June 21, 2017

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Group of young men and woman discussing frugal living.

Start Your Own Frugal ClubWhether it's at a school, church, or local community center; starting a frugal club to help your friends and neighbors save money is a great idea. This is a page about start your own frugal club.


A very greasy cast iron pan.

How to Get Cooked-On Grease Off Pans?Cooked on grease can be a challenge to clean off without damaging the finish on your pots and pans. This is a page about how to get cooked-on grease off pans.


Windows on a snowy winter day.

Save Energy by Winterizing WindowsOlder windows can be the source of significant heat loss. If you are unable to install new windows, winterizing them can help conserve energy. This is a page about save energy by winterizing windows.


A window treatment of vertical blinds and curtains.

Hanging Curtains Over Vertical BlindsWhile probably the most practical window treatment solution for large areas such as sliding doors, they are not easy to cover with curtains because of the depth of their valances. This is a page about hanging curtains over vertical blinds.


Beige Pants

Removing Grease Stains on Beige Pants?Grease stains on clothing can be difficult to remove. There are several products that might be used to safely and effectively remove them.This is a page about removing grease stains on beige pants.


What Is Eating My Pepper Plant Leaves?

Something Is Eating My Pepper PlantsMany insects and other critters enjoy the vegetables in our garden as much as we do. This is a page about something is eating my pepper plants.


grocery store

Buying Zachary Creme DropsThese old fashioned chocolate covered vanilla cream drops are often available around Christmas. Some retailers have them for sale year round. This is a page about buying Zachary creme drops.


Delicious Macaroni and Cheese Recipe

Delicious Macaroni and Cheese RecipeMac and cheese is a favorite dish in many households, the recipe is sure to be a hit. This page contains delicious macaroni and cheese recipe.


Healthy Breakfast Cookies - cookie resting in the palm of baker's hand

Healthy Breakfast CookiesThese delicious oatmeal, dried fruit, and nut based cookies are easy make for a grab and go breakfast. This is a page about healthy breakfast cookies.


Red and white checkered tablecloth.

Making Curtains from TableclothsTablecloths can often be found on sale, particularly after holidays. They can be used to make beautiful curtains. This is a page about making curtains from tablecloths.


Golden Angel's Trumpet

Angel's Trumpet PhotosThese pendulous fragrant flowers make an interesting addition to a garden. This is a page about angel's trumpet photos.


Protein and Fiber Packed Breakfast Cookies

Protein and Fiber Packed Breakfast CookiesProtein and fiber are essential parts of any healthy breakfast. Bake these breakfast cookies beforehand so you have them ready to eat when you need to eat something fast and easy but don't want something unhealthy. This is a page about protein and fiber packed breakfast cookies.


A parent holding their baby's hand.

Treating a Baby's Dry SkinYou need to consult your doctor and use a mild moisturizer when rehydrating a baby's skin. This is a page about treating a baby's dry skin.



A crocheted cowl infinity scarf with a wave pattern.

Waves CowlThis beautiful crocheted infinity scarf has a wavy texture created from the stitches. It would make a perfect gift. Learn how to make it in this short video.


A thumb piano made from bobby pins stapled to a piece of wood.

Bobby Pin Thumb PianoA piece of wood, a handful of bobby pins and a stapler is all you need to create a DIY thumb piano. Learn how to make it in this short video.


A felt pocket resembling a carrot with money poking out of the top.

Felt Carrot Money PocketThese adorable felt pockets resemble carrots and are perfect for giving Easter cash. Learn how to make them in this short video.


A flower brooch made from a tape measure.

Tape Measure Flower BroochTake an ordinary tape measure, a button and a pin back to create this pretty flower brooch. Learn how to make it in this short video.


A confetti launcher made from a toilet paper tube, decorated in red, white and blue for the 4th of July.

Toilet Paper Tube Confetti LauncherThese cute confetti launchers are a great way to celebrate the 4th of July without dangerous fireworks. Learn how to make them in this short video.



Champagne chicken, ready to serve.

Champagne ChickenI made this delicious chicken dish with leftover sparkling wine from my Mother's Day mimosas and a couple of pantry staples. It was very easy and the chicken turned out tender and flavorful. I will definitely make this again.


sesame chicken on rice with vegetables

Easy Sesame ChickenJust as good as any Chinese restaurant, and very quick to make. The majority of my time was spent chopping the chicken. I made the rice in my Instant Pot, so we had dinner in record time.



Crocheted Decorative Oven Mitt - mitt filled with cooking tools as a gift

Crocheted Decorative Oven MittThis oven mitt is cute, and can be made into a gift for any cook! It is for decorative use only!


A rubber band being used as a bookmark

Rubber Bands as BookmarksSince reading is one of my past times, I always have many kinds of bookmarks on hand. One of them is the simple rubber band. Every time I take a break from reading, I just insert my rubber band as my bookmark. Simple yet helpful.


An empty mug next to a sachet of instant coffee.

Sachet as Coffee StirrerJust in case you forget to bring a coffee stirrer along with your instant coffee, use the sachet packaging. After emptying a sachet, fold it three times and use it as your coffee stirrer. Just make sure it's all cleaned up. Wipe it up before using.


Use Foam to Line Soap Dish - foam soap holder in shower soap dish

Use Foam to Line Soap DishWhen a soap melts it messes up your soap dish plus it leaves scraps that most of us throw away. Use this foam case to absorb moisture that causes it to melt down when you use it during bath time.


A recycled container inserted into a ziptop bag.

Use Ziptop Bags for Lidless ContainersI love the oval cream cheese containers but sometimes, I misplace the lids. Tonight, I had already messed up the bottom when I realized I didn't have the top. So, I slipped a cheap zipper bag over it and put the split pea soup in the freezer.


The Tualatin Valley Garden Club's booth at the farmer's market.

Buy Plants from Local GardenersMy favorite place to buy plants for my gardens is from the Tualatin Valley Garden Club. They have a booth at my farmer's market every Saturday. The club is made up of people in the local area that love to garden. They are always willing to share their expertise.


A wreath with living air plants.

Making a Living Air Plant WreathThis is an inexpensive, simple and easy to make wreath decoration that will brighten your home up. This could also be hung at your front door if you would like. Every 7-10 days, using a spray bottle mist the air plants.


Organic Fence for Vertical Gardening

Organic Fence for Vertical GardeningVertical gardening appeals to me for several reasons. My yard is small, the housing development is new and on the outskirts of town, thus overrun by rabbits, and badly infested with numerous noxious weeds (which will take several years to eradicate without chemicals).


Flat ironing twisted sections of hair.

Big Voluminous Waves With a Flat IronI originally started doing this trick because I wanted to save space in my luggage on trips by not packing both my flat iron and my curling iron. But now I love this look so much that I do it instead of using my curling iron. I get a much more natural curl rather than tight spiral curls from my curling iron.


A brand new new Apple computer.

Educational Discounts on Apple ProductsIn June of 2016, I shopped Apple's Back to School Deal where I was able to receive an Education Pricing Discount on my iMac purchase plus, eligible for the current promotional offer which was a pair of wireless beats for free with purchase, a $299 value.


A display of 4th of July themed glow products.

Glow Sticks for Fourth of JulyFor only 97 cents each, you can buy assorted glow accessories like: necklaces, headbands, flags, wands and more. This is ideal for summer camping nights, or specifically Fourth of July when it's fireworks at night! The kids will have a blast with these lights and be festive!



Logo for ThriftyFun Questions

Value of Mersman Side Table?What is the value of a Mersman side table #7643?


Getting Rid of Spider Beetles in Bed

Getting Rid of Spider Beetles in Bed?How do you get rid of spider beetles? These spider beetles are in my bed.


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Puppy Has Bloody Mucus in Stool?My little Beagle is 9 weeks old. She got her 8 week shots yesterday and when she went to the bathroom she had a drop of lite mucousy blood in it. Is this normal or something I should be concerned with?


Cleaning Black Prickly Stuff on Wooden Porch - black spots on ceiling of wooden porch

Cleaning Black Prickly Stuff on Wooden Porch?My parents have a wooden backyard porch that has grown some black stuff on the ceiling of it. It's not flat; it is tough and prickly and hard to scrape off. Is this mold also? It's outdoors so I wondered if it can still be mold.


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Feeding an 11 Week Old Pit Bull Puppy?My son got a 8 week old Pit Bull puppy. He was feeding her a cup of dry food in the morning and a cup at night. She is now 11 weeks old and does not seem nearly as interested in food. She went from 8 pounds to 14 pounds and seems healthy. She probably eats about a cup and a half a day now.


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Present for Boyfriend's 18th Birthday?My boyfriend is turning 18 in ten days and I have no idea what to get him. He loves cars and his dirt bikes.


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Replacing the Window Screen in a Popup Camper?We have a couple of big holes in one window on our popup. Any ideas how to replace the whole screen? It is sewn in. There is no way to take the window out to sew it on a machine. I am at a loss! Any ideas would be helpful.


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Weight Watcher's Muffin Recipe?Does anyone have an old recipe from Weight Watchers for muffins where six muffins were counted as a serving? I just remembered that there was very little flour and each batch made a total of twelve muffins.


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Inexpensive Ideas for 20th Birthday Party?I'm turning 20 mid July and I don't know what I could do. My friends are expecting a party, but I don't have so much money so I need tips on how to throw a low budget party.


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Multivitamins for Dogs?Can you please tell me the name of the multivitamin you are using for your dogs as well as where I might be able to get them?


Removing Silicone Tyre Shine from Scooter Tires - spray can of product

Removing Silicone Tyre Shine from Scooter Tires?I have a scooter, and I sprayed a silicone Tyre Shine on the wheels. Then I went for a ride and at the first corner the scooter fell from underneath me. The surface of the tyre is silky, slippery smooth. How do I remove this silicone spray from the tyres?


Identifying a Baby Snake Found in New Delhi, India - tannish brown snake with black stripes

Identifying a Baby Snake Found in New Delhi, India?I found this baby snake in my kitchen. Any ideas what kind of snake this is? I carefully put him into a box and released him into the wild.


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House Trained Puppy Started Pooping Inside?We have a 10 month old Pit/American Terrier mix that has been potty trained to go outside since she was 3-4 months old. She has recently started pooping in the house sometimes right after coming inside. The only thing that has changed, is that in the last 2 weeks she is afraid to go outside alone.


Value of Amanda Star Cinderella Doll

Value of Amanda Star Cinderella Doll?I am trying to find the value of an Amanda Star porcelain dol. It is a limited first edition (story book collection- Cinderella 1995). Would this doll be worth trying to sell to a collector or should it be donated? The box isn't perfect and has some dents and tape.


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