showing settings for adjusting your mouse.

Cut Your Mouse Clicks In HalfCreating shortcuts to items you often use on your computer can be a great timesaver. This is a page about cut your mouse clicks in half.


Father and Son Cooking Dinner Together

Saturday Meal IdeasCooking a meal at home for Saturday is a great activity to bring the whole family together. This is a page about Saturday meal ideas.


Paper Towels

What Are the Cheapest Paper Products?Paper can often be purchased in bulk rather inexpensively. However, paper comes in a myriad of forms and textures, so be sure the bulk paper you are buying will fit your needs prior to purchasing it. This is a page about what are the cheapest paper products?


Teenager With Credit Card

Dreams Come True with a Credit CardMany people creatively use credit to overcome financial obstacles. This page contains information about making your dreams come true with a credit card.


bare feet

Remedies for Hot FeetSometimes, a person's feet will get hot for no apparent reason. This page contains remedies for hot feet.


Awesome Cinnamon Rolls

Awesome Cinnamon Rolls RecipeCinnamon rolls are a delicious treat that can be enjoyed any time of year. This page contains an awesome cinnamon rolls recipe.


Breast Cancer Awareness Symbol

Crochet Pattern for Breast Cancer AwarenessThis familiar pink ribbon is worn proudly by those who wish to raise awareness of this terrible cancer that affects so many. This is a page has information about a crochet pattern for breast cancer awareness.


Chamomile Tea

How to Make a Chamomile CleanserCheerful yellow chamomile flowers are good for more than just a soothing tea, the can also be a good for cleaning your face. This is a page contains information on how to make a chamomile cleanser.


7 Year Old Picky Eater

7 Year Old Won't Eat Healthy FoodYoung children can often be picky about certain foods. However, eating a healthy diet is an important lesson to learn even if it means a few tears are shed. This is a page about 7 year old won't eat healthy food.


Tattoo on Woman's Back

Protecting a Tattoo When TanningSunscreen and moisturizer are important to apply to any tattooed area that may be exposed while you are tanning. This is a page about protecting a tattoo when tanning.


Rainbow of Candles

Storing CandlesIt can be easy to have more candles than you can properly display or use. This is a page about storing candles.



The Classic Rose(Dark Desire) deep red rose

The Classic Rose (Dark Desire)I submitted this picture for several reasons. The evening light was just right. The rose was opened to just the right degree. Less and it would have been a bud. More and it would have looked like a cabbage rose. And color. This is the closest I've come to capturing the true red violet color of this 'Dark Desire' rose.


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Remedy for Mealybugs on PlantsThe white powdery look you sometimes see on plants is mealybugs that can infest plants after a lot of rain. Take a bowl and mix original Dawn soap and place it into a plastic hand held sprayer. The mix is 2 to 1 heavy on the soap; spray and let dry.


Salt for Removing Super Glue  from Fingers - damp salt on fingertip

Salt for Removing Super Glue from FingersInstead of washing your hands with chemicals to remove super glue from your fingers, dip your fingers into some water, then into a good amount of salt, make a salt paste and rub it around. Rinse with warm water. If you're left with a bit more super glue on your fingers, repeat the process until it's gone.


Flourless Chicken Pizza Crust pieces on plate

Flourless Chicken Pizza CrustI am head over heels in love with this low carb pizza. The crust is made of three ingredients: ground chicken, Parmesan cheese, and an egg. It tastes just like pizza! This is a super high protein, paleo-friendly, keto-friendly, and a gluten-free delight. I urge you to give it a try.


Help Dishwasher to Dry Dishes Properly - handle protruding from dishwasher door

Help Your Dishwasher to Dry Dishes ProperlyNear the end of the drying cycle on your dishwasher, if you pull the door slightly ajar it will let a lot of the steam out and help to prevent the puddles that often condense onto the base of cups and bowls.



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Male Flowers on Zucchini Plant Not BloomingMy zucchini plant female flowers are blooming great, but my male flowers haven't bloomed yet. I know the males need to bloom so the females can be pollinated. Any reasons why the males might not be blooming yet?


What Is This Houseplant? - plant with dark pink or magenta flowers

What Is This Houseplant?I received this for Mother's Day from my kindergartener and it didn't come with a tag.


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Ingredients Quantities for Chicken Stew for 1000We're planning on making chicken stew for 1,000 homeless people. We were thinking of buying chicken braai (Afrikaans for grilled meat) packs, packets of mixed veggies, potatoes, and brown onion soup. Any idea on the ingredients to use and what quantities?


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Products for a Sagging NeckWhat is good to use on a sagging neck?


Dyeing Hair Without the Activator - tube of dye

Dyeing Hair Without the ActivatorI bought a box of hair dye, but it didnt have the activator when I opened it. The shop I bought it from is not within walking distance, so I can't return it. Can I still use the hair dye without the activator?


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Check Fuel Cap Light Keeps Coming OnTomorrow is the third time I'm bringing my car in. They replaced the gas cap and told me it was fixed. I drive for a bit and it comes on again. I know it is not dangerous, but it is annoying and inconvenient for me to keep bringing it in. It is a 2009 Honda Accord.


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Sick Puppy Won't EatMy 6 week old Maltipoo lost his appetite 2 days after we got him. He started getting diarrhea and vomiting so he's pretty weak. They started him on Pedia Sure which is staying down and he's drinking water, but refuses to eat. What can I try that may peak his appetite's interest?


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Sharing Photos on FacebookI entered my cat Teddy, in the pet contest on this site. How do I post all his pictures and his story on Facebook? Obviously, I am new to Facebook!


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Cat Keeps Scratching Her EyelidsMy cat keeps scratching right above her eye on her eyelids. She does it so much that they are raw and bleeding. What can I do to help her? It is not fleas; I use Frontline.


What Breed Is My Dog? shaved black dog

What Breed Is My Dog?I was wondering if anyone could help me and let me know what breed they think my dog is. I've had her for about 6 weeks now. The guy I got her from said she was about 2 years old. She had hair, but he shaved it off. He also said she was mixed with Chihuahua.


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Removing Scratched Coating on EyeglassesHow do I remove the scratched coating from my eyeglasses?


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Name for Jeans Embellishment BusinessMy mother and I are stumped on a business name for our "company". My mom embroiders and hand paints, bleach dyes, and splatter paints jeans. And, I, take thrifted jeans and rip them up and lace them up, etc. (I make them look super dope.) I also find vintage-y t-shirts and lace or shred them up.


An unknown leaf with green and yellow.

What Variety Is This Plant? (Weigela Florida)Does anyone know the variety of this dogwood? It was said to be a western dogwood. It is not. The closest I have come while researching is the Ivory Halo dogwood, but its leaf margins are almost pure white, not a very deep cream as the picture shows. Maybe someone has this tree?


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Real Estate Business Name IdeasI just became a real estate agent and am looking for suggestions on a business name. My first name is Alexandra and I wasn't sure whether to use it or not.


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Cat Will Not Pee in a Litter BoxWe've been having a problem with my son's cat peeing all over my house. I changed out his litter boxes and found a litter he will poo in, and added a box on every floor. I bought pet enzyme sprays. I used vinegar and even bought Skunk Eeze. These items did get rid of the smell, but they do not deter him at all.


What Breed Is My Puppy? white dog

What Breed Is My Puppy?Blanco has been added to our family recently. I need help in figuring out what breed he is, to have a better knowledge of his characteristics. There were 20 dogs when I brought Blanco; the owner told me he doesn't know who the father and mother are.


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