August 7, 2017

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Scrapbook Photo Plaques - finished plaque

How to Make Scrapbook Photo PlaquesA photo plaque can make a wonderful decoration or a gift on holidays or special occasions. This is a page about how to make scrapbook photo plaques.


Floating Island Punch

Floating Island PunchMake a cool refreshing fruit punch with floating islands of sherbet. This is a page about floating island punch.


Two lawyers looking at a legal document.

Understanding Inmate Information CodesIf you or a loved one has to deal with being incarcerated, it can be very helpful to be familiar with the inmate information codes in your area. This is a page about understanding inmate information codes.


mixed sauce and pasta

Spaghetti with Anchovies RecipeAdd some salty flavor to your spaghetti by adding some anchovies. This is a page contains a spaghetti with anchovies recipe.


A marble pattern like that of a painted countertop.

Envirotex Countertops and Food Safety?Painting laminate countertops to resemble stone became quite popular several years ago. They were finished with a layer of Envirotex sealer. This is a page about Envirotex countertops and food safety.


Homemade strawberry ice cream.

Using an Electric Ice Cream Maker?Make delicious ice cream with an easy to use electric ice cream maker. That way you can enjoy this frozen treat faster than with a hand crank ice cream maker. This is a page about using an electric ice cream maker.


Floral Mother's Day favor.

Mother's Day Favors for Church?Make all the moms in your church feel spacial with some favors for them to take home on Mother's Day. This is a page about Mother's Day favors for church.


A jar of flavored water.

Flavoring Water Without Adding CaloriesUse sugar free flavorings or fresh fruit to flavor your water without adding calories. This is a page about flavoring water without adding calories.


Man Smelling Polyurethane Odor on Shirt

Removing Polyurethane Stain Odor from Clothes?Polyurethane can be difficult to remove and leaves a strong odor. This is a page about removing polyurethane stain odor from clothes.


A name tag sticker on a shirt.

Removing Sticker Adhesive from Fabric?Sticker or label adhesive can be difficult to remove. This is a page about removing sticker adhesive from fabric.


A note card on a bulletin board that says count your blessing on it.

Counting Your BlessingsIt can be easy to forget all the great things that happen in our lives. Take a moment to count your blessings everyday. This is a page about counting your blessings.


German Shepherd

Is My Dog a Pure Bred German Shepherd?Although a genetic test is the best way to accurately define a dog's breed there are physical characteristics that can help distinguish between a pure bred and mixed breed pup. This is a page about, "Is my dog a pure bred German Shepherd?.


Pillow Topper

How to Make a Pillow TopperThis handmade pillow topper lays over your pillows and allows you to avoid the hassle of putting on and taking off pillow shams. This is a page about how to make a pillow topper.


Baby powder all over a woman's face.

Jamsu Makeup Priming TechniqueYou can achieve this popular matte looking skin effect at home without expensive cosmetics. This is a page about Jamsu makeup priming technique.


An attractive throw rug.

Removing Furniture Polish Stains from Oriental Rug?Spilled furniture polish on an oriental rug can present a cleaning challenge. This is a page about removing furniture polish stains from oriental rug.


A white bar of soap.

Buying Ivory Soap in the UKIf you live in the UK it may be more difficult to acquire Ivory soap. This is a page about buying Ivory soap in the UK.


Garbage Disposal

Putting Ice Cubes in Garbage DisposalRunning ice cubes through your garbage disposal will help clean off the blades. This is a page about putting ice cubes in garbage disposal.


A close up of a mourning dove.

Mourning Dove PhotosThis very common bird is found from southern Canada to central Mexico. They are recognizable from their soft prolonged cooing that has a distinctly mournful sound. This page contains mourning dove photos.



Microwave Corn on the Cob

Microwave Corn on the CobYou will never boil sweet corn in a kettle of water again.


Stir-Fry Zucchini and chicken on plate

Stir-Fry ZucchiniIt's zucchini season! This recipe has an Asian flair with the soy sauce and sesame seeds. It takes very little time to prepare and is so good.



The ancient city of Hoi An, in Vietnam.

Visit World Heritage Sites When TravelingI had the opportunity to visit Viet Nam a couple of years ago and I saw some amazing places. I was surprised to later realize that I had already visited a few World Heritage Sites during my visit.


A sepia photograph of a young boy with a metal tub outside.

Please, Share Your MemoriesYes, it was wash day, again. The clothes were boiled in water heated in a cast iron wash pot above a roaring fire. Then they were scrubbed on a scrub board, using lots of home made lye soap. Or, if you could afford it, store bought Octagon Soap.


Day and Night Spinning Card - night scene

Day and Night Spinning CardLooking back on my elementary days, I used to watch Disney channel's Art Attack. This is one of my greatest memories of the old times Art Attack show.


A waterfall from a glacier in Alaska.

Glacier with Waterfall (Alaska)Alaska has many magnificent glaciers. This particular glacier is the Menedenhall Glacier. It is located in the Tongass National Forest. The forest is a temperate rainforest. This means that they get as much rainfall as a tropical rainforest, but the temperature is lower, so they don't get the lush vegetation.


Killing Japanese Beetles - trap

Killing Japanese BeetlesMany parts of the USA have been invaded by the Japanese beetle. While they don't normally kill a tree, they do put it under a lot of stress, prevent fruit trees from bearing fruit, and they make the trees appear ugly.


Growing Pansies From Seed - seedling

Growing Pansies From SeedSome varieties of pansies do best in late spring and early summer, while others do best in fall and winter. I have been buying plants in early fall, as soon as they are available in garden centers. I have a nice display in fall, all but the coldest parts of winter, and then, spring and the early part of summer.


A woman in a rose arbor covered path in bloom, at Butchart Gardens.

Butchart Gardens (Victoria BC, Canada)Paradise right here on earth. A must-see if you go to Victoria, British Columbia. Butchart Gardens is a National Historic Site of Canada and has been in existence for more than 100 years.


A red panda at a park in Chengdu, China.

The Red Panda (Chengdu, China)I visited the panda park in Chengdu, China last year. I was working in China for a few weeks and had the opportunity to visit this amazing park. The park is the only place in the world that has these amazing red pandas.



Keeping Dog from Getting Parvo - gray and white Pit puppy

Keeping Dog from Getting Parvo?My friend, that I live with, mom's 12 week old puppy got parvo. When her dog fell sick I completely separated mine to a different part of the house. My puppy hasn't gotten his shots started. He has a vet appointment tomorrow. Once the test came back that her dog was positive I brought my puppy to a friend's house.


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Craftsman 42" Rider Mower Has a Start Delay?My 42" Craftsman mower has a 3-5 second delay when the key is turned to the start position before it slowly starts to turn and then runs fine. I had the battery checked and fully charged. It exceeds specs. The delay is less if the mower has been operating. Any ideas why there is a delay?


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Repairing a Sunbeam Bread Machine?I have a Sunbeam bread machine, and recently it sounds different when mixing. After the process there are bits of black rubber falling out of the bottom of the bread machine. What is this? How do I fix it without buying a new machine?


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Right of Person Holding Power of Attorney?I have POA over my friend who is now in a nursing home. He has been receiving a Social Security check in his checking account for months now. I am also on his checking account. I have used some of the money for personal use. Is this misappropriation of funds?


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Choosing The Best Soup Thermos?I'm a construction worker so I need my new thermos to be really durable and to keep my food hot for at least 8-10 hours. If you have any ideas what is a best thermos for that - it'll be much appreciated.


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Treating a 10 Week Old Kitten With Fleas?I rescued my kitten at about 5 or 6 weeks old, he is now 10 or 11 weeks old, my question is can I put flea drops on him now, even though the drops say to do so at 12 weeks. I give him regular baths every week or 2, and by the time he is due for a bath he has a lot of fleas on him just in that amount of time.


What Breed Is My Dog?

What Breed Is My Dog?I rescued this dog, but I don't know what breed it is.


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Cleaning Dirt and Tree Sap Off Work Clothes?How can I get dirt off my work clothes? I'm a tree climber and I get dirty. It doesn't look too good to have dirt and sap on my clothes for work; it looks unclean.


What Is This Houseplant? tall foliage plant in white ceramic pot

What Is This Houseplant?I bought this yesterday, but it didn't come with a tag. Please help me so I can care for it properly. There are three stems from which the leaves fold out, but I assume it is three separate plants as they are not conjoined?


Removing Silly Putty from a Couch - spot on upholstery

Removing Silly Putty from a Couch?Someone got Silly Putty on the family couch and it won't come off. Everybody says to use some type of grease thing or rubbing alcohol, which I can't go to the store today to buy. Any other ways?


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