July 5, 2017

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Use a piece of cardboard instead of fine sandpaper on wood.

Sanding Wood With CardboardA light sanding can help smooth out wood for finishing. This is a page about sanding wood with cardboard.


A woman getting a perm.

Fixing a Perm That Lost Its Curl?If your perm has lost it's curl, there may be some ways to get it back. This is a page about fixing a perm that lost its curl.


Mennonite Baked Corn

Mennonite Baked CornTry this delicious recipe made with corn baked in a milk, flour, eggs, and sugar custard. This is a page about making Mennonite baked corn.


Kanten Jelly

Using Agar-agar (Kanten)Agar-agar can be used as a substitute for gelatin. It is made from seaweed and thus is a good choice for preparing a vegetarian dish or in many Asian recipes. This is a page about using agar-agar (kanten).


A computer on an office desk.

Protecting Your Desk's SurfaceWhether from watches or jewelry, your desk can get scratched over time from regular use. This is a page about protecting your desk's surface.


Lego Tissue Box Cover - finished box cover

Crocheted Lego Tissue Box Cover PatternA timely twist on the traditional crochet tissue box cover, this Lego version is fun to make and even more to display or gift. This page contains a crocheted Lego tissue box cover pattern.


Beautiful natural nails.

Tips for Natural NailsKeeping your nails looking good naturally doesn't have to be a time consuming chore. This is a page about tips for natural nails.


Several coupons and a pair of scissors.

Using Coupons at Dollar Stores?To save some money at the dollar store, keep an eye out for coupons you can use when you shop there. This is a page about using coupons at dollar stores.


A soccer ball on grass.

Soccer Banquet DecorationsWhen the soccer season is done, it fun to have a soccer banquet to celebrate. This is a page about soccer banquet decorations.


Strawberry, Blueberry, and Mint Vitamin Water

Berry Mint Vitamin WaterRecharge and refresh with your own homemade berry mint vitamin water. This is a page about berry mint vitamin water.


Couple Sunning Backyard

The Non-Vacation VacationSometimes a staycation is exactly what you need to relax with out traveling far away. This is a page about the non-vacation vacation.


A cooling rack made from 4 spoons

Impromptu Cooling Rack IdeasIf you need a quick cooling rack, you can easily use some spoons. This is a page about use spoons for an impromptu cooling rack.


Cocoa Butter Cream Moisturizer Recipe - ingredients

Cocoa Butter Cream Moisturizer RecipeThis combination of coconut oil, cocoa butter, and olive oil works very well as a skin moisturizer. A little goes a long way, making it economical as well. This page contains a cocoa butter cream moisturizer recipe.


A red bra on a wooden background.

Making a Red Hat Society Bra HatBras can be used to make unique sometimes flamboyant hats. The Red Hat Society is a women's play group that began in 1998 and is now an international women's social organization. Members over 50 wear red hats (often large and elaborately decorated) to group events. This is a page about making a Red Hat Society bra hat.


A picture frame made from newspaper.

Making a Recycled Picture FrameMake your own picture frame from recycled items for a fun customizable craft project. There are so many different items that can be used; glass, plastic, metal, wood, cardboard. Use your imagination for a great gift or home decor.


First Aid Cream

Finding Johnson & Johnson First Aid Cream?Johnson & Johnson first aid cream has been discontinued. Many consumers have tried substitutes with varying results. The beeswax component of this product set it apart. This is a page about finding Johnson & Johnson first aid cream.


Saving Coins

Challenging Yourself to SaveSaving money is an important skill to learn. This is a page about challenging yourself to save.


A lit crayon in a candle holder.

Use a Crayon as a Makeshift CandleIn a pinch, a crayon can be used as a candle. This is a page about use a crayon as a makeshift candle.


Woman Cleaning Bathroom Mirror

How to Clean White Streaks on Bathroom Mirror?Glue residue, some cleaners, and other household products sometimes leave hard to remove white marks on mirrors. This is a page about how to clean white streaks on bathroom mirror.


An illustration that says knock knock.

Knock Knock JokesKnock knock jokes are a very popular type of word play joke. This is a page about knock knock jokes.


Two girls in a photo booth at a party.

DIY Photo Booth for PartiesWith a few props and a background, it can be easy to set up a photo booth for parties. This is a page about DIY photo booth for parties.


Pumpkin Spice

Pumpkin Spice Tea Recipe?Adding the flavorful spices used in pumpkin pies to your hot tea makes a delicious beverage for chilly days or anytime. This is a page about pumpkin spice tea recipe.


Glass Shower Doors

Cleaning Between Glass Shower Doors?Glass shower doors can get soap scum build up pretty easily and be difficult to clean. This is a page about cleaning between glass shower doors.



mixed sauce and pasta

Spaghetti with AnchoviesThis recipe is quick and healthy.


Leftover Fish Patties on plate

Leftover Fish PattiesEvery time there's leftover food, as much as possible I see to it that it doesn't get wasted. So I do the kitchen experiments by looking for available ingredients.



Chunks of potato added to cooked squash.

Add Potato to Absorb Excess SaltI was cooking squash and after tasting it, I discovered that I had added way too much salt. I had heard that you could add a potato to soup when it's over salted so I tried it in the squash.


A brand new mattress on a bedframe.

Understand Price Adjustment PoliciesI recommend anyone who shops in-store or online to read through the stores' policies, especially focusing on price adjustments. By knowing my store's price adjustment policy and following my mattress purchase, I was able to receive a price adjustment refund of $131.76!


Visting Voodoo Doughnuts (Portland, OR) - closeup of box

Visting Voodoo Doughnuts (Portland, OR)This edgy doughnut shop originated in Portland, OR. They have tons of fun creations such as the Voodoo Doll (complete with pretzel stake and jelly "blood"), the Grape Ape (grape dust and purple sprinkles), the Pot Hole, and the Tangfastic (Tang powder and mini marshmallows) just to name a few.


Toddler Fun With Flowers - little boy with flowers in his hair

Toddler Fun With FlowersI recently took my toddler to a plant nursery and one of the ladies working there said he could pick up any flowers that had fallen off the plants onto the ground. He absolutely loved hunting for flowers and as we were getting ready to leave, he decided to decorate his head with one. :)


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Use Caulk Tube as Substitute for Toilet Paper Tube in CraftsI was doing an organizer that would incorporate using TP tubes. I was concerned that cardboard would not hold up well. So, looking around I found some empty caulking tubes my husband was getting ready to pitch. The diameter was perfect.


Stacked Rocks in the Garden - stack of rocks in a garden

Stacked Rocks in the GardenI love to collect rocks! A cool way to display them in your garden is to stack them. It's fun to try getting all of the various shapes and sizes to balance.


Sunken Gutters For Flower Border Containers - newly replanted

Sunken Gutters For Flower Border ContainersMany different plants can be grown in these border gutters, it's just a matter of knowing which plants have a small or shallow root system. In this case, purslane can make rather large plants while maintaining a small root system.


A printer showing ink levels on five cartridges.

Choose Printer with Fewer Ink CartridgesIf you are planning to purchase a printer, I would recommend that you check to see how many ink cartridges the printer takes and research the cost of the ink cartridges.


Tin Can Organizers - finished cans

Tin Can OrganizersI have had a photo of something similar for about 2 years so today was the day to just do it.


Lidded Cake Pan for Kinetic Sand - molded kinetic sand in rectangular cake pan

Lidded Cake Pan for Kinetic SandMy toddler loves to play with his kinetic sand, but it has been a challenge to contain the mess. I also needed to find a storage solution for the sand, tools, and molds. I decided to try a lidded cake pan. It works great!


Recycled Decorative Candy Jars - finished jars sitting in a cookie tray on the balcony rail

Recycled Decorative Candy JarsI purchased three little peanut butter jars from the Dollar Tree so I would have three matching candy containers. With them and a few embellishments you can make something just like it or even better!


Hibiscus Moscheutos - beautiful dark pink flowers

Hibiscus MoscheutosI found these this morning in a neglected corner of my back yard, an area I seldom visit. This plant has been in a pot for several years. I think by rendering such a beautiful display, it is trying to tell me it is worthy of its own little parcel of terra firma.



Value of Heritage Signature Collection Sailor Doll - doll in sailor suit, wrapped in plastic

Value of Heritage Signature Collection Sailor Doll?I am looking for the value of a doll from the Heritage Signature Collection. She is a sailor doll with a telescope. She has a certificate of authenticity, she still has bubble wrap around her feet and arms and plastic all over her. She's not in the box, but part of the box is still attached to her.


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LT2000 Craftsman Lawn Tractor Won't Start?My LT 2000 Craftsman lawn tractor won't start unless you spin it over with your hand a few turns. Then it will start, but not all the time. The starter is good. What could be problem?


Is My Dog a Full Blooded Pit Bull?

Is My Dog a Full Blooded Pit Bull?This is Riley. I got her when she was 7 weeks old! This Saturday she will be a year old. I've had multiple people ask me if she's a full blooded Pit and she looks to me to be one, but I just wanted another opinion.


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Determining a Reasonable Cleaning Rate?I work for a lady who is legally blind. I take her to do errands, cook occasionally, watch her 4 year old at the park /pool, and once a week I do the family laundry and clean the house. Daily I clean the kitchen and pick up the living room. I am paid $9.00 plus $25 a week in gas. Is that the going rate?


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Using Lemon Juice to Lighten Hair?Can I use a blow dryer to lighten hair with lemon instead of the sun?


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