August 14, 2017

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A man holding a business card.

Homemade Business CardsThere are websites where you can create your own business cards, but you can also use certain software products from Microsoft and other companies. This is a page about designing homemade business cards.


Jar of Vaseline.

How to Remove Vaseline Stains on ClothingBecause it is petroleum based, Vaseline leaves an oil based stain on clothing that can be problematic to remove. This is a page about how to remove Vaseline stains on clothing.


A cat on a leather couch.

How to Clean Cat Urine on Leather FurnitureRemoving the stain and odor of cat urine from your leather furniture needs to be done with care, to protect the dye and finish. This page contains questions and some advice for attempting to remedy this situation.


An old wood antique trunk.

Removing Musty Odor from an Antique TrunkOld trunks can develop a musty smell over time and based on where they have been stored. This is a page about removing musty odor from an antique trunk.


A woman holding several fabric samples.

Removing Paper Backing From Fabric SamplesRemoving the paper backing on fabric samples is necessary if you are planning to use them in craft projects. However, you need to take care not to change the nature of the sample by removing sizing and other finishes. This is a page about removing paper backing from fabric samples.


Photo of an old steamer trunk with a curved lid.

Refinishing the Inside of an Old TrunkMany old trunks were paper lined. If you are thinking of refinishing the inside as part of your restoration, consider repapering or perhaps paint or stain. This is a page about refinishing the inside of an old trunk.


An orange cat sitting on the edge of a bathtub.

Cat is Peeing in the Bathtub?Assuming that this behavior is not due to an infection there are a number of ways to handle your kitty's new toilet practices. This is a page about cat is peeing in the bathtub.


cigarette smoke

Smoke Odors in My Apartment from NeighborsOne of the downsides to apartment dwelling, in addition to noise, is that odors from adjoining apartments can find their way into yours. This is a page about smoke odors in my apartment from neighbors.


Root Beer Float Popsicles - popsicle

Root Beer Float PopsiclesNow you can enjoy the flavor of a cold root beer float on a stick. This is a page about making root beer float popsicles.



Plastic Bottle and Washi Tape Bracelet - final view of bracelet being worn with other jewelry

Plastic Bottle and Washi Tape BraceletI love making these because I always have plastic bottles handy and I adore washi tape! It's so easy to make bracelets to go with any outfit using this method. And it's super cheap, too.


Ivies As Groundcovers - different types of ivy

Ivies As GroundcoversI have six different ivies. I hope to add more to my collection. The only prerequisite is that the ivy be unique and totally different from any I now have.


Crochet Tissue Box Cover and Bath Decor - mini dollies attached

Crochet Tissue Box Cover and Bath DecorThis is the final step of my bath redo. I made some pretties and today it's all done. You won't believe what it all cost! The final product is so much calmer, almost serene. I love it and am happy to share it with you.


Easy Seed Tape - two dish mats clipped together with the paper taped to them

Easy Seed TapeI thought of this just today. It's a bit time consuming, but it does have its advantages. It's another one of those 'knit one, purl two' thingies, meaning you can pick it up when you have a few minutes and stop at any time.


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Winterizing a Geranium Part 2This is the second part of my winterizing a geranium. Twice during the winter soak it for two hours in water. Take your geranium out of the paper bag it has been in all winter. Put it in a pot with potting soil.


Bella (Pit Bull Mix) - child holding a brown and white puppy

Bella (Pit Bull Mix)The mother was a rescue dog and when a family rescued the mother they found out she was pregnant. We got her in the middle of July.


A vintage photograph of a young girl with a pretty dress.

Vintage Photograph (1950s)This vintage picture was taken at a photography studio in the early 1950's. The mother of this child was approached on the sidewalk as she strolled by the studio and asked if they could photograph the little girl. The mother received a complimentary photo and the original photograph was displayed in front of the studio for advertising purposes.



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No-see-ums?I am getting eaten alive by what I believe to be no-see-ums. My house, has been fogged, but it is not helping me. My husband, 2 kid, and dog are all bite free and have been for over a week. I can't figure out why I'm the lucky one. I have bites all over me and I'm itchy. We have no carpets and no open water.


Surviving the Parvo Virus - black dog on white tile floor

Surviving the Parvo Virus?My puppy stopped eating and drinking on Thursday. He is with the vet being treated for the parvovirus. Also a surgery was done to correct a telescopic intestine. He was taking forced feedings yesterday, but today started vomiting in the afternoon. Will he make it, he is only 5 months old?


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Value of Webster's Dictionary?I own a copy of Webster's Handy Condensed Dictionary Self Pronouncing. This dictionary's copyright date is 1919, and 1931, by Cupples & Leon Company. There are no pages ripped out or missing. I want to know what it's worth.


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Removing Rust Stains on Nylon Curtains?How do I remove rust stains safely from nylon curtains?


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Removing Cleaner Smell from Cooler?I need to get the cleaning solution smell out of my cooler.


Getting Rid of Tiny Hard Shelled Flying Bugs

Getting Rid of Tiny Hard Shelled Flying Bugs?I have tiny hard shelled black/brown flying bugs in my house. They're not just in my kitchen, they're random throughout the house. Mostly they're on a wall or ceiling, and sometimes, they just fall. I've checked the pantries, but they're not in there.


Can Anyone Identify Any of These Plants?

Can Anyone Identify Any of These Plants?I bought a few plants recently and am wondering what they were. There was no label at the store. There are five, but if anyone knows even one of them that'd be great.


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Eligibility for Social Security Survivor Benefits?My brother-in-law, age 57, passed away after an illness 2 weeks ago. He was due to start receiving Social Security benefits starting in August. He was never married and had no children. Since my mother-in-law was his next of kin will she receive his benefits?


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Rotten Egg Smelling Water?I just rented a home in Florida. The water smells so bad and if you get it in your mouth you just gag it tastes so bad. My landlord says the water is what it is. When I look in my water softener the top has brown bubbles kinda foamy laying on top of the water.


Is My Dog a Full Blooded Pit? - dog in profile on bed

Is My Dog a Full Blooded Pit?She will be eight months tomorrow. She weighs 64 pounds. I've seen pics of her parents, they seemed like pretty good looking dogs. I just wanted a second opinion. I was told she was 100% blue nose Pit Bull. I paid $125; so people then question if she's real?


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Foot Pedal Doesn't Work on Janome Sewing Machine?I have a Janome 4618LE and my foot pedal won't work. There is power to the machine it just won't sew using the foot pedal.


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Removing Marks on a Corelle Plate?I just need tips on how to get a mark off a Corelle plate.


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Growing Carrots in a Greenhouse?I started growing several carrots in a large planter in our greenhouse. They sprouted about 3 weeks ago, but have since started to shrivel up.


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Cleaning An Aboveground Pool?I just brought a house that has an aboveground pool that they didn't have a cover on. The water is black. What can I do to get it clean?.


A dress made from a metallic mesh fabric.

How to Sew Metallic Mesh?I have searched for answers to this question all over the internet (including youtube) and can't find even one example of how to sew metallic mesh. This fabric is very trendy right now. Many brands are using it.


What Is This Bug?

What Is This Bug?What type of insect or bug is this?


What Is This Houseplant?

What Is This Houseplant?I bought this plant for a friend and she asked me what it was and how to care for it. I didn't have a clue what it was. Any info will be greatly appreciated:)


What Breed Is My Dog? - Chihuahua looking dg on bed

What Breed Is My Dog?Would anyone know what breed my dog Meer (cat ) is? I rescued her 3 months ago. She is 2 years and 3 months old. She loves chasing a ball, jumping high and catching her ball. She will swim in the ocean to retrieve it. She is highly intelligent.


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Donating Fabric to Charity?I have a large amount of various fabrics and remnants that I'd like to donate in Massachusetts. Does anyone know a worthy charity that could make use of it?


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Sears Riding Mower Not Getting Gas to the Carburetor?I was mowing and it just died, like it ran out of gas. I had a third of a tank. It would only run if I sprayed gas in the carb. When I do it right it runs at idle only. It is not getting gas to the jets in the throat of the carb. I replaced the carb with one I know works, but the same thing happens.


Is My Pit Bull Full Blooded?

Is My Pit Bull Full Blooded?Is my blue Pit Bull full blooded or mixed?


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Re-dyeing hair?I dyed my hair blue/black about 2 and a half months ago. If I use the L'Oreal HiColor red will it take on my hair?


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