September 4, 2017

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Tan fabric.

Temporary Wallpaper for RentersLiquid starch can hold up fabric for a temporary wall covering. This is a page about temporary wallpaper for renters.


Wisteria Pods

Can I Plant Wisteria Pods?You can just plant the seeds that are in the pods. Nick the seeds slightly and soak them overnight before planting them. This is a page about planting wisteria pods.


A yellow and green kitchen sponge.

How to Keep a Kitchen Sponge from Getting StinkyAllowing your sponge to dry out between uses will help keep it from developing smells. This is a page about how to keep a kitchen sponge from getting stinky.


A beautiful white gardenia.

Gardenia PhotosThe fragrant, white flowers of the gardenia bush make a beautiful garden photo subject. This page contains gardenia photos.



Mixed Pitbull or Purebred?

Mixed Pitbull or Purebred?I know it's pretty early, she is about 9 weeks old, definitely the runt of the litter. She's the best, here's a couple pictures of her, and her parents. What do you guys think? Please help!


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Child Support and Disability?If a mother has been ordered to pay child support and all at once she quits her job and sighs up for disability, does she get out of paying all the back child support that she is behind on? She is trying to get out of paying child support by signing up for disability and she is very able to work.


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13th Birthday Party Ideas?I'm turning 13 on the 23rd of September and I don't really have many ideas on how to spend it. All the ideas I've come up with either sound too childish or like something my parents wouldn't approve of. I'm not the best at making friends, so only two people come to mind when I think of invites.


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Can Cornstarch Kill Roaches?Can cornstarch kill roaches?


What Is This Plant?

What Is This Plant?I am looking for the name of this plant. A friend of mine gave it to me and it needs some TLC.


Value of 2010 Encyclopedia Britannica Set

Value of 2010 Encyclopedia Britannica Set?I have a brand new 2010 Encyclopedia Britannica set. It's never been opened, including year book, full set boxed and wrapped. It's the final printed edition. It's been stored in a dark dry place, currently located in Australia. I am considering selling, it was purchased and I still have the receipt. It's never been opened due to having worked overseas.


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How Do I Clean a Plastic Elevated Toilet Seat?I have an elevated toilet seat because I have trouble sitting all the way down. That said, I also have trouble in getting myself clean. I have several illness issues. Not to tell my business, but I do the best I can with what I've got. The seat is stained and it won't come off.


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Kitchen Lights Not Working?My kitchen lights went out with a loud pop. The circuit breaker looks fine. I reset and checked all the GFI outlets which were fine, but reset those too. Do LED lights pull more wattage than average lights? Do they need a different type of switch? I have both LED and regular bulbs in kitchen.


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Family Etiquette for Young Couples Visiting Home?When my older daughter and her boyfriend come over my younger daughter has an issue with their displays of affection. Putting feet on each other, she lays across him sometimes while watching TV, etc. What is the proper behavior for young lovers visiting home? It's all new to me.


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D110 Engine Cuts Out When Blades Engaged?I have a John Deere D110 lawn tractor. Today I went out, made one short pass, shut off the blades at the driveway, turned around to go back and when I engaged the blades the machine shut off. I can start it right back up, but once I try to engage the blades, it shuts off.


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Cross Stitch or Needlepoint Pattern for Stetson University?Does anyone know where I can buy a Stetson University cross stitch or needlepoint pattern or kit?


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Value of 1921 Collier's New Encyclopedia?I have a full set of the 1921 Collier's New Encyclopedia. Can anyone tell me what they are worth?


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Searching for Imperial Wallcovers?I am looking for at least 1-2 more rolls of Imperial Wallcoverings wallpaper item: AX0543 Lot: 000162620. I've been looking for it everywhere. It's a world map, but in a pretty blue and khaki color scheme.


What Kind of Bedroom Furniture Is This?

What Kind of Bedroom Furniture Is This?Is this piece of bedroom furniture called an armoire, chifforobe, bureau, or something else? I can't find a design like this.


Growing an Avocado Tree from Seed

Growing an Avocado Tree from Seed?I watched a "how to grow" video and it suggested that you peel off the brown outed layer of the avocado seed and then place it in water. I was really surprised to find next day that the seed was almost covered in a brown layer again. Is this unusual, has anyone had that happen?


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Name Ideas for Repurposed Jewelry Business?I repurpose vintage jewelry into new designs, I have been selling them at markets and in shops. I would like to take the next step and sell on FB, Etsy, or the like. In need of a catchy, descriptive short business name.


What is This Pink "inverted" Flower?

What is This Pink "Inverted" Flower?I bought this plant for a friend and thought it was cool, but forgot to see what it was. Please help identify it so I can look it up and buy another.


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Holes in T-shirts?A few years back there was a long thread about small holes in t-shirts. Turns out to be mostly related to cheaper fabrics or rubbing against something. But in my case, the holes appear only on gray t-shirts, not on any other color. Any idea why this might be? Thanks!


Value of a 2003 Porcelain Heritage Signature Collection Angel Doll

Value of a 2003 Porcelain Heritage Signature Collection Angel Doll?I have a 2003 Porcelain Heritage Signature collection Angel Doll and would like to sell it. It has only been out of the box 2 times, including tonight. It still has all the packaging around the entire body. The box she comes in has some normal wear and tear on the edges. Also, I have a House of Lloyd Amber Lynn Musical porcelain doll, also still in the packaging, and pretty much perfect condition.


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Finding Help for RV Repairs?I am 62 and live in an RV park in Reno Nevada. I am on SSDI. My RV is old and the roof leaks. I have a tarp on my roof and the managers are harassing me to repair the roof or get out. Do you know anyone who could help me?


Value of Mersman Coffee Table 25-43

Value of Mersman Coffee Table 25-43?What is the value of Mersman coffee table 25-43?


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