August 16, 2017

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dish of Pork Binaguongan

Pork BinaguonganThis recipe is close to the famous Filipino dish "adobo". Pork is mixed with spicy sweet anchovies which we call "baguong". Also a very well known dish and an all time favorite.


glass of Mint Tea

Mint TeaI was anxious to try this since I am growing mint. I was not disappointed! I halved the recipe, so I only filled my jar halfway. I also used stevia instead of sugar. Stevia is twice as sweet, so only half as much is needed. However, I wrote the recipe as it was originally written.


Homemade Dill Pickles on plate

Homemade Dill PicklesI love dill pickles, especially in the summertime, but I like to be able to control how much sodium I take in. Give my recipe a try!



Clothing deals at a store closing sale.

Score Deals at Store ClosingIt's sad to see so many big stores closing. I don't often visit store closings because I always thought the prices are expensive, but actually the prices are reasonable and they will only get cheaper toward the end of the closing date.


Spaghetti stored in 2-liter plastic soda bottles, in the pantry.

2-Liter Bottle Pasta ContainerI always buy my pasta in bulk but the packaging that comes with them is not always the best. Huge amounts of spaghetti in opened flimsy plastic bags aren't always the best in my cupboards.


Weeding Helper - tiny green frog on elephant ear leaf

Weeding HelperI was weeding in one of my rock gardens, when I was joined by a little frog. Shortly after, a grasshopper also came to visit.


A leather bag that has been cleaned with a magic eraser.

Magic Eraser for Cleaning Light Colored LeatherLight colored handbags are great for summer, but get dirty quickly. I used a Magic Eraser (knock-off) and it looked like new in a couple of minutes. The picture shows half the bag cleaned so that you can see the difference.


A blonde woman with over processed hair.

Solutions for Over Processed HairPerms and coloring can leave your hair dry and brittle if done too often or improperly. Until new hair grows out you will need to treat your hair with safe, gentle products developed for damaged hair. This page offers solutions for over processed hair.


Plastic bottle to protect seedlings.

Plastic Bottles to Protect PlantsProtect your seedlings from cold weather or hard rain by cutting a plastic bottle and putting it on top of your plant. You could also buy glass ones but they are very expensive and they can break. You can use recycled jugs for free and have the same benefit.


Using a tennis ball to mark how far to park in your garage.

Perfect Parking in your GarageNot good at predicting how far to drive into the garage to park? Fear no more. This easy tip will help you get the perfect parking every time.



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Dog Destroys Bedding When in Crate?What's a good alternative for my furbaby? She is a year and a half old and eats all her beds, blankets, and toys. We have had to take all bedding out of her crate, which she is in while we are at work, and during the night as we sleep. She gets a lot of attention.


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Lucky Bamboo Water Turned Green?I have been growing bamboo in glass containers in my window for about 8 months. The water stayed clear and no fungus or algae occurred. All I ever did was add water or a few drops of plant food. I'm often out of town for a week and it had still been clean and clear. This last time the water had turned green.


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Getting Rid of Tiny Black Biting Bugs?I have had these little black bugs for what seems like years and they bite only me and are in the clothes. It seems like heat gets them going. I have thrown away most of my clothes. I vac every day and spray bug spray, but nothing helps.


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Inexpensive Dog Teeth Cleaning in Sacramento?I need to have my dog's teeth cleaned, but can't afford the outrageous prices I've been getting quoted. Isn't there a low-cost dental clinic in Sacramento or close by that understands dental care is important to a pet's health, but it doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg.


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Estimating Insurance Claim for Damaged Mersman Table?I have a Mersman table which has the number 2745 stamped on the bottom and written on the bottom over a another number 503, but no label. It's very probably from the 1930s. I inherited it from my grandmother. It's the two-tier pie table. It was severely damaged in a recent move.


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Bobbin Thread Not Being Picked Up?Could having the wrong bobbin be the problem of the thread not catching?


Identifying a Houseplant - large oval shaped leaves that are dark green and lighter green stripes and purple underside

Identifying a Houseplant?I have a houseplant conundrum. I was given this plant when an office closed down. No one knows what it is and when I first got it, it was on the brink of death. I've gotten it back to a heathy state and it has even started producing some new foliage.


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