June 30, 2017

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Make a small bow with the ribbon and glue it in position in the top right corner.

'Let It Snow' Homemade Christmas CardPaper punched snow helps create a seasonal backdrop for Santa on this cute homemade card. This is a page about "Let It Snow" homemade Christmas card.


A woman wearing jeans carrying a leather purse.

Removing Dye Transfer From Jeans to a Leather PurseIt may be surprising and frustrating to learn that the dye used on jeans can rub off onto your leather purse. This is a page about removing dye transfer from jeans to a leather purse.


Spiced Tea

Spiced Tea Mix Recipe Using TangCombine Tang, cinnamon, cloves, and other spices with black tea for making a delicious hot or cold drink. This is a page about spiced tea recipe using Tang.


A label removed from a glass jar, next to the jar and a hair dryer.

Use a Hair Dryer for Removing Jar LabelsSome adhesives used to glue labels to bottles are heat sensitive. Warming the label up with a hair dryer may help you remove labels attached with this type of glue. This is a page about use a hair dryer for removing jar labels.


Liquid Starch

What is Liquid Starch?Clothing starch comes in a few forms, such as spray, powder, and a premixed liquid. This is a page about, "What is liquid starch?".


shaving cream can

Preventing Rust RingsMetal cans and moisture can result in rust rings on countertops and other surfaces in your kitchen and bath. This is a page about preventing rust rings.


kitchen appliances

Manual for Culinare Rocket ChefSmall kitchen appliances such as food processors can be found reasonably priced at yard sales and thrift stores. Unfortunately, the manual is often not included. This is a page about manual for Culinare Rocket Chef.


Finished Corn Dog Muffins

Corn Dog MuffinsThese delicious baked muffins taste just like the fried fair food you may love, but not hesitate to eat very often. This is a page about corn dog muffins.


Patio Umbrella

Cleaning a Canvas Patio UmbrellaAn outdoor canvas umbrella can get dirty over time from exposure. This is a page about cleaning a canvas patio umbrella.


Rusty Bolt

Using Coca Cola for Removing Rusted BoltsThe phosphoric acid in cola drinks will cut through rust and help remove rusted bolts. This is a page about using Coca Cola for removing rusted bolts.


Essential Oils to Freshen the Bathroom - adding a drop to the TP paper tube

Use Essential Oils to Freshen the BathroomPlace a few drops of your favorite essential oil on the inside of the toilet paper roll tube to freshen your bathroom. This is a page about use essential oils to freshen the bathroom.


Harry and David Factory Tour (Medford, OR)

Oregon Factory ToursOregon has many manufacturing locations that offer tours of their facilities to the public. This is a page about Oregon factory tours.


Shaving Cream Cans

How to Avoid Rust Rings from Shaving Cream CansThere are some easy ways you can prevent rust rings on your tub from the can of shaving cream. This is a page about how to avoid rust rings from shaving cream cans.


view of inside of wheel

Finding the Value of Vintage Winchester Reel Push Mowers?Vintage reel mowers are considered a collectible by some. Finding the value of one that you may have inherited or purchased at a yard sale may require a bit of research. This is a page about finding the value of vintage Winchester reel push mowers.


A can of shaving cream.

How to Make Finger Paints with Shaving CreamShaving cream mixed with Kool-Aid is one way to make fun finger paints for your little ones. This is a page about how to make finger paints with shaving cream.


hanging onions

Using Pantyhose to Store OnionsExtend the life of your onions by keeping them dry. Use an old panty hose leg to hang them; tying a knot between each one is even more helpful. This is a page about using pantyhose to store onions.


appliances and electronics

Replacement Parts for Rocket ChefIt can be difficult to find replacements parts for small kitchen appliances, such as food processors. This is a page about replacement parts for Rocket Chef.


Araucana hen and chicks.

Araucana Chicken Breed PhotosThis domestic chicken native to Chile, is known for laying blue shelled eggs. This page contains Araucana chicken breed photos.


A person holding a red candle.

Removing Candle Wax from Silk?Wax can be difficult to clean from any cloth, especially silk. This is a page about removing candle wax from silk.


Seedless Blackberry Pie on a white background.

Seedless Blackberry PieOne method for making a seedless blackberry pie is to mix the juice with tapioca to make a pudding type filling. This recipe shows you how to make seedless blackberry pie.


A domestic cat eating cat food.

Best Dry Cat Food to Help Reduce Litterbox Odor?Your cat's diet may affect the odor of your litterbox. This is a page about best dry cat food to help reduce litterbox odor.


Outlet Making Crackling Popping Noise

Outlet Making Crackling Popping Noise?If you have an electrical outlet that is popping or making crackling noises, you should have an electrical service it as soon as possible. This situation is highly dangerous and could result in a house fire. This is a page about outlet making crackling popping noise.


Sponge Car Air Freshener - hang on rear view mirror

Sponge Car Air FreshenerMake your own car air freshener from a sponge. This is a page about sponge car air freshener.


A pretty hibiscus flower.

Something is Eating My HibiscusFrom slugs to rodents, many animals like to feed off of flower shoots. This is a page about something is eating my hibiscus.


Photo of a riding mower.

Huskee Riding Mower Won't Start?Trying to find the cause for your mower not starting can be a process. This is a page about Huskee riding mower won't start.


Quilting supplies

Around the World Quilt Done In 8 HoursMaking your own Around the World quilt doesn't have to take a long time. This is a page about around the world quilt done in 8 hours.


Woman Eating Grapefruit

Using Grapefruit for a ColdThe vitamin C content of citrus fruits has long made them a good choice for helping to shorten a cold. This is a page about using grapefruit for a cold.


Pulling stored clothing out of a box.

Stains on Stored ClothingStored clothing can develop mysterious yellow stains, a very disappointing discovery. This is a page about stains on stored clothing.


Dishwasher with the door open.

Clean Your Dishwasher with TangTang powdered orange drink can help remove the hard water spots inside your dishwasher. This is a page about clean your dishwasher with Tang.


SewWare Cartridges

Buying SewWare Cartridges for Singer Sewing Machine #6268Finding these vintage machine embroidery cartridges will likely require some internet searching. This is a page about buying SewWare cartridges for Singer sewing machine #6268.


Fresh Fruit Infused Water

Fresh Fruit Infused WaterAdding a little citrus or other fruit to your water can give it a wonderfully light refreshing flavor. This is a page about fresh fruit infused water.



Felt Story Board - train and construction equipment felt shapes

Felt Story BoardThe possibilities are endless when it comes to using felt and creating a story board. This is a fun way to engage reading hands or allow your child to create their own stories.


Whisking Gluten Free Flour Mix in bowl

Gluten Free Flour MixI have quite a few friends who are gluten intolerant that I love to bake for, but buying pre-made gluten free flour started getting pretty expensive. I started making my own gluten free flour mix with these four ingredients. This flour is great for most baking and bread making needs.


The Little Shelf Unit That Could - finished shelf hanging on the wall

The Little Shelf Unit That CouldI am not sure what this was, but it will never be that again. I bought it for .29 at a tag sale and have been meaning to renovate it for about 9 months.


White Iris  - white and yellow iris

White IrisI was surprised to find white iris in my garden I was sure I only had purple ones. Do they change their color?


The Crinum Lily -pink lily flowers

The Crinum LilyA neighbor gave me the bulbs for this lily. An ag agent told me its scientific name. And a TF member told me its common name. That name is Plantation Lily. While there is another lily with similar flowers that has the name 'Resurrection Lily', I think this one could well bear that name, too.


Crochet Daisy Wreath - green ribbon added and daisies glued on

Crochet Daisy WreathI made 12 daisies, but only used two for this project. I will see what to do with the other 10 later!


Folded Paper Puppy - folded yellow paper puppy face

Folded Paper PuppyThis is a fun way of making this activity for your toddler. You just grab any paper you like and make a square. This is very simple and fun!


Foam Fun Activities - corral and other links, also toy horses and dinosaurs

Foam Fun ActivitiesThis is an easy activity for kids to practice their cutting skills, motor skills, and sense of creativity!


Kids Abacus for Learning - front with colored beads and number beads on pipe cleaners

Kids Abacus for LearningAn easy and educational learning tool for kids learning their name, numbers, and alphabet. Made with soft felt and pipe cleaners perfect to bring on the go and fits in your child's hand. As you can see it got a lot of usage from the bent pipe cleaners!



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Water in Above Ground Pool Green and Murky?I have a 4x18' above ground pool with a pump and have been adding the store bought chlorine tabs, but the water is still green and murky. I know it's safe to add household bleach (safer than chlorine), but I'm not sure how much to add or how often. Also is it okay to use bleach alone or in addition to tabs?


Permed Hair Straight After Being Styled with Curling Iron - hair not too curly

Permed Hair Straight After Being Styled with Curling Iron?My stylist gave me a perm today and it looked cute after he diffused it a bit with some mousse. But then he curled it with a curling iron. No hair spray, no setting spray, but curled it. Now the curls are falling out, but my hair is straight.


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Dog Escaping Outdoor Kennel?I've had my Great Dane since she was 6 months old. She was dying when I first rescued her! The past 3 years have been hell; she keeps escaping the house. She was indoors at first, but she destroyed doors and furniture and then a window. Now she tears her way through a chain link kennel outside.


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Introducing New Cats to Resident Cat?We have a neutered male cat. Our friend let us look after a mother cat and her daughter at our house and the male and the mother kind of sniff and hiss a little. But the male reaction to the kitten is strange to me. He look like he's playing with her, but he keeps going for the throat.


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Cleaning a Travel Trailer Refrigerator?I have a travel trailer and mistakenly left food in the refrigerator that spoiled and now there are gnats in the coils where it keeps the refrigerator cold. How do I clean it?


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Suppliers for Bent N Dent Stores?Are there any suppliers for discount or Bent N Dent groceries in the Utah/Idaho area?


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Installing a Dryer Vent?I just had washer/gas dryer hookups installed in my condo. Now I have to get a dryer duct vented to the outside installed. Can the dryer duct go straight down which is the easiest and closest? It would vent into the carport. I live on the second floor of 3 floors. The 1st floor is the the open carport.


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Previously House Trained Dog Pooping Inside?I have a 7-year old female Shiz Tzu who has started pooping on the floor, mainly in one room in particular. She has been to the vet and is healthy. I thought perhaps it was because she is bored so I have once again started walking her daily. She is once again being crated, how or what do I do?


Identifying Small Black Bugs

Identifying Small Black Bugs?Anyone know what this insect is? It's in my dining room and driving me crazy. I just noticed it yesterday, it doesn't have wings. I have vacuumed and mopped and am deep cleaning everything, but am still seeing some.


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Replacement Jar Gaskets?I am looking for replacement gaskets for a jar that has a 5" outer ring with 4" inner ring and also a 7 1/2" outer ring with 6 1/2" inner ring.


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Name for Body Care Products Business?I needs ideas on a name for my products. I make bodybutter and local blacksoap which is very good for all skin types. I've tried so hard, but I just couldn't come up with any ideas.


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Value of a 1938 Set of World Book Encyclopedias?I am trying to find out the value of a complete set of the 1938 World Book Encyclopedia.


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Cleaning a Toothbrush Used for Cleaning?Perhaps this is a silly question, but I was wondering what are some ways to clean a toothbrush specifically used for general cleaning chores?


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Getting Back to Natural Hair Color After Dyeing?I am naturally a platinum to almost ashy blonde and I wanted something different and dyed my hair by keeping the blonde on the bottom and medium brown on top for an ombre look. My blonde roots are coming in and its beginning to look weird having blonde on the bottom a light brown in the middle and blonde roots.


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