November 8, 2017

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Cleaning Wood Table

Plastic Left Residue On WoodPlastic packaging, tablecloths, and other items can leave a residue on your wood table or other furniture that can be difficult to remove. This page has tips to remove it without damaging the wood surface.


Close sign.

Is LeeWards Craft Store Still in Business?Unfortunately, the answer is no, LeeWards Creative Crafts is no longer in business. LeeWards was founded in Illinois in the 1940s. It was purchased in 1994 by Michael's and immediately ceased operations. It is deeply missed by many former customers who still treasure crafts made from their popular kits.


Filing Warranty Documents

Organizing Warranty DocumentsMany products come with some type of warranty. Extended warranties can be purchased as well. Keeping the documentation where you can refer to it will help with arranging repairs or replacements.


Scratching Dog

Dog Won't Stop ScratchingDetermining the cause of the itching is the first step in helping a dog that won't stop scratching. This is a page about a dog that won't stop scratching.


Open Murphy Chest

Finding Keys to Fit Murphy Chests?Vintage and antique furniture frequently is missing the original keys. Trying to find replacements can be a hassle. This is a page about finding keys to fit Murphy chests.


Yellow Dandelion Flower

Dandelion PhotosDandelions are typically seen as a common weed that can be a eye sore in lawns. However, it is an edible herb and good for a variety of ailments. This page contains dandelion photos.


Man Holding Cicada

Cicada Photos and InformationMany of us are familiar with the distinctive sound of the cicada. Some varieties can live underground for up to 17 years feeding on roots. This page contains cicada photos and information.


Cleaning Leather Ottoman with light soap and water

Removing Krazy Glue from LeatherCyanoacrylate adhesives such as Krazy Glue and Super glue are strong fast acting glues that are widely used. When they accidentally spill on surfaces other then those being glued, removing it must be done carefully. This is a page about removing Krazy glue from leather.


Woman Looking at Expiration Date of Deli Meat

When Expiration Dates MatterMany times the expiration date on certain products is more of an indication of diminishing potency levels than an actual discard date. This is often true of over the counter medications and products. The date is more true for products that can be contaminated once opened. This is a page about when expiration dates matter.


One carton of eggs.

Using Eggs After Their "Sell By" DateYou can see if your eggs float when they are past their sell by date. If they float, they are not good and should be thrown out. This is a page about using eggs after their "sell by" date.


Spilled Candle Wax

Cleaning Candle Wax StainsA hot iron and terry cloth may be the best way to remove candle wax stain from other fabrics. This is a page about cleaning candle wax stains.



Coffee Crunch Chocolate Cake with whipped cream on plate

Coffee Crunch Chocolate CakeI drink a lot of coffee, but on some days I get too busy and there's quite a bit left in my French press. The star of this delicious cake is actually leftover coffee from the day. The coffee is used with boxed cake mix in place of any milk. The coffee is also used to make the icing. It gives the chocolate cake a beautiful, deep, rich flavour.


Creamy Mediterranean Garlic Sauce

Creamy Mediterranean Garlic SauceThere is a popular Mediterranean restaurant in Los Angeles that serves an amazing creamy garlic sauce. They call it their secret sauce, probably because they make the bulk of their money through people ordering tons of extra portions of it. And it does not come cheap! This is my almost-identical version of it.


A bowl of pureed asparagus soup.

Asparagus SoupA great soup when asparagus is on sale. This was a real hit in our house. Its creamy, but contains no cream.


Chicken with Green Olives in pan

Chicken with Green OlivesOne of my favorite meals to make on a colder evening. Very delicious and easy to make! Pairs perfectly with rice.



Letty (Pit/Lab Mix) - brown dogs

Letty (Pit/Lab Mix)We got Letty when she was 8 weeks old from a friend. Letty loves to play ball and run. She is a very energetic and active dog. She likes to play rough, but knows how to not get too rough. Letty loves being outside and car rides.


Felt Christmas tree ornaments that have been hand crafted.

Holiday Bonus for Christmas CraftsGet ready to share your creativity this holiday season. We are excited to announce our holiday bonus program for Christmas or holiday craft submissions. We are looking for instructions for making wreaths, ornaments, centerpieces, stockings, and decorations of all types.


An Ever Changing Rose ~ Playboy - pink and yellow and pink and white roses

An Ever Changing Rose ~ PlayboyMy Playboy rose has certainly proven to be versatile. Each bloom seems to be different from the last. This 'single' rose even produced a semi double bloom once.


Aquarius Adult Coloring Page - ornate water jug pouring

Aquarius Adult Coloring PageAquarius, the water bearer, is the eleventh sign of the zodiac. Persons born under this sign, between January 20 to February 18, are defined as humanitarians who want to help the world better.



Logo for ThriftyFun Questions

Preschool Tagline Ideas?Can you guys suggest a tagline for a pre-school I am planning to start with the name Sterling Kids? Short ones will be appreciated.


Value of New Standard Encyclopedia  - cover page

Value of New Standard Encyclopedia?I have a set of 10 volumes of the New Standard pictorial edition 1945, and a 1945 and 1946 World Progress standard quarterly review. The encyclopedia set is in excellent condition, the reviews are worn.


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White Steam/Heat Mark on Faux Marble Table?I put a hot box of pizza on my faux marble table. Now it has a white steam mark around it. What can I do to get rid of the steam mark? I tried the vinegar and baking soda and left it on all night. Then I tried the iron with a towel. That just cleaned it a little.


Value of an Antique Sideboard - sideboard with shelf, two drawers, and two doors

Value of an Antique Sideboard?I own an antique sideboard. I can't seem to establish the period and value unless I transport it somewhere. I am trying to find out if that is worth my while. Any expert advice (appraisal)?


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Caring for a Small Potted Weeping Willow in Winter?I ordered a small 8 inch weeping willow from eBay. It wasn't in a container, just the tree and the small roots covered up so I assume they wouldn't dry out during transport. I planted it in a small probably 6" or so diameter pot with potting soil and have been watering it every day. Should I bring it inside?


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Name for Body Products Business?I am looking for a name for my business selling lotions, salves, and lip balms using wax and honey products from my bees and goats' milk. We live in an area called either of Hokitika, Blue Spur, Arahura, or Terrace View.


Value of Vintage Wardrobe - beautiful wardrobe with decorative vertical veneer on top

Value of Vintage Wardrobe?I have this wardrobe piece of furniture which I'm guessing was big in the 1930s. Anyone know?


Identifying the Maker of a Porcelain Doll - bride doll

Identifying the Maker of a Porcelain Doll?Does anyone know who made this doll? I can't seem to find out anywhere. It has a three digit number behind the neck and an eight digit number on her back. They both look engraved in.


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Finding a Replacement Cookie Jar Lid Gasket?I have a 1980s Garwood cookie jar with a wooden lid and the gasket has worn out. I hope you can help me find a replacement.


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Wound on Dog's Paw Won't Heal?My dog has been treated for over a year with medicine to heal a huge wound caused by licking his paw, but it still is raw, bleeding, and swollen. Our vet can't seem to get it to heal. We put a cone on him except when he goes outside to potty and when he eats and drinks, but nothing will heal it.


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McCormick Top Chop Copycat Seasoning Mix?I came across this forum looking for McCormick Top Chop seasoning. I know it was discontinued back in '92 (showing my age ;-D). If anyone could help me with it I would appreciate it. My mother used to use it and I can remember her complaining about it being discontinued back then.


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Fee for Home Construction Cleaning Job?How much do I charge for a 1,600 square foot final construction cleaning? It has 2 restrooms, a kitchen, and will need front door glass cleaning. There will be 3 people working.


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Assistance for Building a Wheelchair Ramp for Low Income Homeowner?My mom lives in Pennsylvania. She had a stroke and my sister needs a ramp to get into her house; they are very low income. Does anyone know where she might find assistance?


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House Training a Yorkie Puppy?I have a 7 week Yorkie. I take her out to pee at night before I go to bed. I take her out to pee again @6am. Is it bad to do that? I leave a potty pad where she sleeps.


Identifying a Porcelain Doll - doll with painted face, in an old box

Identifying a Porcelain Doll?I have a porcelain doll that was given to me 46 years ago. I can find no markings on it whatsoever. Can someone please tell me about it or tell me where I can find out about it? I have tried many sites. She is 11 inches tall and did have a pearl necklace. She just sits in a box in my loft.


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