July 6, 2017

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A man with the flu and a box of tissues.

Buying Man Sized Facial Tissues?Some facial tissues are a little on the small side for larger hands and faces. This is a page about buying man sized facial tissues.


Spicy Mushroom and Rice Stir Fry

Spicy Mushroom and Rice Stir FryA quick and easy stir fry is a great meal to make for lunch or dinner. This page contains spicy mushroom and rice stir fry.


colorful straw frame

Drinking Straw FrameYou can make this cute frame using colorful drinking straws and cardboard. This is a page about drinking straw frame.


Close up of a sewing machine.

Bobbin Not Winding?If the bobbin is not winding on your sewing machine, you will need to get it repaired before you can continue using the machine. This is a page about bobbin not winding.


A happy couple with a baby outside a home with a for sale sign, marked sold.

Real Estate Team Business Name Ideas?Picking the right name for your real estate business is an important step when opening your business. This is a page about real estate team business name ideas.


A grouchy old man with a frown on his face.

Gifts for a Grouchy Old ManFinding the right gift for the grouchy old man in your life can be challenge at times. This is a page about gifts for a grouchy old man.


A woman holding up a bright pink t-shirt.

Making Your Own Color CatchersIf you are washing mixed colors, you may want to use a color catcher to to prevent brighter cloths from transferring dye to lighter cloths. This is a page about making your own color catchers.


meatballs and broccoli on plate

Low Carb Bacon Wrapped Cheddar Filled MeatballsThese savory bacon wrapped meatballs are sure to get devoured by whomever you make them for. This is page contains a recipe for low carb bacon wrapped cheddar filled meatballs.


wheelbarrow of horse manure

Finding Free ManureIf you have farms nearby, it may be easy to find free manure. This is a page about finding free manure.


Getting the stains out

Use Deodorant to Remove Underarm StainsSome deodorants can help remove stained underarms on your clothing. This is a page about use deodorant to remove underarm stains.


A young golden Alpaca.

Using Alpaca Manure in Your Garden?Alpaca manure makes a great soil conditioner for your garden, it improves soil quality, water retention, and is a good fertilizer. This is a page about using alpaca manure in your garden.


Microwave popcorn being made.

Removing Burnt Smell From a MicrowaveWhen food gets burnt in a microwave it can leave behind a strong burnt odor that can be challenging to remove. This page shares advice about removing burnt smell from a microwave.


Felt Birthday Crown - yellow and white first birthday felt crown

DIY Felt Birthday CrownMake a cute felt birthday crown for your 1 year old child's birthday celebration. This is a page about DIY felt birthday crown.


Lightly Fried Cod Fillet on plate

Lightly Fried Cod Fillet RecipeFry up some delicious cod for your next lunch or dinner. This page contains lightly fried cod fillet recipe.


World's Easiest Lemonade

World's Easiest Lemonade RecipeYou don't have to squeeze a bunch of lemons to make yourself a refreshing glass of lemonade. This is a page about world's easiest lemonade.


Chicken Manure

Using Chicken Manure as Garden FertilizerComposted chicken manure when mixed with your topsoil makes a great fertilizer. This is a page about using chicken manure as garden fertilizer.


A colorful handmade quilt on a bed.

Tying a Quilt Without a Frame?Even if you don't have a quilting frame it is easy to tie your quilt. One method is to lay the layers on the floor and pin or baste them together and then tie. This is a page about tying a quilt without a frame.



Handmade Remembering Mother Card for Mother's DayEven if your mother has passed, you can create a lovely remembrance card to share with your siblings on Mother's Day. This is a page about handmade remembering mother card for Mother's Day.


scrambled eggs on plate

Sneaky Scrambled EggsScrambled eggs can be made for just about any meal of the day. This page contains sneaky scrambled eggs.


Removing Drinking Glass from Cupboard

Saving Money on GlasswareDrinking glasses and stemware can get broken over time from use and cleaning. Buying mis-matched glassware can save you money in keeping your cupboard stock with glasses to use. This is a page about saving money on glassware.


A beautiful landscape design utilizing perennial plants.

Designing With PerennialsPerennial plants come with so many beautiful colorful flowers and foliage, that they are a joy to use in designing your garden. Here are some helpful suggestions for planning perennial beds and borders to help you get the most of these versatile plants.


Moroccan Chicken

Moroccan Chicken Thighs RecipeThis healthy and delicious chicken recipe is a meal your family will want again and again. This page contains Moroccan chicken thighs recipe.


Haunted House

Haunted House PhotosHaunted houses can be a fun subject to photograph. This is a page about haunted house photos.


Spinach Bake ready on baking sheet

Spinach Bake RecipesMake a scrumptious and healthy meal with spinach and any other toppings you might like. This page contains spinach bake recipes.


Wine Bottles

Uses for Wine BottlesWine bottles can be used for decorating and craft projects of all kinds. This is a page about uses for wine bottles.


Ground Beef Scalloped Potatoes baked

Ground Beef Scalloped Potato RecipeMake your scalloped potatoes a little more hearty by adding ground beef. This page contains ground beef scalloped potato recipe.


Using a tablet to shop at a website.

Bill Me Later WebsitesIt is possible with some website to order products and have them bill you later. This is a page about bill me later websites.


Permanent Markers

Remove Permanent Marker From StoneIf you have to get permanent marker off a stone surface, such as a fireplace, countertop, or figurine there are several ways to get this done. This is a page about remove permanent marker from stone.


A white and a gray silkie chicken.

Silkie Chicken PhotosThis popular ornamental breed chicken is known for its fluffy plumage. This page contains silkie chicken photos.


Woman Buying Plants at Garden Store

Buying Plants Tips and TricksThere are several good practices for buying plants, such as keeping receipts for replacements, buying discounted plants, and making sure the plants you choose are the best choice for your garden. This is a page about buying plants tips and tricks.


A sick hibiscus plant.

Hibiscus Losing LeavesIf your hibiscus is losing leaves, it may be stressed from disease or parasites. This is a page about hibiscus losing leaves.


Moss and weeds growing between pavers.

Keeping Weeds From Growing Between Pavers?Weeds can easily take hold in the cracks between paving stones. This is a page about keeping weeds from growing between pavers.


Old Log Planter

Log Planter IdeasUsing an old log as a planter is a great use of the log and will look fantastic. This is a page about log planter ideas.


Cutting fabric with fabric scissors.

Buying Good Quality Fabric Scissors?Cutting fabric requires sharp sturdy scissors. Getting quality scissors will ensure you have smooth clean cut edges for your sewing projects. This is a page about buying good quality fabric scissors.


Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

Italian Sausage Stuffed Cabbage Rolls RecipeThese delectable low carb cabbage rolls are sure to be hit with anyone who eats them. This page contains Italian sausage stuffed cabbage rolls recipe.


Picture Frame Earring Holder

Picture Frame and Plastic Canvas Earring HolderDecorate a photo frame and add a piece of plastic canvas to make a cute personalized earring holder. I got tired of digging through my earrings to find the pairs, so I made picture frame that could hold my earrings in a decorative manner.


A blister on the big toe of someones foot.

Remedies for a BlisterIf you have gotten a blister, it can be painful until until heals. This is a page about remedies for a blister.



Logo for ThriftyFun Tips

Peeling Hard Boiled Eggs in a JarThis is guaranteed to work. After eggs are hard boiled, take a pint canning jar. Wide mouth works great, but regular will work as well. Put about 2 inches of water in the jar. Insert 1 egg at a time, add the lid and shake it vigorously. Take the egg out, shell and skin come off like magic. Continue with the rest of the eggs. No need to change the water unless you have a bunch or need to add water.


Mating Common Red Soldier Beetles - mating beetles

Mating Common Red Soldier BeetlesSince we let a lot of our garden go wild we have seen a large influx of new wildlife and beautiful wild flowers. Early one evening before sundown, in early July, as we were admiring a patch of pretty clover and dead nettle, I noticed a tiny red thing on the end of a grass flower stalk.


CD/DVD Rack Tool Organizer

CD/DVD Rack Tool OrganizerThis is a great way to use those CD and DVD racks or other racks that can be picked up at garage sales or thrift stores for cheap. Use them for organizing your loose tools that are laying around the garage or basement. They can hold several tools and maybe you can just mount it to the wall as a space saver.


Orange Daylily - orange lily with darker color towards center on petals

Orange DaylilyI grew this variety, and the apricot version, from seed. I have divided them successfully and they decorate the south side of my house. They love the sun and give me so much enjoyment.


Aquilegia  (Columbine) - red and white flowers

Aquilegia (Columbine)I have always admired this flower, but for some reason, I have never grown it. There's something about its name I find very pleasant, Aquilegia. I even like its common name 'columbine'. And the lesser used common names 'Granny's Bonnet' and 'Granny's Nightcap' will do in a rush.


Preventing Mold in Bathrooms - open shower doors

Preventing Mold in BathroomsMold thrives in warm, wet environments. Here is how to eliminate it.


Homemade Panko Breadcrumbs

Homemade Panko BreadcrumbsI had never used panko. I bought a can out of curiosity. I thought it was OK, but I also thought I could do better. I did do better. This homemade panko made with fresh baked French bread is far better than what you buy after it sits on a shelf for who knows how long.


DIY Hot Hair Tools Holder - finished holder

DIY Hot Hair Tools HolderI love this do-it-yourself craft because it's so easy to make and keeps my bathroom looking organized. Not only does it tidy things up, the oven mitt inside the tubing doubles as a place to hold your hot hair tool while it's still warm. No more melting stuff laying nearby your curling iron!


Hibiscus Pink Swirl - pink and white  bloom with dark red center

Hibiscus Pink SwirlThe mornings have been exceptionally nice, lately. Perfect temperatures, clear skies, low humidity. And each morning I've had the pleasure of some really nice surprises. This morning, the surprise took the form of a huge Hibiscus Moscheutos 'Pink Swirl' blossom.


DIY Tissue Paper Pom Pom Decoration - round pink paper pom pom

DIY Tissue Paper Pom Pom DecorationEarlier this year for my engagement, I purchased tissue paper pom pom decorations from Dollar Tree for just $1 and you receive (2) in the package. It was a great deal especially for last minute shoppers. However, you do get what you pay for because the pom poms were not as lush as I wanted them to be.


A pantry full of cans of food.

Developing a Frugal LifestyleI used to think that frugal living centered around clipping coupons and buying items on sale. I have come to realize that frugal living is a lifestyle that can be developed by adopting specific money-saving habits. Getting and staying organized can be the foundation upon which the many other frugal living habits such as simplifying, scheduling and budgeting, can be successfully implemented.


Wolves Alive (Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center) - wolf standing in the shadows

Wolves Alive (Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center)Darlene Kokobel created a wolf preserve area in Lake George, Colorado and educates, preserves, and conserves the wolf. The wolf preserve was started in 1993 to save a wolf from being euthanized in a local shelter. Today it is used to educate the public and have a fun environment for visitors.


Crocheted Catnip Mouse and Bunny Toys - catnip mouse

Crocheted Catnip Mouse and Bunny ToysWith some scrap yarn and a little time, you can make this catnip mouse and bunny for your kitty.


Fawns and older deer eating food.

Fawns Eating CornFour fawns that learned to eat corn treat. Believe it or not, they have to be taught what to eat by watching their mothers. But they will taste-test numerous flowers and landscape plants on their own. It's odd things they don't know to eat; like tacos, apples, grapes, etc., that they watch their mothers eat it or not.


Mark Tires To Verify Correct Rotation

Mark Tires To Verify Correct RotationBeing a woman (even a man) you can feel that you're being taken advantage of when it comes to maintaining your vehicle if you have no car experience.


Pineapple Fried Rice served in pineapple

Pineapple Fried RiceI just love this refreshing and juicy take on egg fried rice. It's the perfect crowd-pleaser for summer potlucks and picnics, especially when served in the pineapple itself. This recipe includes steps for adding raisins and coconut, but I also make this without them for my picky family members, and it turns out just as great!


A white step stool next to a toilet.

Squatty Potty on the CheapThe Squatty Potty is a type of footstool you place on the floor in front of your toilet, helping you to lift your legs, resulting in a squatting-type position to help ease strain when moving bowels. You can use any standard footstool to aid you in this process as you are to be lifting your legs, not standing on the actual stool.


Cleaning a fan with a wire dog brush.

Clean Fan With a Wire Dog BrushI have a circular fan that works really good when the grates are unblocked. Normally I take the grates off the box fans and clean them with soap and water and then dry them and put them back on.


Nails manicured with French tips in a berry color.

Easy DIY French TipsThis is my easy do it yourself method for French tips featuring Q-tips. First, you need to select a color for your French tips, I usually do white but since it's summer, I thought it would be fun to paint my colors a berry color.


Logo for ThriftyFun Tips

Bottle Cap as Pill CupI need to take lots of Tums every day, for the calcium. I dump three into a largish pill bottle cap and set it next to my keyboard. I reach for them without thinking about it as I work, and when I reach and find an empty cap, I know I've had that dose of Tums.



Logo for ThriftyFun Questions

Getting Rid of Black Crows?How can I get rid of black crows? One flew off today with a newly hatched baby duck.


Logo for ThriftyFun Questions

Removing a Plastic Label on Cat Food?How do I remove the plastic label off of the rectangular prismatic Temptations brand cat food boxes? It is a plastic label like on the newer Stater Brothers water bottles.


Buying Needles for Sunbeam SB-1800 Compact Sewing Machine

Buying Needles for Sunbeam SB-1800 Compact Sewing Machine?Where can I buy sewing machine needles for the Sunbeam SB-1800 compact sewing machine 12 stitch? All of my needles are too big.


Main Ingredient in Potato Pancakes - pan with three potato pancakes cooking

Main Ingredient in Potato Pancakes?I just read all the entries for potato pancakes. I was amazed at the entries calling for raw grated potatoes as the main ingredient.


Curtain and Paint Color Advice

Curtain and Paint Color Advice?I have a grey and black couch and I need advice on what colour curtains I can use and what colour paint can I paint the wall.


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