October 4, 2017

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Feet in plastic compartment box.

Organizing Sewing Machine FeetMost sewing machines come with an assortment of feet, designed for the various sewing projects you might work on. Keeping them organized and identified as to task makes it easier to find the one you need for your next project. This is a page about organizing sewing machine feet.


Adjusting the Stitch Length on a Memory Craft 6000

Adjusting the Stitch Length on a Janome Sewing Machine?The stitch length on a sewing machine sometimes needs to be readjusted. If the controls do not work correctly, it may be time to take it in to the repair shop. This is a page about adjusting the stitch length on a Janome sewing machine.


Sharp Kitten Claws

Protecting Yourself Against Sharp Kitten Claws?Kittens have sharp claws that can easily scratch you as they play and climb up your legs or arms. Clipping their claws or using nail covers are two good ways to keep from getting scratched. This is a page about protecting yourself against sharp kitten claws.


Dog With Stuffed Toy

My Dog Adopted Stuffed Toys After a Miscarriage?After ruling out any medical issues following the miscarriage, it is perfectly fine for you dog to comfort herself with the stuffies, as long as they are pet safe. This is a page about my dog adopted stuffed toys after a miscarriage.


Puppies in an outdoor dog kennel.

Dog Escaping Outdoor Kennel?Trying to work with a dog that can escape an outdoor chain link kennel is frustrating. If you have tried exercise and interaction then perhaps it is time for a trainer. This is a page about dog escaping outdoor kennel.


Picture in Frame

How to Remove Pictures Stuck to FramesPhotos stuck to the glass in their frames can be difficult to remove. If they are not prints from a printer you can try soaking the glass and photo in warm water. This is a page about how to remove pictures stuck to frames.


Finding Replacement Parts for Janome Sewing Machine - older machine

Finding Replacement Parts for Janome Sewing Machine?Sometimes it can be difficult to find replacement parts for an older machine, especially if you bought it used and don't have a manual. Your local repair shop might be able to help. This is a page about finding replacement parts for a Janome sewing machine.


Green Caterpillar

Caterpillar PhotosThese colorful garden visitors may be reviled for the damage some of them wreak on our plants and veggies, but they are also the larval stage of moths and butterflies, that delight us later in the season. This page contains caterpillar photos.



Barbecue Pulled Pork Bacon Burger on plate

Barbecue Pulled Pork Bacon BurgerThis is a great recipe to use up any leftover pork from a roast. You can use any vegetables you have on hand. It is quick and easy. Good for those days when you don't have much time to prepare a meal.


Buffalo Cauliflower on plate

Buffalo CauliflowerI love buffalo wings so much but I really can't be eating all that much fried chicken dunked in fatty sauces all the time. Bring in the buffalo cauliflower! This alternative is delicious and a fair bit better for you. Cauliflower is packed with vitamins, protein, and fiber.



Repairing a Lopsided Luggage Wheel - broken wheel on suitcase

Repairing a Lopsided Luggage WheelMy husband and I were browsing around for luggage for our holiday, but we were on a severe budget. We came across a free piece of luggage! The issue was it had a wheel with a huge chunk taken out of it, so when you'd pull it, it would bounce up and down and make a thunking sound. Annoying!



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Keeping a Dog with Parvo Hydrated?Our 15 month old pup has parvo. She is on her 3rd day, she has been drinking water, but was throwing up until this morning off and on. She went to the vet and got a shot of antibiotics and nausea meds and also has a week's worth of antibiotics. She is 160lbs, I'm wondering how much water she should be drinking.


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Red Burning Rash on Ankles?I've had a reddish rash on my ankles for months. It doesn't itch, but it burns in bed at night. It looks like I've dipped my legs in red dye. Sometimes there are bumps that show up. I've been to a dermatologist and she's given me cortisone cream, but it hasn't helped. Anyone else experiencing this?


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Value of 1935 Modern World Encyclopedia Set?What is the value of a Modern World Encyclopedia set? It was published by Hazel, Watson & Viney, 1935.


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ASPCA Mobile Vaccination Van Schedule?When will the mobile van be in Queens 11385? I can't read the calendar online.


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Introducing New Kitten to Resident Kitten?I have a kitten that is 10 weeks old female and just got a new one that is a 7 week old female. The older one continually attacks the younger one. They bite, hiss, and growl at each other. I try to break then up, but they just run back and attack each other again.


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Ford Truck Heater and A/C Not Working?My Ford F-150 stop blowing a/c and heat. The blower still blows, but just air.


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Murray Riding Mower Shuts Off?I replaced the carb on my old 11 HP Murray mower. Now it will run for about a minute or so then quit. If I wait a minute and choke it, it will restart, but soon quit again. Any ideas?


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