September 12, 2017

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baked loaf of Zucchini Bread

Zucchini BreadWe had an abundance of zucchini from our farm fresh home delivery, so one option to use the zucchini was making freshly baked zucchini bread.


Berry Lime Sorbet in bowl

Berry Lime SorbetThis sorbet is a sweet, slightly tart treat, that is perfect for the end of summer. It is non-fat and also has reduced sugar content. A honey syrup with whole fruit enhances the consistency and adds natural sweetness. No ice cream maker needed! Perfect for someone looking for a healthier alternative to store bought ice cream or sorbet.


Tuna Stuffed Avocado on plate

Tuna Stuffed AvocadoA simple, healthy and satisfying lunch!


finished Bread Sticks

Best Ever Bread SticksThese are light and fluffy, buttery, garlicky, and oh so yummy! They are perfect paired with any Italian dish, a grilled meal, pizza, or whatever. Be aware that you very likely will not have any left.


finished Chicken, Carrot and Potato Curry in bowl

Chicken, Carrot and Potato CurryFull of deliciousness in one pot! Easy to make for a big family and affordable.



A pair of swans swimming at Confederation Park

Swans At Confederation ParkThis was taken at Confederation park.There are gardens and a few sculptures too see.It was a treat too finally see the two swans together.


A library book called "The Assistants" by Camille Perri

Take Advantage of Library ProgramsMy library always had terrific programs for children and adults, and now they added a summer reading program for adults. You win prizes for reading a certain number of books, and they have a wonderful end-of-summer party. They have an author speak, serve refreshments and give out prizes.


"Life Is Art" Kids' Coloring Page - drawing of a paint brush and dripping paint

"Life Is Art" Kids' Coloring PageMake learning fun with this coloring page for tweens. It is a cool way to experiment with different coloring tools and to teach them about the colors on the color wheel. The project can also be used as part of a lesson in an art class at school.


Mixing different makeup products together to create the perfect foundation.

Mixing Foundation and Contour For LessEven when they are not the correct shade for my skin tone, I buy foundations and makeup liquids when I see them on big sales. I then mix them together to make my perfect base makeup colour. I use the darker tones for shading around the edges of my face and under my cheekbones, and the lighter ones for highlighting my brow, cheeks and nose.


A cloudy sunset at Joel Stone Beach.

Sunset at Joel Stone BeachThis was taken at Joel Stone Beach as the sun was going down. I liked the colours in the sky. This is where all the boats are docked.


A large pink flower growing outside.

Pink FlowerI just returned from a vacation where I went to a magnificent garden. I took a walk in my neighborhood and passed this beauty. I'm not sure if it's a hibiscus.


Using A Baker's Rack In Your Garden - rack near fence in garden

Using A Baker's Rack In Your GardenI found this great baker's rack at my local thrift store. It is a nice height and it also folds flat to transport. Perfect! Because of its lovely lattice metal work, it will be perfect for my outdoor space. With Valspar stone finish paint, I wanted to lighten it up and give it a more stone look.


A Galapagos giant tortoise at the SC Zoo.

Galapagos Giant TortoiseI love turtles! I always had them as pets growing up. This one is called a Galapagos Giant Tortoise. It eats mostly grasses and can live to be 170 years old, yes, 170! What stories he could tell in his lifetime.


Buddy (Beagle) - Buddy waiting outside a closed door

Buddy (Beagle)He is a stray. On 8/7/17 someone dropped him off near our rural mailbox.


A mug that says "Happiness anytime anywhere, just pick it up" next to a window and a green vase.

My Personal Guide to Frugal LivingEvery person has his/her own way of living. There are different types of people and each one's lifestyle is unique but for sure, we all wanted our lives to be easier to fulfill our desires, to fully enjoy the things we possess and live a better life.


A very light pink and cream rose on a marble background.

Kordes' Perfect RoseI've learned that the same rose bush can produce quite dissimilar roses. I have a bush named 'Playboy'. It produces roses so unlike each other, one would think they were from different bushes. Even the petal count is affected. This 'single' rose is sometimes semi double.


A collection of flamingos in a reserve in South Carolina.

For The Love Of FlamingosMy 5-year old granddaughter loves flamingos, from the design to her room to the clothing and accessories! We heard about a lovely place in Columbia, SC that houses them. We decided that this would make a great field trip for her. It was like a dream come true for her.


A purse being stored in a passenger seat.

Don't Store Anything on Your Car's Passenger SeatYour car will sense the weight on the seat. If you are in an accident, the passenger airbag will deploy. It is expensive to replace airbags. This can make the difference in your insurance company deciding whether or not to total your car or repair it.


A storage bag for breastmilk with sequins and water, as a toddler toy.

Reuse Breastmilk Storage Bag as Toddler ToyI had extra breastmilk storage bags. I turned one into a fun toddler toy for on the go, by adding sequins and some water.


A compact seed starter tray, made from recycled materials, filled with dirt.

Compact Seed Starter TrayI am in the process of planting several thousand pansy seed. This being my first time to grow pansies from seed, I really wasn't prepared. I have various trays and flats about, and just about anything else that will hold the seedlings until they're ready for transplanting.


A clothespin holding a single serving packet of sweetener closed.

Clothespin for Closing Sugar PacketsI am now using Truvia, which is twice as sweet as sugar. I only need half a packet at a time. I keep the packet closed with a clothespin until I need the rest of it.


Funky Punky Autumn Decoration - finished pumpkin on a table

Funky Punky Autumn DecorationI often get crochet thread still on the cardboard center. When I roll it, I save them for crafts just like this one.


Wire Spiral Picture Holder - both variations of the holder

Wire Spiral Picture HolderThis is a very easy wire spiral picture holder and also serves as a paperweight. I like this as decor on our mantel where I am featuring a Thank You card and post card. You can put pictures in it as well. It can also be used as a great holder/paper weight for your desk.


Clarence Winston (Wirehair Dachshund) - wearing an orange scarf

Clarence Winston (Wirehair Dachshund)Clarence got his forever home in 2010 after being in four animal shelters. He rescued us as much as we rescued him!



A small kitchen with wood cabinets.

Reconfiguring a Small Kitchen and Laundry Room?I'm buying a house and the kitchen is really small, 8ft x 11ft. I would like to remove a wall to open it up and reconfigure the space. Any ideas and tips would be great! I need the space to be functional and hold all of my kitchen items. I would also love for it to flow better/be more of an open area.


What Breed Is My Puppy? - black puppy

What Breed Is My Puppy?I found this puppy 2 months back. It's very hyperactive and aggressive too. The vet couldn't tell me the exact breed. Any ideas?


What Is This Houseplant? - varigated green leaf plant with purple on the underside

What Is This Houseplant?I got this at the store with no tag on it. It was too pretty to leave behind and I'm wondering what it is and how I should care for it.


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Pet Clinics in Tulsa That Take Payments?I need a vet clinic in Tulsa OK that won't have to have cash up front.


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Handmade Jewelry and Bridal Accessory Business Name?I am setting up a small business, which includes homemade beaded jewelry. I am also doing bridal jewelry, shoes, tiaras, veils, etc. I also sew bags and scatter cushions. Can you help me with a name please?


Repairing a Stained Denim Jacket - stain on pink jacket

Repairing a Stained Denim Jacket?I have a dusty rose denim jacket that has light stains on it. They look to be like bleach and Oxiclean, some of them are light blue, and grease. Can I use a Rit color remover and then use a Rit color dye to re-dye the coat?


Dog Has a Bump on Its Head

Dog Has a Bump on Its Head?I need to know what this bump is on my small dog's head. Any help is greatly appreciated.


What Breed Is My Dog? - puppy scratching

What Breed Is My Dog?The person that gave it to me said it has some Labrador, but I am not sure what is the mix is. So can anyone tell me?


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Manual for a Precision Deluxe Sewing Machine?Where can I find a manual for my Precision Deluxe, model 202, sewing machine?


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Recipe for Chocolate Zucchini Mayonnaise Cake?I am looking for a recipe that I have heard exists for a chocolate zucchini mayonnaise cake.


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