August 25, 2017

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completed card.

Mock Mosaic Birthday CardYou can use any artwork or a favorite photo to make a mosaic card. Making a mock mosaic birthday card is a perfect supplement to a birthday gift for someone.


Plarn centerpieces.

Cotton Dishcloth and Plarn Table CenterpieceMake a centerpiece for your table or a dishcloth to wash dishes with using plarn and crochet cotton thread. Learn how to make a cotton dishcloth and plarn table centerpiece.


A set of glass cookware with lids.

Cleaning Burnt Food on Glass CookwareCleaning burnt on food off of glass cookware, such as Pyrex baking dishes, does require products that will clean but not scratch. This is a page about cleaning burnt food on glass cookware.


A bowl of healthy salad.

Tips for Eating LessPortion size is important to keep track of if you are attempting to lose weight. If overeating is causing you to gain weight here are some tips for eating less.


closeup of knob

Repairing a Nelco Sewing Machine?These vintage machines imported in the late 1950s from Japan were well made and can still be found stitching away in many homes. This is a page about repairing a Nelco sewing machine.


cooking caramel

Cleaning Burned Caramel from a PanMaking candy or caramel can easily result in some burned sugar in the bottom of your pan. Cleaning burned caramel from a pan can be a bit of a challenge.


Pumpkin Planter 2

How to Make a Simple Pumpkin PlanterA hollowed out pumpkin can easily be turned in to a decorative autumn planter. Learn to make these cute pumpkin planters for your deck or front porch.


A bumble bee on a flower.

How to Get Rid of Bumble BeesNot all bees are the same. Bumble bees are relatively harmless, only stinging if harmed or the nest is threatened. They are very efficient pollinators and thus a necessary part of plant propagation. They tend to nest in out of the way areas of the garden and sometimes even underground (white tailed bumblebee). Their fuzzy abdomen differentiates them from the carpenter bee with which they are sometimes confused. This is a page about getting rid of bumble bees.


Mother's Day Rose Adult Coloring Page - single rose bud with squiggles in background

Mother's Day Rose Adult Coloring PageColor a beautiful rose for your mom on Mother's Day. Here is a fun Mother's Day rose adult coloring page.


Fresh eggs from free range chickens.

What is the Shelf Life of Free Range Farm Eggs?Many small farmers and backyard chicken keepers advise that unwashed eggs can be kept at room temperature for up to 30 days. Once washed, according to the University of Wisconsin Extension, they need to be refrigerated at between 35 - 40 degrees F and are typically good for 6 - 8 weeks. This is a page about, "What is the shelf life of free range farm eggs?".


Baby Woody (Yorkshire Terrier)

Yorkshire Terrier PhotosThe Yorkshire Terrier or Yorkie is a small dog breed, developed in the 19th century to catch rats in clothing mills. Today they are a popular pet, despite their stubborn nature and being difficult to house train. This page contains Yorkshire Terrier photos.


Teddy Bear (Chihuahua)

Chihuahua PhotosChihuahuas are a fun breed of dog to photograph. This page contains Chihuahua photos.


Decoupaging tools.

Decoupaging a Napkin on Glass?Decorate a glass or vase by decoupaging a napkin on to it. Decoupaging a napkin on glass is a perfect way to make custom decor items for you home.


A Christmas tree stand with water in it.

Pets Drinking the Christmas Tree WaterPreservative chemicals in your Christmas tree water may be harmful to your pet. If you have only put water in your Christmas tree stand, the water is safe for your pet to drink. Pets drinking the Christmas tree water will mean you have to refill it often but the water isn't toxic if there are no chemical additives.


Pipe Cleaner Play Case - Down view of pipe cleaner art work in process.

DIY Pipe Cleaner "On-the-Go" Play CaseYounger children enjoy playing and creating with pipe cleaners. This case helps keep their supply of pipe cleaners and smaller finished projects together. This page contains instructions for a DIY pipe cleaner "on the go" play case.


Cleaning a pan.

Cleaning Burnt Calphalon PansCalphalon pans are usually very easy to clean, however if you have something very burnt on it may leave a stain. This page has information about cleaning burnt Calphalon pans.


How to Change Your Motherboard and Build a Computer - insert motherboard into plate and make sure it is properly aligned

How to Change Your Motherboard and Build a ComputerBuilding your own computer is not a task everyone is up to. However, if you have the knowledge and skill to replace certain parts in a computer, like the motherboard, the rest can come together pretty quickly. This page contains information about how to change your motherboard and build a computer.



A Giorgio Armani handbag, found in a thrift store.

Thrift Store FindsI am always finding great deals at thrift stores. Mostly craft items and housewares. But once in a while, I will find things that are "over the moon deals"!


Using Mason jars for storing dry goods.

Mason Jar StorageFor this tip, all you need is a mason jar, its lid, and a piece of fabric. I use fabric samples that aren't too thick, and look cute together. You can put them in your kitchen full of flour or sugar. You could also use them in a craft room full of buttons, or stickers.


A roll of paper towels on a plastic clothes hanger.

Plastic Hanger for Paper Towel RollsTake a hanger and cut it in the middle. Put a roll of paper towels onto the hanger. Hang wherever it is convenient.


Hummingbirds at a bird feeder.

HummingbirdsIt's hard for me to capture the beauty of hummingbirds as they are buzzing around like bees. I had to stand still at the feeder until a few of them decided I would not harm them.


Markdowns on clearance items.

Shopping Clearance SectionsA thrifty way to shop is to check out the clearance and final sale section. Some items are still in decent shape with minor flaws that could easily be fixed with a simple DIY.


A hole in a bag of pine bedding, after being fixed with masking tape.

Carry Masking Tape in Your PurseI am always buying pine chips, mulch, and other things I would rather not have spill in my car. By carrying around masking tape on my purse, I can cover up holes and tears in the packaging when they occur, and they often do.


A folder with a list of documents for tax time.

Preparing for Tax TimeDon't wait until January to gather your receipts and forms to file your taxes; do it throughout the year and save yourself time and the grief. Using a two pocket folder, with a medium tipped marker, write the word "Taxes" and whatever year on the folder. If the folder will be in a filling cabinet, be sure to write it where you'll see it at a glance.


A colander showing crescent moon shaped shadows on a light surface, from the solar eclipse.

Viewing the Solar EclipseYou don't need a pinhole camera or special lenses to enjoy a solar eclipse. Here are some alternative methods from California during the full eclipse today.


Two bottle caps to be screwed together for a ring stored inside.

Store Rings In A Bottle TopCut the tops off of two soda bottles with the caps on. Glue them together, then take off one top and add your rings. Put the lid back on. A handy way to keep rings safe.


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Muffin Tin Meat LoafTry baking meat loaf in a muffin tin instead of the usual loaf pan. It will bake in half the time and you will have individual portions.


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Save Money with a Vacuum SealerWe wait for sales on meat before stocking up. This past week, we bought a boneless pork loin for $16.00. We cut it up then ground it up and made 1 pound packages that we vacuum sealed and froze. We also bought another boneless pork loin and cut it into chops and tenderloins, vacuum sealed and froze.


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Carefully Inspect New AppliancesI recommend to carefully inspect your new appliances upon delivery with the delivery person. Make any notations with the delivery person and have it noted on your documents prior to signing the form. Purchasing a new appliance is very expensive and we would not want to receive a damaged, scratched, or dented appliance.


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The Crockpot is a Great TimesaverWhen I went back to college and my kids were in school, I figured out a way to do things to where we still had a good meal. I used a lot of things and bagged them in freezer bags. Before I left, I took a bag out and placed it in the Crock Pot. It was ready by the time we all arrived home.


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Product Review: Act Restoring Anti-cavity Fluoride MouthwashAs an adult, dental insurance no longer covers fluoride treatments after a teeth cleaning. A good way to protect ourselves is by using fluoride mouth wash. The only brand I know that has fluoride in their mouthwash is Act, which is also recommended by my dentist.


A bottle of Nestle Pure Life water.

What's in Your Bottled Water?I use a Brita pitcher and washable bottles. My husband buys his water. You need to read the label carefully, or you may be paying for just tap water.


A Little Aloha in Northern California (Plumerias)

A Little Aloha in Northern California (Plumerias)It is always such a pleasure to see my lovely white plumerias enjoying the warm summer in Elk Grove CA. These tropical plants are seen often in the Polynesian Islands. Mine do well in the warm Northern California summer, as long as they come into my garage before the temperature drops below 42 degrees Fahrenheit.


A giant log on a trail at Cape Perpetua, on the Oregon Coast.

Wonders of Nature (Cape Perpetua, Oregon Coast)Wonderful trip to the Oregon Coast with my family. A walk through Cape Perpetua uncovered this huge fallen spruce tree across the path. Awesome walk!



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Selling a Doll Collection?I have a massive doll collection. I have 30 plus years of a collection I want to sell and don't know how to go about it. There's hundreds if not more in their boxes with extra covers over them. I am looking for someone to offer honest advice.


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Lightening Skin?I'm working under the sun almost 7days a week. My skin is dark and I want tips on which products I can use to make my skin light in complexion without any harm from the sun.


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Removing a Wrong Phone Number Printed on Tote Bags?At my place of work, we ordered tote bags with our information printed on them. They arrived with the wrong phone number, how can we remove the number? Thank you so much for your help.


Value of a Seymour Doll - doll wearing a floral dress and hat in box

Value of a Seymour Doll?Can someone please tell me what this doll is worth or give me a way I can find out?


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Fixing Salsa With Too Much Vinegar?What can I do about to much strong vinegar taste in my salsa?


Value of Toro Professional 58 Reel Mower - powered reel mower from front

Value of Toro Professional 58 Reel Mower?I have a Toro Professional 58 reel mower. It runs and mows. I would like to know if it's worth anything and how much. I also have a Flymo 2 cycle; is this worth anything? I'm cleaning out some of my stuff I've collected over the years.


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Sewing Machine Will Not Sew in Reverse?I have a 3856-17628 Kenmore sewing machine and it does not reverse for me. Is there something I can fix? Is there a video out there somewhere?


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