June 17, 2017

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White glue being painted on a craft project.

Use White Glue to Add Shine to Your CraftAn inexpensive way to add a sheen to a craft project is by applying layers of white school glue. This is a page about use white glue to add shine to your craft.


tomato suckers

How to Remove Tomato SuckersUse your fingers to quickly and easily remove these suckers before they start to compete with the main plant for nutrients. This is a page about how to remove tomato suckers.


finished card

Duo of Glass Baubles Homemade Christmas CardThe glass bauble motif on this handmade card is sure to please the recipient. This is a page about duo of glass baubles Christmas card.


Girl Blowing Gum Bubble

Use Baby Oil for Gum in HairIf you have some handy, baby oil works well to remove gum from hair. This is a page about use baby oil for gum in hair.


Clothespin Apron - person wearing the apron and holding a couple of clothes pins

How to Make a Clothespin ApronIf you have chosen to use a clothes line to supplement or replace your dryer this cute apron is exactly what you need to carry your pins. This is a page about how to make a clothespin apron.


Leather Jacket

How to Clean Paint Stains on a Leather JacketRemoving paint stains on a leather jacket needs to be done properly so as not to damage the leather and its finish. This is a page about how to clean paint stains on a leather jacket.


Ribbon and Cord Brooch - allow glue to dry and wear

How to Make a Ribbon and Cord BroochBy combining pretty ribbon and cording you can make this no sew brooch. This is a page about how to make a ribbon and cord brooch.


Tying Shoes

How to Keep Your Shoe Tongue From SlidingWhen the tongue of your shoe keeps sliding around it can become uncomfortable. Try this simple remedy to eliminate the problem. This is a page about how to keep your shoe tongue from sliding.


Weeping Cherry Tree
Not Flowering

Weeping Cherry Tree Not FloweringWhen ornamental flowering trees fail to flower it can be very frustrating. This is a page about weeping cherry tree not flowering.


Bulls Eye Tie Dye Shirt

Bull's Eye Tie Dye PatternThere are several tie dye pattern variations you can try. This is a page about making a bull's eye tie dye pattern.


Blue velour fabric.

Removing Grease Stains on Velour Pants?Removing stains on fabric with a nap may require special care so as not to damage the pile. This is a page about removing grease stains on velour pants.


Removing Roof Tar From Skin With Olive Oil

Removing Roof Tar from Skin with Olive OilHome repair roof repair jobs can leave you with the roof tar on your skin if you neglect to wear gloves. This is a page about removing roof tar from skin with olive oil.


A person holding a yellow plastic tablecloth in their hands.

Removing Wrinkles from a Plastic TableclothPlastic tablecloths typically have a lot of unsightly wrinkles when taken out of the package. A bit of heat in the dryer is one way to get rid of them. This is a page about removing wrinkles from a plastic tablecloth.


week 1 no 1

Chicks Week-by-Week (Weeks 1-6)This page documents the growth and development of backyard pet chickens over a six week period. This is a page about chicks week-by-week (weeks 1-6).


A girl spraying hairspray.

Removing Hairspray Build Up on WallsUnfortunately while using hair spray to style your hair, the spray can get on walls and other surfaces. This is a page about removing hairspray build up on walls.


Duck and Her Ducklings

Protecting a Duck and Her Ducklings?Ducks often lay their eggs in places that can put them and their duckings at risk. This is a page about protecting a duck and her ducklings.


finished shirt 1

Swirl Tie Dye PatternThe swirl tie dye pattern may look complicated, but it is in fact very easy to make. This is a page about making a swirl tie dye pattern.


White Rain Barrel

Rain Barrels for Practically FreeBy asking around at various businesses you may be able to find suitable plastic barrels to make your own rain barrels for little or no cost. This is a page about rain barrels for practically free.


Father's Day Money Holder Card

How to Make a Father's Day Shirt and Tie Money Holder CardThis is the perfect card for the father who has everything or an older parent. The pocket on the shirt makes a handy money holder. This is a page about how to make a Father's Day shirt and tie money holder card.


Value of 1898 Quilt Top  - date

Finding the Value of Antique Quilt Tops?The value of antique quilt tops can vary quite a bit depending on its age, condition, pattern, etc. This is a page about finding the value of antique quilt tops.


Electrician Installing Power Outlet

Finding an Electrician that Takes Payments?The cost of hiring a licensed and certified electrician can be quite high depending on the nature of the job. Finding one that will take payments may help make the cost more affordable. This is a page about finding an electrician that takes payments.


An elastic band stretched across the paint can opening.

Use a Rubber Band Across Your Paint CanPlacing a rubber band so that it crosses the top of your paint can provides a way to remove excess paint from your brush while working on your painting project without messing up the rim of the can. This is a page about use a rubber band across paint can.


Mouse in a House

Mice Coming in Through Hole in a Foundation?Mice can enter your home through the smallest of holes. Closing up this mouse entryway is the best way to keep them out. This is a page about mice coming in through a hole in my foundation.


Washing Machine

Using RIT Dye in a Washing MachineOne method of dyeing clothing is in the washer. This is a page about using RIT dye in a washing machine.


Rubber Foam Roses

How to Make Foam RosesSheets of craft foam can be used to make pretty flowers for classroom or home decorations. This is a page about how to make foam roses.


A key with a green plastic fob that says "SHED".

Use Plastic Lids to Make Key FobsRecycle plastic container lids into useful key fobs. This project is easy and is a good way to label your keys. This is a page about use plastic lids to make key fobs.


Swirl pattern tie dye shirt.

Setting the Dye When Making Tie-dye Clothing?When making tie-dyed clothing an important step before you finish the project is to set the dye. This is a page about setting the dye when making tie-dye clothing.


Weeping Cherry Tree

Can You Eat Cherries from a Weeping Cherry Tree?Whether the fruit on an ornamental cherry tree is good to eat may depend on the variety. In any case it will probably not be as tasty as that on a cherry tree grown for its fruit. This is a page about eating cherries from a weeping cherry tree.


Button Flowers - closeup of finished framed flowers

Framed Button Flower ArtMaking colorful flowers from buttons is a fun craft project for young and old alike. Once made, frame and display for continuing enjoyment. This is a page about framed button flower art.


Weeping Cherry Tree

Saving My Weeping Cherry TreeThese beautiful ornamentals are subject to damage and neglect that can put them in danger of dying. This is a page about saving my weeping cherry tree.


White and Gray Kitchen

Paint Color Advice for a White and Gray KitchenChoosing a wall color to complement your kitchen, cabinets, appliances, and floor can help bring the whole room together. This is a page about paint color advice for a white and gray kitchen.


Old suitcase.

Musty Smell In SuitcaseSuitcases that have been in storage, or simply not used in awhile can develop a musty odor. This is a page about musty smell in suitcase.


Weeping Cherry with blossoms.

Weeping Cherry Has Small LeavesSometimes when a new tree is planted it can suffer transplant shock which can effect overall growth including leaf size. It should start to show signs of improvement after it settles in. This is a page about weeping cherry has small leaves.


Colorful clothing in a washing machine.

Setting Colors in Clothing So They Don't BleedSome types and colors of clothing dye are more likely to bleed in the wash. There are some products you can use to prevent bleeding. This is a page about setting colors in clothing so they don't bleed.


Pencil lead tube with a variety of sewing needles.

Pencil Lead Tube for Sewing Needle StorageThe small rigid plastic containers for mechanical pencil refills is perfect for storing sewing needles. This is a page about pencil lead tube for sewing needle storage.


Faux Hornets' Nest - hanging on balcony

How to Make a Crochet Faux Hornets' NestThis crochet hornet nest may work to discourage these stinging insects from building a real nest on your deck or balcony. This is a page about how to make a crochet faux hornets' nest.


Tension Rod Crafting Ribbon Holder

Tension Rod Crafting Ribbon and Wrapping Paper HolderIf you have a place to install it, a tension curtain rod works well for organizing and storing ribbon and wrapping paper. This is a page about tension rod crafting ribbon and wrapping paper holder.



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14th Birthday Party Ideas?I am turning 14 October 31 and I don't know what to do for my birthday. I want it to be fun and not spendy. I don't talk to a lot of people, but I want a lot of people to come. I want a boy and girl party. I love purple and blue. Any suggestings?


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Ice Maker Not Dumping Ice?I have a Whirlpool refrigerator/freezer and it is not dumping ice and there are ice cubes in the tray. First of all when I looked in the freezer the steel wire that turns it on and off was not connected so I connected it back. My Whirlpool model #WRF560SEYMO1.


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7 Week Old Kitten Not Eating Cat Food?I have a 7 week old kitten and it has no interest in eating kitten food. I've tried dry food, I tried crushing it up. I've tried wet food and it doesn't want anything, but to keep feeding off its mom. What should I do?


Getting Hair Back to Natural -Color After Dyeing - dyed hair

Getting Hair Back to Natural Color After Dyeing?I dyed my hair purple and I want to go back to my natural hair colour. How do I get rid of the colour?


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Reassembling a Roll Top Desk?How do I re-insert the rolltop insert (tambour) back into my desk after I refinished it? I can't get it started in the grooves and it will not fit back again. I need to slide the rolltop back where it is suppose to go.


Found Lint Bugs On My Clean Towels - lint

Found Lint Bugs On My Clean Towels?I have been fighting carpet beetles daily vacuuming and spraying with vinegar and using boric powder. But today I found this all over my clean towels! I think they are lint bugs! They actually caused a splinter like cut on my skin when I was removing them.


Identifying a Tiny Stinging Bug - unidentifiable black bug

Identifying a Tiny Stinging Bug?I am in need of help identifying this stinging tiny insect found in my bed. I have been battling carpet beetles in my home, then this thing shows up. Please help me! Thanks.


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Service Award Speech Ideas?I am receiving an award from my employers for length of service and commitment. I would like help with a very short speech to thank my employers.


Is My Dog a Full Blooded Pit Bull? - brown puppy with dark muzzle

Is My Dog a Full Blooded Pit Bull?I got her a couple of days ago. Do you think she is a full blooded Pit? I'm not 100% sure what she is. And I really need to know. She's supposed to be full blooded.


Value of Rolling Stones Record - vinyl record

Value of Rolling Stones Record?I have a Rolling Stones "England's Newest Hit Makers" 33-1/3" and it is in almost new condition. It was pressed in England and the number on it is LL.3375. Unfortunately it does not have the posterbook that people claim it comes with.


What Kind of Snake Is This?  - tan and brown snake in driveway

What Kind of Snake Is This?Any help with identifying this snake? We live in middle Tennessee. Is it venomous?


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Looking for a Massage Roller Machine?I'm looking for a Walton or Sears massage roller machine. I live in Westchester, New York. If anyone knows of someone who'd like to let theirs go, please contact me through Thirifyfun and reply to this post. Thank you.


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Identifying Little Green Bugs and Larger Brown Ones?The past few days here in South New Jersey, we've had a huge heat wave with a minimum of 95 degrees. I now have a ton of odd bugs in my bedroom. The bugs are super tiny, barely bigger than fleas, fly, and they're a bright green. The second bug seems to vary in size. It is brown and has long antennae.


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Shih Tzu Puppy Not Eating Properly?I have a 6 month old male Shih Tzu puppy. I usually feed him one full egg in the morning and carrot and Royal Canin in the evenings. Beginning two days ago his intake of food has been reduced. He keeps jerking in the nights. Is this something should I be worried about?


What Breed Is My Dog? - brown puppy sitting next to black and white cat

What Breed Is My Dog?This beautiful girl is Mia. We adopted her about a month ago and she will be 4 months old on 7/1/17. We were told she is a Lab Retriever/terrier mix. My boyfriend thinks that the "terrier" in her may be Pit Bull terrier and he also doubts she has any Lab in her at all.


Getting Hair Back to Natural Color After Dyeing

Getting Hair Back to Natural Color After Dyeing?How can I get my natural color hair back after having it midnight indigo before I go back to school in late August so I won't draw too much attention? I used Splat Midnight Indigo. And what is a semi permanent hair color and how does it work?


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Measuring Chicken Boullion?I use to use Wylers chicken granules and since they have been replaced with the chicken powder I have no idea how much to use. I find there isn't much taste in the powder. What I wanna know is how much powder to use for 2 tablespoons of granules, or even if I use chicken cubes how much of those for 2 tbs.?


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Clorox Stain on Red Polo Shirt?I have a Clorox stain on my husband's very expensive Haverety golf polo shirt. How can I repair or get the Clorox stain out of this very nice shirt?


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Getting Hair Back to Natural Color After Dyeing?I have heard that you have to wait three months to dye your hair back or at least to a color close to your natural hair. How much true is this? What I am asking is can you re-dye after a month or so after dyeing it?


Will Cutting a Pomeranian's Fur Damage His Coat? Pom with short haircut

Will Cutting a Pomeranian's Fur Damage His Coat?I got my Pom puppy (14 weeks old) cut short, but not shaved. I was not aware of the dangers in cutting them and am terrified that I ruined his coat. If it is just a one time thing, is it pretty likely that I have no damage my poor baby permanently?


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Refrigerator Keeps Shutting Off?My fridge stops running completely until you shut it on off and turn it back on.


dentifying a Porcelain Clown Doll

Identifying a Porcelain Clown Doll?Can some one help me identify the signature on this doll?


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Craftsman Riding Mower Won't Start?I changed the starter, battery, battery ends and solenoid, but my tractor still will not start. Any ideas?


Is My Pit Bull Full Blooded? - brindle dog

Is My Pit Bull Full Blooded?This is my baby Cash, he is about 16 or 17 months old. The pictures do not do him any justice. He weighs 58.8 lbs per the vet as of today. I was told that his breed is a Gator Bully. He snaps every collar we have put on him without chewing through them.


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Determining the Age of Encyclopedia Volumes?How can I tell how old a set of three Britannica encyclopedias are? They're a set of three, volumes 1, 2, and 3.


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Having Cedar Trees Trees Cut for the Wood?I live in Northern California. I have 4 very large, old cedar trees in my yard that I would like to remove. They are healthy trees, and straight; just growing too close to the house. The trees are probably 70+ years old. A local tree trimmer want $16,000. to drop them and take them away. I'd like to sell the wood.


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Having a Friend Care for Your Cats While You Are Away?I'm looking for a advice. I'm going on holiday for 9 nights tommorow. I have two cats that my neighbour will be going in on everyday and will be sleeping at my house in the evening. But I'm worried they're not going to be OK.


Repairing a Broken Leather Purse Strap - broken strap

Repairing a Broken Leather Purse Strap?I have a Micheal Kors bag and one day all of a sudden, the shoulder strap just tore apart. I really like this bag, is there any way I could fix it? Should I glue it, how? Should I sew it, with what?


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Geting Rid of Ticks Inside?We went on vacation and there were ticks. I washed all of our clothing before returning home, but still found 4 ticks, my husband had 2 on him. What can I use inside my house to make sure I get rid of them? What can I clean with?


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Dog Peeing on Bed When Left Alone?Have a 11 month old Maltese/Shih tzu who is not desexed and a 4 year old female Maltese/Shih tzu. One of them is weeing on the bed when we go out for long amounts of time. Usually someone is home most of the time and this doesn't happen. It is in the spot where the 4 year old sleeps.


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Name Ideas for Home Decor and Handicraft Shop?I live in Singapore, and am planning to open a physical shop to sell home decor and handicrafts from various countries, and then open an online shop.


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Plumbing Repair Assistance for Low Income Homeowner?I am a widow without a lot income; I am receiving Social Security Survivor benefits. I need to get some help to fix my pipes connected to my plumbing. They are cracked. They are galvanized pipes.


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Homemade Liquid Lawn Fertilizer Recipe?Is there a homemade recipe for liquid lawn fertilizer that can be used in a 25 gallon tow behind liquid sprayer? I have a John Deere sprayer.


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