June 18, 2017

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A woman feeling tired.

Advice About Chronic Fatigue SyndromeThe cause of this disorder which is characterized by chronic fatigue, not relieved by rest, is not the result of a known underlying medical condition. It can be quite debilitating. This page contains advice about chronic fatigue syndrome.


Easy Gift Soaps

Easy Melt and Pour Gift SoapsUsing glycerine soap cubes and your favorite essential oil, spices, or other additions you can make fragrant gifts for friends and family. This is a page about making easy melt and pour gift soaps.


Rock Ground Cover

Killing Grass in Rock Ground CoverLandscaping done with rocks can be quite attractive especially for xeriscape gardens. However, having grass come up in your gravel is not attractive. This is a page about killing grass in rock ground cover.


An icemaker on the door of a refrigerator.

KitchenAid Refrigerator Ice Maker Not WorkingTrying to find the cause for the failure of your ice maker can be easy or baffling. This is a page about KitchenAid refrigerator ice maker not working.


Doll box.

Value of Philippe Cannon Porcelain DollsSome porcelain dolls can be quite valuable. This is a page about value of Philippe Cannon porcelain dolls.


A worn brown leather sofa.

Touching Up Worn Spots on a Leather SofaWith use, a leather sofa can develop worn spots that differ in color and finish from the rest of the piece. This is a page about touching up worn spots on a leather sofa.


Snowflake Christmas Card

Snowflake Homemade Christmas CardSparkling snowflakes and miniature trees adorn this pretty holiday card. This is a page about snowflake homemade Christmas card.


A pink and white wrist corsage.

Making Wrist CorsagesIf you can find the wristlets at either a florist or craft store it provides a good starting place for your corsage. This is a page about making wrist corsages.


Winterizing Windows

Winterizing WindowsWinterizing older windows can help keep your home warmer and save you money on heating costs. This is a page about winterizing windows.


Mirror Mirror on the Wall - mirror on wall

How to Make a 70s Style Sunburst Wall MirrorThis disctinctive sunburst style was commonly used for designing mirrors and even clocks. This is a page about how to make a 70s style sunburst wall mirror.



Use Flowers to Identify Gender of Foster Kittens - black female kitten with pink flowers

Use Flowers to Identify Gender of Foster KittensWe have had at least 22 kittens come through from various places and it can get confusing to tell them apart. I saw some artificial flowers at Walmart and I decided I could use them to help identify who was who.


Describing My Dad Card - completed card for dad

Describing My Dad CardI cannot find the right name for this type of card so I just named it "describe dad". It is another type of greeting card wherein you create different figures that symbolizes your father.


Budget Organizer Notebook - open notebook showing budget envelopes

Budget Organizer NotebookThis handy pocket notebook is very useful to moms who are on a really tight budget. As a mom, I try my best to organize my budget and set aside funds for the family's necessities.


Feverfew - mass of flowers

FeverfewFeverfew is a type of chrysanthemum and spreads like wildfire in our garden and we have to weed some of it out, but it is a very pretty plant. It is also medicinal, containing salicylic acid (the stuff aspirin is made of) and therefore said to be good for headaches.



What Is This Houseplant? - orangish red leaf

What Is This Houseplant?I was given this plant by someone who rescued it from the garbage so I have no idea what it is. I've tried looking up the name of this plant myself, but haven't been able to find it. Does anyone have any ideas?


Repairing a Worn Blanket - bear image throw blanket

Repairing a Worn BlanketHas anyone seen a blanket like this being sold anywhere? I'm trying to restore this one and it has several large holes and is threadbare in many areas so I was hoping to find a similar blanket to use to reinforce and patch with.


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Looking for My CousinsI am looking for two female cousins who are probably about 50 years old. I do not know their names, but their father was a notorious murderer named Lawrence Singleton, originally from Tampa Florida. I only met these girls once, but always wondered how they are. I am certain they changed their names.


A sealed Johnny Crash "Neighborhood Threat" cassette tape, still sealed in plastic.

Value of Johnny Crash "Neighbourhood Threat" CasetteI have an original and still sealed Johnny Crash "Neighbourhood Threat" case the that is still sealed. The cassette number is NT 45126. I cannot find it anywhere.


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Eligibility for Survivor BenefitsMy son's father died 6 years ago and I want to make my husband (my son calls him dad) a legal guardian. Would his survivor benefits end if I do this?


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Flower AstrologyCould you please give me the list of flowers associated with flower astrology?


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11th Birthday IdeasMy 11 year old girl's birthday is coming up and she only wants 1 of her best friends to come. She would like it outdoors (her birthday is July 4th). Anyway we have no ideas. So anyone have ideas?


Identifying a Houseplant - trailing plant in small blue pot

Identifying a HouseplantCan someone please help me figure out what this is? I love it, but I can't figure out exactly what it needs as far as light and watering.


Kittens Do Not Like to Be Picked Up - two young Siamese kittens

Kittens Do Not Like to Be Picked UpI have two seal point Siamese boys. I picked them up from a breeder at 8 weeks old. I tried picking them up right from the start, but was received with hissing and cowering. Now at 12 weeks old I can only pet them while they're eating or while I'm playing with them with one of their toys.


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Removing a Stain from Stored T-shirtsI have 2 t-shirts, the Lycra type, that have been folded and forgotten in the closet. They both have a line of dust. I washed them, but the dust line didn't wash away! How can I remove the dust stain from this type of t-shirt?


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Name and Slogan for Evening ChildcareI'm looking to start childcare aimed to cover evenings and nights (as well as daytime), like a bed and breakfast homely environment for kids up to secondary age. Any ideas on a name and slogan?


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Donating Latch Hook YarnWhere can I donate latch hook yarn?


Identifying a Houseplant  - closeup of flower

Identifying a HouseplantI bought this plant at the estate sale after my elderly neighbor died. The leaves are quite hard and shiny and it's actually flowered this spring with a plume of small fuzzy light pink blooms with darker pink centers.


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13th Birthday Party IdeasI (female turning 13) want to have a birthday party for just my friends, but I'm not really sure what I should do because my family will be in Florida for my actual birthday (July 2017). So I'll have to have it during the middle of the month.


The bottom of a frying pan.

Leveling A Fry Pan BottomI bought a large fry pan with a glass lid. Not a quality pan, but I think it's worth what I paid for it, with one exception. Looking down into the pan, you can see that the inside bottom is convex. It is raised in the center and becomes lower towards the outer area. I used it just once.


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Caring for a 6 Week Old PuppyI have a 6 week old puppy; she is a Chorkie. I got her early as her mother was not well enough too look after her. So I am feeding her powdered milk and puppy meat. She's been eating and drinking fine, but the past 2 days she won't eat anything. She is drinking the odd bit of milk, that's it.


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