June 20, 2017

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Sliding glass doors.

Insulating Sliding Glass Doors Inexpensively?Sliding glass doors can be a large heat sink for your home unless they are well insulated. This is a page about insulating sliding glass doors inexpensively.


A white chef's coat.

Cleaning Chef CoatsA chef's coat can get very dirty while working in a kitchen. This is a page about cleaning chef coats.


A calculator and notebook that says retirement plan.

What Should I Do With My 401K After Losing My Job?Rolling your 401K over into a Roth IRA can be a great way to continue building your retirement even after you lose a job. This is a page about what should I do with my 401k after losing my job?


A man repairing a dryer.

Dryer Not Spinning?If your dryer is not spinning, most likely the belt needs to be replaced but it may require more extensive repair. This is a page about dryer not spinning.


A hand trying to remove a bulb from a recessed light fixture.

Removing a Stuck Recessed Lightbulb?Lightbulbs can get stuck in the socket, if it is a recessed lightbulb that can make it even more difficult to remove. This is a page about removing a stuck recessed lightbulb.


A dog after peeing on a throw rug.

Dog Peeing Inside After New Dog Arrived?Introducing a new dog into your home can cause stress to other pets you may already own. This is a page about dog peeing inside after new dog arrived.


Straining Yogurt Through Cheesecloth

Easiest Homemade Greek YogurtGreek yogurt is easy to make, all you need is some cheesecloth and a sieve. This is a page about easiest homemade greek yogurt.



Removing Bleach Smell from a Mattress?If you have had to use bleach to get your mattress clean, the bleach smell may linger for a while until it dissipates. This is a page about removing bleach smell from a mattress.


Bipolar Disorder Graphic

Dealing With Someone With a Bipolar DisorderBipolar disorder is not only a burden to the person suffering from it but it can also be a disputation in the lives of loved ones as well. This is a page about dealing with someone with a bipolar disorder.


Removing Nail Glue

Removing Nail Glue from SkinIf you are putting on fake nails, you may get some of the glue on your skin and it can be difficult to remove. This is a page about removing nail glue from skin.


An inexpensive wall clock.

Inexpensive Battery Powered Clock WorksIf you have a favorite clock that has stopped working, you may be able to replace the clock works with one from another less expensive clock. This is a page about inexpensive battery powered clock works.


15 Year Old Boy

Homemade Gift for a 15 Year Old BoyFinding the right gift for a 15 year old can be difficult, making something yourself may be a great solution. This is a page about homemade gift for a 15 year old boy.


Knitted Sweater Fabric

Mending a Knitted SweaterIf your knitted sweater has developed a hole or run, it can be repaired even if you don't know how to knit. This is a page about mending a knitted sweater.


Tube of super glue.

Using Super Glue for Minor CutsOne of the original uses for Super Glue was to close wounds on the battlefield. While a cyanoacrylate is functional for this purpose, it should only be used in emergency situations as the glue can be a skin irritant. Neither the Super Glue or Crazy Glue companies recommend using their product for closing wounds.


A skien on yarn and a crochet hook.

Crocheted Leg Warmer PatternMake yourself some leg warmers by crocheting them in whatever pattern you like. This is a page about crocheted leg warmer pattern.


A yellow labrador retriever.

Holistic Treatment for a Dog's Yeast Infection?Yeast infections can be common with dogs, especially those with thick coats. This is a page about holistic treatment for a dog's yeast infection.



Easy Berry Pie baked

Easy Berry PieIf you are on a time crunch, pie crusts in the frozen section can help you bake your pies easier.


Creamy Caesar Herb Crusted Haddock on plate with salad

Creamy Caesar Herb Crusted HaddockI just love fish, especially haddock and cod. There are so many things you can do with fish and recipes you can make. I hope you will try this easy recipe.



Finer Points On Rooting Clematis Cuttings

Finer Points On Rooting Clematis CuttingsThis is not a detailed account of how to root clematis cuttings. There is an excellent video on YouTube which will give you detailed instructions, better than I ever could. Note that the author says it doesn't really matter what medium you use. You certainly do not have to buy a seed starter mix. Any loose, fibrous and rich medium will do well.


Crochet Koaster Keeper - closed box with crochet flower

Crochet Koaster KeeperWith some scrap yarn, I made this in about 2 hours. I think it turned out nice.


Shaggy Bow Hair Clip - finished bow in hair

Shaggy Bow Hair ClipYou will get a lot of compliments when you wear this hair clip and even more when you tell them you made it yourself. But shhhh, don't let them know how easy it was!


Little Feet (Cockatiel) - sitting on a blue ball

Little Feet (Cockatiel)Almost two years ago, a family friend was moving overseas and was unable to bring Little Feet, so I adopted Little Feet into my family.


Lego Tissue Box Cover - finished box cover

Lego Tissue Box CoverLegos are so popular now, wouldn't this be a cool gift for someone?


Organize Desk Drawer with Flatware Tray - tray in drawer

Organize Desk Drawer with Flatware TrayFor only $2, I was able to organize my desk drawer neatly with some extra room on the side to spare. I purchased this sturdy white plastic flatware tray from IKEA. This would work for a craft or make up drawer too!


Strawberry Lemonade in glass

Strawberry LemonadeSimple and delicious! You can make any summer time drinks or refreshers by adding fresh fruit to any of your favorite beverages. I made a 2 quart pitcher of my favorite lemonade. You can make this from scratch or use Crystal light or what ever summer beverage you like.


Prevent Bubbles in Nail Polish - rolling bottle between hands

Prevent Bubbles in Nail PolishPrevent bubbles in your nail polish. First do not shake your nail polish. This helps to avoid bubbles. Second do not hit the nail polish bottle on your hands because this too also can create bubbles.


Drinking Straw as Small Travel Containers - straws containing toothpaste, conditioner, and shampoo

Drinking Straw as Small Travel ContainersSince traveling to me was so exciting, I have this tip for using drinking straw as containers. They can be easily kept inside our traveling bags!


DIY Outdoor Plastic Bottle Handwashing Station - hand under a stream of water

DIY Outdoor Plastic Bottle Handwashing StationThis is a genius idea for any outdoor situation where you might need to wash your hands if you are not near to a water supply.


Fold Clothes Together for Traveling - shirt folded and lying on top of shorts

Fold Clothes Together for TravelingI have learned a technique of putting outfits together and folding them together for traveling purposes or camping purposes. I iron the two pieces, blouse, slacks or shorts and then fold them together.


Compare Prices for the Best Value - screen shot of price comparison

Compare Prices for the Best ValueThe internet is an amazing resource to compare prices to see if you are getting the best value possible! A travel mug featuring 7 hours hot, leak proof, and 18 hours cold interested me. The mug was reasonably priced, or what I thought was reasonable before researching.


Avoid Lightning Strikes with Plastic Tipped Umbrella - hand under plastic tip

Avoid Lightning Strikes with Plastic Tipped UmbrellaI live in a tropical country. We don't have snow, but we have rainy seasons with thunder and lightning, so we have to choose an umbrella very well. We should be looking at the tip of the umbrella, what I mean is the finial end of the umbrella. It should be plastic not the metal one.


A geum plant in bloom, next to a picket fence.

Geum in BloomI had never heard of this beautiful flower before last year. A dear friend of mine recommended it for along my picket fence when we were at a garden nursery together. The small delicate orange flowers look good even after all the petals have fallen off.



Value and Age of a Jacobsen Manual Reel Mower - mower in driveway

Value and Age of a Jacobsen Manual Reel Mower?What is the value and approximate age of my walk behind reel mower? It has approximately an 18" blade. Made in Racine Wisconsin? Ball bearing.


Logo for ThriftyFun Questions

Finding a Low Cost Vet?My friend's dog got hit by a car. His leg is broken by his elbow but she can't pay the surgery amount of 2,000. What can she do to help her dog?


Logo for ThriftyFun Questions

Value of an Ashley Belle Collection Doll?How much is an Ashley Belle doll named Kandare, design number 105/1968 worth?


Value of a Mersman Coffee Table - heavy oak coffee table

Value of a Mersman Coffee Table?I have a Mersman 90-23 coffee table and was wondering how much I should sell it for. It's still in fairly good shape, it just has some minor cosmetic damage on top.


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Pfaff Creative Vision Sewing Machine Stuck in Reverse?Is there anywhere that I can download a repair manual for my Pfaff Creative Vision machine? Also, has anyone else had this problem with a machine like this one?


Value of The Americana Reference Library - stack of books

Value of The Americana Reference Library?I have a set of 10 old books titled "The Americana" - A Universal Reference Library. Copyright is 1904-1906. They are not in perfect condition. How much are they worth?


A plastic bottle handle from a two pack of juice.

Useful Way to Recycle Multipack Bottle Handles?Many products that I buy at Costco are doubled or even tripled up using these plastic handles. Do you know of a way to recycle these to make something useful?


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Donating Fabric?I have a lot of fabric I'd like to donate somewhere it may be needed. Could you recommend where I could take it near zip code 93446?


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Bobbin Not Winding?My bobbin mechanism is not turning. I checked the wheel, all is good it just won't turn my bobbin mechanism.


Logo for ThriftyFun Questions

Art and Design Business Name Ideas?I am trying to come up with a business name. I sell custom portraits, calligraphy designs, paintings, and other graphite, charcoal, paint, and printed based artwork. I like AKR Artwork, but it is too difficult to say.


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