September 11, 2017

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Store Sliced Cheese in Floppy Disc CasesIndividually wrapped slices of cheese fit in 5.5 inch floppy disc cases. We use an old case to store our cheese in the refrigerator!


Surprise Pumpkins - small yellow pumpkins

Surprise PumpkinsI use the square foot gardening for 3 gardens. I planted these miniature sugar pumpkins. I waited and nothing came up. I just assumed they didn't take. Two weeks ago, I started seeing small yellow fruit. I was confused. As they got bigger it was apparent that the pumpkin vines migrated to the second garden.


A drawer with the cords neatly stored inside cardboard tubes.

Drawer Organizing for Power CordsSomeone shared with me a number of years ago that their grandma used to use the empty toilet paper roll tubes to keep her cords tidy. Wow! Really? So I decided to try it.


Resetting your Backup Battery Unit - take off the cover and disconnect the battery

Resetting Your Backup Battery UnitMy phone provider supplied us with a backup battery. If we lose power, the battery will let us use our landline phone for up to 8 hours. The batteries need to be replaced and cost $50 each. The last one only lasted one year.


A cruet of homemade honey-lemon salad dressing.

Honey-Lemon Salad DressingMake your own salad dressing! It's tastier, healthier and so much cheaper. It is also quick and easy to make.


A cellphone held to an arm by the top of a black sock.

Hands Free Cellphone HolderCut the top off a sock. Attach it to your arm when you're jogging, exercising or whatever you are doing. Then you can be hands-free when need be.


'Love' Cardboard Sign  - pink finished project displayed on a shelf

'Love' Cardboard SignMy friend had these cardboard signs in her kids' rooms. I liked them and made them for my girls.


A garden flag secured by a metal clip.

Securing a Garden FlagLast year, while walking, I found a decorative flag out in the middle of a field. I picked it up and located the owner. The next day, when I walked, I placed the flag back on the flag holder and secured it with one of my metal spring clamps. I noticed that she has changed the flag but is still using the same metal clamp.


A dish of green onion roots, with green growing out of the cut end.

Growing Green Onions from Leftover ScrapsDon't toss your green onion scraps away, you can easily grow more! Soak your scraps in water. Once you see your green onion growing a little, transfer into a mason jar allowing the green onions to grow straight up, make sure the roots are in downward position.


Paper Bag Tent - young boy holding the finished tent

Paper Bag TentI made this craft for my little boy. It is so simple, yet creative. It is made from a paper bag. You can draw on it and make your own designs. Why not give it a try at home!


A collection of different products for caring for contact lenses.

Getting the Most Out of Contact LensesContact lenses do not come cheap. It can be easy to mishandle them and let them go to waste. Here are some tips from my optometrist and myself on how to get the most out of your lenses.


Toiletry samples, to pack for traveling.

Save Samples for TravelingMany companies give out generous samples, which I use when I travel. They meet TSA guidelines. I bring shampoo, hair gel, lotions, conditioner, toothpaste, mouthwash and detergent for hand-washing. It saves a lot of room going, and even more coming home, since most of the products are used up in a week.



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Preventing Mineral Build Up in a Toilet?How do you stop mineral build up in toilets that are seldom used?


Lauren Anne Porcelain Doll

Information and Value of a Lauren Anne Porcelain Bisque Doll?I have a Lauren Anne porcelain bisque doll named Spring. She is 17 inches tall and was made in China. I am looking to find out if it is retired, its worth in this condition, and its age.


Identifying a Legacy Porcelain Doll - doll wearing yellow dress

Identifying a Legacy Porcelain Doll?How do I identify the exact Legacy porcelain doll I have? It is stamped Legacy Doll Inc. on the nape of her neck. She has blue eyes, dimples, real eye lashes, painted nails, and creases around knee and elbow areas. She also has strawberry blonde hair in two ponytails with spiral curls.


Identifying a Houseplant - greenish gray succulent

Identifying a Houseplant?I picked up this succulent a couple of weeks ago, thinking it was a jade plant, but I'm not so sure anymore. It's leaves are pointed and it seems to grow differently than the pictures I've seen of jade plants. I want to repot it, so any info would be much appreciated to give it a chance to flourish.


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Depositing an Old Money Order?I found a money order from 2011, for my car note. The car is paid off now. Can I take it to my bank and deposit it in my account? Is the MO any good? There is no expiration on the face.


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Cleaning with Ammonia?Can you use straight ammonia in restaurants?


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Removing Sharpie from a Glossy Finish Table?My son has got permanent Sharpie markers all over my new gloss, white table. What can I use to get it off?


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Cat Is Urinating on My Couch?My cat has an issue of peeing on the couch when other people who have cats come over. I have tried everything under the sun and moon to resolve the issue, nothing seems to work. I refuse to give him up because he was a rescue of the side of the road at 4 weeks old.


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Name Ideas for a Cleaning Business?My name is Elizabeth and I am starting a cleaning business. It will be a commercial and residential cleaning company. I would like some name suggestions. I have 1 kid whose initial is E. Any ideas?


Removing Stains from Linoleum Flooring - green stain on very light flooring

Removing Stains from Linoleum Flooring?I realised I spilt fake tanning lotion on my light linoleum floor. I didn't realise it until days later and the stain has gone green. Is there any way to get it out? I tried baking soda, white vinegar, hairspray, acetone, and everything else.


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Making a Grave Surround?How do I make a grave surround for my husband's grave?


Picking Zucchini

Picking Zucchini?I am probably being stingy about wanting as much zucchini as possible from one that I pick and I let it get large, but not yellowed or wrinkled.


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Identifying Flying Insects in Maine?Last evening at 5:30 pm I noticed hundreds/thousands of small flying insects in my back yard milling around in the grass. They weren't interested in me or my dog. This morning I checked again and no sign of them. They were very small, winged, brownish in color, and had pointy bodies.


What Is This Garden Plant? - wilted plant with light green long spear tip shaped leaves

What Is This Garden Plant?I moved in a new home in Kent, England UK and this plant was taking over the sunny side of the garden last year. The tallest was about 40cm tall, the leaves look like baby spinach and are thin oval, it has a very long thin singular root stem and no flowers.


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Value of Encyclopedia Britannica?I have a 1957 or 1959, 24 volume Encyclopedia Britannica set along with 5 world books for the years of 1959, 1960, 1961, 1963, and 1965. I am questioning their approximate worth or value.


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Having Zebra Finches as Pets?My husband is really wanting birds for pets, but I have been fighting him on it for a long time now because I saw someone on TV say that pet birds never shut up, even if you cover up the cage. I feel bad that I keep telling him no so I thought I would do a little research on it. Are zebra finches quiet pets?


Fixing Hair Color that Came Out Pink - pink hair on top of girl's head

Fixing Hair Color that Came Out Pink?I have bright pink hair at my roots and almost a rose gold color underneath. I want rose gold. I need to change this bright pink. I am thinking I should use a toner, but I don't want to go darker then rose gold. Should I use silver or blonde? I'm lost; please help!


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Searching for a Walton Dowel Roller?I am looking for a vintage Walton dowel roller. I live in the San Francisco Bay area.


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Re-dyeing Hair?I dyed my hair red, but it did not come out the way I wanted it to. Can I try to dye it again the next day?


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Growing a Barberry Bush?I have a barberry bush. How can I maintain the graceful arch of the branches?


Identifying a Houseplant - dracaena like houseplant

Identifying a Houseplant?Does anyone know what this plant is called?


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Setting Housecleaning Fees?I'm cleaning a small one bath, one bedroom apartment. How much do I charge?


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Home Repair Assistance for Low Income Seniors?I am a 71 year old senior and need help laying flooring and putting in kitchen cabinets. I thought I could do it, but my illness kicked in and stopped the process. We have to have this done by the 29th of September, because we have to be out of where we live now on the 29 of September, 2017.


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