July 24, 2017

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Raised Bed Made With Rocks

Raised Beds Made With RocksRaised beds can be constructed in a number of ways. Making a stacked stone bed or even one that is mortared together can be attractive as well as functional. This is a page about raised beds made with rocks.


A beautiful pink lily.

Propagating Lilies From ScalesLily bulbs have overlapping layers, similar to an artichoke, known as scales. If removed and placed in a soil-less medium they will produce new bulblets. Scaling is an inexpensive way to increase the number of lilies in your garden. This is a page about propagating lilies from scales.


Woman drinking a smoothie

Eating During a Detox CleanseA detox cleanse can help cleanse out your system and leave you feeling healthier. During a detox cleanse you usually cut out all processed foods, dairy, grains, sugar and alcohol.


A boy cuddling with a sad guinea pig.

Guinea Pig Not Well After Cagemate Died?Just like people animals often mourn the death of a companion both human and animal. This is a page about guinea pig not well after casemate died.


A man wearing a santa suit.

Red Dye Transferred on a Santa Suit?Having fabric dye transfer to other sections of an article of clothing is frustrating and often a challenge to fix. This is a page about red dye transferred on a Santa suit.


A fur coat on a hanger.

Moth Ball Smell on a Fur CoatRemoving the odor of mothballs from a fur coat may best be done by taking it to a professional who specializes in cleaning fur. This is a page about moth ball smell on a fur coat.


Halloween Bowling Game

Halloween Plastic Bottle Bowling GameMake this cute recycled soda bottle bowling game for a Halloween party or just for the kids to play and have fun. Paint the bottles to make a ghouls, bats, spiders, Dracula, or ghosts. This is a page about Halloween plastic bottle bowling game.


The trunk of a car.

Removing Moth Ball Smell from a CarThe odor of mothballs is very pervasive and persistent. This is a page about removing moth ball smell from a car.


Peeling potatoes into a sink with a garbage disposal.

Clearing Potato Peelings From a Garbage DisposalCertain food items such as potato and carrot peelings can cause a clog in the plumbing attached to your disposal. This is a page about clearing potato peelings from a garbage disposal.


A living room with lots of windows and a fire place.

Decorating Living Room with Fireplace, Bookcases, and WindowsDecorating a room with many large permanent wall features, such as built-in bookcases and a fireplace can be a challenge. This is a page about decorating living room with fireplace, bookcases, and windows.


Recycled Soda Bottle Photo Bracelets - Finished bracelet.

Recycled Soda Bottle Photo BraceletsFelt wrapped sections of recycled soda bottles can be decorated in endless ways to create unique, fun to make bracelets. This is a page about recycled soda bottle photo bracelets.


A cute guinea pig being held.

Getting a Guinea Pig Used to PeopleWith patience and gentleness most guinea pigs will enjoy being held. They do however, have more trepidation about being picked up. This is a page about getting a guinea pig used to people.


A notebook with ideas for creating a business plan.

Snappy Business Name IdeasChoosing a snappy, attention getting name for your business is an important first step. This is a page about snappy business name ideas.


A guinea pig in its cage.

Litter Box Training a Guinea PigAccording to some pet owners, guinea pigs can be easily trained to use a specific spot as their toilet. Similarly, litterbox training is also possible. This is a page about litter box training a guinea pig.


No cheese sign.

Casseroles Without Cheese?Sometimes it may seem as though all casseroles are topped with cheese. But of course there are numerous delicious casserole recipes to choose from without a cheese topping. This is a page about casseroles without cheese.



Making a Doily into a Bowl - finished new doily bowl

Making a Doily into a BowlNow that I am redoing my bathroom, I have made some green and cream things for it. One was a cover for a silver (for now) hamper. I wasn't crazy about how it looked, and I missed the black and red balls of yarn in the red bowl. I made a new crochet bowl to hold yarn balls in my new colors.


Rubber Boot Planter - planted ladybug boots

Rubber Boot PlanterMy son is now on his 4th set of ladybug boots. They are his favorites and a good friend of ours always comments that she wants to steal them from him. So when he outgrew his last pair we decided to make planters out of them and give her one. She absolutely loved it!


Overwintering Mexican Heather (Cuphea)

Overwintering Mexican Heather (Cuphea)My border bed is a lot less than I had hoped for. I blame that on poor planning and not thinking ahead. Hopefully, with proper planning and lots of referral notes, there will be a dramatic improvement next year. I hope to avoid all these problems next year by overwintering a tray of the Mexican heather cuttings.



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Protecting Hair from Sun Damage?I have been going to the beach every week and my hair has lightened, but I put coconut oil on it. I was wondering if exposure to the sun would damage my dry curly hair and is it a good idea to add camomile tea or lemon juice to my hair and should I do anything before or after?


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Treating a Dog with Parvo?Our pup has had parvo for four days. He hasn't gotten any worse, but isn't showing any signs of getting better either. I wake every two hours to give him Karo syrup, anti diarrhea meds, Pepcid, his IV fluids, also a mixture of vitamins and extra iron added, and baby rice cereal with chicken broth!


Is My Dog a Siberian Husky? - tan and white puppy

Is My Dog a Siberian Husky?Is my dog a Siberian Husky? My dad says it's a small version not a real one. I bought him thinking he was a pure bred Siberian Husky.


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Opening a Corroded Silver Salt Shaker?How do I get the top of a silver salt shaker off? It appears to have corroded. It is several decades old.


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Getting Rid of Fleas in Outdoor Dog Run?I need help dealing with fleas in the outdoor dog run. It is covered with wood mulch. The dogs also have access to a limited part of the garage which will be easier to deal with. Is diatomaceous earth of any use? Flea baths and topical flea meds are scheduled.


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Value of a 8086 Mersman End Table?I am restoring a 8086 Mersman end table and would like to know the approximate value?


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Finding Fabric Donations for Shelter Pet Toys?I'm looking for leftover fabric scraps or clippings to create animal shelter toys with my students. Where can I start? Where can we go to find those donations?


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Value of Partial Set of Britannica Encyclopedias?I have an incomplete set of the 1910 - 1911 edition (Cambridge University). It is bound in black leather and I am curious of its value. I have 19 of the 29 volumes, in excellent shape!


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Converting a Basement into a Teen Boy's Bedroom?What can I use for space savers and room dividers?


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Ideas for a Girl's 14th Birthday Party?I'm thinking of having a birthday party for my 14th, but I don't know what themes to do, or how to entertain my friends. I don't get birthday parties very often as my birthday is during the school holidays. I want my 14th to be the best birthday ever.


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Value of a Mersman Table?What is the value of a Mersman 3 tier inlaid end table #6849?


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Finding Free Furniture?I just moved to Cincinnati with my kids. I came up here with nothing, no money. I need help with beds and clothing for my kids. What can I do or how can I get help with beds and clothing?


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Value of Chambers's Encyclopaedia New Edition 1959?I have a full set of 15 volumes of the Chambers's Encyclopaedia New Edition 1959. Can you please advise the value of same?


What Breed Is My Dog?

What Breed Is My Dog?Tuffy is about 5 months old, I adopted her from the shelter a couple of days ago. I was told she was a hound mix and I thought she looked like a black and tan Coonhound. She has long thin legs, a thin body, and a long pointy nose. She acts like a Bloodhound.


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Repairing Damage to Painted Countertop?I have a painted countertop that has been damaged and stained; how do I repair the damage?


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Receiving Social Security Survivor Benefits?My son is receiving death benefits from his father. He turned 19, but didn't graduated till june 7. Will he get a check for June that will come in July?


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