July 27, 2017

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A line of graduation announcement and invites, hanging from a mantle.

Displaying Graduation AnnouncementsIf you get many graduation announcements in a short period of time, you can display them in several ways. This is a page about displaying graduation announcements.


A beautiful antique dresser.

How to Sell Antique Furniture Online?Antique furniture can be valuable if it is rare and in good condition. This is a page about how to sell antique furniture online.


12th Birthday Party

12th Birthday Party Theme Ideas?Every 12 year old is excited for their birthday, make it a memorable one with a fun theme. This is a page about 12th birthday party theme ideas.


Air Conditioner

Roaches Coming in Through an Air Conditioner?Central air conditioning ducting can be an easy conduit for pests to enter and infest your home. This is a page about roaches coming in through an air conditioner.


A cat owner pointing at a cat guilty of peeing in the house.

Cat Peeing in the Same PlaceCats can certainly be creatures of habit. If your cat is peeing someplace you don't want them to, it would be best to stop them from peeing there as soon as possible. This is a page about cat peeing in the same place.


Spilled red candle wax.

Removing Wax From Washed ClothesIf wax has melted onto your clothing and they have already been washed, it can be a challenge to remove. This is a page about removing wax from washed clothes.


A Hawaiian drink in a coconut.

Hawaiian Birthday Party IdeasBirthday parties are fun if you have a theme. A Hawaiian luau theme is sure to be a great time. This is a page about Hawaiian birthday party ideas.


Fruit Fly

Fruit Fly ControlFruit flies can reproduce very quickly and if you don' stop them early you can end with many in your home in a short time. This is a page about fruit fly control.


Curly Hair

Straightening Curly HairWhether your hair is naturally curly or you have had a perm, you may want to straighten your hair style. This is a page about straightening curly hair.


A man itching his head.

Tiny Black Bugs Making Head Itch?Fleas like humans almost as much as dogs, and can be the cause of your itchy head. This is a page about tiny black bugs making head itch.


A photo of the bride and groom.

Printing Professional Quality Digital Wedding PhotosPrints of the photos from your special day should be the highest quality you can a get. This is a page about printing professional quality digital wedding photos.



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Scareware on your ComputerI went into the office to use my PC and it had a page covering the screen advising me to STOP or my PC would eventually crash! I tried everything I knew of to erase or make my computer usable again. Since I bought the PC at Best Buy where they have the Geek Squad, I called them. I talked an agent there who explained that they call what happened to me "Scareware" and, yes, it was a scam!


Mocha (Australian Shepherd/Cowdog) - now

Mocha (Australian Shepherd/Cowdog)In spring 2015 my husband and I had gone to pick up a washer from his uncle's girlfirend. When got there a cute bunch of puppies came up to greet us. I loved them all, however, there was one that stuck out above all the rest. As my husband handed me this beautiful adorable little blue eyed Australian Shepherd I looked him in the eyes and fell in love.


An Apple MacBook Pro laptop computer that says "Passed" on the screen.

Apple Store for Support and RepairMy laptop was out of warranty and I had an "unable to find driver for this platform" error which resulted in my laptop not starting up at all. I was so terrified because I have never backed my laptop and thought I would lose everything, not to mention I would probably have to pay money to get my laptop fixed.


Sarge and Chase (Domestic American Shorthair) - lying on their backs in the middle of play

Sarge and Chase (Domestic American Shorthair)We decided we wanted a new addition to our family, and we fell in love with these two who were in a foster home together. Since they are brothers, we didn't want to separate them, so we decided to adopt them both when they were about 4 months old. They have provided comfort and laughter to us ever since.


A sandwich made from two bread heels.

Bread Heel SandwichMany people don't use the ends of bread in their sandwiches. If you put the heel on the inside, you can make an excellent sandwich. Some people fool their children this way, but this tip never worked with mine. I do this for myself. Prior to this, I used the ends for croutons and bread crumbs.


Sunset Over Knysna South Africa

Sunset Over Knysna South AfricaI took this photo in April 2015. We went on a sunset cruise across the lake in Knysna,. Knysna was one of the places on my bucket list ~ it is known as the "Jewel of the Garden Route" ~ and during that holiday in 2015, I finally got to see Knysna in person.


Bee on an Echinacea - honey bee on purple coneflower

Bee on an EchinaceaI took this photo of a honey bee on an echinacea flower while we were visiting the zoo. I love watching bees as they collect pollen and echinacea are one of my favorite flowers.


An extension cord tucked into a recycled tissue roll.

Tissue Roll to Keep Cords TidyA recycled tissue roll is good for organizing things around the house. I used them for holding my extension wire. This keeps it neat and clean, and looks organized. There is no need to tie it up, just insert it in the roll.


Split Pea and Eggplant Stew on plate

Split Pea and Eggplant Stew (Gheimeh Bademjan)Gheimeh Bademjan is a very popular Persian split pea and eggplant stew. When I was little, I did not like eggplant and this stew is what made me start absolutely loving it. It's got a great, deep flavour and very comforting texture.


Heart Shaped Paper Chain - hand holding a short length of heart shaped paper chain links, connected

Heart Shaped Paper ChainMaking a paper chain is a fun and satisfying craft which all children, and adults too, love to do on special occasions.


Duct Tape for Picking Up Fragments of Glass - tape wrapped around hand

Duct Tape for Picking Up Fragments of GlassWhen you break thin glass on hardwood floors you are left with splinters of glass. I use duct tape wrapped around my hand the wrong way, and go over the area and it picks up every little sliver of glass. It really picks up well and you can turn the tape around on your hand carefully.


Fabric Garland - finished garland up close on white fabric backdrop

Fabric GarlandThis is a very cute garland that is made with scraps of left over fabric. This garland can be hung as a backdrop for parties, hung in a nursery, along the stairs, mantel, and so forth. It is very easy to make and makes a nice decorative piece that doesn't look cheap!


Easy Terrarium - mason jar

Easy TerrariumThis simple but cute summer project can be made in minutes, but you can enjoy it for a long time! It's good for kids or adults.


A blue fidget spinner being held between fingers.

Fidget Spinner for RelaxationI have seen everyone with their fidget spinners. These are toys which relax the mind, when a person is thinking of too much at one time. I bought my fidget spinner at Walmart, and it was about 4 dollars. It has been very relaxing.


Growing Mammoth Elephant Ears - woman's hand on very large leaf

Growing Mammoth Elephant EarsThis is my tip for to get large elephant ears. You can get the rhizomes (large seed). The mammoth rhizomes are approximately 3 to 5 inches round. They must be kept dry and at room temp. until ready to plant. The time to plant is late spring.height of 6 feet.


Thrift Store Garden Chair Planter - planted

Thrift Store Garden Chair PlanterWhile on a thrift store trip, I came upon this lovely metal chair that has the most awesome scroll work and curves! This powder room chair would make a great outdoor accessory for my garden. I love bringing the indoors out.


A washcloth under the leg of a heavy piece of furniture, to assist in moving it.

Washcloths to Move Heavy FurnitureHow to move a heavy piece of furniture when you are alone, without scratching hardwood floors. Use 4 facecloths, one under each leg. Then you can gently push and pull with no strain, just let it glide smoothly along the hardwood floors. It really works beautifully!


Ash Tray as Cat Food Bowl - vintage ash trays

Ash Tray as Cat Food BowlTypical cat dishes have sides that are too high or crevices where wet food gets wasted. A bowl may be too small for a cat head and whiskers, so we prefer a flatter dish, one that won't slide. I finally found some flattish colorful plastic ashtrays at an estate sale for a quarter, pictured.


Oreo (Shih Tzu) - black, gray, and white fluffy haired dog

Oreo (Shih Tzu)This is Oreo our little Shih Tzu. She was the runt of the litter. Her face is dirty from eating her favourite food spaghetti. We spent many weeks nursing her because she was so small. She is very feisty, she loves to play ball, and hates to be groomed.


Newspaper Gift Bag - flower decorations

Newspaper Gift BagIt's easy to make a gift bag using any paper including newsprint, brown parcel paper, or gift wrap. If you want to go the eco route then newspaper looks just fine if you add some lovely ribbon, bows, buttons, flowers, raffia, or other colourful embellishments to finish it off.


Getting Rid of Fleas on a Dog - black and brown puppy

Getting Rid of Fleas on a DogI live in Tahiti and unfortunately there aren't a lot of pet stores here on the islands. In fact, there aren't any pet stores here on the island. If we want anything for your pets we have to buy them from the veterinary or the pharmacy. We pay an extremely high price for our pet care needs.


Preventing Mud Under Outdoor Faucet

Preventing Mud Under Outdoor FaucetI got tired of the constant mud puddle under our faucet. Between watering our yard and maintaining our ducks' pen, we have the water on a lot. So my husband created this awesome little gravel pad under the faucet. It is perfect for preventing the mud puddles. It is also a great place to rinse off boots.


Using a long pool noodle to fill a bucket from a kitchen sink.

Pool Noodle to Fill A BucketMost buckets I buy do not fit in the sink. Take a pool noodle and attach to the tap. Put the bucket on the floor and the other end of the noodle into the bucket and fill it up.


Two tennis balls in a sock, to be used as a massager.

Tennis Ball Self-MassagerPut a couple tennis balls in a stocking and you will have a fantastic portable self-massager. This is great for when you have pains in your back and feet that you can't reach on your own. The soft give that a tennis ball has works well for not applying too much hard pressure on your body.



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Lightening Tanned Skin?If I was out in the sun for awhile and I got darker. I want my natural skin tone back which is mixed. How can I get it lighter?


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Roof Repair Assistance for Low Income Homeowners?I am 56 years old and I have a leaky roof. I'm on disability; where can I find help?


Using a Maker Original Embroidery Machine

Using a Maker Original Embroidery Machine?Does anyone know about the Maker Original MK3700 embroidery machine and how it works? I have had it for week and had just endless problems to get it going.


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Child Support and SSI?I have a question and I don't know what to do. My kids' dad is trying to get on SSI to get himself more help and so he won't have to pay child support. I'm just worried where I'm supposed to go from here. I am a single mom raising three kids.


Finding Discontinued Wallpaper - flowers, butterflies and birdcage pattern

Finding Discontinued Wallpaper?Could anyone help? I just need 1 roll of this wallpaper.


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Canning Tomato Juice?I was canning tomato juice with the water bath canner. I was supposed to process them for 35 minutes. I made a mistake and got the processing time mixed up with pickles and I only processed them for 10 minutes. All the jars have sealed. So could you please tell me how to correct this?


What Breed Is My Dog? black dog lying down

What Breed Is My Dog?Can anyone tell me if he's a Pit Bull?


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Value of an Ashley Belle Porcelain Doll?How much is an Ashley Belle doll named Lisa, design number 1048/1968 worth?


Bleaching Colored Converse Shoes

Bleaching Colored Converse Shoes?My dad got me a pair of like light purplish pink Converse on my birthday and I loved them. But I wanted to changed it to white by bleaching? I tried a dot of bleach on the shoe to see if the color will come off and it turn white, I think. I was wondering if bleaching would really turn the Converse white?


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Value of Dynasty Collection Doll?I have a Dynasty Collection doll. The doll's name is Margarita, but I can't seem to locate her anywhere online to get her value. She's in mint condition and still has plastic around her hands and feet, and all the tags are intact. She has never been removed from the box.


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Roof Repair Assistance for Low Income Homeowners?I am looking for help with home repairs. My ceiling is falling in and I don't have the money to get my roof repaired. I live on a fixed income. Can you please suggest how to get help?


Older Dog Drinking A Lot and Peeing Inside - small black and gray dog on a chair

Older Dog Drinking A Lot and Peeing Inside?My Pom will be 10 shortly, in September, and has started drinking water in excess and wetting in the house. She has never done this before.


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Using Rubbing Alcohol in a Steam Carpet Cleaner?Can I use this mixture in my steam cleaner on a room size carpet, rubbing alcohol and water mixed?


A dog standing on a couch.

Is My Dog a Belgian Malinois?Does anyone think my new puppy is a jet black Belgian Malinois? I'm looking for a dog breeder who could tell if she is a pure Belgian Malinois.


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Cleaning a Washing Machine?How much vinegar and soda crystals do I put in the washing machine to clean it? I get a lot of lint on my black clothing. I am struggling and have tried other remedies already.


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Removing Cat Urine Odor from Car Vent?How do I get rid of cat pee in my car vent?


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Brown Sticky Stuff on Philodendron?I have a philodendron that is over 40 years old. I noticed the top of the plant pot has brown sticky stuff on it it. How do I get rid of it and what is it? The plant has new leaves and is in a huge pot. I have not seen any bugs or white fungus.


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Using Dawn and Flea Medicine on Cats?I gave my 2 cats a bath in Dawn soap and then I put flea medicine on them as soon as I got them out of the tub. Will the flea medics work?


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Dog Peeing and Pooping Inside?I have a 1 year old puppy. We can take outside and she'll go potty, but once we bring her in the house she still goes to her corner where her puppy pad used to be about 20 minutes later and still pees and poops over there.


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Staying on Medicaid After Marriage?I recently got married and we had a child in June. I am on Medicaid and my husband makes $10000 (gross income) yearly. Would my son and I still be eligible for Medicaid?


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Handmake Jewelry Business Name Ideas?I am looking for ideas in naming a business. I am making necklaces and pendants from glass and stained glass. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!


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Transmission of Parvo from Soil?If a dog died from parvo and was buried in the back yard, will this contaminate the ground? It happened about four years ago. The backyard is now full of pups. My concern is that my dog is chained up out front and wants to play with them. She has had her first vaccination for parvo and is 4 years old.


Dog Peeing Indoors After Having Puppies - brown dog with long hair on ears

Dog Peeing Indoors After Having Puppies?My dog, even when she was puppy, didn't like peeing outdoors. We trained her to pee inside the compound. There would be some accidents when she would pee inside the house, but since she has given birth to her first litter, she does this quite often.


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House Trained Dogs Pooping Inside?My mini Dachshund was trained to use puppy pads or to go outside in our pen. I had to be in the hospital for 5 days and my husband took care of the dogs. They had several accidents in the house while I was away. We have two female mini Dachshunds. Once one of them started pooping in the house and then the other did.


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In-laws Visit Every Day?I have a very awkward and difficult situation right now. My husband never told me that when his parents visit us in Europe it means they will be staying for the whole 5-6 months. I suggested an alternative solution that they could stay up to 2 months only. He is not happy and said that I want to kick his family out.


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Kitten Sucking on Blanket?I have just adopted a kitten who is suckling on one of my soft blanket. Is there anything I can do to help her either stop suckling or comfort her more?


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Dog Pooping in the House After Being Boarded?I boarded my almost 2 year old dog a couple weeks ago for a week. Now she is pooping in the house. I take her out every morning and make sure she pees and poops. I go to work I come home for lunch and to take her out and she has pooped on the floor.


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Selling Walnut Trees?How do we determine the value of walnut trees on our property and how do we sell them and to who?


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Treating a Kitten's Runny Eyes?Is it safe to use canned milk with warm water to wash a kitten's eyes out?


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Permed Haired Frizzy Not Curly?I got a perm two weeks ago. I did everything I was instructed to do by my hairdresser. After I shower my hair looks great, the next day it goes kinda straight so I spray water on it, scrunch it, and add a little hairspray and it looks like I stuck my finger in a lightsocket and it's extremely frizzy.


Using Dryer Balls - wool dryer balls

Using Wool Dryer Balls?Has anyone purchased wool dryer balls or made wool dryer balls? If so how do these compare to tennis balls or rubber dryer balls? I am also concerned about the chemicals in both the tennis balls and rubber balls so I made wool dryer balls to use in my dryer.


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