November 13, 2017

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Two people cleaning a house

How to Determine a Cleaning Fee for a House That Has Been Closed Up for Years?This is a page about how to determine a cleaning fee for a house that has been closed up for years. It can be hard to figure out what to charge for unique cleaning jobs. When a house needs more work than normal, it can be helpful to seek out advice from other people that may have done similar cleaning jobs.


Using a balloon weight bag as gift bag

Reusing a Balloon Weight Gift BagThis is a page about reusing a balloon weight bag as a gift bag. If your bundle of balloons came attached to one of these cute little weighted bags, here is a tip about to reuse it as an actual gift bag.


Discontinued Sandberg Wallpaper - multiple building facades

Finding Discontinued Sandberg Wallpaper?This is a page about finding discontinued Sandberg wallpaper. Do you need more of a particular Sandberg wallpaper? You may be able to find some advice for locating it here.


Coloring Eggs Christian Preschool

Name Ideas for a Christian Preschool Music Business?This page contains name ideas for a christian preschool music business. Here are some name ideas if you are starting a Christian-based music business for preschool aged children.


A brooch made from recycled jewelry pieces.

How to Make a Recycled Jewelry BroochThis is a page about how to make a recycled jewelry brooch. These recycled jewelry brooches are the perfect way to repurpose your broken necklaces, single earrings, or even jewelry that you just don't wear anymore. The possibilities are endless!


The first half of a preschool daily activity chart.

Hands-On Daily Classroom Schedule for Preschool StudentsThis is a page about creating a hands-on daily classroom schedule for preschool students. Children do best when they have a schedule and know how their day will go. Here is an idea for creating a hands-on schedule to use in a preschool classroom.


Cleaning a wood cabinet.

DIY Natural Wood Cabinet CleanerMake your own wood cabinet cleaner with a few simple ingredients, including olive oil, water, and vinegar. This is a page about DIY natural wood cabinet cleaner.


Greek Orzo Salad in Glass Bowl

Greek Orzo SaladA Greek orzo salad recipe that is easy to make and so flavorful. It would be perfect as a side dish or for a light meal. This is a page about making Greek orzo salad.


A pencil Christmas tree decorated for fall.

Decorating a Pencil Christmas Tree for FallThe small narrow faux trees typically used for Christmas can also be decorated for a variety of occasions and seasons. This is a page about decorating a pencil Christmas tree for fall.


Three photos of accessories.

Making a Bathroom Accessory Set Using Bed SheetsBedsheets that you no longer use or inexpensive ones can be used to make a lovely set of bathroom accessories including the shower curtain, mat, and toilet seat and tank lid covers. This is a page about making a bathroom accessory set using bed sheets.


Japanese Style Sardines on plate

Japanese Style Sardines (Iwashi Nitsuke)Sardines are believed to have numerous health benefits, when eaten as part of a healthy diet. Here is a great Japanese-style sardines recipe to try. This is a page about Japanese style sardines (iwashi nitsuke).


Sausage Breakfast Burrito

Cheesy Sausage Tortillas RecipeThis page contains a cheesy sausage tortillas recipe. Stuff tortillas full of sausage, cheese, peppers, and onions for an easy on-the-go meal or snack.


Pink Satin

How to Remove the Color from Satin Material?Since satin fabric is actually made of different fibers it may not be possible to remove the color without damaging the fabric. This is a page about how to remove the color from satin material.


Health and Beauty Products

Using Up Health and Beauty ProductsHealth and beauty items that you don't use or want to use for their intended purpose can often be put to a different use such as using lotions for shaving. If unopened they could be donated to a shelter. This is a page about using it up health and beauty products.


Army Soldier With Cash

Sending Coupons to Military FamiliesThis is a page about sending coupons to military families. Passing along unwanted coupons to military families, is a great way to help them stretch their income. Here is some information about where you can send your coupons so that they can be distributed to military families overseas.



Repairing Scratches on a Fiberglass TubThis is a page about repairing scratches on a fiberglass tub. Using something abrasive on your fiberglass tub can cause scratches. Here are some tips for repairing the surface of your tub.



Getting Rid of Worms On PavementThis is a page about getting rid of worms on pavement. Some homeowners find their driveways and sidewalks get covered in worms from their lawns. While you may find them annoying and even unsightly, worms are an important resident in your yard and getting rid of them isn't usually a good idea.


Old Film and Camera

Developing Old FilmThis is a page about developing old film. In the age of digital photography, it is getting hard to find places that will develop film. Here is some information that may be helpful if you are looking to develop old film.


Chairs and flowers at a wedding.

Inexpensive Ideas for Decorating a Church HallThis is a page about inexpensive ideas for decorating a church hall. Church halls tend to be quite large and it can easily become quite expensive to decorate a space that big. Here are some inexpensive decoration ideas.


Boy at School

Keeping in Touch with Friends When Changing Schools?This is a page about keeping in touch with friends when changing schools. Changing schools can make it difficult to stay in touch with friends. Here are some suggestions for maintaining friendships with people at your old school.



Can Dogs Become Addicted to Acorns?While your pet dog may munch on fallen acorns there does not seem to be any medical evidence that they can actually become addicted to them. This is a page about, "Can dogs become addicted to acorns?".


breadmaker insert

Black and Decker Breadmaker B2300 Paddles Won't Turn?This is a page about a Black and Decker Breadmaker B2300 that's paddles won't turn. The paddles of your bread machine have to turn for it to make bread properly. Here is some information about what might be wrong with your bread machine if the paddles aren't turning.


old window

Make Your Own Storm WindowsThis is a page about making your own storm windows. Storm windows help prevent drafts and help to keep your home from losing heat. They can also be quite spendy, so here are some tips for making your own.


Canned Soup in a Jar

Canning Leftover SoupThis is a page about canning your leftover soup. It is very important to properly can soup to avoid getting sick. A water bath is not sufficient for killing all of the bacteria that might be present. The safest way to can soups is with a pressure cooker.


Girl with American Bulldog

Training an American BulldogCertain methods of house training and behavioral training work better with specific breeds. This is a page about training an American Bulldog.


Trailer Home in The snow

Keeping a Trailer Warm?This is a page about keeping a trailer warm. Trailers aren't insulated as well as traditional homes and can be hard to heat during cold winter months. Here are some tips for keeping a trailer warm.


Someone Changing a Light Bulb

Changing a Light BulbChanging a light bulb is relatively easy. Things to keep in mind to prevent injury include, allowing the bulb to cool down and using care when attempting to remove a stuck bulb. This is a page about changing a light bulb.


A washing machine with the lid open.

Keeping Your Washing Machine From RustingTo help keep your washer from rusting you can either leave the lid or door open or wipe it down after use. This is a page about keep your washing machine from rusting.


An angel ornament made from a domino with beads and jewelry findings.

Recycled Domino AngelsThis is a page about making a recycled domino angel. This cute little angel ornament is made out of a domino and old pieces of jewelry. Put that jewelry you never wear to use and make some of these angels for your Christmas tree. They make great gifts too!


Painting a Non-Laminate

Painting a Non-Laminate Countertop?Many homeowners have had success painting laminated countertops. Painting a solid surface countertop, such as cultured marble, would require a process specifically for that material, but it can be done. This is a page about painting a non-laminate countertop.


Bathroom faucet temperature labels that have become unglued.

Finding Best Glue for Bathtub Faucet Temperature Labels?It is frustrating when the little faucet temperature labels on your tub or sink come off. This is a page about finding the best glue for bathtub faucet temperature labels.


Halloween Rice Balls - decorated rice ball shapes

Halloween Rice Balls RecipesDecorated rice balls are very popular in Japan. This Halloween version is as much fun to make as they are to eat. This page contains Halloween rice balls recipes.


Broken glass lightbulb.

Removing a Piece of Glass From Under the SkinThis is a page about removing a piece of glass from under the skin. A piece of glass stuck in your skin can be hard to see, making it difficult to remove. Here are some tips for removing it and preventing an infection.


Flower leaves from a bulb that have been braided to keep them neat.

Braiding Bulb LeavesSome gardeners prefer to braid the leaves of their bulbs once they have flowered to create a neater look. However, there is concern that this will interfere with the process of photosynthesis. It is best to allow the leaves to die back naturally ensuring bulb health. This is a page about braiding bulb leaves.


Kenmore Washer

Kenmore Washer Not Spinning Out All of the Water?Determining the cause of the insufficient spin cycle may be something you can do yourself. If not, it is time to call a repair person. This is a page about a Kenmore washer not spinning out all of the water.


Outdoor Bench Made Easy - bench in garden near fence

Building an Easy Wooden Outdoor BenchFamiliarity with power tools, some cedar lumber, and time are all that is needed to make this nice seating addition for your garden. This is a page about building an easy outdoor bench.


Baked Coconut Shrimp with lettuce and sweet pepper sauce

Baked Coconut Shrimp RecipeMake a small batch or enough for guests of this delicious and easy to make breaded coconut shrimp recipe. This page contains a baked coconut shrimp recipe.


Finding a Sponsor for a School Leadership Conference Trip

Finding a Sponsor for a School Leadership Conference Trip?This is a page about finding a sponsor for a school leadership conference. It is not uncommon for a student to be invited to participate in an event, but the school is unable to cover the cost of travel, boarding, etc. for that student to be able to attend. Finding a sponsor can help defray the costs of an expensive activity.


Pouring Turkish Coffee

Turkish Coffee RecipeThis is a page about making your own turkish coffee. Turkish coffee is unique in that it is prepared without filtering the coffee grounds. Unlike traditional coffee, if sugar is added, it is done at the beginning of the process.


Towering Taco Pizza on plate

Towering Taco Pizza RecipeSeasoned ground beef, pasta sauce, and cheese are layered between flour tortillas and baked for a delicious stacked meal. This page contains a recipe for a towering taco pizza.


A bracelet made from parts of recycled gift cards.

Recycled Gift Card BraceletRather than throw out your used gift cards, cut them into desired shapes and sizes and use the pieces to make colorful jewelry, such as bracelets. This is a page about making a recycled gift card bracelet.


Homemade Edible Food Painting pastel lines and the name Paul in fondant

Homemade Edible Food PaintCombine liquid or gel food coloring with a bit of vodka to make a quick and easy to use edible food paint for decorating cakes and such. This page contains instructions and photos about homemade edible food paint.


A chart of options to take to school for lunch, on a refrigerator.

Using a School Lunch ChartThis is a page about using a school lunch chart. This school lunch chart is a great tool to help make it easier to prepare your kids' lunch throughout the week. Each child picks their meals for the week, allowing you to prep ahead, and know what they are taking each day.


Crocheted Heart Garland

Crocheted Heart GarlandThis cute crochet heart garland is the perfect Valentine's Day decoration or it can be used for other occasions. This is a page about making a crocheted heart garland.


A woman working at an ice cream shop handing a cone to a customer.

Name Ideas for an Ice Cream Business?This page contains name ideas for an ice cream business. Are you starting an ice cream business and in need of a name? You may be able to find some suggestions you like here.



Built in Spoon Rest - wire whisk handle in the hanging hole on a pot handle

Built in Spoon RestThat little hole in the handle of your pots and pans was made to hold a spoon or other stirring utensil!



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Growing Christmas Cactus?What causes Christmas and Thanksgiving cactus to sprout roots between leaf segments?


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Recovery Time for a Puppy with Parvo?My puppy was vaccinated at 10 months. On Friday we took our puppy to the vet because she started with diarrhea, but no blood. Tests showed it was parvo. We left her at the vet to try to save her life. It seems like she is getting worse, her white blood count decreased and she started vomiting with bloody diarrhea.


Identifying a Porcelain Doll - doll wearing a dark jacket and matching hat over a floral skirt

Identifying a Porcelain Doll?Can anyone help me identify this doll? I just want to know her name. The only markings are on the back of her head and it looks like "XL21?? +2" there are 2 very faded numbers that almost look like "57" (indicated by the question marks).


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Replacement Controller for a Beauty Rest Mattress Pad?Where can I purchase one controller #2.2.1 rn#91519 for a Beauty Rest electric mattress pad? It is a king size with dual control.


Determining the Value of Porcelain Dolls - clown doll

Determining the Value of Porcelain Dolls?Can someone help me with pricing?


What Is This Houseplant?

What Is This Houseplant?I was given this plant and I have no idea what kind it is.


Roof Repair Assistance for Low Income Veteran - ceiling damage

Roof Repair Assistance for Low Income Veteran?My husband is a retired veteran. He was diagnosed with COPD a couple of years ago. We experienced roofing damage during hurricane Matthew and tried to get help through FEMA, but because we have home owner's insurance, they couldn't help.


Repairing a Dutailer Glider Rocker  - torn canvas

Repairing a Dutailer Glider Rocker?I have a 25 year old glider rocker. The canvas that is the seat support under the cushion is ripped. I cannot find any replacement parts for it online. Any ideas where I might look?


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Cooking Frozen Turkey in a Crockpot?Can you cook frozen turkey in a crockpot?


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